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Meer Unreal info

Planet Unreal heeft nog wat info over de vorderingen met de D3D patch voor Unreal, zie ook deze nieuwsposting eerder vandaag.

Hier een stukje c&p:

It's still a few versions away from losing its "beta" status and becoming final. Right now, we and our partners are mainly working with 3D chip makers to get driver issues ironed out. The TNT performance is rising quickly (as mentioned in yesterdays MegaBoard post from Mark), and NVIDIA has become very responsive in optimizing their drivers for the texture-intensive workout Unreal gives them.

On the move to Raleigh and general info:

We're also now finalizing Epic's move to Raleigh. Most of the team has already moved here, and others will be coming here over the next couple months. We're holed up in a temporary office space working on the project currently known as Unreal Tournament now, and are shopping around for a new permanent place. The team is psyched to finally be together permanently in a cool location. Raleigh is exactly the kind of city we want, lots of cool stuff to do yet not too crowded, good cost of living, and a great climate (it's November 25 and warm and sunny outside). The hard part of the move, which is in progress now, is closing down our old office in Maryland. We're eliminating the direct-sales part of our business(selling games via mail and our toll-free 800 number), which served Epic very well for our first 6 years in business--from Jill of the Jungle to Epic Pinball and Jazz Jackrabbit II. That business has been going downhill since we began focusing on retail games, and has been eclipsed by our game development and licensing. We decided to cut it and focus on doing what we do best, and doing it with a lean-and-mean group. This has been rough on everyone, but in this kind of business, the conditions change radically every few years, and companies need to change and adapt in order to survive and be able to thrive.

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26-11-1998 • 17:39

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