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Software-update: Blender 2.58

Blender logo (75 pix)

Versie 2.58 van het opensource- en crossplatform-3d-programma Blender is uitgebracht, de tweede stabiele uitgave in de 2.5-serie. De applicatie is bedoeld voor 3d-modeling, animatie, rendering, post-production, interactive creation en playback. Meer informatie over de uitgebreide mogelijkheden van Blender kunnen op deze pagina worden gevonden. Met dit programma zijn onder meer de opensource-animatiefilms Elephants Dream, Big Buck Bunny en het afgelopen september verschenen Sintel gemaakt. Het changelog voor versie 2.58 laat een groot aantal veranderingen en verbeteringen zien:

Prominent features (the cool stuff)

  • Warp Modifier:
    This deformation modifier can be used to warp parts of a mesh to a new location in a very flexible way by using 2 objects to select the "from" and "to" regions with options for using a curve falloff, texture and vertex group.
  • Render Baking:
    For high polygon models it is now possible to bake multi-resolution models using much less memory than before. There are also new bake modes: specular color, specular intensity, mirror color, mirror intensity, alpha (transparency), emission (glow)
  • Empty Images Display:
    Instead of using background images or creating meshes with materials and image texture it's now possible to assign images directly to empty objects to use as reference images. They display in all draw modes and can use object draw options like XRay to draw over other objects.
  • Sculpting:
    Constructive modifiers (like subdivision surface, mirror and other) were supported for sculpting mode. Sculpting could be not very accurate with such modifiers enabled, so there is a new option in the toolbar to disable applying constructive modifiers in the sculpting session.
  • Mesh Inset (Addon):
    Mesh inset is a very useful tool with the ability to inset individual faces or a selected region.
  • Camera Locking:
    It is now possible to move the camera using normal view port navigation by enabling "Lock Camera" in the "View" panel.
  • Improvements to the point density texture, support for tweaking the falloff with a custom curve new falloff types based on the age or velocity of particles - R36399
  • New Warp modifier, can be used in a similar way to a Hook but with an adjustable source - R36414
  • Added support for sculpting on constructive modifiers - R36485
  • Image support for Empty Objects - R36577
  • Camera composition guides: center, thirds, golden rule, harmonious triangle - R36590, R36696
  • View controls can now apply to the camera view (locked camera view) - r36690
    mousewheel zoom now zooms camera area when the camera is locked and in ortho view - R36783
  • Now HDR textures can be used to displace - R36714
  • New adjustment layer tracks in the sequencer - R36716
  • Additional bake modes: specular color, specular intensity, mirror color, mirror intensity, alpha (transparency), emission (glow) - R36738
  • Added option to baked named "Bake From Multires" which is avaliable for normals baking and displacement baking. - R37225
  • Support for update callbacks in python-defined RNA properties - R37260
  • Compositor math node round second value now changes the step to round by - R37292
  • Snap option not to project onto the edit-mesh - #25598, R37591
  • Operators which only define a directory are now treated as directory only selectors (no files) - R37552
  • Added support for baking object movement to the "Bake Action" operator - 37500
  • Added anisotropic filtering in viewport and Game Engine - R37521
  • Game Engine: Allow to change the damping of the camera actuator - #27425, R37455
  • Quick Explode operator: Sets up a particle system and an explode modifier. - R37431
  • Fluid Sim: Enable the possibility to remove the "air bubble" around submerged collision object. This feature is enabled as standard for new files. - R37441
  • Added support for tangent bump shading - R37644


