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Software-update: OpenTTD 1.3.0-beta1

OpenTTD logo (60 pix)De eerste bètarelease voor OpenTTD versie 1.3.0 is uitgekomen. In deze opensourcekloon van het Microprose-spel Transport Tycoon Deluxe is het de bedoeling om een transportimperium op te bouwen over de weg, het spoor, het water en door de lucht. OpenTTD kan meer dan alleen het originele spel nabootsen. Zo kunnen er tot wel 64 keer grotere maps dan in het origineel worden gebruikt, is de ai zijn naam waardig en is er ondersteuning voor multiplayer en ipv6. Downloads zijn beschikbaar voor Windows, Linux en OS X. Het changelog voor deze bèta laat de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen zien:

New features:
  • Advanced settings to disable certain sound effects (r24846)
  • [NewGRF] Support oversized purchase list sprites [FS#5271] (r24839)
  • Improve pylon placement around station tiles that display neither pylons nor catenary (r24836)
  • When using a non-release version of OpenTTD and the basegraphics are missing some sprites, also suggest to use a non-release version of the basegraphics (r24821)
  • Consider engine preview windows always sticky, so non-shift mass-closure does not affect them [FS#2632] (r24809)
  • When share-cloning vehicles do not open the vehicle window of the new vehicle [FS#4458] (r24808)
  • Enable usage of 'companies' console command also in singleplayer [FS#2820] (r24807)
  • Ask for confirmation before creating giant screenshots [FS#3148] (r24806)
  • Separate subdirectory for screenshots (r24804)
  • Unify the difficulty settings window with the advanced settings window (r24791, r24792)
  • Various methods to open the OSK (r24785)
  • Add a string filter to the server list [FS#3852] (r24769)
  • Add industry type and cargo dropdown selection for easier navigating in the industry chain window (r24763)
  • Introduce GUI icons for deleting to the left/right (r24749)
  • Add clear button to all editboxes (r24748)
  • Reset the vehicle engine pool when starting a scenario (r24716)
  • Add basic/advanced/expert filters to the advanced settings GUI [FS#5355] (r24671)
  • Draw cargo labels in the station list black or white depending on the background colour [FS#5311] (r24668)
  • Do not display the preview window for disabled vehicle types (r24660)
  • Add new filter option to the advanced settings window to show only changed settings (r24647)
  • Add text filtering to advanced settings (r24632)
  • Add buttons to expand/collapse all to advanced settings GUI (r24631)
  • [GS] Allow GameScripts to construct and prospect industries without having a sponsor (r24623)
  • Pay interest also on a negative cash value (r24618)
  • Sort cargo filter by cargo name/label at the company stations window [FS#5311] (r24615)
  • More options for the auto-scroll setting (r24590)
  • Allow AI/GS script developers to break the execution of their scripts and pause the game using ScriptController::Break() (r24542, r24575)
  • Scripts can be suspended even if the game is still progressing, thus break-on-log now works also for Game Scripts (r24537)
  • Highlight industries on the smallmap when the mouse is over an entry in the legend (r24534)
  • [NewGRF] Allow resolving var 5F via vehicle var 61 (r24527)
  • [OSX] Additional high-resolution icons for the app bundle [FS#4539] (r24525)
  • Ctrl+Backspace/Delete to remove characters up to next word beginning in text edit boxes [FS#5203] (r24521)
  • Ctrl+Arrow keys to move entire words in text edit boxes [FS#5203] (r24520)
  • When using autorefit only load/refit vehicles if other wagons cannot already take all cargo without refitting [FS#5106] (r24497)
  • [GS] Useful behaviour for GSEngine::IsValidEngine and GSEngine::IsBuildable when outside GSCompanyMode scope (r24492)
  • Display GS dead state in AI debug window [FS#5230] (r24489)
  • Add buttons to view textfiles from the online content window [FS#5236] (r24488)
  • Make the pathfinder decide whether ships shall leave depots towards north or south [FS#5127] (r24481)
  • [GS] API compatibility scripts for Goal Scripts [FS#5219] (r24468)
  • Display in the advanced settings description a setting type which explains the scope of changes to a particular setting [FS#5244] (r24411)
  • [GS] Allow game scripts to monitor cargo pickups and deliveries done by companies (r24406)
  • [NewGRF] Allow vehicle variable 61 for callback 2D (recolour) and re-randomisation (r24371)
  • [NewGRF] Customisable signals for rail types (r24367)
  • Allow filtering for multiple words (separated by whitespace resp. quoted) in script breakpoints, the sign list, content and NewGRF-GUIs (r24337, r24342)
  • Add dropdowns to NewGRF configurations, if all values have labels (r24318)
  • Add dropdowns to AI configurations, if all values have labels (r24317)
  • Allow to select advanced settings with limited range with a dropdown list (r24316)
  • Display default values for advanced settings in the settings description (r24298)
  • News item for exclusive transport rights [FS#2688] (r24287)
  • [GS] Additional GSNews::NewsItem::NewsTypes (r24286)
  • [NewGRF] Variable with the current max speed for vehicles [FS#5052] (r24246)
  • Descriptions explaining the meaning of advanced settings (r24237)
  • Split the renew-months setting text in two string values (one before life time and one after) (r24210)
  • Show a hint in the supplies tab of station windows, if the station is affected by exclusive transport rights [FS#5178] (r24205)
  • [NewGRF] Callback to set industry production level on construction (r24186)
  • South Korean and South African currencies [FS#4907] (r24148)
  • Randomise count of passengers killed in a crash [FS#3576] (r24142)
  • Display rating in the town directory window (r24141)
