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Software-update: Zabbix 1.8.2

Met het programma Zabbix kun je verschillende onderdelen van een netwerk en de daarop aangeboden services in de gaten houden. Het programma ondersteunt twee verschillende mogelijkheden om de relevante informatie binnen te halen. Zo kan het vanaf zijn eigen host requests uitsturen naar de verschillende services en netwerkonderdelen, die daar vervolgens op reageren. Ook is er een zogeheten agent, die op de te bewaken host kan worden geïnstalleerd en waarmee gedetailleerde informatie kan worden binnengehaald. Voor meer informatie over Zabbix verwijzen we naar deze en deze pagina's. De ontwikkelaars hebben versie 1.8.2 uitgebracht met de onderstaande lijst aanpassingen:

What's New in 1.8.2

Dashboard filtering
Dashboard supports filtering based on host groups, trigger severities and host maintenance status.

Improved speed of synchronization for distributed setups
It works much faster especially for larger setups.

New option for host mass update
Template "replace" option added for easier maintenance of template linkages.

Improved performance of Zabbix front-end
Better performance and lower memory usage introduced for many front-end screens.

Added support of time shifted functions
Now some trigger functions (min, max, avg, and other) functions support optional time shift. Use it and make your triggers and logic much smarter!

Added Ukrainian translation
We welcome all Ukrainian users!

Added time-based disabling of data collection on item level
Default interval of '0' with flexible intervals may be used to enable data collection within specific time periods only.

Support of suffixes in trigger expressions
Triggers expressions and functions support s,m,h,d,w,T suffixes.

Enhanced screen element "Status of triggers"
It supports optional filtering by a selected host or a host group.

Added support of multiple host groups for aggregate checks
A list of host groups can be passed as a parameter to aggregate checks.

Better permissions on actions
Administrators have access only to users they share user groups with.

The database is down message is supported for all DB engines
Now Zabbix correctly processes unavailability of the database engine. It works for Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL.

XML import and export of screens and maps
Finally we have a way of managing screens and maps based on XML data.

Added information about maintenance to the Dashboard
The Latest Issues widget provides information about host maintenance status.

Better time navigation
Time navigation bars moved to the top of the pages with hide option.

Enhanced control of housekeeper settings
A new parameter MaxHousekeeperDelete was introduced to allow much more flexible control over housekeeper behaviour.

Zabbix sender supports reading of data from standard input
A new command line option enables reading of performance and availability data from standard input.

