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Software-update: Sailfish OS 4.1.0

Sailfish OS logo (79 pix)Jolla heeft versie 4.1.0 van zijn Sailfish OS uitgebracht. Voor de naam van deze uitgave is gekozen voor Kvarken, het smalle deel in het midden van de Botnische Golf. Sailfish kan gebruikt worden op toestellen Jolla C, Jolla Tablet en meerdere Xperia-apparaten. Meer informatie over deze uitgave, inclusief installatieinstructies en ondersteunde modellen kan op deze pagina worden gevonden. Dit zijn de belangrijkste veranderingen die in deze release zijn aangebracht:

3rd party API and apps
  • Basic support for app deep linking and custom URL handling: an app can register service-specific hostnames (e.g. 1) to the app – then clicks on URLs will offer the app for opening the link
  • Signal messaging app gets the contacts from Sailfish now
  • Aptoide Store (Android apps store) updated to the latest version in Jolla Store
  • Google Contacts API will be deprecated in June 2021 - Sailfish OS adapted to use the Google People API, instead
  • Fixed the syncing of the favourite status of Google contacts
  • People and Email apps can now open the dialogue for signing in to a Google account. This eliminates the problem of importing contacts.
  • Allow skipping authentication when creating CalDAV/CardDAV account
  • Fallback URL introduced for CalDAV/CardDAV account authentication if the default root path is not supported
  • Added the option to reset a platform ambience to default values
  • Removed explicit ringtone level by default from ambiences. The ambience switch should not then override the volume levels. On old devices, ambience resets are needed to get the new defaults.
Android App Support (Xperia XA2, 10 and 10 II)
  • Android App Support of Xperia XA2, Xperia 10, and Xperia 10 II is now on the level of Android 10 (API level 29)
  • Support for 64-bit Android apps added for Xperia 10 II
  • Signal messaging apps can get the contacts from Sailfish now
  • Rotation of Android apps fixed (it follows the option chosen at Settings > Display > Orientation)
  • Notification banners from Android App Support, showing the success or failure of installing sideloaded APK files, is fixed (which solves the issue of installing 64bit APKs from APKpure by mistake)
  • Installing APKs at Settings > System > Transfers fixed
  • NOTE: An increasing number of Android apps are implemented in the 64-bit architecture which is only supported by Xperia 10 II. Please make sure that you download 32-bit variants of the APKs for other devices.
Audio recorder
  • This new app belongs to the default apps of Sailfish now. You can get it from Jolla Store. A brief manual is included in the app intro in the Store.
Backup & Restore
  • Uploading backups to OneDrive fixed
  • CAPTCHA fixed in sailfish-components-webview
  • Translated the sentence where the Browser asks for confirmation on whether to remember the login details for a website
  • It is possible now to install new search engines from Browser settings using OpenSearch support
  • Browser data migration (bookmarks etc.) improved
  • Scientific mode added to portrait orientation. Swipe up over calculations to open the panel with scientific operations.
  • Fix for event sync failures. Allows calendar sync to continue after an error (thanks to Damien Caliste)
  • With Google calendar, down-synced exceptions to all-day recurring events are handled better now
  • Fix for showing down-synced Google events in Calendar
  • Elimination of duplicate Google events from Calendar
  • Birthdays appear in the Calendar again
  • Upsyncing locally-created dissociations for recurring calendar events to Google account fixed
  • Indicate to the user if a Microsoft Exchange calendar event email contains a cancellation
  • Make long URLs from a QR code wrap
  • Snooze notifications are removed from the Events view if the alarm is cancelled or otherwise edited
  • Addblocking fixed by bringing hostname resolution files back to Internet permissions
  • Support for creating L2TP and PPTP VPN connection from file added. The supported formats are now (x)l2tpd .conf file (and accompanying pppd config file, if present), and windows dial-up .pbk files
  • Support for NFC-DEP added
  • Switching users while having an MTP connection is handled correctly now
  • Support for Fortinet VPNs. Requires installation of package jolla-settings-networking-plugin-vpn-openfortivpn. Will also be available from the Store.
Developer mode
  • Fingerterm got translations
  • Fingerterm does not forget the commands used in the previous sessions
  • Fingerterm got the option for the keyboard to be fixed open
  • DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS is now set in the SSH terminal
  • Sending email messages in IPv6 network fixed