  • Show group name in the replace vehicle window caption [FS#1117] (r24140)
  • Allow to create a new vehicle group by drag and drop (r24139)
  • Ctrl+Drag to add all vehicles with a shared order list to a group (r24138)
  • Draw indicator icon in the replace vehicle window for vehicles which have a replacement set (r24137)
  • Autoreplace vehicles only when they get old [FS#4465] (r24136)
  • Add configurable limits for tree planting, and remove tree drag size limit (r24134, r24135)
  • Lithuanian currency [FS#4984] (r24133)
  • Ctrl+Clicking to change colour of all colour schemes at once [FS#1952] (r24131)
  • Deselect 'remove' button when changing signal types in the GUI [FS#2314] (r24130)
  • Option to minimise signal distance when dragging over obstacles [FS#3660] (r24129)
  • Allow closing airports for incoming aircraft [FS#1497] (r24127)
  • Drag and drop support for the NewGRF list window [FS#3854] (r24126)
  • Drag destination highlighting to the group GUI [FS#3705] (r24125)
  • [NewGRF] Misc engine flag to disable breakdown smoke [FS#4658] (r24124)
  • Be more careful with the population of a small town while placing a statue (r24105)
  • Debug option for showing the redrawn dirty blocks/rectangles [FS#5101] (r24065)
  • News display options are now shown in the advanced settings window (r24842, r24843, r24844, r24845)
  • Drop 'signal density' from the advanced settings GUI. It is more suited to be only changed via the signal GUI (r24670)
  • Check for bankruptcy on a monthly basis (r24619)
  • Only bankrupt, if you have negative money considering you took max loan (r24617)
  • When building long roads or tramways, only build the roadbits at the beginning and the end if they can connect to something [FS#5228] (r24503)
  • Disallow original and better road layouts to build roads under bridges along the bridge direction [FS#5229] (r24391)
  • Allow cloning of orders which are unreachable for the destination vehicle if they were already unreachable for the source vehicle [FS#5213] (r24390)
  • Allow building/modifying/removing signals even if a train is on the belonging track (r24356)
  • [NewGRF] Make bounding boxes of road vehicles change according to the vehicle length to make alignment easier [FS#5204] (r24331)
  • [NewGRF] Consider regearing-like cargos as no-cargo in cargo filters [FS#5386] (r24848)
  • [NewGRF] Draw NewGRF railtypes in NewGRF station previews (r24840)
  • Don't consider blocked rail station tiles that display wires as non-reachable for masking out unnecessary catenary wires (r24837)
  • The autorefit dropdown in the order GUI wasn't always updated when modifying vehicle consists [FS#5396] (r24834)
  • [NewGRF] Incorrect values are better than a crash when a NewGRF queries vehicle variable 4C before vehicle initialisation is completed [FS#5398] (r24831)
  • determineversion.vbs could hang in a git checkout (r24826)
  • Close pending preview windows when the engine is introduced to everyone (r24812)
  • Close engine preview window when another client accepts it (r24811)
  • Make engine preview offers more robust with regard to changes in the company ranking (r24810)
  • When displaying the previous news message, do not consider news which are turned off [FS#4224] (r24802)
  • Glitch in timetable GUI [FS#5327] (r24800)
  • Unify checks for editability of settings (r24787)
  • Invert the focus handling of the OSK. Keep the focus at the OSK and close it on losing focus (r24774)
  • Shift in the OSK behaved like capslock (r24773)
  • [Win32] Do not crash when switching to an unsupported fullscreen display mode (like 8bpp modes in Windows 8) [FS#5359] (r24762)
  • Crash on corrupted savegame [FS#5367] (r24754)
  • Some editboxes had a different colour than the rest of the window (r24747)
  • In various windows the OSK looked shiny but using it had no effect whatsoever (r24727)
  • AI debug GUI crashed when using disabled buttons via hotkeys (r24723)
  • When starting a scenario apply the local company settings to the new company [FS#5139] (r24717)
  • [NewGRF] Allow stations to draw snow/desert aware ground sprites with railtype overlays [FS#5335] (r24715)
  • [NewGRF] Draw default foundations if resolving of custom station foundation sprites fails [FS#5337] (r24714)
  • [NewGRF] Tolerate old NewGRFs returning invalid values via CB 11 [FS#5262] (r24713)
  • [NewGRF] Station variables 61 and 62 returned incorrect values, if no vehicle ever tried loading [FS#5303] (r24712)
  • Check whether to not display a ^ loading indicator at drop stations only worked if there was no other vehicle unloading for 255 ticks (r24711)
  • [NewGRF] Station var 48 should report acceptance, not supply (r24706)
  • Station rating might consider very old vehicles very young (r24705)
  • Disallow closing oilrig airports in the scenario editor (r24703)
  • Workaround for an overoptimisation done by GCC 4.5 [FS#5246] (r24701)
  • Get packing right on MinGW GCC 4.7 (r24573)
  • Make sure all template functions are instantiated by at least one compilation unit [FS#5276] (r24496)
  • Do not load order backups when loading a server-saved game in single player (r24445)
  • Allow overbuilding bridges with the same type when adding a roadtype [FS#5221] (r24413)
  • Cargo lists cannot have genders (mostly because it is very unclear what gender it would have) (r24374)
  • Off by one errors with regard to clicking on setting buttons (r24313)
  • STRING1 probably means STRING1 (r24295)
  • squirrel_export should match key words like 'virtual', 'static' and 'const' only as whole words (r24288)
  • Hide object specs/classes from the GUI, if they will never be available to the user [FS#4967, FS#5120] (r24171)
  • Unify the spacing in 'AI/Game Script' and never just say 'Game' when 'Game Script' is meant [FS#4898] (r24020)

