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Software-update: OpenTTD 1.2.0-beta1

OpenTTD logo (60  pix)

De eerste bètarelease van OpenTTD Versie 1.2.0 is uitgekomen. In deze opensourcekloon van het Microprose-spel Transport Tycoon Deluxe is het de bedoeling om een transportimperium op te bouwen over de weg, het spoor, het water en door de lucht. OpenTTD kan meer dan alleen het originele spel nabootsen. Zo kunnen er tot wel 64 keer grotere maps dan in het origineel worden gebruikt, is de ai zijn naam waardig en is er ondersteuning voor multiplayer en ipv6. Downloads zijn beschikbaar voor Windows, Linux en Mac OS X.

Nieuw in versie 1.2.0 is de mogelijkheid om scripts te gebruiken om zo bijvoorveeld spellen te ontwikkelen met te halen doelen. Verder zijn de opensource graphics uitgebreid met extra mogelijkheden en kan er verder worden ingezoemd op de kaart. Meer informatie is in deze aankondiging te vinden, dit is het complete changelog:

New features:
  • Ability to run a game script; a script that controls some of the logic of the game, e.g. to implement goals or tutorials (r23637)
  • Allow to place locks also on river rapids and restore rivers, if locks are deleted [FS#4872] (r23512)
  • Aircraft ranges (r23504)
  • Configurable linewidth in plots (r23497, r22292)
  • Add 'view website' button to the online content and NewGRF windows (r23495, r23492)
  • [NewGRF] Action14 node INFO->URL_ to add an url (r23494)
  • When looking for missing content, automatically select it so you can easily start the download [FS#4827] (r23468)
  • Automatically close the online content window after confirming the download with 'ok' [FS#4827] (r23467)
  • Add 'find missing content online' button to 'load savegame' and 'find network game' windows [FS#4827] (r23465)
  • [NoAI] AIStation.GetStationCoverageRadius(StationID) (r23453)
  • Infrastructure maintenance costs (r23415)
  • Allow to create subsidies for any combination of source and destination types (r23408)
  • Diagonal dragging the rail conversion tool when pressing CTRL [FS#4841] (r23338)
  • Add ability to zoom in to 2x and 4x level (r23316)
  • Settings to restrict viewport zoom levels (r23314)
  • An economy.fund_buildingssetting, to disallow funding buildings (r23303)
  • [NoAI] AITown::GetCargoGoal and AITown::GetGrowthRate to query statistics about a town regarding its growing (r23302)
  • Show on the GUI when a town grows and what the requirements for growing are (r23300)
  • [NewGRF] Properties to always include/exclude cargo types from the refit mask (r23291)
  • A monospaced sprite font for the readme reader (r23288, r23274)
  • Attempt to show a window for downloading the base graphics set if it is missing (r23244)
  • In-game (translatable) readme.txt reader [FS#4780] (r23182, r23178)
  • [NoAI] AICONFIG_AI_DEVELOPER flags to hide AI settings unless gui.ai_developer_tools is enabled (r23169)
  • Always draw fences around field tiles [FS#1824] (r23168)
  • Support for NewGRF version 8 (r23159)
  • [NewGRF] Patch/setting variable 14: get the maximum height of the map (r23158)
  • [NewGRF] Road vehicle property 23 to shorten vehicles without callback usage (r23149)
  • [NewGRF] Allow passing 32bit parameters to 60+x variables (using var 7B). Currently most useful for vehicle var 60 (r23138)
  • [NoAI] AICargoList_StationAccepting [FS#3799] (r23134)
  • [NewGRF] Property for the rail type name (r23129)
  • [NoAI] Allow AIs to query the amount of remaining operations for the current tick (r23118)
  • [NewGRF] Ambient sound effect callback (r23114)
  • Auto-refitting of vehicles during loading at a station when the vehicle allows it (r23089, r23087)
  • [NewGRF] Callback to change refit cost depending on old and new cargo type (r23086)
  • [NewGRF] Use variable 10 to enable vehicle GRFs to draw different sprites on the map and in various GUIs (r23080)
  • [NewGRF] House callback 0x148 (r23072)
  • [NewGRF] House variable 0x64 (r23070)
  • [NewGRF] Long date of last service for vehicles, also available in the purchase list (r23068)
  • A -q command line option to read a savegame, write some general info and exit (r23065)
  • [NewGRF] stringscodes 9A 19 and 9A 20 to print 'short volume' and 'short weight' respectively (r23063)
  • [NewGRF] Allow use of NewGRF text stack during callback 23 (r23040)
  • Support company colour for the airports' runways [FS#4797] (r23010)
  • [NewGRF] Allow to use offsets for all types of action5 except sea shores [FS#4795] (r23004)
  • [NewGRF] Action2 variable 0x62 to get curvature/position difference to the n-th vehicle in vehicle chain [FS#2521] (r22998)
  • [NewGRF] Allow access to other vehicles in the vehicle chain in VarAction 2 (r22997)
  • Display autoreplace status in group GUI (r22985)
  • Display profit icons for groups in the group GUI (r22984)
  • Display the number of vehicles in the group GUI also for the ALL and DEFAULT groups (r22983)
