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Software-update: Zabbix 1.9.1 alpha / 1.8.4rc4

Met het programma Zabbix kun je verschillende onderdelen van een netwerk en de daarop aangeboden services in de gaten houden. Het programma ondersteunt twee verschillende mogelijkheden om de relevante informatie binnen te halen. Zo kan het vanaf zijn eigen host requests sturen naar de verschillende services en netwerkonderdelen, die daar vervolgens op reageren. Ook is er een zogeheten agent, die op de te bewaken host kan worden geïnstalleerd en waarmee gedetailleerde informatie kan worden binnengehaald. Voor meer informatie over Zabbix verwijzen we naar deze en deze pagina's. De ontwikkelaars hebben versies 1.9.1 alpha en 1.8.4rc4 uitgebracht met de onderstaande lijst aanpassingen:

What's New in 1.9.1
  • Multiple network interfaces
    Multiple network interfaces can be assigned to a single host, therefore one host may have several IP addresses with different checks for each IP.
  • Better translation framework for WEB interface
    Zabbix interface translations are handled by GNU gettext module.
  • Auto-registration with passive checks
    Added support of monitoring auto-registered hosts with passive checks. It is very handy for monitoring of Cloud-like environments.
  • Re-design of unknown events and triggers
    Unknown triggers and events will no longer be displayed in Zabbix WEB interface, a special flag will be shown if Zabbix is not confident about status of triggers or events.
  • Low level discovery
    Zabbix is able to discover your file systems, network interfaces and SNMP interfaces automatically with no manual work. One template can be used for hosts having different devices.
  • Optional graph legends
    Graph legend can be optionally disabled.
  • Templated host-level screens
    Templates may contain screens for easy maintenance. The screens are available via Monitoring->Hosts, yet the form is not finished yet.
  • Database integrity
    There are significant improvements in the database schema for better consistency and security of configuration and historical data.
  • Nanosecond resolution for historical data
    Zabbix supports nanosecond resolution for historical data. If you are migrating from 1.8.x the option will be off by default. It is on for fresh setups.
  • Multiple URLs for map elements
    A map element may have multiple links (URLs) to external resources.
List of Bugs and Improvements included into 1.8.4rc4
  • [ZBX-3351] fixed broken support of 1.4.x style configuration file format for WEB interface
List of Bugs and Improvements included into 1.8.4rc3
  • [ZBX-3256] added automatic detection of fping command line option to use for specifying source IP address
  • [ZBX-3333] fixed icmppingloss[] returning bad values when NIC bonding is used
  • [ZBX-1985,ZBX-2394] fixed icmppingloss[] returning bad values when fping is capable of pinging both address families
  • [ZBX-2825] fix after saving the profile it stays in the profile page
  • [ZBX-1294] disabled GUI interface action elements for editing a templated trigger
  • [ZBX-3306] fixed minimal value limit for action escalation period
  • [ZBX-3320] fixed host.create, template.create permission error for admin users
  • [ZBX-266] made debugging output for Web scenarios more useful
  • [ZBX-1181] fixed infinite looping when failing cURL initialization and showing of such errors in the GUI
  • [ZBX-1181] fixed download speed, response time, and response code not being saved for failed Web scenario steps
  • [ZBX-2851] fixed apache hanging when frontend connects to empty database
  • [ZBX-2647] made some of hard coded strings translatable
  • [ZBX-3294] fixed host status change confirmation dialog
  • [ZBX-3301] fixed server crash after libssh2_userauth_list() when processing SSH checks
  • [ZBX-2395] fixed sending of the same message to the same user using different media types
  • [ZBXNEXT-586] added sensor[device,sensor,] check for Linux 2.4
  • [ZBXNEXT-586] added sensor[device,sensor,] check for OpenBSD; thanks to Robert Nagy
  • [ZBX-3252] fixed graph height calculations when graph height was less then 120px
  • [ZBX-3261] fixed second level template deletion
  • [ZBX-3295] fixed compilation warnings in eztexting module if code configured without cURL library
  • [ZBX-2862] it is now not possible to delete host group or user group used in scripts
  • [ZBX-3281] fixed system.cpu.util[] for all processors combined on NetBSD
  • [ZBX-3006] fixed some forms <input> elements are put inside <table> tag
  • [ZBXNEXT-176] added zabbix server name input during setup
  • [ZBX-3253] added schema selection for db2 setup and a configuration file parameter on the server
  • [ZBX-3239] fixed error in Proxies screen on Oracle, when no proxy defined
  • [ZBX-3273] removed renewed auto registration notifications for already created hosts
  • [ZBX-1294] disabled "Add" and "Toggle input method" for templated trigger expressions
  • [ZBX-3223] it is now possible to gather network interface statistics under a normal user on OpenBSD; thanks to Robert Nagy
  • [ZBX-3270] fixed server crash when processing calculated items with non-numeric user macros
  • [ZBXNEXT-564] added new {PROXY.NAME} and {HOSTNAME} macros for auto registration notifications
  • [ZBXNEXT-564] added support of {PROXY.NAME} macro for discovery and trigger notifications
  • [ZBX-3269] fixed processing of metrics for devices with trailing digits
  • [ZBX-3115] fixed returned data type for net.tcp.listen under Solaris and FreeBSD
  • [ZBX-3115] fixed returned data type for system.users.num metric
  • [ZBX-3267] fixed trigger updating through API
  • [ZBX-3259] fixed log trigger wizard functionality: now it can be used for any item with value type = log, text or char
