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Bron: Zabbix

Met het programma Zabbix kun je verschillende onderdelen van een netwerk en de daarop aangeboden services in de gaten houden. Het programma ondersteunt twee verschillende mogelijkheden om de relevante informatie binnen te halen. Zo kan het vanaf zijn eigen host requests uitsturen naar de verschillende services en netwerkonderdelen, die daar vervolgens op reageren. Ook is er een zogenaamde agent die op de te bewaken host geïnstalleerd kan worden, waarmee gedetailleerde informatie binnengehaald kan worden. Voor meer informatie over Zabbix verwijzen we jullie naar deze en deze pagina's. De ontwikkelaars hebben versie 1.6.7 en 1.7.2 alpha uitgebracht met de onderstaande lijst van aanpassingen:

What's New in 1.7.x (alpha)

Advanced cache module
Advanced cache module is introduced to significantly improve performance of Zabbix Server and Proxy operations. Up to 10x better performance increase is expected comparing to 1.6.x releases. The cache module is permanently enabled and drastically decreases load on the back-end database.

Much more efficient polling
Zabbix latest releases support running of hundreds of pollers. The pollers are very efficient and do not require connections to the database. Data processing parallelizm is greatly improved.

GUI improvements
Zabbix interface has been improved by introducing paging, selection of elements and mass-operations. The interface is tested to support very large number of monitored elements with very low impact on overall system performance. It is optimized for high performance yet easy to use. Efficient filters have been introduced for most of configuration pages.

Support of PHP 5.3
Zabbix GUI fully supports PHP 5.3. Support for PHP 4.x dropped.

Advanced support of maintenance periods
Host and group level maintenance periods are supported. Very flexible timing can be defined for each maintenance period.

Added support of bar graphs
The bar graphs can be used for long-term trend analysis.

Advanced screen editing
Modification and creation of screens was simplified by adding support of drag-and-drop and new edit options.

Support of complex regular expressions
Regular expression builder helps to create and maintain complex regular expressions used for log monitoring.

Improved auto-discovery
Added support of network masks for IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. Added new actions: enable/disable device. Added SNMPv3 based discovery checks. Also added support of port number intervals and devices with multiple-IP addresses.

Support of auto-registration
Hosts with installed Zabbix agents can be automatically added for monitoring.

Support of template, host and global-level macros
The macros will greatly simplify maintenance of large Zabbix setup with host specific configuration parameters.

Agent-less monitoring based on Telnet and SSH
Servers and network devices can be monitored using Telnet or secure SSH connections.

Better support of Oracle database
Zabbix uses high-performance OCI library for Oracle connectivity. No dependency on Sqlora8 library anymore.

Global search function
Global search allows fast and easy access to hosts, templates and host groups.

Better graphs
Layout of graphs and navigation was improved for much easier operations and visibility of information.

Zabbix API provides easy and very efficient way of remote management and integration with 3rd party tools and services.

Full support of UTF8
Zabbix fully supports UTF8, which makes it ready for use with multiple languages.

High performance monitoring of index based SNMP items
Only single connection to SNMP agent is used.

Advanced WEB monitoring
WEB monitoring module supports basic authentication.

Advanced ICMP based monitoring
Existing ICMP monitoring was enhanced to support more detailed statistics including number of lost packets and min/max/avg timing.

Advanced DNS monitoring
Performance and availability of DNS resources can be effectively monitored.

Zabbix command line tool
See for more details.

Improvements and Bug Fixes of 1.7.2
  • [DEV-430] added map labels macro {TRIGGERS.UNACK}
  • [DEV-430] added notification macro {TRIGGER.EVENTS.UNACK}
  • [ZBX-1095] fixed "Link to template" operation for discovered hosts
  • [ZBX-1015] added support of LVM devices for under Linux. Thanks to Takanori Suzuki
  • [DEV-429] added support of system.cpu.switches under Linux 2.4/2.6
  • [DEV-413] fixed first parameter in system.cpu.util key for linux (all; 0..n)
  • [DEV-411] improved performance of trends module

What's New in 1.6.7

No new major features were introduced in this release.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes:
  • [ZBX-1022] fixed syntax in parameter 'continue_pending' in services[] key
  • [ZBX-1202] fixed processing of proc_info[] check with 'sum' parameter. Thanks to Kazuo Ito
  • [ZBX-1148] fixed flap between available and unavailable for hosts with mixed agent and simple checks
  • [ZBX-1051] fixed processing of active checks list on the agent side. Symptom: 'Can't open JSON object' message
  • [ZBX-641] fixed oracle OCI-Lob parse
  • [ZBX-1078] changed link in server info screen element
  • [ZBX-1076] fixed IT services periods
  • [ZBX-1019] fixed stacked graph displays 0 value
  • [ZBX-1040] fixed error when massupdate triggers with empty dependency
  • [ZBX-820] fixed updating downstream item applications when upstream item is updated without changing applications
  • [DEV-426] added new command line parameter '-T' for zabbix_sender
  • [ZBX-1068] fix typos related to height/high
  • [ZBX-948] fixed not working keyboard keys in numericboxes for Opera
  • [ZBX-915] fixed pgsql cycling on transaction failure
  • [ZBX-985] fixed pgsql return value
  • [ZBX-1035] fixed possibility to import graphs to host we don't have permissions
  • [ZBX-1062] deny creation of log and eventlog items with non log type of information
  • [DEV-137] fix incorrect key syntax error message
  • [ZBX-1054] fixed processing of logs and eventlogs which become empty only on the agent side
  • [ZBX-1055] fixed DBexecute function result with PostreSQL
  • [ZBX-778] added support of $1..$9 macros in the {ITEM.NAME} macro in notifications
  • [ZBX-1031] fixed security vulnerability in server, allowing remote unauthenticated users to execute arbitrary SQL queries. Thanks to Nicob
  • [ZBX-1032] fixed security vulnerability in processing of net.tcp.listen under FreeBSD and Solaris agents. Thanks to Nicob
  • [ZBX-1050] fixed possible windows agent crash while processing big eventlog records
  • [ZBX-991] fixed processing of zabbix[queue] internal check
  • [ZBX-596] fixed support of IPV6 under Windows 2000
  • [ZBX-1027] fixed that item key must be used in each subexpression of trigger expression
  • [ZBX-982] fixed message when can't delete application with web items
  • [ZBX-861] fixed problem with disappearing nodes in frontend
Versienummer:1.6.7 / 1.7.2 alpha
Besturingssystemen:Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, UNIX
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