Software-update: Inno Setup 6.1.2

Inno Setup logo (75 pix) Jordan Russell Software heeft versie 6.1.2 van Inno Setup uitgebracht. Met dit programma kunnen op eenvoudige wijze installatiepakketten voor Windows worden gecreëerd. Het programma biedt de mogelijkheid om informatie toe te voegen aan het register, biedt ini-bestanden om snelkoppelingen te maken en heeft de mogelijkheid om de installatiebestanden te comprimeren. Verder kan natuurlijk een uninstaller worden toegevoegd en kan bij de installatie uit verschillende talen worden gekozen. De changelog sinds versie 6.0.5 kan hieronder worden gevonden.

Inno Setup 6.1.2 (2020-11-15)

  • Compiler IDE change: Added new Print... (Ctrl+P) menu item to the File menu.
  • Minor tweaks.

Inno Setup 6.1.1-beta (2020-10-29)

Compiler IDE updates

Various improvements have been made to the Compiler IDE:

Other changes
  • The /PORTABLE=1 command line parameter accepted by Inno Setup's own installers has been improved to allow side-by-side installations. For example, to quickly install a new version to the current user's desktop without affecting already installed versions use the following command line parameters: /portable=1 /silent /currentuser.
  • Setup's and Uninstall's Back and Next buttons no longer display outdated "<" and ">" markers.
  • Added new topic to the help file listing the additional Compiler IDE keyboard commands which are not listed in the menus. Added new Keyboard Commands menu item to the Compiler IDE's Help menu to open this topic.
  • ISPP change: Added new SaveStringToFile support function.
  • Fix: Calling DLL functions which return a 64-bit integer now gives correct result values.
  • Minor tweaks.

All official translations have now been updated for the changes in the previous version. Thanks to the maintainers for their time.

Inno Setup 6.1.0-beta (2020-09-13)

Per-user fonts

Per-user fonts are now supported if Setup is running on Windows 10 Version 1803 and later:

  • [Files] section parameter FontInstall can now be used in non administrative installs. Requires Windows 10 Version 1803 or later to successfully install a font.
  • The {fonts} constant has been renamed to {commonfonts}. The old name is still supported, but it is recommended to update your scripts to the new names and the compiler will issue a warning if you don't.
  • Added new {userfonts} constant. Only Windows 10 Version 1803 and later supports {userfonts}. Same directory as {localappdata}\Microsoft\Windows\Fonts.
  • Added new {autofonts} constant which automatically maps to {commonfonts} unless the installation is running in non administrative install mode, in which case it maps to {userfonts}. It is recommended to update your scripts to use {autofonts} as much as possible to avoid mistakes.
  • Updated all examples to use {autofonts} instead of {fonts}.
  • Pascal Scripting change: The UnregisterFont support function now has an extra parameter.
Compiler IDE updates

Various improvements have been made to the Compiler IDE:

  • If the script uses Inno Setup Preprocessor (ISPP) functionality, the Compiler IDE now automatically shows the preprocessor output in a tab so you can check it. This can be turned off in the options.
  • The Compiler IDE now automatically opens (up to 10) #include files in tabs which allow you to edit and debug these files from within the Compiler IDE. The list of #include files is updated after opening a new main file and after each compilation. This can be turned off in the options. If the option is not turned off, a new Save All menu item is added to the File menu.
  • If #include files are modified since last compile, the script is now automatically re-compiled before running it. This works even if the option to automatically open #include files is turned off.
  • Added new Next Tab and Previous Tab menu items to the View menu.
  • Added new topic to the help file explaining the various integrated debugger menu items in the Run menu which can be used to debug your [Code] section.
  • Improved highlighting for the [CustomMessages] and [Messages] sections.
  • Added new MessageBox Designer menu item to the Tools menu to design and insert MsgBox or TaskDialogMsgBox calls for the [Code] section.
  • Added new Step Out menu item to the Run menu to unpause Setup until it reaches the end of the current function, then pause it on the next line.
  • Added buttons to the Welcome dialog to Donate to support Inno Setup (Thank you!) and to Subscribe to the Inno Setup Mailing List to be notified by e-mail of new Inno Setup releases.
  • The Run Parameters dialog now shows a list of most recently used parameters.
Built-in download support for [Code]

Pascal Scripting now supports downloading files and checking SHA-256 hashes:

  • Added new DownloadTemporaryFile support function to download files without using a third-party tool:
    • Supports HTTPS (but not expired or self-signed certificates) and HTTP.
    • Redirects are automatically followed and proxy settings are automatically used.
    • Safe to use from services unlike existing third-party tools.
    • Supports SHA-256 hash checking of the downloaded file.
    • Supports basic authentication.
  • Added new CreateDownloadPage support function to easily show the download progress to the user. See the new CodeDownloadFiles.iss example script for an example.
  • Added new DownloadTemporaryFileSize support function to get the size of a file without downloading it.
  • Added new GetSHA256OfFile, GetSHA256OfString, and GetSHA256OfUnicodeString support functions to calculate SHA-256 hashes.
  • Change in default behavior: Setup no longer disables itself entirely while PrepareToInstall is running. Instead only the Cancel button is disabled.
Inno Setup Preprocessor (ISPP) updates

ISPP now uses 64-bit integers and has new functions to more easily compare version numbers:

  • ISPP's int type is now a signed 64-bit integer type.
  • Support function FileSize now supports 64-bit file sizes.
  • Added new GetPackedVersion, PackVersionNumbers, PackVersionComponents, ComparePackedVersion, SamePackedVersion, UnpackVersionNumbers, UnpackVersionComponents, and VersionToStr support functions.
  • Support function GetFileVersion and ParseVersion have been renamed to GetVersionNumbersString and GetVersionComponents respectively. The old names are still supported, but it is recommended to update your scripts to the new names and the compiler will issue a warning if you don't.
Similar Pascal Scripting changes have been done for [Code]:
  • Added new FileSize64 support function.
  • Added new GetPackedVersion, PackVersionNumbers, PackVersionComponents, ComparePackedVersion, SamePackedVersion, UnpackVersionNumbers, UnpackVersionComponents, GetVersionComponents, and VersionToStr support functions. This makes ISPP and [Code] support the same list of version related functions.
Other changes
  • Fix: Inno Setup 6.0.5 no longer supported Windows Vista.
  • Change in default behavior: [Setup] section directive MinVersion now defaults to 6.1sp1, so by default Setup will not run on Windows Vista or on versions of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 which have not been updated. Setting MinVersion to 6.0 to allow Setup to run on Windows Vista is supported but not recommended: Windows Vista doesn't support some of Setup's security measures against potential DLL preloading attacks so these have to be removed by the compiler if MinVersion is below 6.1 making your installer less secure on all versions of Windows.
  • Inno Setup's version number doesn't display "(u)" at the end anymore since the Unicode version has been the only version for quite some time now.
  • Added new [Run] and [UninstallRun] sections flag: dontlogparameters. If this flag is specified, the command line parameters for the program will not be included in the log file.
  • If there are [UninstallRun] section entries without a RunOnceId parameter the compiler will now warn you about this. By assigning a string to RunOnceId, you can ensure that a particular [UninstallRun] entry will only be executed once during uninstallation. The warning can be disabled using new [Setup] section directive MissingRunOnceIdsWarning.
  • Added new [Icons] section parameter: AppUserModelToastActivatorCLSID. Specifies the Windows 10 Application User Model Toast Activator CLSID for the shortcut. Ignored on earlier Windows versions.
  • Setup's prompts to overwrite or keep existing files have been made more user friendly:
  • Console-mode compiler (ISCC) change: Warnings and errors are now colorized.
  • Pascal Scripting changes:
    • Added new CalculateButtonWidth function to the TSetupForm support class.
    • The ACaption and ADescription parameters of the various Create...Page support functions may now specify Setup messages containing shorthands like [name].
    • Fix: Support function WizardSelectComponents now also updates component sizes and the current selection's required disk space.
  • ISPP changes:
    • Using #pragma verboselevel now automatically turns on verbose mode.
    • Added new Message, Warning, and Error support functions.
    • ISPP's output is now cleaner and warnings are colorized.
  • Various documentation improvements.
  • Minor tweaks.

Contributions via GitHub: Thanks to Gavin Lambert and Sergii Leonov for their contributions.

Some messages have been added and changed in this version: (View differences in Default.isl).