  • [ZBX-2672] added internal checks zabbix[*] to help items in data.sql
  • [ZBX-3255] fixed string escaping under IBM DB2
  • [ZBX-3201] fixed evaluation of calculated items with multiline expressions
  • [ZBX-3210] fixed incorrect height scaling in graphs
  • [ZBX-3231] improved item key validation in the GUI and notification macro parser on the server
  • [ZBX-3061] fixed screen import problem with "Status of triggers" screen type
  • [ZBX-3249] added define for frontend graphing on partitioned DB data store
  • [ZBX-3216] fixed setup not catching existing configuration file on step 6
  • [ZBX-3240] updated Russian translation; thanks to dotneft and zalex_ua
  • [ZBX-3229] improved output of configure script
  • [ZBX-3222] fixed Zabbix returns to incorrect page from acknowledge form
  • [ZBX-2577] fixed template trigger update affects downstream triggers
  • [ZBX-3221] fixed host deletion through API
  • [ZBX-3220] fixed error when delete host on postgresql db
  • [ZBX-2293] fixed server terminating when sending "database down" alerts using scripts
  • [ZBX-3184] fixed 1000 vs. 1024 multipliers for bits, bytes, and other units in notification macros
  • [ZBX-3184] fixed negative values with unit suffixes in notification macros
  • [ZBX-3211] updated Ukrainian translation; renamed locale to uk_ua; thanks to zalex_ua
  • [ZBX-3085] fixed possible stop to send data from proxy after shutdown of MySQL server; thanks to Takanori Suzuki
  • [ZBX-3169] updated French translation; thanks to Alixen
  • [ZBX-3218] server and proxy are no longer built with libcurl by default
  • [ZBX-3145] fixed user macros resolving
  • [ZBX-3215] fixed filtering by group in trigger selection popup
  • [ZBX-3144] removed parsing of existing expression in trigger expression popup
  • [ZBX-3207] fixed possibility to click on web items in trigger expressions
  • [ZBX-3021] fixed possibility to create dependency between host and template triggers
  • [ZBX-3205] fixed incorrect event duration count
  • [ZBX-3183] fixed maintenance permission issue
  • [ZBX-3183] added screenname GET parameter support to screens.php
  • [ZBX-2639] added and net.if.list items in the help_items table
  • [ZBX-1600] added support of value mapping for {ITEM.VALUE} macro in notifications
  • [ZBX-3065] fixed undefined variables in maps.php when logged as guest and no maps defined
  • [ZBX-3206] fixed timeout for simple checks (removed hardcoded timeout 3 sec)
  • [ZBX-2787] it is no longer possible add invalid time for IT services, like 1:111 or 23:67 or 4:66 and so on
  • [ZBXNEXT-557] added TL compatibility information when executed AIX agent with --version flag
  • [ZBX-3195] fixed slow sync of trends data while server shutdown
  • [ZBXNEXT-549] added trigger function strlen()
  • [ZBX-3156] fixed integer trends for child node on master; thanks to Łukasz Reszka
  • [ZBX-3040] guest users now can't edit trigger comments
  • [ZBX-3123] fixed Oracle SQL errors in processing of IT services
  • [ZBXNEXT-205,ZBXNEXT-355] added support of user macros in community, OID, security name and passphrases fields of SNMP items
  • [ZBXNEXT-357] added support of user macros in parameters field of database item; thanks to Kirill Fateev
  • [ZBX-3179] fixed memory leaks and 100% CPU usage for proxy with SQLite3
  • [ZBXNEXT-538] include ibm_db2.sql and images_ibm_db2.sql files in distribution package
  • [ZBX-3107] fixed graph bugs: problem with large values, problem with uptime format
  • [ZBX-2349] unicode support for macros and web scenario steps
  • [ZBX-3137] fixed errors related to deleting an application that is used in a web scenario
  • [ZBXNEXT-538] added support for IBM DB2
  • [ZBX-1362] optimized alert performance
  • [ZBX-2852] fixed map not updating in slideshow
  • [ZBX-1346] update example agent daemon configuration file for Windows with parameters from Zabbix manual
  • [ZBX-2984] fixed incorrect trigger line in graphs. For line drawing was used axis from first item not trigger item
  • [ZBX-3059] different titles for popup menu depending on data type
  • [ZBX-2861] fixed error when adding users to usergroups
  • [ZBX-1492] added confirmation dialog when deleting macros
  • [ZBX-3135] add an example for using standard input in zabbix_sender manpage
  • [ZBX-2616] bundled DejaVu font upgraded from 2.31 to 2.32
  • [ZBX-2630] fixed ability to translate various strings in the frontend depending on their context
  • [ZBX-3091] fixed error when update proxy
  • [ZBX-3120] fixed error when create new map
  • [ZBX-3042] fixed submitParent field error
  • [ZBX-1038] fixed last(), prev(), diff(), change(), and abschange() not working properly with long textual values
  • [ZBXNEXT-532] specify timestamp format in zabbix_sender manpage and help output; hint at required item configuration in zabbix_sender manpage
  • [ZBX-3103] updated French translation; thanks to Alixen
  • [ZBX-3095] fixed processing of 'Host template' condition in actions
  • [ZBX-2981] removed unnecessary queries in map permission checks
  • [ZBX-3080] fixed javascript not cached by browsers
  • [ZBX-2661] improved displaying discovery checks in configuration
  • [ZBX-3086] fixed errors when edit hostgroup linkage for hosts and templates
  • [ZBX-3025] resurrected unreachable pollers and StartPollersUnreachable configuration parameter
  • [ZBX-2351] fixed server trying to insert duplicate eventids into the database
  • [ZBX-3069] renamed monitoring graphs combobox "All" entry to "not selected"
Versienummer 1.9.1 alpha / 1.8.4rc4
Releasestatus Beta
Besturingssystemen Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, UNIX
Website Zabbix
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