Flashing (installing Sailfish X)
  • Flashing scripts of Linux and Mac improved. They work now with recent fastboot versions, too.
Home screen
  • Image preview shown on screenshot notifications now
  • Fix Lock Screen Events not following orientation changes (issue on tablets)
  • Fix app wallpaper pattern flicker during peeking
  • Showing image details from all local sources supported (e.g. images opened from Gallery grid, Mime handler and cloud services)
  • Allow zoomed content dimensions to become smaller than flickable in image cropping
  • Fix rotating images without file name suffix
  • Slovak keyboard and text input improved
Location service (GNSS)
  • Support for MLS offline data is available as installable apps in Jolla Store (see below). Install the data of your area to make the phone get the location coordinates faster.
  • Positioning - Australia
  • Positioning - Eastern Europe
  • Positioning - India
  • Positioning - Northern Europe
  • Positioning - Southern Europe
  • Positioning - Western Europe
  • Recommended location settings:
  • Settings > System > Location > Custom settings: ON
  • Settings > System > Location > Select custom settings:
  • GPS positioning: ON
  • Offline position lock: ON
  • Online position lock: OFF
  • Improvements to Message conversation page opening performance
  • The outcome from installing APK files is shown with notifications, again
  • Google Contacts API will be deprecated in June 2021 - Sailfish OS modified to use the Google People API, instead
  • Signal messaging app gets the contacts from the People app now
  • Signing in to a Google account for importing contacts was fixed
  • Adding contacts at the People tab of the Phone app fixed. The keyboard comes up now.
  • Several small fixes for the functionality of the People app
  • Fix for the issue of the SIM selection menu disappearing when trying to call a contact/number from the History tab
  • Recording of phone calls fixed
  • Reboot button for “Calling is not available” fixed
Sailfish core and middleware
  • Tens of packages were upgraded
Sandboxing (app isolation)
  • Continued to eliminate side-effects caused by isolation
  • Security glitches fixed
  • Vulnerabilities fixed:
  • gnu-grep 3.6+git1 : CVE-2012-5667
  • libidn discarded to fix: CVE-2015-2059
  • openconnect 8.10+git1: CVE-2020-12823
  • qemu-usermode 5.1.0+git1: CVE-2020-10717, CVE-2020-10761, CVE-2020-13253, CVE-2020-13361, CVE-2020-13362, CVE-2020-13659, CVE-2020-13754, CVE-2020-13791, CVE-2020-13800, CVE-2020-14364
  • systemd 238+git4: CVE-2020-1712
  • vim 8.2: CVE-2019-12735
  • Changing device language does not affect the chosen tones anymore
  • Adding a new user via Top Menu fixed
  • Showing application-specific disk use of Android apps in Settings > Apps > {app-name} improved
  • Aptoide icon appears now in the App grid after installing it from the Jolla store
  • Platform app descriptions and screenshots in Store will receive an update (published in sync with the release)
  • Show screenshots without cropping in app page
Text input
  • You can now long-press the period “.” character to type exclamation “!” and question marks “?”
  • Slovak keyboard and text input improved
  • Keyboard layout mixup after orientation change fixed
Updating the OS
  • Update warning on potentially conflicting packages was rephrased to less alarming
  • Support for creating L2TP and PPTP VPN connection from file added. The supported formats are now (x)l2tpd .conf file (and accompanying pppd config file, if present), and windows dial-up .pbk files
  • Fortinet VPN can be installed from Jolla Store as a separate app. During the installation, it will be integrated into the list of “Settings > VPN > Add new VPN” eventually
  • Opening Fortinet dialogue in VPN settings fixed
Device specific improvements
  • Xperia 10
    • Random reboots on Xperia 10 got a fix
    • Compass improved

Sailfish OS

Versienummer 4.1.0
Releasestatus Final
Website Jolla
Bestandsgroottes 420,00MB - 770,00MB
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

29-05-2021 • 08:23

1 Linkedin

Bron: Jolla

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Wijzig sortering
Ik heb deze versie eergisteren geïnstalleerd op een Xperia 10 II. Hiervoor maakte ik gebruik van een XA2. Je merkt het verschil in snelheid, al moet ik nog even wennen aan het langere scherm. Ik blijf het knap vinden dat zo'n klein ontwikkelteam toch zo'n complete telefoon kan afleveren. Voor iedereen die geen google play services meer wil, zou ik zeggen stap over. Sailfish begint echt compleet te worden. De apps die ik gebruik zijn: protonmail, signal, office apps (onedrive, word, excel etc), synology apps, spotify, en 3 Nederlandse banken. Waar je wel op inlevert is de camera.

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