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Software-update: RJ TextEd 13.50

RJ TextEd logo (75 pix) Versie 13.50 van RJ TextEd is uitgebracht. Deze gratis teksteditor van Zweedse makelij heeft diverse mogelijkheden, die vooral voor software- en webontwikkelaars interessant zijn, zoals syntax-highlighting, autocompletion, uitgebreide selectie- en sorteermogelijkheden en een ingebakken (s)ftp-client. Het programma wordt voor Windows ontwikkeld, maar is via Wine ook onder Linux te gebruiken. De changelog voor deze uitgave ziet er als volgt uit:.

Chrome Preview

Updated all files and components to version 70.0.3538.

GUI components

Updated several GUI components to the newest version.

Text clip and abbreviation synchronization

Added a synchronize sub-menu to the more menu on the text clips panel.

You can synchronize abbreviations and clips manually by selecting "Synchronize now...". This will sync files to the ones stored in a shared folder. How the local and remote data is updated depends on your settings.

Options are available in two sections. Manual and auto sync settings.

Manual synchronize may be safer to use in a large organization. Especially if more than one user is able to save to the shared folder. You should also be careful with the "Allow delete" option, since it may remove clips you just added.

If all users are allowed to save and everyone disable the settings to delete clips when syncing, nothing will be lost. Everyone is just adding to the shared clips. But that also means you may not be able to remove any clips. After the next sync - they will be added from the shared clips.

Auto synchronize will periodically read from the shared folder and sync your local clips based on your settings. If "Allow save" is enabled - all your clips are then saved to the shared folder.

Text clip panel

Added items are now properly sorted.

Fixed a few issues.

Open and save dialog windows

With newer versions of Windows 10 the light/dark Windows system themes now change the colors used in the open/save dialog windows. To fix some draw issues when using program themes in the editor - I had to make some changes to the style hooks used to retrieve system colors and draw theme elements.

Home tab

Made several design changes to make it easier to navigate using keyboard. I also added check boxes on the recent files tab.

The search on all tabs have been replaced by a fuzzy search. Fuzzy search will find all items with entered letters in correct order. Then order them depending on relevance. The most relevant items at top. Relevance is decided by factors like found string in the file name, most found letters in the file name or path, capitalization...

  • You can use left/right arrows to switch between recent list tabs.
  • You can use Ctrl+Space to select items and Ctrl+Up/Down to move without selecting.
  • You can select several items by clicking on the check boxes, using the mouse.
  • You can press the open button to open file(s), which may be easier when using a mouse.
Recent files list

Fussy search is now used to find and list items in order of relevance. If entered character is found in the file name - the items gets a higher priority. The same happens if a matching capital letter is found.

Project panel

You can now drag a document tab to the project tree to add the document to an open project.

The search field now use "fuzzy search". The match order, in the drop down list, is sorted by relevance.

Mouse click on a found search item should now open the file properly.


Added two new properties to the "MainApp" object.

- ProjectName : string // Get project name without file extension - ProjectDefaultDir : string // Get default project source folder set in project options Auto completion

Made some changes and changed several icons.


Made extensive changes and updated the syntax files.

Search Results (find and replace all)

Items are now selected by a single mouse click, instead of a double click. A click on a file now open and selects the first found or replaced item.

Syntax Editor

Added several new toolbar buttons and functions.

  • Drop down list to instantly change the icon of the selected items.
  • Two type of sorting: normal sort and sort by grouping items by its icon.
  • Cut, copy and paste. If you have several syntax files open at once - you can copy and paste between syntax files.
Find in files

Added prompt when doing "replace all", to prevent accidental replace.

Code dropdown trees (user toolbar)

Made some minor visual changes and fixed a few issues.

  • Minor improvements in explorer panel options.
  • Added error messages when changing document encoding and it fails.
  • Added error messages when converting file encoding and it fails.
  • Abbreviation issue in new installs.
  • Performance issues.
  • Search bar issues.
  • Auto completion issues in search dialog box.
  • Document map issue when closing dual document view.
  • Preview panel issue.
  • Multiple selection issue.
  • Browser preview panel issues.
  • Issue with highlighting braces.
  • Issue with convert encoding.
  • Conflict between different scroll bar options.
  • Plus many other issues sent by email.

Versienummer 13.50
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Rickard Johansson
Licentietype Freeware

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

04-12-2018 • 16:14

1 Linkedin

Bron: Rickard Johansson


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