  • Allow road corners on steep slopes (r22968)
  • Allow depots, standard road stops and airports on steep slopes (r22960)
  • [NewGRF] Allow Action4 to change text IDs 0x00D1 to 0x00E0 for feature 48 (r22954)
  • [NewGRF] Extended Action1 format to define arbitrary spriteset IDs (r22926)
  • [NewGRF] Allow referencing spritesets from different Action1 in a single Action2 (r22925)
  • Allow towns to build bridges over canals and rivers (r22899)
  • Resize the tree build gui to according to tree size (r22862)
  • Conditional order depending on remaining lifetime of a vehicle (r22858)
  • [NewGRF] Allow replacing depot sprites without having to provide rail overlays (r22854)
  • Display separate ocean and canal speeds in the ship purchase list, if they differ (r22850)
  • [NewGRF] Bits 8-31 in station variable 43 (r22848)
  • [NewGRF] Also age wagons and articulated parts (r22816)
  • [YAPF] Take canal/ocean speed fraction of ships into account (r22801)
  • Progress bar for scanning NewGRFs (r22797)
  • [NewGRF] Stringcodes for printing 0-based dates, unsigned words in power units (r22779, r22778)
  • River generation (r22767)
  • [NoAI] AITile::GetTownAuthority() (r22764)
  • [NewGRF] Implement feature 04 property 18 bit 5 (r22746)
  • [NewGRF] Per vehicle custom cargo ageing period (r22713)
  • Display option to hide competitors' signs and station names [FS#4701] (r22708)
  • Add a menu entry for the sprite bounding box debuging feature in the help menu and enable bounding boxes only in conjunction with the NewGRF developer tools (r22675)
  • [NewGRF] Provide random bits in var 0x10 for callback 0x3B in all cases [FS#4690] (r22673)
  • Do not spawn explosion effects when bulldozing in paused mode. They block the view (r22670)
  • [NewGRF] Support for the land slope check callback for stations (r22659)
  • [NewGRF] Custom error messages for object callback 0x157 (r22658)
  • [NewGRF] More default error messages for the industry shape and location callbacks (r22657)
  • [NewGRF] Add water class to the 'land info of nearby tiles' vars (r22655)
  • [NewGRF] Support for ship props 14/15 (ocean/canal speed fraction) (r22639)
  • [NoAI] Add several functions to AICompany to find out performance information (r22584)
  • [NewGRF] Persistent storage for towns (r22569)
  • [NewGRF] Support for station variable 0x69 (r22543)
  • [NewGRF] Advanced sprite layouts with register modifiers (r22518)
  • Save heightmap in scenario editor (r22514)
  • Make the transparency options for industries also affect the effect vehicles created by industries [FS#4625] (r22506)
  • [NewGRF] Implement variable 18 for custom station foundations (r22453)
  • [NewGRF] When NewGRFs are disabled via Action E or due to GRM failure, also display an error in the GUI (r22444)
  • [NewGRF] Allow to filter by town of the current industry when using industry variable 0x68 [FS#4591] (r22434)
  • An advanced setting to specify the default palette to use for NewGRFs without action 14 palette information; this makes the default choice independent from the used base graphics (r22417)
  • Sort the items in the currency dropdown; separate the 'Custom' item with a horizontal line from the rest (r22312)
  • Separate default and NewGRF-supplied townnames with a horizontal line and only sort them within these groups (r22312)
  • [NewGRF] Allow docks to feature company colour (r22293)
  • Apply the same inflation to the initial loan as to the maximum loan. Note that this is no change to the economy; it only saves players some clicks when starting companies in later years (r22253)
  • [NewGRF] Make var 0x48 available in CB 0x15C (r22231)
  • [Win32] Move painting the window and doing palette animation into a separate thread (r23482)
  • [SDL] Move 32bpp-anim palette animation to the draw thread instead of the single threaded bit of the game loop. This causes a speedup of up to 15% when animation is turned on with the 32bpp-anim blitter (r23451)
  • Make the company GUI somewhat smaller if there are no shareholders (r23424)
  • [NewGRF v8] Allow translating multiple languages with Action 13 (r23391)
  • Bring Squirrel to 2.2.5; besides some nice bug fixes, it mostly solves the sort() issues (r23383)
  • Move the 'default' overrides out of the base set in order to ensure they all use the same values (r23232)
  • Different directories for base sets and newgrfs. So data to base set or newgrf, and gm to base set (r23219)
  • [NewGRF v8] Do not override rail type prop 1B with prop 09 (r23166)
  • [NewGRF v8] Format of extra callback info for callback 144 (r23157)
  • [NewGRF v8] Use height level units in var 8A of callback 28 (r23155)
  • [NewGRF v8] Use height level units in nearby tile info variables (r23154)
  • [NewGRF v8] Use height level units in variable 20/A0 (r23153)
  • [NewGRF v8] Snow line height table uses values between 0x00 and 0xFF independent of number of height levels (r23152)