31-12-2010 • 07:52

5 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Zabbix


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Reacties (5)

Wijzig sortering
Wij zijn begonnen met Nagios en werken ondertussen zo'n 2 jaar met Zabbix. Nagios biedt uiteindelijk de meeste mogelijkheden m.b.t. plugins en configuratie maar dit weegt niet op tegen de eenvoud (als je er eenmaal goed in zit zoals Intheweb schrijft) van Zabbix. Alles is web en serverbased, voor windows installeer je een agent en verder meet je alles vanaf de server. SNMP, IPMI, alles is te monitoren als je de template eenmaal hebt. Wij monitoren zo'n 700 servers, routers en switches. De leercurve van voor het doorhebben van templates, items, groups en dergelijke is even doorbijten maar daarna wil je niet meer terug naar Nagios.
Ik ken het pakket wel, echter wij gebruiken nagios (bevalt prima!). Kan iemand aangeven
of dit vergelijkbaar is met Nagios?

Edit: even RTFM gedaan en ziet er inderdaad lekker uit!

[Reactie gewijzigd door johnny2000 op 31 december 2010 14:55]

Ik ken beide. Het doel van het systeem is hetzelfde en de werking is ook niet zo heel veel anders. Het voornaamste verschil in de praktijk is dat Zabbix SNMP gebruikt om te meten en Nagios 7 verschillende methoden kent om te meten (waaronder ook SNMP).

Buiten dat is nagios erg schaalbaar (nagioscentral) en kent het een enorm uitgebreide community en third-party ontwikkeling.
Bedankt, ik heb even de manual doorgenomen. En lijkt er op dat je niet echt met plugins kan werken. Dat is wel jammer, we hebben een "shitload" aan eigen plugins voor nagios namelijk ;)
Een erg fijn pakket. In het begin is het behoorlijk zoeken naar de juiste knopjes en en mogelijkheden.

Bij onze lokale omroep in Eindhoven houden we met Zabbix bijna de gehele infrastructuur in de gaten, inclusief het aantal luisteraars via de diverse streams.

Helaas hebben we alleen onze Qnap NAS nog niet werkend gekregen om deze correct te laten monitoren.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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