Software-update: Zabbix 4.4.0

Zabbix logo (27 pix) Versie 4.4.0 van Zabbix is uitgekomen. Met dit programma kan de status van netwerkservices, servers en andere netwerkapparatuur in de gaten worden gehouden. Hoewel het programma alleen simpele informatie kan weergeven, kan door het installeren van een zogeheten agent op de server ook gedetailleerdere info worden verkregen. Meer informatie over Zabbix kan op deze pagina worden gevonden en hier staan enkele screenshots. De changelog voor voor deze uitgave laat de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen zien::

New Features and Improvements
  • ZBXNEXT-5485: Removed timescaledb experimental status
  • ZBXNEXT-5386: Added support of the webhook media type
  • ZBXNEXT-5482: Implemented option to show opdata with problem name
  • ZBXNEXT-4746: Added "template server cisco ucs snmpv2" template
  • ZBXNEXT-5372: Added support of xml import/export for media types
  • ZBXNEXT-5480: Removed linux, windows, zabbix-agent and mysql 'classic' templates from xml and tmpl files, updated conf/zabbix_agentd/userparameter_mysql.conf to match new mysql template
  • ZBXNEXT-5404: Added trigger description to event details and as icon to monitoring->problems
  • ZBXNEXT-3391: Added item description icon to monitoring->latest data
  • ZBXNEXT-3970: Added csv to json preprocessing option
  • ZBXNEXT-5228: Simplified import/export by removing required from xml / json tags
  • ZBXNEXT-5425: Added aggregation functions for graphs
  • ZBXNEXT-4166: Added user macro and host macro description
  • ZBXNEXT-5326: Added new windows templates
  • ZBXNEXT-5143: Added new linux templates
  • ZBXNEXT-5388: Added "template db rabbitmq"
  • ZBXNEXT-5433: Added host name to real time export files
  • ZBXNEXT-4831: Added value type to real time export files
  • ZBXNEXT-5422: Quoted numbers are now accepted by jsonpath aggregate functions
  • ZBXNEXT-5402: Implemented remembering last selected widget as default
  • ZBXNEXT-5407: Normalized widget hidden headers behavior in dashboard view and edit modes
  • ZBXNEXT-5434: Added support of {} macro in trigger url
  • ZBXNEXT-5197: Increased maximum dependent item count to 29999
  • ZBXNEXT-2946: Added new key "wmi.getall" to collect all required wmi properties in a json document
  • ZBX-7341: Reworked template linking interface
  • ZBXNEXT-5330: Added new filtering option in "host availability" widget
  • ZBXNEXT-1287: Added support for english performance counters on windows
  • ZBXNEXT-5406: Updated widgets on default dashboards
  • ZBXNEXT-4209: Added jmx.get[<discovery mode>,<object name pattern>] key for jmx lld
  • ZBXNEXT-5453: Added zabbix agent 2
  • ZBXNEXT-4033: Added possibility to return multiple columns (and rows) from sql odbc
  • ZBXNEXT-5426: Renamed media type field "description" to "name"
  • ZBXNEXT-5416: Dropped support of "jabber" and "ez texting" media types
  • ZBXNEXT-5252: Added new dashboard widget "graph prototype"
  • ZBXNEXT-3497,
    ZBXNEXT-5291: Added support of psk-based encryption in autoregistration
  • ZBXNEXT-5328: Replaced graph widget hosts and items selector
  • ZBX-16511: Added source ip address to unknown request log warning message
  • ZBXNEXT-5141: Added "template app apache"
  • ZBXNEXT-854: Added support of bar graphs
  • ZBX-3783: Added strict validation of input parameters in valuemap.get() method
  • ZBXNEXT-5142: Added "template app nginx"
  • ZBXNEXT-1657: Split proxy and host names in separate columns in configuration->hosts list, configuration->discovery rules list and administration->queue pages
  • ZBXNEXT-4920: Increased received packet size to 1gb
  • ZBXNEXT-4942: Implemented support of displaying operational data in the list of problems
  • ZBXNEXT-5343: Extended custom error handling to support more preprocessing rules