Versienummer 1.3.0-beta1
Releasestatus Beta
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8
Website OpenTTD
Bestandsgroottes 4,88MB - 12,28MB
Licentietype GPL

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

27-12-2012 • 11:14

7 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: DJ_Clean

Bron: OpenTTD


Meer historie

Reacties (7)

Wijzig sortering
Toch prachtig dat ze door blijven ontwikkelen aan OpenTTD. Heb er echter al een poosje niet naar gekeken, misschien eerdaags maar weer eens doen.

Alleen beetje jammer dat jullie dan een screenshot van 1.2.0 eronder zetten :). (startmenu)
Alleen beetje jammer dat jullie dan een screenshot van 1.2.0 eronder zetten :). (startmenu)
Aan het menu is, op de 1.2.0-tekst na, weinig veranderd :).
Da's een mooie waslijst aan fixes!
Blijft een topspel, heb er al heel wat uurtjes in gestopt :)
Fantastisch spel, en super dat er mensen zijn die er nog steeds aan (willen) werken.

Zo zie je maar, gameplay over graphics!
Fantastisch spel.
Ik speel het elk jaar weer een tijdje.
Tegenwoordig zoek ik de gewenste mods bij elkaar om deze zelf toe te voegen en te compilen.
Een beetje meer werk, maar zo kun je wel je persoonlijke build creëren. Veel programmeer-kennis is hier ook niet voor nodig.
O jee, daar gaat m'n weekend weer :)

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