  • [NewGRF v8] Deprecate callback 11 and 12, and use callback 36 instead (r23151, r23150)
  • [NewGRF v8] Unify the return values of boolean callbacks, and check the results for validity (r23147)
  • [NewGRF v8] Make callback 22 return a probability to use instead of property 18 (r23146)
  • [NewGRF v8] Determine the 'first' refittable cargo of vehicles using the cargo ordering from the cargo translation table (r23145)
  • [NewGRF v8] Consider the 'default cargotype' properties as indices into the cargo translation table (r23144)
  • [NewGRF v8] Return the translated cargobit in vehicle var 42 (r23143)
  • [NewGRF v8] Unify the return values of callbacks returning D0xx texts (r23142)
  • [NewGRF v8] Invert result bit 10 of callbacks 149 and 157 to make them consistent with other slope check callbacks (r23141)
  • [NewGRF v8] Do no longer apply base cost fallbacks (r23139)
  • [NewGRF v8] New result format for callback 16 (r23137)
  • [NewGRF v8] Deprecate old-style callback results 0xFF?? (r23136)
  • Open the query string window centered as it (almost) always requires your attention [FS#4825] (r23130)
  • [NewGRF] Enforce that the default cargo type of a vehicle is one of the refittable cargos in case of refittable engines (r23077)
  • Use the currency -> euro conversion rate for currencies that have been replaced with the euro, so when the switch happens the conversion rate at that point is roughly that of the real world conversion rate (r23056)
  • Disable palette animation for pixels with alpha, as the alpha and previous colour information will be lost when the palette is animated (r23016)
  • More suitable default news settings instead of everything on 'full' (r22897)
  • Always use the DOS palette for drawing, remove the '-i' option for palette selection (r22419)
  • Make YAPF the default pathfinder for ships, do not discourage players from using it anymore (r22352)
  • Remove pixel limiter for query strings (r22343)
  • Dates cut off in the message history [FS#4896] (r23643)
  • Fix transparency for steel mill, colour translations in some arctic buildings and a wrongly replaced sprites [FS#4892] (r23639)
  • Draw PBS reservations also for bridges and tunnels with railtype overlays (r23586, r23584)
  • Add missing characters for certain languages and the large font [FS#4870] (r23582)
  • Extending a path reservation starting at a partially reserved rail station could fail [FS#4888] (r23564)
  • [NoAI] ScriptSign::BuildSign() returned wrong result if the sign name was too long [FS#4886] (r23516)
  • Drawing of newspaper headlines used different padding than the initial sizing of the window [FS#4884] (r23509)
  • [Squirrel] Provide a proper error message when the _cmp meta-function does not return an integer (r23496)
  • Make autoreplace, autorenew, cloning and autorefit check all articulated parts of a vehicle to find a shared cargo subtype (r23487)
  • In case you already have orders, ignore the vehicles when adding an extra order [FS#4770] (r23484)
  • Replace OS error messages with internal error messages when that is possible [FS#4594] (r23480)
  • Clear the backed up orders of a removed station as well, otherwise one could create orders to a station that was never in the original backupped orders. For example a road vehicle trying to go to a buoy [FS#4876] (r23464)
  • Do not assume all industries that cut trees have tile (0,0) and wait until all tiles of an industry are completed before starting to cut trees (r23458)
  • Mark company window dirty when moving a rail engine creates or deletes a train (r23454)
  • Some airport functions did not take the layout into account resulting in wrong noise levels or nearests towns [FS#4764] (r23441)
  • Perform checks for NFORenum/GRFCodec in configure, including a version check so a proper error can be given when a too old GRFCodec or NFORenum is used [FS#4867] (r23438)
  • Recolouring of some animated colours from the Windows (=least consistent) palette went wrong [FS#4868] (r23433)
  • Prevent windows to be resized beyond the bounds of the (main) window [FS#4842] (r23429)
  • [NoAI] The AIEvent.ET_COMPANY_NEW was only triggered if a company named itself, which seems like a very odd place to do so. Trigger it when the company is created instead (r23398)
  • Bring some more order in the ordering of the windows, e.g. do not let a save or load dialog get hidden by a news message [FS#4709] (r23336)
  • Road vehicle purchase info failed to display vehicles carrying no cargo [FS#4820] (r23334)
  • Abort building/moving HQ when clicking on the button again, just like when building rail, stations, etc [FS#4851] (r23331)
  • Change the centre of train vehicles to depend on the vehicle length instead of being fixed at 4/8th of the original vehicle length to make sure shortened vehicles do not block tiles they should not block [FS#2379,FS#3569] (r23290)