Complete List of Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • [ZBX-2084] fixed JSON decoding class, which didn't worked due to PCRE backtrace limit, enabled native PHP JSON functions, rewrited code with sockets
  • [ZBX-2239] fixed mutex (un)locking so that zabbix_server does not become forever defunct when killed
  • [ZBX-1983] fixed port validation in host agent port, ipmi port and in discovery checks ports (now supports for ports ranges like "21-80,465")
  • [ZBX-2228] fixed compilation under FreeBSD with enabled LDAP
  • [ZBX-2236] fixed processing of Telnet checks by Zabbix proxy
  • [ZBX-2234] fixed icon for mass open action in status of triggers
  • [ZBX-2233] fixed processing of action condition 'Trigger <>'
  • [ZBX-1357] updated French translation; thanks to alixen
  • [ZBX-2048] fixed sorting in screens dropdown
  • [ZBX-2221] fixed expanding/collapsing categories in "Latest Data"
  • [ZBX-2225] fixed linkage if templated items are used in graphs as Y axis min and max values
  • [ZBX-2225] complete rewrite of the server code for template linkage
  • [ZBX-2210] added template replace option for hosts mass update
  • [ZBX-2219] fixed graphs data in data.sql
  • [ZBX-1345] time filter redesigned, sliders moved to top inside filter
  • [ZBX-2151] fixed header sorting in overview for items and triggers
  • [DEV-456] added filter to dashboard
  • [ZBX-2191] remove broken trigger from the default dataset
  • [ZBX-2172] fixed object available scripts sorting alphabetically
  • [ZBX-2217] fixed JS error in status of triggers page in IE
  • [ZBX-2199] fixed time output format when time is less then 1 ms
  • [ZBX-1956] fixed deletion of last row or col in screen
  • [ZBX-1956] added cursor pointer on minus (remove) icons in screens
  • [ZBX-1347] added support of hostnames and keys with spaces in sender input file
  • [ZBX-2189] fixed compilation under AIX 5.3
  • [ZBX-1229] added comparison between IPv4, IPv4-mapped and IPv4-compatible allowed server addresses
  • [ZBX-1949] fixed "housekeeping" procedure for the table "housekeeper" itself, added configuration parameter "MaxHousekeeperDelete" for the server
  • [ZBX-2173] fixed too long URL for webgraph when many websteps are defined
  • [ZBX-2139] fixed collecting of active checks after configured with user macro
  • [ZBXNEXT-238] added a command line option to zabbix_sender to send metrics in real time when reading from stdin
  • [ZBX-1000] enabled zabbix_sender to read its input from stdin; thanks to leo
  • [ZBX-2011] fixed e-mail sending format to meet 'SMTP/MIME e-mail' standards since UTF-8 is used. Thanks to Olexiy Zagorskiy.
  • [ZBX-2136] fixed handling of logitems with logtimefmt in db cache
  • [ZBX-2193] updated Russian translation; thanks to dotneft
  • [ZBX-2185] added view of parent template of linked template to host
  • [ZBX-2179] fixed errors connected with Triggers Info screen element
  • [ZBX-2184] added maintenance info to dashboard latest issues
  • [ZBX-1772] changed frontend timezone to match PHP server
  • [DEV-455] added configurable filter to "Status of triggers" screen element
  • [DEV-454] implemented screen export
  • [ZBX-2144] fixed internal and aggregate checks for hosts monitored by a proxy
  • [ZBX-2052] fixed sending of regexps to agents
  • [ZBX-2129] fixed links from monitoring to configuration when All nodes are selected
  • [ZBX-2146] fixed error when try to view slideshow without slides
  • [ZBX-2161] added permission checks for map link triggers
  • [ZBX-2169] fixed adding dependencies to triggers on mass update
  • [ZBX-2157] fixed script permissions
  • [ZBX-2135] fixed screens ignore nodes "All" option in selection dropdown
  • [ZBX-1954] fixed config file errors if special chars are used in db password
  • [ZBX-2075] admins now have access only to users they share usergroup with [action operations]
  • [ZBX-2147] fixed permission check for item configuration
  • [ZBX-2158] fixed map image deletion
  • [ZBX-2155] ipv6 addresses are now case insensitive
  • [ZBX-2005] fixed graph being deleted when any of its items are deleted
  • [ZBX-2163] fixed possibility to acknowledge events regardless of GUI events settings
  • [ZBX-2160] fixed permission issue in reports when accessing by user or admin
  • [ZBX-1346] explicitly note that hostname in configuration files is case sensitive