  • World starfield generation would hang - #27174, R36349
  • General error in coderivative for orthogonal camera. Culprit was new bump failing on orthogonal cameras - #27492, R36987
  • Stamp text would not display some lower lines - #27221, R36390
  • Renderslot missing - #27285, R36503
  • Fix memory leak caused by re-making mipmaps - R36569
  • fix for DDS textures in DXT1n format - patch #21590: R36541,R36546
  • Support for rendering local view camera has been added back - R36384
  • Fixed: Volume Material Density Inaccuracy - #27438, 37227
  • Displacement mapping did not do linear interpolation between pixels, causing render artefacts. - #27081, R37342
  • Fixed: Scene's render.filepath gets cropped to 159 characters - #27607, 37363
  • Fix for: Full Sample AA (FSA) was failing in cases - #27519, R37433
  • Fix: bug with bump mapping + reflection texture coordinates + nodes. - #27540, R37453
  • Fix: When adding renderlayer nodes in a composite, without having own scene render, the renderlayer nodes were not tagged as changed, causing compositing to give previous result. - #27692, R37669
  • Fix: RGB color node supports to set alpha too but never put alpha in the output - #27305, R36598
  • Fix: color key hue flipping error (composite node) - #27510, R37051
  • Fix: socket connection issue with node groups not working right - #27511, R37054
  • Fix: group nodes with a linked datablock that was missing would crash - #27309, R37106
  • Fix: Scaling in compositor down to 1 pixel size crashed Gaussian blur. - #27601, R37318
  • Fix for compositor round math node not working correctly - R37292
  • Node editor: collapsed node did not allow sizing it using the right hand side grab thingamabobs. - #27105, R37409
  • GLSL color management + vertex color was not working right - #26697, R36443
  • GLSL diffuse/specular was not clamping negative values - #26807, R36444
  • Missing 3d view updates when editing GLSL material nodes - #27098, R36439
  • Fix: GLSL filter uniform variable not set for group instance. - #27635, R37446
  • Fix: reflection texture coordinates + nodes not working right in GLSL - #27703, R37655
  • Fix: crash drawing zero length motion paths - R37671
  • Crash fix when removing IK constraints - #26920, R36473
  • Skeleton Sketching - Unclear UI for converting sketches into bones - #25886, R37006
  • Empty proxy did not maintain draw type and size - R36449
  • Creating a new UV layer in edit mode failed to copy previous one - #27176, R36350
  • When The FONT object is blank, the dimensions are calculated wrong - #27346, R36579
  • "Make single user Material+Tex" does not work for textures - #27443, R36822
  • Missing Live LSCM Update after Aligning of pinned vertices - #27198, R36376
  • Copy Mirrored UV Coords missing the reverse option - #27199, R36379
  • UV unwrap was stretching - #27164, R36348
  • Create new shapekey on lattice was always adding the mixed shape - #27485, R36906
  • adding shape keys now creates shapes from base mesh instead of from the current shape mix - R36692
  • Fix for difficulty selecting bones with boneshapes enabled and some bones made un-selectable - #27194, R36367
  • Extrude Repeat Mesh does not have options - #27224, R36397
  • Translation constraint was broken - #27333, R36806
  • Transforming with the center point directly on the view location would fail when constraining the axis - #27057, R36378
  • Bezier control points move incorrectly - #27217, R36573
  • fcurve/boolean evaluation, values below zero are no longer evaluated to true - R36903
  • converting grease pencil now works in the camera view - R36765
  • loopcut now follows "Release confirms" user preference - R36491
  • Flymode moving the camera or its root-parent is now a preference- #27459, R36824
  • Fix: Linked object (camera) should not be able to set position by using camera to view operator - #27557, R37091
  • Fix: vertex groups could have duplicate names set - #27554, R37199
  • Fix Mirror Shapekey and Mirror vertex Group not working for Lattice. - #27572, R37239
  • Fix for incorrect edge slide snapping - R37294
  • Fix vertex group copy to selected when some objects had no vertex groups R37302
  • Fix P key for setting playback range is clamped to > 0. - #27586, R37315
  • Fixed: Box select of mesh object disabled or translated due to curve object - #27615, R37327
  • Ending localview was not updating layers correctly - #27136, R37370
  • Fix: non-active object in weight paint mode does not free memory. - #27594, R37448
  • Fix: Script error for UVs->Copy Mirrored UV coords - #27707, R37685
  • Going into sculpt mode could crash - #27271, R36464
