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Software-update: UniFi 5.5.19

Ubiquiti Networks heeft een update vrijgegeven van UniFi met 5.5.19 als het versienummer. Dit is een netwerkmanagementcontroller waarmee een netwerkomgeving op basis van UniFi-hardware beheerd kan worden. Denk daarbij aan het inregelen van accesspoints, routers en switches om tot een optimaal dekkend uniform netwerk te komen. Daarnaast kan je ook een hotspotportal opzetten en integreren met verschillende paymentproviders zoals Authorize en PayPal. Gebruikerservaringen kan je zowel op Gathering of Tweakers of op het forum van Ubiquiti terecht, een demo is op deze pagina uit te proberen. De uitgebreide aankondiging van versie 5.5.19 ziet er als volgt uit:

UniFi 5.5.19 Stable has been released

Introducing our latest release for UniFi wireless, routing & switching hardware.This is our first Stable release for the 5.5.x branch.

How to play safe?
Make sure you always do a backup before any updates, especially if you plan to upgrade your existing installation.

Release Notes:
  • For people who are migrating from v3, there're many changes to APIs and it's not backward compatible. You may need to update the shell library (unifi_sh_api) and/or your customized portal/external portal code.
  • Windows users must have x64 Java installed to use the cloud tie in, as we only support 64 bit webRTC library. Please see HERE and download the missing version (64bit offline Windows install package). The controller will run in an x86 only environment, or with x86 Java, but the tie in will not work.
  • For hotspot management console, make sure you have bookmark the URL with site ID (i.e. x66cipn3, or whatever random string is generated for that site). For example:
  • For Debian/Ubuntu users, please update your APT source (see HERE).
    • unifi-beta/unifi-rapid are obsoleted. The old repo has been removed.
    • use `testing` or `unifi-5.5` in your source file. **repo will be updated 07.10.17**
  • You can no longer manage/control UniFi VoIP devices from the UniFi controller. Please use the UniFi VoIP controller for UVP products. The latest release as the time of this post is found HERE.
  • You cannot re-use a VLAN ID for dynamic VLAN if it is set as a static value for another SSID on the same AP. So, if I have a SSID set to use VLAN 10, I cannot use VLAN ID 10 for RADIUS controlled VLAN users as those users will not get an IP.
  • Cloud Access feature in this release is not supported on Linux/ARMv6 architecture (for exmaple, Raspberry Pi 1). If you have problem starting controller on this platform, please remove the native library:
    sudo rm /usr/lib/unifi/lib/native/Linux/armhf/
  • Smart Queue QoS is similar to the implementation as in EdgeOS (see HERE). Please note that DPI will not work when using Smart Queue QoS, as traffic will not be offloaded. It's also worth noting that maximum throughput will be affected when using Smart Queue QoS, as traffic is not offloaded. There are some rough guidelines in the article linked above.
  • Do note that DFS channels can not be used for wireless uplink as of this release. Please use non-DFS channels if you need to use wireless uplink on dual band UAPs.
  • Official UniFi MIBs can be downloaded from HERE and HERE (those are 2 different files).
  • A full changelog has been attached, showing changes back to the first public release (1.2.1).
Other Notes:
  • We no longer support Java version 6, it needs to be 7 or later. We recommend Java version 8.
  • All APs will be reprovisioned on controller upgrade, which will cause a temporary outage for all connected users. Please make sure to do this after hours, or a time when it's okay to disconnect users for several minutes. This should not affect users upgrading from 5.3.8 or later.
  • Features like airtime fairness, bandsteering, load balancing and minimum RSSI are default disabled. If you need them you need to go to Settings>Site and check Enable advanced features.
  • If you previously used Google Maps for a site map, then you have to enable this feature again by adding an API key. This is done under Settings>Controller. There is a linked guide with instructions.
  • Do not choose the skip option when running the Migrate Site wizard. If you do your devices may end up in a weird state.
Important Notes:
The initial database migration will take longer than normal. It is expected to see mongo using most, if not all, of the available CPU cycles during this process. Please be patient, this process could easily take 15+ minutes, depending on the amount of historical stats, as well as the system specs. In some cases the migration may take hours. As always, err on the side of caution, and make a backup before upgrading.