  • ZBXNEXT-5344: Extended lld preprocessing to support xml related preprocessing operations
  • ZBXNEXT-5257: Added "template db postgresql"
  • ZBXNEXT-5258: Added "template db mysql"
  • ZBXNEXT-5281: Added visibility option for the widget header
  • ZBX-9522: Improved frontend messaging usage across multiple browser tabs
  • ZBXNEXT-1740: Added way to specify "connect to dns" for auto registered agents and discovered hosts
  • ZBXNEXT-5236: Updated dashboard for 24 columns grid supporting
  • ZBX-11280: Implemented auto-resizing of macro and tag fields on user input
  • ZBXNEXT-5251: Extended widget "problems by severity" with aggregated view
  • ZBX-11299: Changed font for fields of trigger expressions and scripts to monospaced
  • ZBX-16157: Moved adminitration->users pages to mvc framework
  • ZBXNEXT-5250: Dropped support of screen element 'screen'
  • ZBXNEXT-5249: Added new dashboard widget "host availability"
  • ZBXNEXT-5238: Added edit control for the widget in dashboard view mode
  • ZBXNEXT-5183: Implemented support of simple triggers under items in export files
  • ZBXNEXT-5040,
    ZBXNEXT-5219: Moved item real-time data to a new, seperate table in database
  • ZBXNEXT-1856,
    ZBXNEXT-5223: Added web scenario and http agent with kerberos authentication delegation
  • ZBXNEXT-5211: Increased the maximum hosts name character length from 64 to 128 for autoregistration and lld
  • ZBXNEXT-1302: Added low-level discovery of block devices
  • ZBX-10574: Automated documentation link update upon release of new major version Bug Fixes
  • ZBX-15897: Fixed overall health check in template hp ilo snmpv2
  • ZBX-16465: Fixed zabbix database upgrade failure on mariadb
  • ZBX-16465: Fixed zabbix database schema creation failure on mariadb
  • ZBX-16654: Fixed undefined index error in discovered host update form
  • ZBX-16645: Fixed suggested selection font weight for new item
  • ZBX-13266: Fixed performance of sql query with lots of items
  • ZBX-16089: Fixed windows socket initialization in windows sender sample application
  • ZBX-16228: Increased max length to 2000 characters for values of the headers of the http agents
  • ZBX-16480: Fixed error in graphs after page refresh if period was set to future
  • ZBXNEXT-5219: Fixed possibility to create items and item prototypes with values in real time fields
  • ZBX-16546: Fixed broken items mass update form preprocessing tab checkbox markup in firefox
  • ZBX-16452: Fixed inconsistency in show legend, working time and triggers for graphs in screens and dashboard
  • ZBX-16565: Fixed incorrect sorting of triggers in "trigger overview" widget
  • ZBX-16530: Fixed color for blinked elements
  • ZBX-7798: Improved performance of icmpping* for fping v4.0 and more
  • ZBX-16522: Fixed undefined index "type" in pie and exploded graph creation
  • ZBX-16545: Fixed shell script execution timeout log message
  • ZBX-16467: Removed tables without auto-increment from dbget_maxid_num function
  • ZBX-16538: Fixed color for the multiselect selected items
  • ZBX-16445: Fixed possible duplicate key insertion during lld
  • ZBX-16550: Fixed web monitoring items has no real-time data entry in "item_rtdata"
  • ZBX-16539: Fixed "template net juniper snmpv2"
  • ZBX-16349: Fixed "delete missing" checkbox does not work when importing template without checking "update existing"
  • ZBX-16279: Fixed trailing spaces handling in value mapping when using mysql
  • ZBX-16230: Fixed unreachable host next check calculation uses both unreachable settings and flexible item interval
  • ZBX-16460: Fixed zabbix daemon termination on freebsd
  • ZBX-16449: Fixed wrong order of the displayed latest values in problems
  • ZBX-16435: Fixed zabbix graph spinning in preview tab in ie11
