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Software-update: Brave 0.20.42

Brave icoonBrave is een webbrowser die gebaseerd is op Chromium en die Muon als bijbehorend framework gebruikt. Aan het roer van de onderneming achter Brave staat Brendan Eich, de bedenker van JavaScript en een van de oprichters van Mozilla. Deze browser richt zich op het verbeteren van de online veiligheid door het blokkeren van trackers en het vervangen van opdringerige reclames. Daarnaast wordt een alternatief systeem voor het financieel ondersteunen van contentaanbieders geboden onder de naam Brave Payments. Het idee daarachter is dat reclame de grootste inkomstenbron van een website is. Vanwege opdringerige reclames gebruiken veel mensen adblockers en lopen websites hun inkomsten mis. Een gebruiker van Brave kan ervoor kiezen om met deze constructie mee te doen en maandelijks een financiële contributie te doen, die vervolgens onder de bezochte sites wordt verdeeld. Ook wordt gewerkt aan het ondersteunen van Basic Attention Tokens, een blockchaintechnologie voor advertentieplatforms. De ontwikkelaars hebben Brave 0.20.42 voor desktops uitgebracht met de volgende veranderingen:

Version 0.20.42
  • Fixed websites randomly being unpinned under Payments. (#13102)
  • Fixed incorrect keyboard shortcuts being used for session tabs. (#13000)
  • Fixed AltGr + Number shortcuts opening new session tabs. (#12956)
  • Fixed Copying and Pasting images. (#7388)
  • Upgraded to muon 4.8.2. (#12641)
  • Upgraded to Chromium 64.0.3282.140. (#12521)
Version 0.20.30
  • Fixed restoring tabs at startup causing slow performance. (#12976)
Version 0.20.29
  • Optimized sites storage into separate entities to avoid filtering when rendering. (#9978)
  • Optimized UI to render less often and render faster. (#8528)
  • Optimized startup time with Bloodhound improvements. (#10723)
  • Optimized size of the storage that is passed via IPC for rendering by removing 'data:' URLs. (#11582)
  • Optimized tab rendering by using intersectionObserver. (#10509)
  • Optimized smooth transitions for tab components. (#10883)
  • Optimized syncing to a profile with 6000+ bookmarks so it doesn't freeze the browser temporarily. (#10273)
  • Optimized rendering of new windows to not appear white for as long. (#8128)
  • Optimized clicking entries on about:history to not be laggy. (#5382)
  • Optimized selecting subfolders on the bookmark bar which have many entries can be laggy. (#7053)
  • Optimized verified site caching. (#12272)
  • Added encrypting cookies in Brave storage. (#10044)
  • Added the ability to import encrypted cookies from Chrome. (#10045)
  • Added fingerprinting protection to distinguish between first and third party. (#9029)
  • Added tray progress bars for downloaded items. (#3023)
  • Added visual indicator for two-finger swipe gesture on macOS. (#2477)
  • Added swipe navigation sensitivity setting for macOS. (#9615)
  • Added cascading of new windows so they don't appear on top of each other. (#8925)
  • Added the ability to have multiple channels with different icons and side-by-side installation paths. (#10189)
  • Added dynamically building for Brave payments monthly amounts dropdown. (#12727)
  • Added privacy risk warning for WebTorrent users. (#12631)
  • Added English (U.K.) to browser language list. (#10623)
  • Added the ability to customize how the timing around tab previews works. (#8860)
  • Added the ability to disable promotions. (#12313)
  • Added findx as a Search Provider. (#10432)
  • Added accelerator keys for new session tab menu entries. (#10363)
  • Added preserving z-index of windows when restoring from a previous session. (#10473)
  • Added preserving position of windows when restoring from a previous session. (#9709)
  • Added preserving height of windows when restoring from a previous session. (#5537)
  • Added preserving maximized state when restoring from a previous session. (#8600)
  • Added extension inspectors. (#8012)