  • Texture paint face selection mask did not work on multires - #27230, R36432
  • face mask selection in texture paint mode was broken since 2.4x - R36440
  • Fix: Sculpt data is lost after editing base mesh - #27539, R37087
  • Fix Color picker fails with a very small brush - #27559, R37242
  • Fix projection painting on float images, added color correction and improved speed. - R37276
  • Fix for float projection painting, now updating correctly. - R37276
  • Select vertex groups under the cursor in weight paint mode was missing from 2.4x- #27479, R36891
  • Fix: the radial control would fail, in sculpt mode, to set size if object-space sizing was enabled - R36975
  • Fix: Sculpt and Paint undo steps kept hanging in the sculpt/paint modes. - #27573, R37473
  • Crash fix for edge split with certain topologies - #27266, R36455
  • Wave modifier falloff was incorrect compared with 2.4x - #27186, R36361
  • boolean intersects would give invalid results with no intersection - #27392, R37005
  • Armature multimodifier was not working in edit mode - #27480, R36913
  • Fix: vertex parenting not working with constructive modifiers. - #27654, R37503
  • Fix: particle Instance modifier does not work correctly with Hair Dynamics. - #27461, R37116
  • Keyed physics did not work properly if the first key was not the keyed particle system itself - R37430
  • Subframes cause dampened particles to behave differently - #27294, R36504
  • Fix: crash with point density texture when using particle age/velocity fallof for object vertices - #27241, R37103
  • One particle could be generated twice at vertex - #27131, R36701
  • Fix: Hair Combing intersects emitter when combed fast - #26939, R37693
Library System:
  • Make Proxy ignored group offset - #26727, R36375, R36456
  • Appending armatures with custom bone shapes brings no custom objects into scene.. impossible to edit - #27437, R36810
  • Append objects with linked materials disappeared after save when linking in files to an unsaved blend file, make all library paths absolute - #27405, R36735
  • Used light groups did not get linked in with materials automatically - #27465, R36914
  • Appending could crash with preview enabled - #27158, R36757
  • Fix f-curve generator modifier file read missed endian switch - #27541, R37073
  • Support for adding copies of existing drivers to other animdata blocks via PyAPI/RNA - R36342
  • Support for dynamic items in bpy.props.EnumProperty(), the items keyword argument can optionally be a function rather then a list - R36928
  • Loading data with, now swaps out the strings in the list to load with the actual datablocks - R36869
  • Fix WindowManager.invoke_search_popup() crashes blender and does not work - #27324, R36548
  • 3 problems: crash and enum "REGION" not found in ('VERTS') - #27035, R36741,R36743
  • screenshot operator can now be executed directly, python can screenshot with: bpy.ops.screen.screenshot(filepath="some_image.png") - R36770
  • Fixed: Python interactive console incorrect autocompleation - #27495, R37358
  • Fix: Python: crash assigning a 'set' to an array - #27681, R37575
  • Fix: Python memory leak converting ID Property groups to dictionaries - R37581
  • Fix: Memory leaks when creating popup window - #26621, R37589
Game Engine:
  • Crash when physics constraint is defined on non-active objects - #26775, R37026
  • Fix for broken embedded game engine viewport when not using letterboxing - R36964
  • No material rendered differently in View3D compared to the game engine - #27414, R36723
  • fix for Object Color in BGE - patch #27133, R36543
  • Python API: PhysicsConstraints ID was cast to an int on 64bit systems - #26753, R36970
  • Fix: audaspace not playing files in blenderplayer - #27562, R37110
  • Fix: Replace mesh for gfx in "Edit Object" actuator acted illogically + other booleans that are flipped - #27556, R37117
  • Python Controller, Clear "Script" when setting Script Controller mode to "Module" - R37427
  • Support for anti-aliasing and embedding for blenderplayer on windows - R36470
  • Crash fix for large M4V - #27353, R36717
  • Strobe setting did not work with effect strip - #27422, R36734
  • Some settings of adjustment layers were not functional - #27421, R36734
  • Sequencer strips.elements was broken when strip was trimmed - R36909
  • Fix: effect sequence strips could have negative lengths, crashing with animated opacity #27568, R37172
  • Fix: Weird results when animating opacity on (color) strip - #27553, R37090
  • Fix sequencer effect transform resulting in overlapping strips - R37299
