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Software-update: Plex Media Server /

Plex logo (60 pix)Plex heeft woensdag twee nieuwe versies van Media Server uitgebracht. Versie is een publieke release en versie is alleen voor houders van een betaald PlexPass-abonnement. Plex Media Server is een opensourcemediaserver voor Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, OS X en diverse nas-apparaten. De software kan content serveren aan clients op dezelfde machine, binnen het lokale netwerk of via internet. Clientsoftware is beschikbaar voor de eerder genoemde besturingssystemen, maar content kan ook worden bekeken op bijvoorbeeld iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Google TV en Chromecast. Voor die laatste is echter wel extra software nodig om de stream op de Chromecast te krijgen.

Het programma bevat een eigen softwarewinkel waar plug-ins kunnen worden uitgewisseld. Via deze plug-ins kan bijvoorbeeld content van diverse streamingdiensten worden bekeken. Daarnaast is er PlexPass, een betaalde dienst die eerder toegang tot nieuwe versies geeft, naast korting op 'Premium features'. Nieuw in versie is onder meer  ondersteuning voor songteksten, terwijl alleen enkele bugfixes bevat. Sinds de vorige publieke uitgave zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen doorgevoerd:

Plex Media Server (Plex Pass only)

  • Lyrics!
  • Allow overriding log file location using an environment variable, on non-Windows platforms.
  • Apple TV could display subtitle streams as English instead of the actual language.
  • (Media Optimizer) Display correct set of optimized videos for unwatched-only optimizations.
  • (Media Optimizer) Don't fail if the file system doesn't support creating a dot-prefixed directory.
  • Update information when secure connections preference changes.
  • Browse errors in some clients after restricting music library sharing by album label.
  • In rare cases, newly added episodes might not receive correct metadata.
  • (Windows) Crash on startup if iTunes registry key is corrupted.
  • (Windows) Show DTS-HD media flag correctly.
  • Improved scrobble support.
  • Remove an unused file that could trigger false positives from anti-virus scanners.

Plex Media Server

  • (Sync) Stability improvements
  • (Windows) Improve handling of library sections pointed at the root of a volume
  • Occasional failures detecting Internet connectivity
  • Signing out didn't always work

Plex Media Server (Plex Pass only)

  • (Sync) Sync and Cloud Sync stability improvements
  • (Sync) Update cloud automatically when Cloud Sync items are deleted.
  • (Sync) Subtitles would not be burned in unless manually selected.
  • Crashes using the legacy transcoder.
  • Crashes signing out of server.
  • Playback could end early when subtitles were enabled.
  • WebVTT subtitles could cause playback to fail.
  • (OS X) Incomplete or invalid media analysis results for some streams.

Plex Media Server (Plex Pass only)

  • Improve reliability of free disk space check.
  • Fix broken playback on PlayStation and possibly the iOS v3.5 app.
  • Resolved subtitle issues in files without audio.
  • (Sync) Subtitles were sometimes not enabled when they should have been.

Plex Media Server (Plex Pass only)

  • Allow client profiles to prefer MP3 over AAC audio when transcoding stereo sources.
  • Allow client profiles to specify a protocol when declaring Direct Play support.
  • Write server and operating system version info to every log file.
  • Advise clients when HTTPS is configured to be required.
  • (Sync) Sync v1 clients wouldn't download new files until server restart.
  • (Sync) Fix composite images for photo albums.
  • Fix iTunes channel playback issues
  • Fix filter requests with studio names containing commas.
  • Refresh cached transcoded thumbs when underlying photo changes.
  • Don't show older unwatched episodes in OnDeck after watching a newer one.
  • Media analysis could generate duplicated streams in some rare cases.
  • Sort Artist metadata could be overwritten when updating other metadata.
  • Fix a socket leak that could cause the server to become unresponsive.
  • Fix an issue with transcoded subtitles on Firefox
  • Disallow transcoding online content for non-owners unless channels are shared.
  • Don't start streaming transcode sessions when disk space is too low.

Plex Media Server (Plex Pass only)

  • Xbox 360 playback issues
  • Apple TV playback issues with MP4 videos containing MP3 audio
  • Prefer MP3 to AAC when transcoding for Apple TV
  • Occasional failures moving items within a play queue

Plex Media Server (Plex Pass only)