  • Added option to close pinned tab via context menu. (#4063)
  • Changed to hard-coded search engine favicons. (#12689)
  • Changed to not show loading icon for about pages. (#10303)
  • Changed title mode UI to not allow emoji. (#10051)
  • Changed tabs to no longer allow emoji. (#8414)
  • Changed padding on pinned tabs. (#10368)
  • Changed restart notification to be a global notification bar. (#12216)
  • Changed buttons on messageBox to be grouped. (#9973)
  • Changed UPDATE_HOST to point to cname. (#12304)
  • Changed autofill country field into a dropdown list. (#9053)
  • Changed switch order to be the same as on the bravery shield panel and the preference page. (#10813)
  • Changed Yes/No buttons to Allow/Deny for easier understanding. (#9750)
  • Changed position of language setting under advanced tab. (#11814)
  • Chnaged fading effect b/w tabs feels like flickering. (#6716)
  • Changed tab preview to not show unless the mouse velocity is low enough. (#3271)
  • Fixed redundant suggestions in URL bar. (#9827)
  • Fixed PDFJS CORS error when PDF is loaded directly. (#2715)
  • Fixed crash that can sometimes happen when Brave is closing. (#12939)
  • Fixed disabling hardware acceleration causing startup problems. (#12887)
  • Fixed cosmetics for CoinMarketCap empty blocked ad elements. (#12755)
  • Fixed BAT client now sends user-agent to grant server. (#12714)
  • Fixed disabling auto-include publisher causes existing publishers to be excluded. (#12621)
  • Fixed Brave wallet address and QR code which could contain different values. (#12592)
  • Fixed wallet recovery file prompt to be displayed. (#12508)
  • Fixed mute item could be missing in the context menu. (#12472)
  • Fixed intermittent audio indicator not being shown. (#10611)
  • Fixed mute on tab's context menu should change to unmute before switching tabs. (#10545)
  • Fixed app icon not displaying on Linux. (#10803)
  • Fixed compact shields panel close button not work properly. (#11793)
  • Fixed active tab flicker on hover. (#10838)
  • Fixed tabs not automatically resized until mousing over them when closed with a keyboard shortcut. (#10582)
  • Fixed tabs growing too large or too small when closing, until mouseout. (#11434)
  • Fixed not being able to delete / use backspace in homepage field in preferences. (#10703)
  • Fixed bookmark exporting not working in several cases. (#10587)
  • Fixed bookmark can't move to a subfolder. (#11893)
  • Fixed bug where bookmark name updates when you view page source. (#10372)
  • Fixed Bookmarks not fitting in the bookmark bar. (#9939)
  • Fixed bookmarks overflow indicator sometimes disappearing. (#11507)
  • Fixed users behind multiple releases could get preview releases (Windows only, will take effect next update). (#11152)
  • Fixed Brave cannot load PDFs with JS PDF reader in session tabs. (#4651)
  • Fixed Brave UA whitelist to apply to all page resources, not just top level. (#10800)
  • Fixed tab close icon missing for the active tab on Windows. (#10123)
  • Fixed about:history omitting recent history. (#5072)
  • Fixed line break not being recognized in alert window. (#10119)
  • Fixed beta not loading. (#979)
  • Fixed deleting history entries would not remove from the 'History' menu. (#10328)
  • Fixed Brave not installing on OpenSUSE. (#6946)
  • Fixed tab preview not working properly with drag and drop. (#10103)
  • Fixed window reopening in the centre of screen when browser is docked to left/right. (#11697)
  • Fixed multiple screens, brave browser out of scope of the screen. (#9371)
  • Fixed pinning sometimes throwing an error. (#11208)
  • Fixed paused download could show Infinity %. (#10264)
  • Fixed links with rel="external" to also have rel="noopener". (#9743)
  • Fixed bypass of data: phishing warning by opening a URL in a new tab. (#10754)
  • Fixed pinned tab sometimes disappearing by reordering and unpinning. (#10037)