  • [ZBX-2006] added explicit dependency on "lber" library to gain better portability on upcoming Fedora "ld" changes. Thanks to Dan Horak.
  • [ZBX-1575] added UnsafeUserParameters configuration option for agents
  • [ZBX-2108] added checking double values for "out of range" errors for the MySQL
  • [ZBX-2114] improvements in SQL filtering of hosts and templates by nodes
  • [ZBX-18,ZBX-1018,ZBX-1070,ZBX-1123,ZBXNEXT-96,ZBX-2143] dealing with database problems in a uniform way for all database engines
  • [ZBX-2089] fixed computing calculated items for proxied hosts
  • [ZBX-2109] disabled Web monitoring for disabled hosts and hosts under maintenance
  • [ZBX-2121] events from Windows eventlog with type 'EVENTLOG_SUCCESS' are treated as 'Information' in Zabbix as in Windows
  • [ZBX-1994] using /proc/sys instead of the deprecated sysctl() on Linux
  • [ZBXNEXT-236] added support of comma delimited list of host groups in aggregate checks
  • [ZBXNEXT-236] added support of item keys with brackets ("") in aggregate checks
  • [ZBXNEXT-236] added support of arrays in item key parameters
  • [ZBX-1371] improved performance of the configuration screens hostgroups, templates, hosts
  • [DEV-452] support of s,m,h,d,w,T suffixes in trigger expressions and functions
  • [ZBX-1357] added Ukrainian translation; thanks to zalex_ua
  • [ZBX-2013] fixed error in trigger test screen
  • [ZBX-2087] fixed permission scheme in actions
  • [ZBX-2067] fixed undefined variable errors in actions screen
  • [ZBX-2053] fixed evaluating of case sensitivity on the server/agent side of regular expressions
  • [ZBX-2077] added support of Failure/Success Audit eventlog severity
  • [ZBXNEXT-257] added support of time-based disabling of data collection for items
  • [ZBX-2051] fixed memory leak in processing of calculated items
  • [ZBX-886] removed duplicate and outdated strings from locales
  • [ZBX-1790] restored support of the hyphen (-) in item key names
  • [ZBX-1962] explicit 'not monitored' response for active agents on disabled hosts
  • [ZBX-1522] fixed server crash on an undefined user macro
  • [ZBX-2039] fixed pattern matching in function count
  • [ZBXNEXT-119] added support for time shifted functions
  • [ZBX-2062] fixed sending of recovery messages multiple times
  • [ZBX-1878] reverted map label background drawing
  • [ZBX-2016] fixed code with "_itow_s()" and "zbx_wsnprintf" to avoid possible run-time memory corruption. Thanks to Takanori Suzuki.
  • [ZBX-2059] fixed special char treatment in XML export
  • [ZBX-1655] improved error message on map saving with circular reference
  • [ZBX-1823] improved map element labels expansion in map editing screen
  • [ZBX-1991] added sequences for autoincrement fields to oracle.sql
  • [ZBX-2045] fixed trigger editor not preserving element ordering
  • [ZBX-2003] fixed evaluation of division and subtraction
  • [ZBX-2029] fixed monitoring triggers showing triggers with true dependencies
  • [ZBX-1902] fixed error when creating dependency for a trigger that belongs to the same template
  • [ZBX-1705] fixed various front-end problems with Oracle database
  • [ZBX-1299] added check for the minimal (1.0.0) libssh2 library version
  • [ZBX-1975] fixed permission check in graphs with web items
  • [ZBX-2023] improved trigger configuration page
  • [DEV-453] implemented import/export of Zabbix maps
  • [ZBX-1320] fixed graph header alignment
  • [ZBX-2041] minor configuration comment change about LogFile parameter for Windows agent
  • [ZBX-1876] added remarks to configuration files of Zabbix server and proxy about fping6
  • [ZBX-1876] fixed processing of ICMP pings when "fping" or "fping6" binaries are missing
  • [ZBX-1995] fixed errors when save/update web scenario with existing name
  • [ZBX-2014] fixed pie chart in screen renders last hour of data only
  • [ZBX-2025] fixed deletion of actions
  • [ZBX-3] fixed logging into syslog, Zabbix log levels are properly linked to syslog levels
  • [ZBX-2022] fixed link colour picker in maps in IE7
  • [ZBX-1968] fixed error in log item history in IE8
  • [ZBX-2020] added requirements check for PHP input_max_time
  • [ZBX-1958] fixed problem with a lot of digits in float values
  • [ZBX-1853] fixed template/host full clone with triggers with dependencies
  • [ZBX-1999] fixed bug when cannot create simple check item with macro in parameters
  • [ZBX-1269] fixed offscreen popups
  • [ZBX-1679] fixed error sometimes appearing when using Print button
