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Bron: Rickard Johansson

RJ TextEd logo (75 pix)RJ TextEd is een gratis teksteditor van Zweedse makelij. Het heeft diverse mogelijkheden die vooral voor software- en webontwikkelaars interessant zijn, zoals syntax-highlighting, auto-completion, uitgebreide selectie- en sorteermogelijkheden en een ingebakken (s)ftp-client. Het programma wordt voor Windows ontwikkeld, maar is via Wine ook onder Linux te gebruiken. Versie 10.0 is uitgekomen en de changelog voor deze uitgave ziet er als volgt uit:

32 and 64 bit version
The main program and all included tools are available in 32 and 64 bit versions.

Program language
If you install the program for the first time you are presented with the option to select the language to use in menus, windows and other texts. You can still change it manually in "Environment->Languages".

The sidebars and bottom-bar has been removed and replaced by dock-able panels. Panels can be pinned, unpinned and dragged to almost any position you want.

Everything that changes the appearance are now handled as themes. This include application skins, panel styles and editor syntax highlighting and other editor colors.

Themes are managed in the theme manager window, available in the environment menu.
All skins options have been moved from addons and syntax highlight settings have been moved from the options dialog. Everything is now handled in the theme manager.
All created themes are listed in the (Environment -> Themes) menu. A menu item to open the "Theme manager..." has been added as well.
For the average user this will make it much simpler to change the appearance. Changing a themes changes the application skin, panel style and editor colors. The more advanced users can still change all colors and set individual colors for different file types. It will also be possible to import/export syntax colors.

Visual appearance
The entire design is a bit flatter and some dialogs and icons have been changed.

Redesigned the addons dialog window to make things more intuitive and updating addons simpler.

Script and extensions
The programming languages and components is now fully support Unicode.
Characters now have there own type. They are not handled as integers anymore. This means you can use declarations like:
     char ch = str[1]; char ch = #32;
   conditions like: if (ch == "Z") { ... };

The char type can handle Unicode characters.

File associations
Associations can be added directly in the options dialog window "Options -> File". The Associate.exe file has been removed from the installation. It is no longer needed.

Symbols panel
Symbols are now read from a file "AppData\RJ TextEd\Data\PanelSymbols.txt". You are free to modify this file if you wish. It is not overwritten when updating the program.

Font quality
It is now possible to set the font quality of the text rendered in the editor, menus and all program windows. To change the font quality setting open options:

Editor text
Options -> Display.

Menus, windows...
Options -> Style and fonts.
Or simply use the search feature in options.

Open recent files (Sessions,Favorites)
Made some changes and placed the checkboxes to the left.

HTML preview
The Firefox and Chrome previews have been removed from the program. They are both outdated and incredibly buggy. I spend most of my time just trying to fix issues in those two components, or find some workaround just to make them run. That time could have been used to make improvements to the rest of the program instead.
The IE preview is still available and I have no intension to remove it. It's always up to date and is very stable.

Passwords to remote FTP servers are encrypted, when store locally. This new version is not compatible with the old versions, so you will have to re-enter all passwords to your FTP/SFTP servers and proxy servers again.

Install script
The setup file include both 32-bit and 64-bit binary files. On a 64-bit system, the 64-bit files are installed. And on a 32-bit system the 32-bit files are installed.
If a 32-bit version of the program is found on a 64-bit Windows, You are asked to uninstall it.

Portable version
The portable version include both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. I also created links to make it easy to run each version.

Fixed many issues when porting from Delphi 2007 to Delphi XE6. Also fixed several issues, found in the beta versions, that were reported by users.

RJ TextEd screenshot (620 pix)

Besturingssystemen:Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8
Website:Rickard Johansson
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Reacties (3)

Ziet er goed uit, eens proberen. Gebruik nu notepad++
Zeer fijne editor. Ik gebruikte ook Notepad++, maar liep tegen het bekende probleem van minder goed kunnen omgaan met grote bestanden aan.
Met deze editor is dat geen probleem.
Gebruik zelf nu atom maar ik kan hier ook eens naar kijken.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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