Software-update: LibreOffice 6.4.2

LibreOffice 6.0 logo (80 pix) De Document Foundation heeft versie 6.4.2 van LibreOffice uitgebracht. Dit opensource-officepakket is ontstaan als afsplitsing van OpenOffice en wordt geleverd met tekstverwerker Writer, spreadsheetprogramma Calc, presentatieprogramma Impress, tekenprogramma Draw, databaseprogramma Base en Formula, een applicatie om wetenschappelijke notaties mee te maken.

In versie 6.4 zien we onder meer prestatieverbeteringen in Impress en Calc bij het openen en opslaan van documenten en is de compatibiliteit van Microsoft Office-documenten verder verbeterd. De complete release notes zijn op deze pagina te vinden. Versie 6.4.2 kende twee release-candidates, waarin in totaal 91 verbeteringen zijn aangebracht.

Bugs fixed in 6.4.2 (rc1):
  • ofz#20455 sw: HTML import: fix invalid table in footer
  • tdf#91219 FILESAVE: Crash when anchoring a shape with a textbox to a frame that is anchored to that shape
  • tdf#93389 Document recovery strips encryption
  • tdf#95495 Fileopen: List levels not recognized in .docx custom outline numbering
  • tdf#103964 FILEOPEN: DOCX: misread shapes break the document layout (both 2007 and newer DOCX)
  • tdf#106742 FILEOPEN: DOC(X) table with minus left spacing in MSO Word 2013+
  • tdf#108272 FILEOPEN: SAXException:
  • tdf#119191 FILEOPEN, FILESAVE The object rotates and switches position to a different cell everytime I Open/Close again.
  • tdf#122053 kde5: Orca screen reader does not read text for context menus and dialogs
  • tdf#122218 After Update to 6.1.4 on macOS fonts are blurred on retina display (xcode 10)
  • tdf#122488 Toolbar icons to insert row/column in table are misleading with Sifr
  • tdf#123971 Row height incorrect in Calc on reload regression when row contains multiline text and cells with different font sizes
  • tdf#125510 Highly visible icon missing within Sifr icon set
  • tdf#125682 Wrong calculation number of pages(field NUMPAGES) if page numbering(field PAGE) starts from EVEN number
  • tdf#126578 EDITING: Create as View not available before connecting to Database (open table, executing query, open form)
  • tdf#126700 Untitled document remains open when have a default template
  • tdf#126785 All libreoffice programs are duplicating the inputs
  • tdf#127508 I cannot disable effect from highlighted/normal column/row header
  • tdf#127815 Non-breaking spaces not inserted when LibreOffice-KDE5 is installed, since Libo 6.3.x (French typo)
  • tdf#128849 Add new Breeze-Dark SVG / Sifr-Dark SVG icons
  • tdf#128873 Calc - long time to open file in 6.4 beta
  • tdf#128921 LibO 6.3.x contextual menu very slow with KDE5 vcl
  • tdf#129221 Numbered bullets don't restart after header in importred .docx file
  • tdf#129446 Slide Pane: Context menu is not displayed under certain conditions (gen)
  • tdf#129529 Cannot open 819-pages ODT
  • tdf#129553 Assert replacing in a specific text
  • tdf#129809 LibreOffice Writer crash while moving one letter with hyperlink (gtk3/kf5)
  • tdf#129976 PDF image loses white background, when presentation is exported to PDF
  • tdf#130054 Function wizard: Clicking on column header to get A:A-style reference stops working after switching to another sheet
  • tdf#130071 Shortcuts don't work in Find&Replace dialog if vcl=kde5 and LANG=ru_RU.UTF8
  • tdf#130105 FILEOPEN XLSX Datapoint label position changes
  • tdf#130123 Expert configuration: Table lacks column resizing capabilities
  • tdf#130148 Gallery drop-down list in Impress B&N dialog shows only start of full path instead item name
  • tdf#130161 Object list in catalog doesn't refresh after adding a Module or dialog
  • tdf#130262 Writer thinks a two page doc file has an infinite number of pages
  • tdf#130274 TRACK CHANGES: Crash in swlo.dll with track changes enabled and AutoCorrect
  • tdf#130325 When navigating validity dropdown using the arrow keys, the first option from the list is chosen right away
  • tdf#130341 EDITING: Impossible to delete a table from Relationdesign in Linux KDE5
  • tdf#130370 calc: editing: ui: weakness with named ranges, move of cell to another sheet destroys referencing to local name reference there
  • tdf#130426 Overflow error for unicode beyond Chr(&H7FFF)
  • tdf#130440 Undo in impress always switches back to first slide
  • tdf#130483 Crash on pasting a table from Writer
  • tdf#130499 kf5: Crash when closing Writer after D'n'D of text
  • tdf#130501 URL in unicode interpretate as file link (PDF export)
