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Bron: Rufus

Rufus logo (75 pix) Versie 2.10 van Rufus is uitgekomen. Rufus is een Windows-programma waarmee zelfstartende usb-sticks kunnen worden gemaakt. Handig bijvoorbeeld om een besturingssysteem te installeren, wat sneller gaat vanaf een usb-stick dan van een cd of dvd, om het bios bij te werken of om een systeem te benaderen dat niet meer wil starten. Er is overigens een groot aantal tooltjes waarmee dit gedaan kan worden, maar Rufus beweert een van de snelste in zijn soort te zijn. In deze release zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

Changes in version 2.10
  • Add SHA-256 validation for downloaded files. You will now see an ✓ or ✗ in the log for relevant content
  • Add support for O2Micro PCI-E card readers
  • Add compressed NTFS support for UEFI:NTFS
  • Improve automatic closure of the Windows default format prompt
  • Improve support for Ubuntu (silence a benign warning), Springdale (use the actual label) and Antergos (Syslinux version detection)
  • Work around a Windows bug that can render a GPT disk inaccessible after cleanup (e.g. ChromeOS image)
  • Fix hash computation for content that isn't a multiple of 64 bytes (NB: This did not affect ISOs)
  • Fix Syslinux installation on some media, with huge thanks to 424778940z for the tests
  • Fix a corner case where settings could be altered after Start had been pressed, if a hotplug event also occurred
  • Additional fixes and improvements

Rufus screenshot

Versienummer 2.10.973
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Rufus
Bestandsgrootte 915,00KB
Licentietype Freeware


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Reacties (10)

Persoonlijk niet zo'n goede ervaring met dit programma (ik weet dat vele dit wel hebben) .
Sinds een paar failende esx en linux images ben ik overgestapt op: unetbootin.
Rufus gaf telkens aan dat het imagen succesvol is afgerond maar daarna start de pc niet van usb.
Rufus author here. Could you please open an issue and post the full log of how you created your ESX images at (the Rufus issue tracker)? I'd like to test your report and see if it's a problem with your settings, or if there's anything that needs fixing.

Unfortunately, even as you say "many do have this issue", I have yet to get a single report of an issue with ESX not being able to boot. If that many people were having trouble, and considering that the issue tracker is advertised all over the place, I would expect to have heard about such issues by now...
Dear Akeo,

I didn't write: many do have this issue..
I've written: I know many have good expierence with Rufus.

It is already more then a year ago that i used Rufus so i really don't know what was going wrong. I now remeber that also Backtrack (now kali linux) images were failing.
Since then i am using unetbootin and this never fails.

Thank you for your reply.

Next time i will use Rufus again and if this failes i will provide you an log by pm on
Thanks, I appreciate that.
And obviously, since I don't speak Dutch and used google translate, I may have misunderstood what you said, so apologies for that.

I know that one of the issue that Kali had (as per issue #526) is that they decided to do their own UEFI stuff, instead of just using regular UEFI boot loaders (/EFI/BOOT/bootx64.efi and so on). So of course, that meant UEFI boot from Rufus could not be supported. However, since then Rufus as added the option to write in DD image mode (since the Kali ISOs are ISOHybrid), so UEFI boot should at least work using this mode.

If you're happy with unetbootin, I'm not going to ask you to switch back to Rufus -- just use the application you like best!

But if you ever try Rufus again and have a problem, please use the issue tracker I mentioned rather than a PM. As a non Dutch speaker, I only check tweakers when there's a new release, which means about once every two months or so, so I'll probably miss notifications...
Dear Akeo,

Thank you for the the issue explanation, this is clear now.
Nice that you now support DD image.
Next time i will try Rufus again ;-)
Briljant programma. Zonder dit programma had ik mijn M.2 SSD nooit aan de praat gekregen in mijn Lenovo Y510p (hij werd simpelweg niet herkend). Eenvoudiger kan eigenlijk niet :)
Heel fijn, simpel en klein programma. :)
Werk idd super. Ik gebruik het om cdrom's bootable op usbsticks te zetten.
De enige die voor mij een werkende USB stick kan maken voor Proxmox ( DD image support ).
Zeer tevreden over dit programma, bij mij op het werk wordt hier ook steeds meer gebruik van gemaakt.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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