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Bron: AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey stelt je in staat om vaak gebruikte toetsaanslagen, handelingen en/of knoppencombo's met het toetsenbord, muis en gamepad achter een hotkey te zetten, zodat de betreffende handeling in één keer wordt uitgevoerd. Daarbij is het mogelijk om eerder gescripte toetscombinaties van AutoIt2 te converteren naar de scripttaal van AutoKey. De nieuwste versie van AutoKey is genummerd als 1.0.24. Het programma wordt verspreid onder de GPL-licentie en is beschikbaar als binary en C++-broncode. Versie 1.0.24 wordt geleverd met de volgende veranderingen ten opzichte van 1.0.23:

  • Fixed StatusBarGetText and StatusBarWait: If the system was under heavy load, sometimes they would give up too soon and set ErrorLevel. [thanks Anatoly Larkin]
  • Fixed compiled scripts so that the version resource is blank as intended. [thanks Titan]
  • Improved ControlClick to optionally click at a set of coordinates rather than a specific control.
  • Improved memory conservation: If a script requires its temporary memory area to be greater than 4 MB for an operation such as "StringReplace, Huge_Var, Huge_Var, `n, `r`n", that memory will be freed automatically when it has been unused for 10 seconds. The 10 second delay avoids the performance penalty of frequently freeing and reallocating memory. For example, a loop with thousands of iterations might need the memory for its entire duration.
  • Improved behavior of command line parameters on Windows NT/2k/XP so that: 1) more than 8 files can be dragged and dropped onto a .ahk script (if the drag-and-drop option was enabled during installation); and 2) .ahk files launched directly via shortcut or command line can receive parameters containing spaces if they are enclosed in double quotes. [thanks Tekl]
  • Improved FileCreateShortcut with options for: 1) using an icon other than the first; and 2) setting the launch state to minimized or maximized. If you have any scripts that use FileCreateShortcut with the Ctrl-Alt-Comma shortcut key, please ensure the comma is escaped. [thanks Holger]
  • Added command FileGetShortcut, which retrieves information about a shortcut (.lnk) file, such as its target file. [thanks Holger]
  • Added Rajat's syntax and keyword lists to the Extras\Editors\Syntax folder in the AutoHotkey folder. These files make it easier to create and maintain syntax definitions and clip libraries for various editors.
  • Added sub-command "Menu, Tray, Click, 1", which allows a single-click on the tray icon to activate the default menu item (normally a double-click is required). [thanks CarlosTheTackle]
  • Added sub-commands "Drive Lock" and "Drive Unlock". Locking a drive prevents its eject feature from working. [thanks RG]
  • Added the ability to sort a variable's contents in random order. [thanks GBeam]
  • Added support for Unicode text on the clipboard and in variables. See "Transform Unicode" for details. [thanks Tekl]
  • Added built-in variable A_YWeek, which is the current ISO 8601 year and week number. [thanks various]
  • Added the following built-in variables: A_Language, A_ComputerName, A_UserName, A_Desktop, A_DesktopCommon, A_StartMenu, A_StartMenuCommon, A_Programs, A_ProgramsCommon, A_Startup, A_StartupCommon, and A_MyDocuments.
  • Added command FormatTime, which transforms a YYYYMMDDHH24MISS timestamp into the specified date/time format.
  • Fixed radio buttons so that: 1) the g-label won't be launched just because the button receives keyboard focus; 2) the g-label is launched once rather than twice when navigating via the arrow keys; 3) focus is on the correct button when a radio group receives keyboard focus; and 4) back-to-back radio groups give their first radio button a tabstop. [thanks Gre & Jacques Bensimon]
  • Fixed tab controls so that keyboard focus always lands on the first control rather than the second one when the user clicks on a new tab. In addition, the Ctrl-PgDn/PgUp/Tab navigation keys will now work when focus is on a ComboBox. [thanks wkueting]
  • Fixed the "Limit" option for Edit controls, which was broken by v1.0.23. [thanks ranomore]
  • Fixed "GuiControl +/-Options" to allow the Check3 style to be added or removed on Checkboxes. Also, controls are always redrawn when their styles change. [thanks beardboy]
  • Changed ComboBoxes so that their g-labels (if any) are launched whenever the user changes the text in the edit portion of the control.
  • Improved Picture controls so that: 1) Icons and cursors can be loaded from .cur, .ani, .ico, .dll, and .exe files; and 2) Width and height can be specified when loading a new image via GuiControl. If any of your scripts use BackgroundTrans to make an icon transparent, add the word AltSubmit to that control's options. [thanks Rajat]
  • Added a method to set custom tab stops inside Edit controls. [thanks Jason Payam Ahdoot]
  • Added an "Invert" option for Slider, which reverses the low and high ends of the control. [thanks beardboy]
  • Added command "Gui, N: Default", which changes the default GUI window number of the current thread to N.
  • Added the GuiSize label, which is launched whenever a GUI window is resized, minimized, maximized, or restored.
  • Added support for drag-and-drop via the GuiDropFiles label.
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Reacties (4)

Ik gebruik zelf altijd Hotkey master voor dit soort dingen, werkt ook uitstekend.
Leuk, maar dit is Open Source GPL dus Vrij te downloaden en te gebruiken. Top he? :)
Van de AutoKey website:
Anyone concerned about, or already suffering from Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI).
Stress :?

AutoIt2, waar in de tekst over wordt gesporken (en ook v3) ken ik wel, opzich wel grappig voor kleine dingetjes, misschien moet ik dit tooltje ook eens uittesten.
Handig kun je compleet WORD document typen met 1 druk op de knop :+

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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