  • tdf#130533 Elementary: icons for lists handling in Impress Sidebar aren't in the same style
  • tdf#130548 Page right and bottom margins in Writer in Landscape always zero
  • tdf#130573 labels "4bit grayscale" and "4bit color" are exchanged in export to BMP
  • tdf#130610 Writer: DOCX export: text is not bold
  • tdf#130657 FILEOPEN XLSX position of column is not retained
  • tdf#130679 Draw: Convert to polygon doesn't work
  • tdf#130708 Firebird: wrong precision and scale for DECIMAL and NUMERIC
  • tdf#130742 LibreOffice Start Center overlay icons aren't correct for Flat ODF documents
  • tdf#130756 CRASH: traversing tabs with Ctrl+PageUp/Down (gen)
  • tdf#130760 Impress crashes on broken hyperlink click
  • tdf#130762 Degrees spinbutton is no longer wraps around (gen)
  • tdf#130776 PPTX import: Missing bullet in Smartart
  • tdf#130793 Basic Dialog does not import/export images
  • tdf#130794 kf5: Keyboard input ignored
  • tdf#130799 FILEOPEN DOCX Table cells missing vertical lines
  • tdf#130814 FILEOPEN: DOCX: Paragraph looses formatting
  • tdf#130817 FILEOPEN: Incorrect footnote symbol
  • tdf#130825 local name breaks if previous sheet is deleted
  • tdf#130827 kf5: unable to dock floating toolbars in dock areas
  • tdf#130831 CRASH when displaying a dialog containing a checkbox
  • tdf#130841 kf5 main window loses status bar on macro triggered resize
  • tdf#130864 Sifr: Slide transition icons on Impress Sidebar aren't black&white
  • tdf#130871 Wrong Net Lines Only Chart Type in Colibre, Breeze, and Sifr
  • tdf#130875 Breeze and Sifr Have No Envelope Orientation Icons
  • tdf#130879 Breeze: Missing Character Spacing Icons in Writer Sidebar
  • tdf#130885 Sifr: Missing Slide Layout Image
  • tdf#130908 Chapter Numbering can't load custom style ( gtk3 )
  • tdf#130912 Footnotes: "Before" and "After" text is placed the wrong way around
  • tdf#130915 Unable to assign columns properly (gen)
  • tdf#130917 FILESAVE DOCX Signature line export creates invalid document
  • tdf#130922 CRASH: Moving backwards in Paste Table wizard (gen)
  • tdf#130925 Problem scrolling past lines 999 & 1000 in the LibreOffice Calc Macro editor, in either direction if View - Line Numbers enabled
  • tdf#130939 Breeze & Sifr: Missing Merge Cells dialog icons
  • tdf#130947 elementary: Missing Merge Cells dialog icons
  • tdf#130959 LibreOffice crashes when opening files with non-existing hyperlinks
  • tdf#130989 Chapter Numbering can't load custom style ( gen )
Bugs fixed in 6.4.2 (rc2):
  • tdf#117088 FILEOPEN: Some labels in charts are not displayed by default
  • tdf#118893 CRASH Impress: UI locks up when I drag a slide from the left "Slides" view to the Windows taskbar
  • tdf#126904 In LO Calc: Right arrow causes a large unexpected column jump in protected sheet.
  • tdf#127782 New Print dialog is too high
  • tdf#130515 Time field in Base form will not display correct format.
  • tdf#130680 CRASH: cutting content of document
  • tdf#131031 F5 navigator in calc opens initially very wide
  • tdf#131060 FILEOPEN DOCX Column chart X axis labels are truncated
  • tdf#131208 Crash on double click to paragraph style
  • tdf#131210 UI: Language Options: editing 'Date acceptance patterns' crashes whole application (gtk3)
  • tdf#131248 Crash when closing SQL Edit Query (gtk3 only)

Versienummer 6.4.2
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website The Document Foundation
Licentietype GPL

Door Bart van Klaveren

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19-03-2020 • 14:31

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Bron: The Document Foundation

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Wijzig sortering
Er is een demo van een neurotranslator plugin voor LO (voorlopig alleen Duits-Engelse vertalingen)
Ik heb wat twijfels of dit project gaat doorzetten, maar vind het wel een goede ontwikkeling dat er over wordt nagedacht.
Voor Mac-gebruikers met een retinascherm: het probleem van de blurry fonts is eindelijk opgelost (zie bug 122218) en na installatie heb je gewoon weer scherpe fonts. De laatste stabiele versie waarbij dit het geval was, was 6.2.8, al was men er in de tussentijd achter gekomen dat je het probleem wel kon verhelpen door zelf handmatig in de soffice binary twee bytes op 0 te zetten. Maar ook dat is nu niet meer nodig.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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