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Software-update: DisplayFusion 5.1

DisplayFusion 4.0 logo (75 pix)Binary Fortress Software heeft versie 5.1 van DisplayFusion uitgebracht. Met dit programma is het mogelijk om een multimonitor-set-up te beheren. Zo kan per beeldscherm een aparte achtergrond of screensaver worden ingesteld en kunnen programma's op een door de gebruiker te bepalen beeldscherm worden geopend. Een licentie kost ongeveer 13 euro, of 18 euro voor alle computers in een huishouden. Er is ook een gratis versie, maar die heeft uiteraard minder mogelijkheden. Meer informatie over DisplayFusion staat op deze pagina. Het changelog van deze release laat de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen zien:

  • New Feature: Monitor Splitting for creating smaller, virtual monitors out of your large monitors (in the Monitor Configuration window)
  • New Feature: Circular mouse wrapping (cursor wraps from one edge back to the opposite edge)
  • New Feature: Prevent mouse cursor from snagging on unaligned monitor edges
  • New Feature: Automatically move child windows over the parent (Settings > Window Management)
  • New Feature: Scroll whatever window is under the cursor using the mouse wheel (Settings > Window Management)
  • Monitor Configuration and Profiles now support Cloned Monitors
  • Windows 8.1 compatibility
  • Added InterfaceLIFT as a wallpaper provider
  • New Function: "Toggle Window Snapping"
  • New Function: Move Mouse Cursor to Next Monitor
  • New Function: Move Mouse Cursor to Previous Monitor
  • New Function: Launch Application
  • New Function: Frame Windows 8 Metro Application (creates a window for the Metro app and allows you to use it on the normal desktop)
  • New Function: Move Mouse Cursor to Specified Location
  • New Function: Move Mouse Cursor to Centre of Current Monitor
  • New Function: Move Mouse Cursor to Centre of Active Window
  • New Function: Move Mouse Cursor to Centre of Monitor #X
  • Locked mouse cursor can now be moved by a DisplayFusion function and re-locked automatically
  • Wallpaper window now supports Windows 7+ Libraries
  • Multiple tags can now be selected for the WallpaperFusion image provider
  • Tags can now be excluded from the WallpaperFusion image provider
  • Added History support to the online plugins to prevent duplicate images loading (history is per-monitor)
  • Added support for environment variables in paths for: Window Location rules, Compatibility rules and Taskbar Shortcuts
  • Added an option in the Settings window to login and automatically load your License Key
  • The mouse cursor is now shown when mirroring application windows
  • Taskbar button positions are now remembered between taskbar reloads
  • Generated wallpaper images are now uncompressed and super-high quality by default (Win7 and higher)
  • DFCommand now supports settings backup from the command line
  • Trying to load an already loaded Wallpaper Profile will force the next image to load
  • Multiple applications can be specified in one Compatibility rule using the | symbol
  • Wallpaper window UI improvements
  • Asian language UI improvements
  • New admin policy to disable the Advanced Settings button
  • New Advanced Setting: Don't Show Desktop Window in Alt+Tab
  • New Advanced Setting: Disable Sound Effects
  • New Advanced Setting: Font Scaling Force X
  • New Advanced Setting: Font Scaling Force Y
  • New Advanced Setting: TitleBar Button Icon Offset Horizontal
  • New Advanced Setting: TitleBar Button Icon Offset Vertical
  • New Advanced Setting: Generate Smaller Wallpaper Files (lower quality)
  • New Advanced Setting: Disable Touch Detection
  • New Advanced Setting: Mouse Cursor Lock adjustment values can now be set separately for each side
  • New Advanced Setting: Prevent the taskbar from being forced bottom-most when the screen saver is running
  • New Advanced Setting: Adjust the TitleBar Button separator size
  • New Advanced Setting: Disable the taskbar button tooltips when previews are disabled
  • New Advanced Setting: Disable Aero transparency in Windows 8
  • Improved Taskbar performance, stability and application compatibility
  • Improved TitleBar Button performance, stability and application compatibility
  • Improved Window Location performance, stability and application compatibility
  • Improved Window Snapping performance, stability and application compatibility
  • Improved Classic Shell compatibility
  • Improved WindowBlinds compatibility
  • Improved Dexpot compatibility
  • Improved support for alternate Start Menus in Windows 8
  • Wallpaper provider image history improvements
  • Installer improvements
  • Resolved an issue that caused some Screen Savers to appear as "Unknown"
  • Taskbar shortcuts for Windows Explorer folders now use /e instead of /n to open
  • Launching a DisplayFusion pinned item as admin no longer loses the command line parameters
  • No Longer shows the font scaling warning when not needed
  • Taskbar buttons no longer lose their overlay icons when moving back to the Windows taskbar
  • Load Next Monitor Profile function is now more reliable
  • Visual Studio code windows can now be spanned
  • Visual Studio no longer crashes when debugging on some computers
  • No longer crashes when toggling DWM on Vista with some computers
  • Mouse cursor now snaps to new window position with Window Location feature when needed
  • Resolved a few hook related performance issues
  • Taskbar jump lists are no longer slow to open for some items
  • Taskbar jump list items no longer use the wrong names in some cases
  • Window Location no longer moves Windows 8 system windows (like the Charms bar)
  • Compatibility rules no longer disable application hooks unexpectedly
  • Uninstaller now removes the DisplayFusionService all the time
  • Taskbar pinned items on network shares now have icons
  • Launching a second instance of an application from the DF taskbar now follows the Window Location rules
  • The transparent taskbar with WindowBlinds is being fixed in the next beta of WindowBlinds, keep an eye out for it!
  • "Ignore alternate start menus" now ignores them in more places correctly
  • Alternate start menu start buttons no longer have a black outline in Win8.1
  • Launching pinned Explorer folders no longer gives an error in some situations
  • Classic Start Menu (Classic Shell) 3.9.x (4.0 beta) is now supported
  • Taskbar will now reload itself if the workarea reservation is lost
  • Alt+Tab improvements
  • Application menus no longer open behind the DisplayFusion Taskbar in Windows 8
  • Taskbar is no longer forced to the bottom of the monitor when a Metro app is snapped to the edge
  • Middle-clicking a taskbar button to open a new instance now correctly passes the command line parameters
  • Performance improvements through more registry caching
  • Mouse no longer jumps to the Windows taskbar in some situations
  • Taskbar icon rendering improvements
  • Resolved a few issues related to wallpaper changes: flickering icons, focus changes, cursor jumping... etc
  • Fixed an issue that caused the wallpaper info tags to say "Unknown"
  • Improved taskbar detection for RDP/console logins
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the Windows Logon image from changing to the current wallpaper in Windows 8
  • Resolved an issue with Google Chrome and Window Location rules
  • Resolved an issue that could cause Firefox to move to another monitor when closing a tab
  • No longer receive "CurrentMonitor is null" when reverting a monitor setup change in Windows 8
  • Pinned Jump List sections now support custom sorting (when sorted on the Windows taskbar Jump List)
  • Tray clock on XP is no longer cutoff in some situations
  • DisplayFusion windows are no longer slow to open on some machines without an internet connection (code signing certificate checking)
  • Windows Logon setting "use current wallpaper" now works in Windows 8 as expected
  • Taskbar no longer gets trapped behind fullscreen windows
  • Taskbar no longer disappears when Win+D is used
  • TitleBar Buttons are no longer hidden on some top-tabs browsers
  • Windows Logon preview is now shown correctly when using the current wallpaper
  • Resolved some Desktop Icons profile saving issues
  • Resolved an issue with Flickr that caused a "No one could be found" message to repeatedly appear
  • Citrix windows are no longer ignored by DisplayFusion
  • Backup Settings button no longer requires elevation and now works to network drives
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Wallpaper window to sometimes have scrollbars
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the wallpaper History feature to not work for some local images
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Jump Lists to hang for some processes
  • Resolved an issue that caused timers to stack then fire all at once
  • Windows Logon now works correctly when using your desktop wallpaper as the image
  • Unpinning shortcuts now works even when your taskbar buttons aren't combined
  • Fixed an issue that causes quoted paths to fail for certain features (Window Location, Compatibility... etc)
DisplayFusion 4.0 screenshot DisplayFusion 4.0 screenshot DisplayFusion 4.0 screenshot
Versienummer 5.1
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8
Website Binary Fortress
Bestandsgrootte 9,67MB
Licentietype Shareware