  • Fixed pinned tabs can disappear until close/relaunch. (#10510)
  • Fixed pinning tabs when a window has been closed can result in an error. (#11833)
  • Fixed intermittent crashes when tabs are pinned. (#3760)
  • Fixed pinning a PDF tab causes it to duplicate. (#9954)
  • Fixed PDF Presentation Mode banner lists Chrome Extension. (#11020)
  • Fixed scrollbar to be hidden on bravery panel. (#9296)
  • Fixed top site tile removals from being buggy. (#10411)
  • Fixed data: URL warning popup to disappear when the window is navigated. (#10039)
  • Fixed bravery panel width increasing. (#9839)
  • Fixed bookmarks toolbar imported sorted order. (#10026)
  • Fixed changing bookmark location could cause duplicate bookmarks. (#9301)
  • Fixed not being able to save bookmarks outside of bookmarks toolbar. (#4202)
  • Fixed re-bookmarking from context menu does not reset bookmark title. (#4868)
  • Fixed bookmarking a site on new tab gridSites changes its position. (#5413)
  • Fixed custom bookmark title is not being displayed in suggestions. (#9326)
  • Fixed bookmarks moved to a folder on the toolbar cannot be removed via the star button. (#8022)
  • Fixed bookmark hanger shows a wrong folder name. (#7032)
  • Fixed bookmark title on bookmark toolbar is renamed. (#6108)
  • Fixed address bar should autocomplete from custom bookmark titles. (#6104)
  • Fixed edited information of bookmark does not appear on bookmark dialog via star icon. (#4260)
  • Fixed bookmarks title changes when navigating around the page. (#3646)
  • Fixed bookmark folder is created left of bookmark item, not right. (#2771)
  • Fixed bookmark name of a file does not appear in the autocomplete list. (#2655)
  • Fixed position of bookmarks on the toolbar shouldn't be preserved after re-bookmarking. (#2447)
  • Fixed wrong favicon can be shown for bookmark. (#1646)
  • Fixed hidden history entries appear by deleting the latest entry. (#4224)
  • Fixed import cookie error. (#10043)
  • Fixed tabs displaying with the wrong size after exiting HTML5 fullscreen. (#7301)
  • Fixed rel="external" vulnerability. (#3668)
  • Fixed downloading the same named file should change the filename. (#7764)
  • Fixed clicking on switch control labels should trigger click of associated element. (#8243)
  • Fixed tab title often isn't updated until the cursor is moved over it or tab focus is changed. (#7765)
  • Fixed tab label rendering issue. (#9398)
  • Fixed changing tab set count messes up tab favicon and close button. (#9779)
  • Fixed Shift+click in a sortable table is broken after sorting it. (#10971)
  • Fixed description for session tabs on hover. (#10464)
  • Fixed Brave CSPs to remove unused entries. (#12263)
  • Fixed history inside autocomplete suggestions cannot be cleared until the browser is closed. (#9736)
  • Fixed window off screen when monitors change. (#3558)
  • Fixed title on new tab flickers after setting the language to Russian. (#7730)
  • Fixed Brave doesn't remember last position and size if you set it to start with homepage. (#3754)
  • Fixed can't create folder when selecting the download folder. (#10479)
  • Fixed spellcheck setting is too close to languages option. (#11811)
  • Upgraded to muon 4.7.9. (#12425)
Versienummer 0.20.42
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Brave Software
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

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20-02-2018 • 09:38

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Bron: Brave Software


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Ik weet niet of ik wat verkeerd doe, maar ik krijg nog steeds steeds YouTube ads.
Uit het artikel: Deze browser richt zich op het verbeteren van de online veiligheid door het blokkeren van trackers en het vervangen van opdringerige reclames.

Waarschijnlijk worden YouTube ads niet als opdringerig aangemerkt?

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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