  • [ZBX-1980] added requirements check for PHP upload_max_filesize
  • [ZBX-2002] refresh timer is now restarted instead of stopped when checkbox is checked
  • [ZBX-1961] added support of '%' prompt for[] check
  • [ZBX-1939] fixed errors when unicode chars are used in item keys
  • [ZBX-1996] fixed JS error in IE7 in maps
  • [ZBX-1328] improved host group mass deletion caption
  • [DEV-450] added support of LogSlowQueries option
  • [ZBX-1974] removed "Dropdown first entry" "1.6.2 comp mode" option
  • [ZBX-1826] fixed error when changing node in monitoring web
  • [ZBX-1943] fixed refresh time selection in dashboard widgets
  • [ZBX-1929] include eventlog.c and eventlog.h files in distribution package
  • [ZBX-1897] include CREDITS file in distribution package
  • [ZBXNEXT-229] further updates for Brazilian Portuguese translation; thanks to murilex
  • [ZBX-1945] speed improvement for synchronization between nodes
  • [ZBX-1940] fixed map creation if Zabbix doesn't contain images
  • [ZBX-1938] fixed permission check inefficiency in charts
  • [ZBX-1957] fixed compilation errors under OpenBSD
  • [ZBX-1869] fixed graph max Y most top value calculation
  • [ZBX-1948] fixed node disappearing after node deleted and then created with same ID
  • [ZBXNEXT-225] update Brazilian Portuguese translation; thanks to murilex
  • [DEV-137] add basic bootstrap script
  • [ZBX-1944] fixed no permission error when trying to view simple graph from childnodes
  • [ZBX-1871] made Zabbix not require mbstring_overload to be enabled
  • [ZBX-1862] fixed host creation with link to templates with trigger dependencies
  • [ZBX-1879] fixed unnecessary line breaks in IE7
  • [ZBX-1931] fixed process of sending active checks to ensure every active item is located in the server cache
  • [ZBX-1935] remove incorrect item and fix minor typo in the default Windows template
  • [ZBX-1650] allowed to pass "-" (dash) in parameters for "UserParameter" flexible parameters
  • [ZBX-1923] fixed processing of data sent by 1.4, 1.6 agents not allowing wrong "eventid" values
  • [ZBX-1763] fixed SLA showing red line when there is no problem
  • [ZBX-1922] fixed compilation of Zabbix agent under ac AIX 5.1/5.2
  • [ZBX-1899] fixed sticky starttime in graphs
  • [ZBX-1785] fixed starttime in screens, slides on screen/slide switch
  • [ZBX-1784] improved displaying big numbers and units in graphs
  • [ZBX-1764] fixed right Y axis problem if on left Y axis no data
  • [ZBX-1912] fixed nonstandard font vertical text display
  • [ZBX-1915] fixed template/host name check on creation/update
  • [ZBX-1820] fixed graph preview in configuration graph form
  • [ZBX-1777] fixed evaluating of the maintenance periods
  • [ZBX-1513] fixed resetting user password when updating user and HTTP auth is enabled
  • [ZBX-1904] fixed naming procedure for discovered IPv6 hosts without DNS provided by replacing all not-allowed symbols with '_'
  • [ZBX-1877] template itself in template linkage popup is now disabled
  • [ZBX-1896] fixed no permission error when trying to view history for a web item
  • [ZBX-1860] fixed line breaks at the beginning of exported XML file
  • [ZBX-1881] fixed checkbox selection cookies
  • [DEV-163] improved the description of "perf_counter" check in the "help_items" table
  • [ZBX-1324] replaced more user visible strings ZABBIX with Zabbix
  • [ZBX-1859] fixed map element image
  • [ZBX-954] fix minor typos and removed // comments
Versienummer 1.8.2
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, UNIX
Website Zabbix
Licentietype GPL



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Submitter: Sypher

Bron: Zabbix


Meer historie

Reacties (3)

Wijzig sortering
Dit gebruik ik sinds een aantal maanden als aanvulling op Nagios.
Nagios is ideaal voor real-time monitoring en alerts, Zabbix is super voor trends en logging.
Ik zie Zabbix op termijn Nagios nog wel wegdrukken, heeft veel potentieel.

Ik merk van de upgrade van 1.6 naar 1.8 vooral verbeteringen in de interface en een betere performantie.
Ik zie niet waarom je zabbix dan ook niet zou gebruiken voor real time alerts. :)
Ik had enorme moeite met het stabiel krijgen van Zabbix in combinatie met PostgreSQL. Ik hoop dat ze dat in deze versie eindelijk hebben opgelost, of deze functionaliteit in de toekomst schrappen.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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