  • Fix: Transforming sequencer effects strips crashes - #27671, 37550
  • Fix: Add effect strip ignore channel argument - #27700, R37654
  • 2D view panning and zooming is now fully keymappable - #27181, R36643
  • Shaded checkbox is not working - #27160, R36465
  • Menus disappear particle edit mode wireframe draw - #27257, R36441
  • Added missing seed button for halo materials - #27243, R36430
  • Text editor "Find" does not locate words - #27319, R36539
  • Tooltip text renders incorrectly - #27218, R36463
  • *Invalid Path* in all "operator presets" dropdowns - #27148, R36448
  • Global Pivot Option was not functional - #27268, R36462
  • Manipulator in particle mode does not work - #27142, R36703
  • Crash on image editor after loading exr images - #27478, R36895
  • Crashes with some high-res image thumbnail generation skip generating thumbs for images over 100mb - #27203, R36433
  • StringProperty with sub_type of FILE_PATH not updated correctly from icon - #26618, R36827
  • Fix menus getting closed too quick when moving mouse not exactly towards them, noticeable for the vertex groups or material slot utility menus - R36769
  • view/camera/set active object as camera sometimes "disabled" in gui (grayed out) - #27193, R36366
  • uvedit mesh selection sync did not handle click / shift+click for switching selection modes in the header - #27165, R36436
  • uiItemsFullEnumO: operator missing srna - #27304, R36508
  • Texture preview fails when path to custom brush icon is set - #26590, R36345
  • Fix direction properties not showing the right direction editing widget - R36771
  • improved image sequence usability by displaying the requested frame even if it cannot load - R36413
  • Image Editor toolbox menu has been removed (was an experiment and not in any other space) - R36435
  • Undo history added back, hotkey alt+ctrl+z (alt+apple+z for mac) - R37185
  • Popup menus now scroll when they dont fit in the screen - R37185
  • Interface DPI now scaled the entire UI - R37185
  • Avoid accidentally hideing headers (such as the file menu), when the header takes up the entire space - R37203
  • Fix: Manual save kills actual .blend file if disk space is low - #27410, R37098
  • Fix: export key configuration gave error when trying to export properties from an unknown (e.g. removed) operator. - #27490, R37075
  • Fix: texture node editor header was still showing texture datablock selector even if there is no active texture slot or node, now it's disabled in that case. - #27550, R37078
  • Fix: resetting default values on buttons: shortcut key changed from numpad 0 to delete, fix missing undo push - R37043
  • Fix for crash opening the file selector twice with multiple windows open - R37232
  • Fix keymap items created in python being added with the python operator names instead of the internal names. R37249
  • Fix for small button values displaying as zero - R37286, R37289
  • Fixed: Operator redo: F6 menu did not work for macros yet - #26886, R37339
  • Fixed: Turning off all OpenGL lamps gives strange behavior - #27627, R37373
  • Theme color fix for button type "Value slider". On text editing mode, the selected part of the text was invisible. - #27138, R37407
  • Fix: Color sliders greater then 1.0 dont show their ratios correctly - #27673, R37543
  • Fix: texture space panel was missing for curve & metaballs - #27660, R37592
  • Crash when closing new render window with render error message showing in the main window - #27522, R37022
  • Fix: light quadratic attenuation exported wrong - #27463, R37454
  • Fix: crash on collada import if input_set is missing - #27474, R37658
  • Transparency texture import support - R37662
  • Fix: instance_node import incorrectly handled - #26821, R37663
  • Fix: Collada incorrect names/ids on import - #26912, R37664
  • Fix crash with load/save on Mac, on files that close & open a window when loading them - #26728, R36840
  • Pasting long text crashes blender (Windows) - #27359, R36645
  • Command window was not opening (Windows) - #26981, R36426
  • Zoom not working after startup (Windows) - #26938, R36426
  • Fix crash when opening in Windows, non-latin char in path - #26715, R36507
  • Fixed scrolling lists with the mousewheel for some X11 windowmanagers - R36573
  • Various operators were missing with some non-english system languages - #27445, R36912
  • Could not import key configuration with systemwide install - #27143, R36460
  • Fix: windows uninstaller could remove files unrelated to blender when installing to a folder that already existed. - #27481, R37074
  • Fix: Python/Windows issue: "import uuid" results in an error popup - #27666, R37573