New Features:
  • Add AP tagging.
  • Support FreeRADIUS on USG. Configured under Settings>Services>RADIUS.
  • Enable LAN2 support for USG3.
  • Add L2TP over IPsec option for remote user VPN config.
  • Add admin overview, found in site overview area.
  • Hotspot Analytics.
  • WLAN - broadcast/multicast blocking.
  • Minimum rate control (v2).
  • VPN status on dashboard.
  • Add Device Performance (CPU/Memory) to Statistics page.
  • Add DHCP default domain support.
Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.4.x:
  • Fix Enable VPN client in VPN Network settings.
  • Adjust unifi.init so it detects Oracle JDK 8 installed via PPA.
  • Fix changing rules order in firewall.
  • Raise the WLAN group load balance limit to 200 (reported HERE).
  • Fix a bug causing duplicate downlinks to show in the controller UI.
  • Fix group AP editing issue (reported HERE and possibly other places).
  • Add device configuration warning bar with real time input updates.
  • Make Dashboard widgets configurable.
  • Update color used for upload and download values.
  • Rename vpn client to vpn type.
  • Set next hop for static route as default.
  • Remove voip option from available networks purposes. Old networks configured with the VoIP type are removed upon upgrade (unusuable since v4.x controller).
  • Remove deprecated VoIP configuration from USG.
  • Fix initial value of data retention days.
  • Add special icons for UCK client.
  • Performance improvements on Dashboard.
  • Add beta warning for languages other than English.
  • Add Turkish translations.
  • Add Danish, Norwegian and Turkish to the languages supported by Hotspot Portal.
  • Add button for toggling clients visibility on Topology view.
  • Fix issue with unused cache not clearing as expected, causing controller to die because of a memory leak.
  • Add colour to RF scan results.
  • Add missing SFP module info tooltips for UniFi Switch.
  • Set max SSID length to 32 characters.
  • Various topology view improvements.
  • Add ability to mark rogue APs as known.
  • Add support for Catalan, Norwegian (Bokmal) and Slovak languages on Hotspot.
  • Add validation for USG/USW SNMP community string.
  • Fix tooltip positioning.
  • Make Edit Account frame bigger to make enough room for labels in all languages.
  • Allow to edit firewalls settings when no USG is adopted.
  • Animate map menu.
  • Remove RADIUS VLAN from wireless networks.
  • Extend RADIUS server validation to not allow disabling it if there is a device that uses Default profile.
  • Highlight Topology paths.
  • Fix Statistics Overview initializer.
  • Batch restart APs.
  • Topology Improvements.
  • Improve Topology detection.
  • Switch Statistics: show device connected to a port.
  • Map Marker Button: tweak icons position.
  • Improve Notify Device Requirement performance.
  • SVG Map zooming improvement.
  • Fix pending change tag color.
  • Remove BETA badge from RADIUS assigned VLAN for Wireless Network.
  • Allow AP properties WLAN table to wrap.
  • Devices - grey out entries when WLAN group is off.
  • Fix speed test ping translation.
  • Preferences: Add save & close button.
  • Firewalls - Limit group name to 31 characters.
  • Remove USG ICMP items.
  • Show AP channel utilization in Properties and Devices list page.
  • Add granularity to Statistics (5mins/1h/1d).
  • Configure Data Retention for each granularity of Statistics in Settings/Maintenance.
  • Redesign inputs for date picking.
  • Increase precision of Throughput chart on Dashboard page.
  • Add Force Provision button to Properties/Manage Device.
  • Add PMF controller to WLAN group settings.
  • Add first seen column to Known Clients list page.
  • Add free-trial authorization column to Guests list in HostSpot Manager.
  • Show Gateway column in Payments and Social views in HostSpot Manager.
  • Fix USG/USG-P4 port labels.
  • Fix displaying Hotspot Analytics page when Guest Portal is disabled.
  • Fix client status ordering.
  • Show terminal for UAP-AC-IW.
  • Change Revoke RADIUS user to Delete with new icon.
  • Add - as placeholder.
  • Rename Name server placeholder to DNS server.
  • Fix content of tooltips on Dashboard page.
  • Prohibit deselecting current device in Performance view.
  • Added icon to switch port list.
  • Improve Insights > Switch stats.
  • Change Revoke button to Delete button on Admins list.
  • Fix issue with sending large files over WebRTC (i.e. backups).