  • New messages:
    • DownloadingLabel, ButtonStopDownload, StopDownload, ErrorDownloadAborted, ErrorDownloadFailed, ErrorDownloadSizeFailed, ErrorFileHash1, ErrorFileHash2, ErrorProgress, ErrorFileSize.
    • ExistingFileNewerSelectAction, ExistingFileNewer2, ExistingFileNewerOverwriteExisting, ExistingFileNewerKeepExisting, ExistingFileNewerOverwriteOrKeepAll.
    • FileExistsSelectAction, FileExists2, FileExistsOverwriteExisting, FileExistsKeepExisting, FileExistsOverwriteOrKeepAll.
  • Previously optional messages which must now always be set:
    • ComponentsDiskSpaceGBLabel, DiskSpaceGBLabel, PrepareToInstallNeedsRestart.
  • Removed messages:
    • ExistingFileNewer, FileExists.
Inno Setup screenshot (620 pix)
Versienummer 6.1.2
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019
Website Jordan Russell Software
Bestandsgrootte 4,31MB
Licentietype GPL

Door Bart van Klaveren

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16-11-2020 • 07:25

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Bron: Jordan Russell Software


Reacties (13)

Wijzig sortering
Weet iemand of deze tool ook MSI's kan maken?
Nee dat wordt niet ondersteund.

Will it support Windows Installer in the future?
At the present time, there are no plans for a Windows Installer edition of Inno Setup. "Supporting" Windows Installer would likely involve a near-complete rewrite of the program.
En zie ook stackoverflow: (Is it feasible/sensible to wrap an Inno Setup installer inside an MSI for easier distribution via AD?)
In short, to give your customers what they want (i.e., the ease of deployment that MSI brings with AD), you'll need 'proper' MSI's. Good luck with that, it's a major pain IMHO. But it does give good results once you master MSI & WiX.
De enige gratis tool waar je MSI's mee kan maken, waar ik mij bewust van ben is de gratis editie van Advanced Installer
Ik kom de naam van dit softwarepakket met enige regelmaat tegen in combinatie met potentially unwanted application. Vaak de meest hinderlijke PUA welke een normale gebruiker niet zo makkelijk verwijderd krijgt.

Gezien deze reputatie is het dus niet bepaald het soort software waar ik zelf een installatiepakket mee zou willen maken.
Ik kom de naam van dit besturingssysteem met enige regelmaat tegen in combinatie met potentially unwanted application. Vaak de meest hinderlijke PUA welke een normale gebruiker niet zo makkelijk verwijderd krijgt.

Gezien deze reputatie is het dus niet bepaald het soort software waar ik zelf gebruik van zou maken.
Het is een tool. Je kan deze uitspraak (en de vreemde conclusie) maken met zo goed als alles dat op je pc staat. Inno Setup maakt gewoon heel betrouwbare installatieprogramma's en wordt bijvoorbeeld ook door Microsoft zelf gebruikt, ondanks dat die MSI ontwikkelen.

Inno Setup laat toe om scripts te gebruiken, waardoor je het dus ook kan misbruiken. Dat kan je met elke installer, of ook vanuit het geinstalleerde programma zelf na installatie.

[Reactie gewijzigd door Sorcix op 16 november 2020 10:25]

Dat vind ik toch wel heel kort door de bocht... xml wordt vaak door virussen gebruikt, daarom zou jij ook twee keer nadenken om xml te gebruiken?

Inno Setup is een heel veel gebruikte setup, ook door grote ondernemingen, waaronder ook Microsoft. Ik ken vele software ontwikkelaars, ik ben er zelf ook een, en ik zou zelf MSI kiezen voor de enterprise markt voor automatisering, maar Inno Setup heeft echt wel in het algemeen een goede reputatie.
Ik vermoed dat 99,99% van de eindgebruikers nog nooit van innosetup hebben gehoord. Ik denk dat niemand er van wakker gaat liggen. En als je software verkoopt, heb ik nog nooit iemand gehoord na een betaling "heey ik vertrouw dit niet", als mensen iets betalen is de psychologische kant bijna steeds dat de install geen probleem vormt.
[sarcasme-modus aan]

Dat heb ik nou ook met Mercedes. Die auto's maken zoveel brokken, dat is toch een negatief beeld heb gekregen van dat merk. Ik denk dat ook veel andere mensen dat zo zien, behalve misschien de Mercedes-dealer en automonteurs.

In verband met dat imago zou ik zou als taxibedrijf toch wel 2 keer nadenken voordat ik mijn bedrijfsnaam zou willen koppelen aan dat merk.

[sarcasme-modus uit]

[Reactie gewijzigd door Super_Fred op 16 november 2020 20:08]

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