Blender Addons

  • Added Quake3 Map export back from blender 2.4x - r1976, r1977, r1978, r1979, r1981
  • Added mesh inset tool added - r1934
  • Added Paint Palettes: See here - r1954
Misc Changes:
  • Fix: PSK/PSA action option - r2047
  • Fix: DirectX Export parent/child relationships - r1890
  • Fix: STL import in Win 7 64bit - [#26895], r1895
  • Fix: Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file importing incorrectly - [#27456], r1960
  • Added visual and local copying for object transforms - r1953
  • Fix: Linux network render error - [#25387], r2041
  • Fix: Netrender Blacklisting slaves - [#25888], r2043
  • Fix: The Network Renderer renders black images - [#26241], r2045
  • Add rna callback to server address property so that it correctly checks if the server exists when the value changes. - r2044
X3D/VRML Format:
  • Fix: Export uses incorrect and node names - r1888
  • Fix: Export of fog is incorrect - [#27364], r1933
  • Fix: Export would not ensure unique names - r1999
  • Fix: Extra line segment added on import - [#27697], r2040
  • Added export support for writing IndexedTriangleSet meshes rather than IndexedFaceSet - r1984
  • Added export option to write normals - r1987
  • Added support for exporting parent/child hierarchy - r2001
  • Added support for exporting different path modes and optionally copying on export - r2031
FBX Format Export:
  • Was exporting with 100x scale, use 1.0 instead - r1896
  • Write out deformed meshes as parentless since the bones `own` them - r1897
  • Do not write a global root object anymore - r1897
  • Fix: Writing files with parented empty fails - [#27595], r2010
PLY Format:
  • Fix: PLY importer fails with windows line endings - [#27369], r1917
  • Fix: PLY importer does not support float based vertex colors - [#27691], r2049
Wavefront OBJ Format:
  • Fix: Normalmap imports with Color ticked - [#27325], r1908
  • Fix: Import fails with international characters in path - [#27338], r1911
  • Fix: Exporter doesn't export bump, spec/ importer wrong shader settings - [#27332], r1912
  • Fix: Export, export wardiso spec value not used. - [#27367], r1945
  • Fix: Export regression in 2.5, unable to export curves as edge-list anymore - [#27617], r2023
BVH Motion Capture Format:
  • Fix for importing euler rotations - r1927
  • Added support to export different rotation orders as well as pose bone native order - r1926
Povray Render:
  • Fixed a bug with Fresnel diffuse shader not working correctly - r1903
  • Fixed a bug preventing some scenes to render was due to an indentation error - r1959
  • Fixed a minor bug with SSS property - r2003
  • Added spacing_multiplier to object photons block so per object photon count tuning is now possible - r1915
  • Added instance support - r2002
3D Coat Integration:
  • Fixed but with inverted normals - r2007
  • Fixed the bug when two or more objects doesn't have materials - r2022
  • Added ability to multi-select objects and press import button and it will update all selected objects. - r2012
  • User can disable control and deform rig generation on copy and copy_chain - r1940
  • Users can now specify layer names in the metarig armature properties - r2037
  • Fixed bug in default human metarig that caused generating to fail - r1990
  • Added a 'copy_chain' rig type, useful for bone chains that need their parent-child relationships preserved exactly - r1928
  • Added a new spine rig which replaces the old spine rig, and has a super-set of the old spines features - r2034
  • Added bend hinting to the arm and leg rigs - r2036
Add Mesh, 3D Function:
  • Changed how wrapping is done to avoid generating unnecessary vertices and make the result more intuitive - r2026
  • Added helper functions the results of which can be used in x(u,v), y(u,v), z(u,v) - r2026
  • Added ability to close the ends of an U-wrapped surface - r2026
  • It's now possible to create multiple objects with one set of formulae properly even when they start with an entirely straight chain - r2026
Blender 2.57 screenshot
Blender 2.57 screenshot, klik op de afbeelding voor een grotere versie.
Versienummer 2.58
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Linux AMD64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64
Website Blender Foundation
Bestandsgroottes 20,30MB - 35,40MB
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

Door Bart van Klaveren

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23-06-2011 • 09:56

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Bron: Blender Foundation


Meer historie

Reacties (15)