  • Prohibit as an address-group member, as it isn't a valid entry in the firmware.
  • Improve some backend validations.
  • Batch edit clients.
  • Display channel names in new consistent way - e.g. 3 (1,+1) HT40, 151 (149,+1) VHT40
  • Allow disabling site-to-site VPN.
  • Enable finding device on map in read only mode.
  • Display only historical rx/tx bytes on Known Clients page.
  • Change guest authorization status to display expiration date when expired.
  • Use Angular templates by default in Guest Authorization Settings.
  • Remove "new" badge from Angular templates and remove "beta" badge from template overrides and languages
  • Fix expiration dropdown on Guest Control settings page.
  • Fix success messages on saving configuration.
  • Fix various Auto Backup setting issues.
  • Fix latency color in legend of Throughput graph.
  • Small UI Improvements.
  • Remove VoIP interface from controller.
  • Default enable MSS clamping on VTI.
  • Add Hotspot Manager link to site switcher.
  • Relocate Hotspot 2.0 to Services section.
  • Add option to report WebRTC connection errors to cloud.
  • Use lower scale Throughput graph to increase rendering performance on Safari/iOS.
  • Enable tunnelled reply by default.
  • Improve vouchers quota.
  • Update translations.
  • Improve date picker.
  • Allow displaying WLAN schedule in 24 hour format when "Use 24-hour time" preference is on.
  • Adapt no data / no security gateway messages on Dashboard page.
  • Fix device menu when toggling small/normal markers on Map page.
  • Fix icons on clients graph on Dashboard page.
  • Fix speed test column chart.
  • Fix USG badge and tooltip on DPI Settings page.
  • Fix typo in validation hints for IP.
  • Improve locate button behaviour.
  • Update OUI table.
  • Show L2TP remote user VPN on dashboard, and remote user VPN insights.
  • Fix issue where the local DNS record for unifi may not provision when using USG.
  • Fix an issue with current day stats being improperly calculated.
  • Fix an issue with fixed IP handling.
  • Fix auto backup data retention days.
  • Hide UGW port remap if UGW4 exists.
  • Use RADIUS assigned VLAN only for WPA-EAP.
  • Display link to Hotspot Manager in Site Switcher only if Guest Portal is enabled.
  • Fix 404 error when switching sites while editing.
  • Fix e-mail validation.
  • Use monthly value as default occurrence in Auto Backup settings.
  • Fix number of devices in filter buttons on Known Clients page.
  • Restore open panel functionality from device marker on map.
  • Enable reset button after hotspot package removal.
  • Improve Cloud Connection error tooltip.
  • Improve header icons.
  • Improve placeholders and regular expressions.
  • Add FQDN or local validation to domain name.
  • Fix port forward validations.
  • Fix domain name validation.
  • Fix issue with controller causing too many directs (controller side fix for UNIFI-457).
  • Add validation for RADIUS profile VLAN mode.
  • Fix issue with community string changing to public, regardless of configured value.
  • Add pagination in Settings / Network list.
  • Disallow svg upload for guest portal images.
  • Fix displaying sections on Guest Control settings page.
  • Fix clickable area of alerts full screen button.
  • Fix site settings save error.
  • Fix refreshing networks in switch property panel on network add/remove.
  • Security improvements.
  • Sign Windows installer package.
  • Remove restricted U-NII-2C channels when Canada country code is set.
  • Move the AP channel utilization graph into the header.
  • Add memory and load avg. to device list columns.
  • Show only adopted APs in Recent Activities in Statistics.
  • Rename all-time top client.
  • Update validation hint for maximum number of stations in wireless network group.
  • Show DB migration progress.
  • Grey out disabled WLAN rows in Property Panel.
  • Improve chart animations.
  • Add autofocus on 2FA token field.
  • Allow cancel migration of device.
  • Fix Not Authorized/Bad Request on first launch after accepting SDN Invitation.
  • Fix WAN load balance config, so that it actually provisions to the USG.
  • DB migration improvements.
  • Fix firewall rule validation.
  • Improve LAN address identification on USG.
  • Updated firewall rule button styles.
  • Use bps instead of bytes per seconds.
  • Fix problem with enabling Cloud Access.
  • Handling ESC on cloud access modal.