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

03-09-2013 • 09:31

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Bron: Binary Fortress

Reacties (15)

Wijzig sortering
Net gekocht, deze week met 25% korting!! Is echt super handig.
Thanks voor de info gebruik al jaren een "legale" Ultramon. Over 14 euro doe ik niet moeilijk, dus ik heb deze net even aangeschaft :)

[Reactie gewijzigd door JerX op 3 september 2013 11:39]

Ik gebruik hier gewoon Ultramon voor, heeft ook zeer veel opties en werkt perfect.
Die heb ik ook nog, is wel zeer stabiel maar de ontwikkeling ligt bijna stil en het heeft niet zoveel features als DisplayFusion.
Licentie voor Ultramon is een stuk duurder. 35€ geloof ik. Meer opties, doorgaande ontwikkeling en dat voor een lagere prijs maakt dat DisplayFusion het betere alternatief is.
Enige wat ik mis met dit programma is het maken van werkbalken op de extra taskbar. Vandaar dat ik nu zowel DisplayFusion als Actual Multiple Monitors naast elkaar run omdat ze beide exclusieve functies hebben die ik gebruik...
Draaien deze twee mooi side by side?
Ik heb zelf AMM, omdat deze meer van de features bezit die ik graag wil hebben, maar heb de gok nog niet durven wagen om DisplayFusion en/pm Ultramon er naast te draaien.
Heb nog geen problemen ondervonden, al heb ik niet geprobeerd de extra taskbar van beide programma's tegelijkertijd te activeren.
Zitten hier ook colour management opties in?
Windows maakt meestal een zooitje als je monitors wisselt (bijvoorbeeld laptop los en vast koppelen)
Er wordt aan gewerkt.
Ik gebruik zelf Dual Monitor omdat ik een minimaal programma wilde zonder toeters en bellen. Alleen een taakbalk op de tweede monitor die er netjes uitziet en laat zien welke programma's er aan die kant staan.

DisplayFusion wel geprobeerd als trial, werkt op zich ook, maar teveel features die ik niet gebruik. :)
Ik heb hem zojuist aangeschaft nadat mijn trail er opzat,
ik vind deze beter dan ultramon omdat ook mijn klok gespiegeld word en ik programma's op apparte monitors kan pinnen.
en gewoon te koop via Steam dus je moet je kredietkaartgegevens niet nog wat meer uitsmeren over het internet.

Al een tijd trouwe gebruiker en de enige manier waarop ik m'n tv vlot kon configureren om aan te spreken via een draadloze hdmi brug.
Geweldig programma. En niet duur :)
Mee eens. Ik had als maar gezeur met ATI Catalyst. Inmiddels gewoon de driver en DisplayFusion. en dat werkt wel perfect.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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