Wijzig sortering
Ik vindt 3d studio max nog altijd gebruiksvriendelijker en makkelijker in gebruik dan Blender.
De werkwijze van een 3d model te maken in blender is nog altijd zeer verschillende t.o.v. een 3d model te maken in 3d studio max. Als ze de ui nu naar 3d studio max laten lopen dan wordt het een goed alternatief. Het begint wel meer en meer op 3d studio max te lijken maar er moet nog zeer veel eraan gewerkt worden.
Ik hoop van harte dat ze _niet_ kijken naar 3ds. De UI van dat programma is hopeloos verouderd, traag en verwarrend. Kijk maar 'ns naar Softimage, dat programma heeft tenminste een UI die de 21ste eeuw waard is.
Het programma mag er lelijk uitzien zolang het maar zeer efficient werkt.
Blender is hier zeer slecht in t.o.v 3d studio max.
De meningen verschillen daar nogal in.
persoonlijk vind ik na nu een jaar of 7 Maya en Cinema4D gebruikt te hebben de nieuwe Blender GUI een verademing. Ook het feit dat het hele programma aan te sturen is via Python is godsend.

Wat mensen schijnbaar nog steeds niet door hebben is dat het tools zijn, die gebruik je never en te nimmer op zich zelf. Blender is een fantastische modeler en texturer, zeker als B-Mesh en Ptex ondersteuning word toe gevoegd.

Waar Blender het minst sterke in is op het moment is interoperabiliteit. COLLADA en FBX ondersteuning is onder de maat en daarom veel minder geschikt om in een pipeline te integreren.
Waar Blender het minst sterke in is op het moment is interoperabiliteit. COLLADA en FBX ondersteuning is onder de maat en daarom veel minder geschikt om in een pipeline te integreren.
Gezien de hoeveelheid file plugins. Hebben alle andere tools conversies voor elkaars bestandsformaten?
De andere complete tools komen allemaal uit dezelfde Autodesk familie (Softimage, Maya en max), je moet dus al een rare zijn om geen FBX te gebruiken. Het is dus geen conversie, gewoon transfer, nog beter eigenlijk.

Een snelle renderer heeft blender ook nog niet, dat maakt mijns inziens een pakket niet echt bruikbaar in dagdagelijkse productie. Het is straf wat deze gratis app biedt, maar je moet het ook uit een productiestandpunt bezien, dan gelden er andere regels.

Ik haat persoonlijk die layers in Blender la Lightwave, dat is totaal overbodig.

Voor hobbydoeleinden maakt dat uiteraard allemaal niet veel uit...

[Reactie gewijzigd door jan van akkere op 23 juni 2011 12:06]

Zozo, daar begint wat vaart in te komen. Versie 2.59 zal eindelijk weer volledig feature-complete zijn (de 2.5-tak is een volledige re-write van de UI), en dan op naar de 2.6 met weer een heleboel nieuwe stuff!

Ligt het aan mij, of wordt Blender steeds aantrekkelijker tegenover 3DS Max en consorten? De nieuwe UI geeft het alleszins een serieuze boost, de vorige was soms wat... vreemd :+
Love me "Blender", but there is work to do, but the right direction is found
Kun je dan in je post hierboven ook even uiteenzetten waarom dat dan zo is. Wat is de killerfeature van Maya, (Lightwave, 3ds max)?
ooit op spatie gedrukt in blender? niet tevreden? zet in de add-ons dynamic menu aan en probeer het nog eens.

Maya is een uitstekend programma, het is niet voor niks dat het bij veel vfx bedrijven de 3d animatie backbone vormt maar het heeft een ongelofelijke zooi van een interface (zelfs met de hotbox).

Zoals ik al zei in een post wat lager, dit zijn tools. gebruik ze waar ze goed in zijn.
Ik ben zelf heel erg interesseert in (open) alternatieven voor SketchUp. Zeg maar dat type flow. Dat je een 'grafische' manier krijgt om net-niet CAD te doen, waar de interface lijkt te begrijpen waar je in bent geinteresseerd.
Misschien is 'Art of Illusion iets? Kwam het toevallig laatst tegen en werd genoemd als eenvoudiger broertje van Blender

De beschrijving op de site klinkt mooi, maar ik ben niet zo thuis in deze wereld dus ben benieuwd of het wat is

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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