  • Restrict 5 minutes data retention.
  • Switch port usage graph: prevent displaying connected both Device and Client.
  • Update bundled snappy-java to
  • Update bundled JRE to 8u131 b11 for Mac controller.
  • Improve WebRTC debugging.
  • Fix an issue when granting admin privileges on a site.
  • Generate a SHA512 password if device firmware is capable of it.
  • Remove TLSv1 from default SSL protocols for Java 7/8.
  • Fix services link not visible on mobiles.
  • Fix removing items on WebRTC connection.
  • Allow antenna gain of 0.
  • Support UAP-AC-IW-Pro.
  • Support USW L2 PoE.
  • Increase broadcast and multicast MAC limit to 256 per site.
  • Update WebRTC JNI to v1.0.17.
  • Update bundled Tomcat package to 7.0.78
  • Fix clearing statistics.
  • Add HSTS support (default disabled). Controllable via only.
  • Fix uplink status when using bonding on AC-HD.
  • Fix an issue with the remote IP in WebRTC logging, previously was always
  • Various backend improvements.
  • Allow RADIUS Profile secret to accept any string.
  • Hide RADIUS Profile secret for read-only admins.
  • Improve VPN health status.
  • Fix wired uplink stats on AC-HD when using bonding.
  • Fix an issue when trying to register controller with UniFi cloud tie in (
  • Fix a DB migration issue, which caused stats to not be visible in the UI post upgrade when upgrading from <=5.4.x (reported HERE, and likely other places).
Controller bugfixes/changes ported from 5.4.x:
  • Improve dynamic Dashboard.
  • Improve loading DPI statistics.
  • Improve Topology view.
  • Improve Image Map performance.
  • Update translations.
  • Add Catalan translations.
  • Fix saving Settings > Controller.
  • Add user group override notice, client list user group column.
  • Fix panel expand/collapse icon aliasing.
  • Added LAG support to AP > Network configuration (AC-HD only)
  • Add limited amount of LAN DHCP leases notice.
  • Add minRSSI noise floor notice.
  • Add expand/collapse icon to device list actions column.
  • Disallow SVG image type in Maps.
  • Add progress bar for backup upload.
  • Fix import/export function. The configuration tab will not be visible after import.
  • Fix available manual negotiation options for 10GBASE-T ports.
  • Add Migrate Site (Export Site) Wizard.
  • Fix slow database backup.
  • Fix RADIUS profile migration issue.
  • Improve email templates.
Firmware changes from 3.8.2/4.3.41:
  • [UAPG3] Enable DFS on UAP-AC-SHD.
  • [UAPG2] Fix a STA connectivity issue, when a 2nd gen AP is the wireless downlink AP to a wired 3rd gen AP.
  • [UAPG2] Fix an issue causing less than expected throughput in recent releases.
  • [UAP] Fix a bug in uplink-monitor.
  • [USW] Add 802.1X MAC auth bypass support.*
  • [USL2] Add PSU fail detection support.*
  • [USG] Update numerous subsystems to the latest EdgeRouter 1.9.7. This includes a number of bug fixes made in EdgeRouter in the past 2-3 years, though largely not relevant to USG use cases. IPv6 related fixes the primary area where people have encountered relevant problems.
    UPnP, PPTP client, DHCP server, Quagga, PPPoE and PPP handling, DHCP client, conntrack, configuration subsystem, operational commands subsystem, IPv6 router advertisement service, keepalived, NAT configuration and handling, OpenVPN configuration subsystem
  • [USG] Increased maximum NDP and ARP cache table sizes, and added back end controls for ARP and NDP timeouts.
  • [USG] Guest control bug fixes and improvements - added locking and rewrote the back end functions to greatly improve performance and reliability. Fixes all known guest control issues on USG, including "too many redirects" issues.
  • [USG] Fix memory leak in VPN status reporting, eventually leading to disconnects of USG from controller.
  • [USG] DPI improvements
    • Back end additions for DPI blocking.
    • Stats clearing fix
    • Signature update improvements
  • [USG] Added contiguous option for firewall schedules (for coming controller feature).
  • [USG] RADIUS server permissions fix for log files, certificates and accounting data.
  • [HW] Fix the issue preventing SSH login when the interface IP changed.
*controller support pending
Versienummer 5.5.19
Releasestatus Stable
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, macOS, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Ubiquiti Networks Community
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