  • Translations for Estonian, Japanese, Romanian and Russian.
  • Rich support for "soft" subtitles, including WebVTT.
  • Upgraded transcoder.
  • Allow user to install a custom SSL certificate.
  • (Windows) Partial directory scanning support added.
  • Improvements when Direct Streaming high-quality files for Roku devices.
  • Support for OCSP stapling.
  • Add support for flagging "sidecar" subtitles as forced or default.
  • Add support for compressed responses to the HTTP client.
  • (API) Support for recursive play queue generation (useful for photos).
  • (API) Add repeat=1 to play queue endpoint.
  • (API) Add count parameter to search endpoint.
  • Get all genres for album and artist from tracks.
  • Increase maximum available video quality
  • Add support for generating chapter thumbnails.
  • Use language settings from for server owner.
  • Support transcoding of theme music.
  • A number of transcode and analysis crashes on Windows.
  • A transcoder crash involving large WTV files.
  • Fix a crash during multiple simultaneous calls to /prefs endpoint.
  • Some issues around MPEG-DASH playback.
  • Improved reporting of bandwidth in HLS manifests.
  • When enabling remote access failed, the web UI might not show the error.
  • Album artwork could go missing in searches.
  • Fix incorrect reporting of transcoding in the web activity page.
  • When otherwise equal, prefer sidecar subtitles.
  • When signing out having enabled "only secure connections", you could become locked out.
  • Support "original" quality for audio.
  • Searches including an apostrophe character would fail.
  • Restricting music by sharing label didn't allow access to tracks.
  • Refresh "Recently Added" discovery areas more often.
  • Make sure Plex Mix doesn't duplicate the first (seed) track.
  • Search also looks in original title field.
  • When changing fields and artwork in quick succession, sometimes a change would be lost.
  • After resetting password, plugins could stop working.
  • Return similar artists in related discovery items.
  • (Windows) Don't prompt during install of autoupdates.
  • Audio languages now include "Uncoded Languages" and "English (Unlocalized)".
  • If SSL certificate doesn't match cloud's fingerprint, request a new one.
  • Home video discovery area didn't work with restricted accounts.
  • (iOS) Fix an issue where (i) button on a track doesn't work.
  • Improve auto-selection of multi-channel audio streams.
  • Videos inside discovery areas could incorrectly report being multi-part.
  • Set year when setting air/release date.
  • Prefer albumartistsort tag above artistsort for m4v music files (same as mp3).
  • Only use iTunes-style metadata for movies when not empty (fixes blank writers/directors/actors).
  • iTunes channel might not work with non-default iTunes library location.
  • For albums with tracks from different years, use highest for album year.
  • Fix for artist names in flac music files.
  • Fix for TheMovieDB season and episode images.
  • Make "respect tag" preference work for basic music library.
  • Clearing an originally available date could reset the year to 1900.
  • Detect when index files are manually deleted.
  • A case where composites for photo albums didn't display correctly.
  • Fix for resuming video on an unreleased app for an unreleased fruit-themed device.

Plex Media Server

  • Improved subtitle handling on Apple TV
  • Improved Direct Play support on Apple TV

Plex screenshot

Versienummer /
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Android, Linux, BSD, macOS, Windows Vista, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Plex, Inc.
Licentietype Freeware/Betaald

Reacties (4)

Wijzig sortering
Bijbehorende blog bij deze aankondiging vind je hier. Meer info over deze nieuwe feature in de plexpass-versie vind je hier. Mensen die in hun huidige library willen beschikken over deze lyrics dienen een full refresh te doen.
In order to have available lyrics automatically added for tracks in your music library:
  • A Plex Pass subscription is required
  • You must be running Plex Media Server version or newer
How to Add LyricFind Lyrics
New Music Library
By default, lyrics from LyricFind will be gathered when you create a new music library when using a compatible Plex Media Server version. So you don't need to do anything special!

Existing Music Library
Some users will have an existing music library that was created prior to the release of the Plex Media Server version. You can get available lyrics for your library one of two ways:
  • So long as you have the Refresh metadata periodically Scheduled Tasks option enabled, your server will slowly update your library over the course of a month to bring in the lyrics.
  • If you'd like to grab everything immediately, you can do a Refresh All on the music library to update metadata all at once.
Ook belangrijk om te melden is dat in de publieke release de media optimizer beschikbaar is voor de niet-plexpass gebruikers.
Media Optimizer is a feature that lets you specify content and have your Plex Media Server create "optimized" versions of it for you. Basically, the server "pre-transcodes" the content based on the settings you choose and saves that optimized result as a different "version" of the media. When playing that library item, the server and app then work together and use the most appropriate version of the item to give you the best experience.

[Reactie gewijzigd door FREAKJAM op 23 december 2015 19:25]

Onlangs zijn de web apps ook bijgewrkt, waardoor ze een iets andere look hebben gekregen dan hier in de screenshot wordt weergegeven. Ik blijf het een fijn programma vinden en gebruik Plex dan ook al de nodige jaren (inclusief PlexPass LIfetime sinds de lancering ervan). Geweldig hoe ze dit maar blijven uitbreiden! :) Ik ben erg benieuwd naar de lyrics feature, ik ben nu een refresh all daarom aan het doen over mijn music library, ik ben benieuwd!

[Reactie gewijzigd door CH4OS op 23 december 2015 17:40]

Mijn server zegt nog steeds... Version en de status is "Bijgewerkt" ???

Edit: Heb dan maar gewoon de nieuwe versie gedownload... staat nu op 9.14.6 (en zie nu ook terug de knop om te controleren op updates die er daarnet niet stond).

[Reactie gewijzigd door r2504 op 23 december 2015 18:14]

Dankzij Plex kijk ik al jaren geen TV meer.

Mijn content komt gewoon via 't internet binnen en Plex zorgt ervoor dat alles netjes georganiseerd blijft en natuurlijk fantastisch gepresenteerd word. LOVE IT!

ik vergeet steeds weer een lifetime plex pass aan te kopen omdat je al zoveel nuttige features krijgt zelfs voor geen geld. Maar hoelanger hoe meer er zulke updates verschijnen krijg ik steeds weer een reminder dat ik zeker wel een plex lifetime pass toch wel eens moet aanschaffen.

Nog even en het kan mediamonkey voor mij vervangen.

Leuke extra features zijn het! Wat fijn die plex toch !

[Reactie gewijzigd door Silversatin op 25 december 2015 18:35]

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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