Versienummer 1.2.0-beta1
Releasestatus Beta
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Linux AMD64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows Server 2008
Website OpenTTD
Licentietype GPL


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Submitter: DJ_Clean

Bron: OpenTTD


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Reacties (10)

Wijzig sortering
Mijn laptop kan mijn saved game niet meer aan! :( :'( Hoe werkt dat met die metro´s?? Ze zijn grijs bij mij en krijg ze niet? Ik las ergens dat je ze aan moest zetten maar dan maglev of monorail op moest geven en daar heb ik geen zin in!?

Voor de rest puik spel. Je kan hem overal op draaien (heb hem in Maemo --> wel shit besturen op N900) en op laptop. Maar 3000 treinen en meer dan 1000 bussen werkt niet echt soepel meer, helaas!
Ik geloof niet dat de standaard set voertuigen metro's heeft. Daarvoor moet je een een extra treinenset instellen. Bijvoorbeeld de 2cc Trainset die je kan vinden als je in het hoofdmenu op Online inhoud zoeken klikt (vergeet hem vervolgens niet toe te voegen bij NewGRF instellingen). Meer info over nieuwe sets hier:
Had hem zelfs draaien op mijn Archos A28 tablet. Helaas is het scherm wel erg klein en zijn de menu's niet meer te bereiken. Maar hij deed het wel! Topwerk, evenals deze release die weer veel nieuwe zaken met zich meebrengt!
Het is nog steeds een verslavend spelletje, ik hoop echter dat er een keer een ontwikkelstudio opstaat en er een modern jasje om heen bouwt. Grafish is het een belemmering om lekker te spelen (kaart niet draaien, gebouwen in de weg, etc).
Druk eens X in om doorzichtigheid aan te zetten en CTRL + B om een highlight-raster te zetten om constructies.

En met de vele zoomniveau's die zijn toegevoegd zijn er weinig situaties meer waarin je beperkingen hebt om te zien wat je doet :)
Dat vind ik nu ook juist wel weer de charme van het spel, 2d.

alles moet maar 3d en vanuit elk mogelijk camerastandpunt, maar met dit soort spellen vind ik de besturing top zo! (eventueel kunnen ze wel een draaiknop toevoegen, als in RCT,maar verder toch prima?
Zo verdwaal ik tenminste niet in een grote stad als je aan het bouwen bent :)
De draaiknop zal lastig gaan gezien alle sprites in deze hoek gemaakt zijn. ;)
de sprites hoeven niet te veranderen ;) e meesten zijn namelijk in elke hoek gemaakt
Grappig dat ik dit toevallig zie staan hier. Ik speel al jaren Locomotion, de opvolger van Transport Tycoon, hoewel veel mensen die TT speelden Locomotion niets vinden, kan ik het er juist wel mee vinden omdat het nét dat stukje mooiere graphics geeft dat het speelbaar maakt. Ik heb OTT wel eens uitgeprobeerd, maar het lukte me gewoon niet om er echt in te komen met die prehistorische graphics. Het lukte me ook nooit om 32bpp aan de praat te krijgen, omdat ik geen ervaring had met de manier waarop dat OTT moet, terwijl ik bij Locomotion zelfs zelf wijzigingen kan aanbrengen in de DAT files dmv XML.
Ikzelf ben inderdaad ook van TT(D) naar OTT gegaan en heb toendertijd ook Locomotion gehaald in de winkel, maar het is het net niet. Gameplay > graphics en juist in dit type spel wil je én overzicht én bouwen, bouwen en bouwen ... Het bouwen van de sporen in Locomotion op de Rollercoaster Tycoon manier staat mij erg tegen en doet erg moeilijk. Het kan allemaal veel simpeler. Daarnaast waren de maps erg klein! Het snelste vliegtuig kan hooguit een paar seconden op volle snelheid vliegen van de ene hoek naar de andere.

Persoonlijk vind ik het enige valide punt de doelstellingen (goals) die wél in Locomotion waren, maar als ik het changelog zie dan komt de stable implementatie daarvan ook wel in OTT:
New features:
Ability to run a game script; a script that controls some of the logic of the game, e.g. to implement goals or tutorials (r23637)

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