Door Japke Rosink


11-07-2017 • 12:18

27 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: k-janssen

Bron: Ubiquiti Networks Community


Reacties (27)

Wijzig sortering
Ik heb deze in een docker container draaien. Een update gaat dan heel makkelijk (voor de zekerheid wel een extra backup gemaakt).
Ik heb het in Docker op Synology draaien. Heb jij een procedure om upgrade te doen ? Kwam 2 verschillende beschrijvingen tegen via ssh op de syno. Hoe doe jij de upgrade ? Alvast dank voor de info
Ik gebruik de goofball222/unifi image.
Voor alle data (data en logs van unifi en /var/log/supervisor) gebruik ik lokale volumes.

Van de lokale data heb ik een backup gemaakt.
Tevens heb ik de laatste .unf backup gedownload (settings -> auto backup).

Daarna heb ik een pull van de image gedaan om de laatste versie binnen te halen.
De docker container heb ik vervolgens gestopt en verwijderd (de lokale data natuurlijk niet) en heb ik deze opnieuw gemaakt op basis van de nieuwste image.

Ik weet niet of dit ook zo kan op een Synology. Ik heb docker draaien op een kleine zelfbouw linux nas.

[Reactie gewijzigd door CyberJack op 12 juli 2017 08:57]

kan ook op synology, draait al tijden prima op dezelfde manier als je hier omschrijft. Docker is wat dat betreft een geweldige ontwikkeling.
Ik heb versie 5.4.18 draaien op een raspberry pi, en apt-get update/upgrade geeft geen nieuwe versie. KOmen deze lateR?
Antwoord staat hier:

[Reactie gewijzigd door Kelfox op 11 juli 2017 14:58]


"use `testing` or `unifi-5.5` in your source file."
Maar 5.5 is nu toch de stable release? Ze zouden de repo gisteren bijwerken.

Nevermind, na source aanpassing werkt het inderdaad. Eindelijk de provision-now optie in de GUI. :-)

Kreeg nog wel een provisioning loop op de USG na upgrade van de controller. Ik had lege NAT regels in de config.gateway.json staan. Dat ging altijd goed, maar 5.5 valt erover met een error "NAT Configuration error: rule type not specified". Die regels eruit en nu werkt alles.

[Reactie gewijzigd door THM0 op 11 juli 2017 20:28]

Ik krijg hem nog steeds niet uit de repo... Ik heb de sources ingesteld om de stable release op te halen en geen update...
waarschijnlijk moet je nog even een

'sudo apt-get update' op je cli uitvoeren zodat de lijst ook echt geŁpdatet wordt
Nee dat werkte niet, ik gebruikte 'stable' in de source list en dat moet aangepast worden naar 'unifi-5.5'. Daarna kwam ie binnen na een apt-get update/upgrade.
Zoals hierboven ook al gemeld, de update heeft bij ons (de controller beheerd 2 sites) de controller gebricked. Aan te raden is om niet te updaten als je dat nog van plan was.

