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Software-update: AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey geeft je de mogelijkheid om vaak gebruikte toetsaanslagen, handelingen en/of knoppencombinaties met het toetsenbord, muis en gamepad achter een zogenaamde hotkey te zetten, zodat de betreffende handeling in n keer wordt uitgevoerd. Ondersteuning voor het importeren van knoppencombinaties uit AutoIt2 is aanwezig. De ontwikkelaar heeft versie de deur uit gedaan met de volgende veranderingen sinds de laatste vermelding in de meuktracker:

Version 1.0.40:
  • Fixed the v1.0.39 mouse and keyboard hooks so that failure to activate them behaves correctly.
  • Changed the Send command for Russian and other keyboard layouts to be able to produce more ASCII characters (such as the letters A to Z). This does not affect most Western European and English layouts.
  • Changed hotkeys that are a subset of a wildcard hotkey to take precedence. For example, if *x and ^x are both hotkeys, pressing ^x will now trigger ^x rather than *x.
  • Improved syntax so that double colons do not need to be escaped.
  • Improved Send and ControlSend with option {Blind}, which leaves Ctrl/Alt/Shift/Win pressed down if they started that way.
  • Added a new remapping method that is more simple and powerful than the old methods. For example:
    a::b ; Make the "a" key become "b".
    Capslock::Ctrl ; Make Capslock become a Control key.
    XButton1::LButton ; Make the fourth mouse button behave like the left mouse button.
    RCtrl::RWin ; Make the right Control key become the right Windows key.
Version 1.0.39:
  • The last change below may impact scripts that use the keyboard or mouse hook. If you have any mission-critical scripts that rely on them, it is recommended that they be re-tested or that you wait two weeks for any bugs to get fixed.
  • Fixed inability to have lines consisting entirely of spaces and tabs in continuation sections. [thanks JSLover]
  • Fixed hotkeys such as "LButton & LCtrl" to auto-install the mouse hook. [thanks JSLover]
  • Added a dedicated thread to service the keyboard and mouse hooks. This eliminates mouse/keyboard lag during long operations such as UrlDownloadToFile. It also prevents keys from getting "stuck down". The new thread consumes only 36 KB of memory and it exists only in scripts that use the hooks.
  • Some optimizations were made to the keyboard and mouse hooks. If you have any mission-critical scripts that rely on them, it is recommended that they be re-tested or that you wait two weeks for any bugs to get fixed.
  • Fixed continuation lines that start with "AND" and "OR" to work even when the next character is in the set "()!~*&-+". [thanks Decarlo110]
  • Fixed hotkeys/labels such as "(::" and "(MyLabel):" not to be misinterpreted as continuation sections. [thanks whismerhill]
  • Fixed "Menu Show" (broken in the previous version) to call the selected menu item's subroutine prior to executing the command beneath "Menu Show". [thanks Roussi]
  • Changed Sleep -1 and Sleep 0 to check the message queue on Windows 9x as they do on other operating systems.
  • Fixed hotstring reset option (Z), which could crash a script. [thanks arbe]
  • Improved threads to reduce the chance of an interruption occurring before even a single line can execute. [thanks Paul Haines]
  • Added command Critical, which prevents the current thread from being interrupted by other threads. It also buffers incoming events until the critical thread ends.
  • Fixed key-up hotkeys so that having both a wildcard and a non-wildcard version of the same hotkey works even when the non-wildcard down-hotkey is defined before the non-wildcard up-hotkey. [thanks Paul Haines]
  • Improved Edit controls with the option "WantTab", which allows the tab keystroke to produce a tab character.
  • Fixed inability of "WinSet Region" to accept a negative X-coordinate.
  • Fixed radio buttons to start a new radio group for each new tab control or page. [thanks Toralf]
  • Changed VK hotkeys such as "^VK24::" to avoid the use of the keyboard hook when possible. As a side-effect, such hotkeys are now triggered by any key that has the specified virtual key (e.g. both Home and NumpadHome for VK24). [thanks Orion]
  • Improved the Hotkey command with option "On" to change a hotkey's label and enable it in one step. [thanks Toralf]
  • Improved "GuiControl Disable/Enable/Hide/Show" to recognize an optional 1 or 0 suffix to simplify scripts. [thanks Toralf]
  • Fixed GuiContextMenu's A_GuiControl to be non-blank when the user right-clicks a Text, Picture, or Tab control.
  • Changed OnMessage() to receive LPARAM as an unsigned vs. signed number.
Version 1.0.38:
  • Fixed the Input command to properly capture keystrokes sent by a hotkey or hotstring for which the user is physically holding down SHIFT, CTRL, ALT, or WIN. [thanks wildfire]
  • Changed "GuiControl, Text" to set the text of a ComboBox's Edit control rather than new choices for its drop-list. Please update your scripts accordingly.
  • Improved FileMoveDir with an option to unconditionally overwrite the target folder.
  • Added built-in function IsLabel(), which verifies that a label exists before you Gosub it. [thanks Tekl]
  • Added built-in function OnMessage(), which can receive custom messages and monitor system messages.
  • Added a WinLIRC client script that responds to signals from a hand-held remote control. WinLIRC is an open-source utility that captures infrared signals from virtually any brand of remote control.
  • Fixed disruption of a GUI window's custom icon when "Menu, Tray, Icon" loads a new icon. [thanks Tekl]
  • Fixed hotstring option "O" (omit end-char) to work even when "B0" (no-backspace) is in effect. [thanks Tekl]
  • Improved AltTab hotkeys to support Escape as a means of canceling the operation. [thanks catweazle]
  • Fixed auto-replace wildcard hotstrings whose last character is produced via dead key (e.g. :*:js::). [thanks jordi]
  • Fixed the tray icon to turn green when a paused thread is interrupted by a new thread.
  • Changed and improved the Pause command: 1) "Pause Off" always affects the thread immediately beneath the current thread rather than the nearest paused thread; 2) "Pause [Toggle]" always pauses the current thread if the thread beneath it is unpaused; 3) Added an option to pause the underlying thread rather than the current thread. [thanks Decarlo110]
  • Improved the "Pause Script" menu item to work even when the script is idle (which prevents timers from running). [thanks Rajat]
  • Improved SoundSet and SoundGet to support N/A for ComponentType and numeric values for ControlType. There is also an example script to discover your soundcard's capabilities.
  • Fixed hotkeys such as ^!a not to fire twice when "a & b::" is a hotkey. Also fixed hotkeys such as ^!a to work without a $ when "a" is a prefix key such as "a & b::". [thanks t0nyk0]
  • Fixed hotkeys "LButton::" and "RButton::" not to disrupt Edit control context menus. [thanks Tekl]
  • Fixed "GuiControl ChooseString" not to ignore the first two items in each ListBox/ComboBox/DDL. [thanks Tekl]
  • Fixed serious bugs introduced by the previous version in the Send command and other keyboard features.
  • Fixed minor issues when a script's language/layout changes while it's running. This affects hotkeys, hotstrings, Send, and possibly other areas.
  • Fixed the hotkey control for Numlock and NumpadDiv (previously it yielded SC145 and SC135).
  • Improved "Gui, Tab" with an exact-match mode. [thanks Tekl]
  • Improved hotkeys to recognize the following symbols as valid key names: #!^+$<>*~ [thanks Tekl]
  • Fixed key-up hotkeys such as "LButton Up" to avoid disruption of non-hotkey events such as Shift-LeftClick. [thanks Icfu]
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website AutoHotkey
Bestandsgrootte 1,56MB
Licentietype Freeware

Door Japke Rosink


13-10-2005 • 18:12

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Bron: AutoHotkey

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