  • ZBX-15766: Fixed the ability to add an unlimited number of widgets in the dashboard
  • ZBX-16398: Fixed selection of discovered services by dservice.get "dcheckids" property
  • ZBX-16370: Fixed link indicator coloring in network maps
  • ZBX-16502: Fixed user edit form having a disabled and hidden fields when alias is the same as guest user
  • ZBX-16507: Fixed vertical scrollbar in kiosk mode when focusinig widgets with hidden headers
  • ZBX-16524: Fixed failed query error when aggregate checks are used
  • ZBX-16501: Fixed log out form being resubmitted when user is already logged back in another tab
  • ZBX-16468: Fixed undefined index "state" in item prototype selection popup
  • ZBX-16072: Added more strict validation of host, template and proxy names to prohibit leading and trailing spaces
  • ZBX-16128: Fixed incorrect action id in audit log
  • ZBX-16354: Fixed incorrect sorting by name with capital letters
  • ZBX-16471: For consistency reason changed translation string 'resolved by user.' to 'resolved by inaccessible user.'
  • ZBX-16469: Fixed problem that caused impossibility to edit trigger description in problems screen
  • ZBX-16362: Fixed keyboard event handling in graph widget hintbox
  • ZBX-16474: Fixed 'request-uri too long' error in problems mass update page
  • ZBX-16473: Fixed server-proxy synchronization and pre-preprocessing issues with items that are monitored by server even when their hosts are monitored by proxies
  • ZBX-16184: Updated zabbix sender man page
  • ZBX-16462: Fixed syntax error in sql query used to calculate sla in monitoring->services
  • ZBX-16031: Reworked event update controller, making partly closed set of events closable
  • ZBX-16283: Fixed read-only shared dashboard without widgets missing placeholder label
  • ZBX-16316: Fixed dashboard widget and slideshow menu popup not updating current refresh rate and fixed a js error in slideshows
  • ZBX-16346: Fixed compilation for oracle instant client v18.5 and higher
  • ZBX-16146: Added missing mandatory tag "<tags/>" into templates/classic/template_app_zabbix_server.xml
  • ZBX-16424: Fixed unable to create/update web scenario from internet explorer/edge
  • ZBX-15954: Fixed functional macros resolving in maps
  • ZBX-15905: Reverted changes that introduced error with write permissions in assets directory
  • ZBX-15804: Fixed links for discovered hosts, items, triggers and graphs
  • ZBX-10786: Added placeholder for "required string" field in web monitoring
  • ZBX-16153: Fixed 500 internal server error when trying to preview pie/exploded graph without items
  • ZBX-16204: Fixed undefined offset in ccontrollerwidgetproblemhostsview

Versienummer 4.4.0
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Linux
Website Zabbix
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

Door Bart van Klaveren

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09-10-2019 • 06:53

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Bron: Zabbix


Reacties (4)

Wijzig sortering
4.4.0 (op CentOS7) draait hier maar ik zie bijv geen "template app apache" in Templates....
"Added new windows templates".....idem.
Klopt, Als je een upgrade doet krijg je de nieuwe templates er niet bij, om te voorkomen dat ze per ongelijk een bestaand template met aanpassingen overschrijven.... Normaal gesproken worden nieuwe templates vrij vlot op erbij geplaatst, echter vanwege de Zabbix Summit die deze week is denk ik dat het nog niet gebeurd is.

Ik DM je even de link naar alle templates vanuit 4.4 ;)
Waarom DM? Deel die voor de rest van de mensen die hetzelfde willen. Waar is je open source gedachte?
Mijn opensource gedachte is dat het om 125 templates gaat, die ik net op mijn (prive) stack storage zet :P

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