Gelukkig maken wij backups, maar nu mag alles weer teruggezet worden :9

P.s. Beetje laat Tweakers, de update was al even uit

[Reactie gewijzigd door Xm0ur3r op 11 juli 2017 13:55]

De update is 10 juli gepushed...dus niet echt laat.
In deze UniFi Controller software zit ook de upgrade van USG firmware naar versie Vanaf nu kan je users voor Remote User VPN, Site-to-Site VPN ťn VPN Client via de ingebouwde Radius beheren. :) _/-\o_

[Reactie gewijzigd door MisterMartyP op 11 juli 2017 13:24]

Ja top! Dus native iOS VPN ondersteuning!
Eindelijk! Was toch wel een optie die ik al verwachtte dat hij er in zat bij zo'n vooruitstrevend merk als ubiquiti
Is er een stap-voor-stap instructie hoe je dit (b.v. L2TP) configureert vanuit de UI van 5.5.19 controller software en wat je op je IOS device instelt?
Ik probeer het nu voor elkaar te krijgen.

Volgens mij moet je eerst een radius server installeren:

En later een nieuw VPN netwerk definiŽren onder 'Networks (remote user VPN en L2tp Server selecteren, Denk ik ;) )

Mocht je wat vinden laat het mij ook even weten :P
Ik heb het idee dat de poorten die gebruikt worden voor de Radius accounting 1812 en 1813 nu nog dicht staan bij mij omdat ik de Unifi controller op de unifi NVR heb staan.

[Reactie gewijzigd door nexhil op 12 juli 2017 13:05]

Dat is helaas voor 5.6.3.. Dat is nog wel een flinke stap verder :)
Maar bedankt voor de link naar zijn YT kanaal! Dat is echt wel een mooie site met veel kennis!

edit: Ik ben een idioot. Ik heb de upgrade naar 5.5.19 uitgevoerd en daarna besloten dat ik alles ging resetten en mijn lab opnieuw ging bouwen. En ik had pas na een uur knutselen in de gaten dat ik weer op versie 4.5.16 zat..

[Reactie gewijzigd door Hennie-M op 12 juli 2017 22:59]

Ik krijg het wel werkend in mijn eigen interne netwerk, maar zodra ik vanaf buiten (b.v. via 4G connectie van telefoon probeer), dan reageert de L2TP-VPN-Server niet. Ik heb al geprobeerd om een port-forward in te stellen van 500, 1701 en 4500 naar het IP adres van mijn USG, maar dat werkt niet.

Weet iemand welke instelling ik mis?

Update 1: na een restart van de USG werkt het wel (zonder extra port-forwards)
Update 2: hoe ik een en ander heb opgezet heb ik hier uitgelegd.

[Reactie gewijzigd door HenriM op 12 juli 2017 20:16]

Ik wacht nog even met updaten. Heb hetzelfde issue met een CloudKey (CK) als in dit forum van UniFi is beschreven. Ubiquity is zelf ook actief in deze draad, vraagt om input van gebruikers, maar er is nog geen uitsluitsel over de oorzaak. Ik lees in de changelogs en in het forum nog niet dat deze update wel helpt. Omdat na een hele hoop gedoe de CK het nu doet, blijf ik er even af ;) .
Bij mij was het vlekkeloos verlopen.
Ik draaide nog op Unifi 5.4.18.
Gezorgd dat USG / Switch en AP's de laatste firmware draaien, zoals aangeboden in Unifi.
Daarna SSH > CloudKey.

1) wget

2) dpkg -i unifi_sysvinit_all.deb

Controller kwam daarna weer terug en het werkte.
Vanavond eens proberen. Dan maar hopen dat mijn apparaten niet uren lang in de adopting state blijven hangen bij elke update...
Even afwachten wanneer deze update in de cloud controller tevoorschijn komt.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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