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Software-update: Freeciv 2.1.10

De gamers die veel tijd hebben besteed aan Sid Meier's Civilization, dat in 1991 door Microprose voor DOS werd uitgebracht, moeten oppassen om niet opnieuw verslaafd te raken. Er is namelijk sinds 1995 een groep ontwikkelaars bezig om onder de naam Freeciv een opensource-versie te maken die gebaseerd is op dit verslavende turn-based strategiespel. De spelers van dit spel starten in het jaar 4000 voor Christus met een handvol kolonisten en proberen daarmee een succesvolle beschaving neer te zetten. Voor meer informatie verwijzen we jullie door naar deze en deze pagina's. De ontwikkelaars hebben enkele dagen geleden versie 2.1.10 uitgebracht en voorzien van de volgende lijst met aanpassingen sinds de vorige vermelding in de Meuktracker:

Version 2.1.10:
  • Added commandline parameter to set hostname visible on metaserver. PR#40755
  • Restored as default metaserver. GNA#13407
  • Record players total score to civscore.log. GNA#13403
  • Put spaceship state to civscore.log instead of score given by spaceship. GNA#13402
  • Write civscore.log in the beginning of the turn, immediately after values are calculated. Write also final values when game ends. GNA#13419
  • Show correct Requirement and Obsolete by tech for wonders in win32-client help browser. PR#40765
  • Fixed sdl-mixer support. GNA#13444, GNA#14751
  • Improved access levels ported from Warclient. GNA#13433
  • Fixed a bug that even if wonder set as improvement requirement for unit was built, unit was not buildable. PR#39530
  • Fix lost hack access in single player mode. GNA#13494
  • Fix bug causing wrong player nation select. PR#40773
  • Added proper error message to case where user tries to add Settlers to city owned by ally. GNA#13539
  • Avoid crash due to corrupted worked field. GNA#13498
  • Improved voting code ported from Warclient. GNA#13515
  • Make GTK2 client more small-screen friendly. GNA#13524, GNA#13525, GNA#14100
  • Fixed Hydro Plant help text. PR#40805
  • Added ruleset loading time check that MAX_NUM_REQS is not exceeded. GNA#13600
  • Fixed help browser crash when ruleset has fuel using unit for which there is no suitable carrier unit. GNA#13649
  • Show ping of actual player connection instead of player's first connection, which may be observer. GNA#13725
  • Fix bug in tech score when player has no techs. GNA#13733
  • Hide production part of full citybar from enemy cities for player observers. It used to show all enemy cities always building "Airport". GNA#13723
  • Added support for units taller than 1.5 x terrain tile height in isometric tilesets. GNA#13671
  • Backport of improved goto code from trunk. GNA#13736, GNA#13742, PR#40536, PR#40563
  • Fixed creation of GGZ page. GNA#13791
  • AI does not ask for help against players not met. GNA#13559, PR#39700
  • Display flags at start page player list. GNA#13726
  • Changed ggz profile to point to instead of non-functional pubserver. PR#39923
  • Fixed partisan appearance to require Guerilla Warfare to be known by someone. GNA#13944
  • Fixed a crash when lua script triggered by "tech_researched" gives another technology to player. GNA#13819
  • Fixed a crash when unload all command is issued to multiple units. GNA#14031
  • Fixed a team play crash when ruleset defines global init techs. PR#20855
  • Leave no units to current tile when bouncing them. GNA#14078
  • Fixed a crash when several members of the same team have same initial tech. GNA#14259
  • Fixed /cmdlevel bugs. GNA#14237
  • Prevented /rulesetdir after savegame of already running game has been loaded. GNA#14230
  • Don't navigate through unaccessible territorial waters. GNA#13928
  • Use amplio electric ages sprites for cities. Use modern style as alternative for other tilesets. GNA#14376
  • Added /cancelvote command, ported from Warclient. GNAPATCH#1292
  • Make notify.all and notify.player working in lua scripts. GNA#14221
  • The loss of the last human player doesn't transform the game into an autogame, causing the clients freezing. GNA#14036
  • Sharing vision when the fog of war is disabled don't let black square over vision giver units. GNA#14275
  • Disallow embassy creation if Marco Polo's Embassy is built. GNA#14448, GNA#14548
  • Do not bounce units on empty enemy cities on terrain changes. GNA#14532
  • Consider that AI explorers moved when they changed tile instead of if their moves decreased (could be wrong on railroads for example). GNA#14533
  • Loading a scenario begins at turn 0 and not -2. GNA#14658
  • Display trade route lines at map and infos in city dialog even if the trade route doesn't give trade bonus. GNA#14745
  • Added support for Haiku OS. GNA#14715
  • Fixed clicking of technologies on research report. GNA#14812
  • Updated translations: ca.po da.po de.po es.po fi.po
Version 2.1.9:
  • Fixed crash due to gcc 4.x optimization bug. (#40610)
  • Fixed island generator rivers and double-continent bug. (#15947, #17435)
  • Fixed auto-explore not respecting borders. (#40570)
  • Fixed stack teleporting exploit. (#40658)
  • Fixed crash when doing irrigation-connect on a mine. (#40676)
  • Fixed update bug for the city report total buy cost label. (#40695)
  • Fixed memory leak in server scan code. (#40707)
  • Fixed data type conversion bug affecting unit power factor. (#40746)
  • Fixed many typos and style errors in translated messages. (#40688, #40686, #40685, #40684, #40699, #40687, #40689, #40691, #40693, #40694, #40725)
  • Changed the save file name format to -T-Y.sav. (#40681)
  • Changed the selection rectangle drawing method to speed up map drawing. (#40646)
  • Changed the city report concise rapture symbols back to * and X. (#40700)
  • Changed mass unit selection to include units with order or units under AI control. (#40727)
  • Changed the default metaserver for both client and server to the one at (#40752)
  • Improved gtk widget layout so that the Freeciv window can fit on a 800x600 display. (#12825)
  • Improved map decoration drawing (popup info, goto lines, city high-lighting) for speed and memory efficiency. (#40717)
  • Improved mass unit selection: j selects a single unit, k selects tile units, y selects continent units. (#40727)
  • Improved automatic chatline scrolling. (#40721)
  • Added option to disable mouse cursor changing. (#40678)
  • Added option to draw traderoute lines with toggle shortcut Ctrl+t. (#40668)
  • Added option to prefix client chat messages with the current time. (#40706)
  • Added option to preferentially select cities over units with the selection rectangle. (#40703)
  • Added option to show production buy cost in the city descriptions. (#40702)
  • Added option to not clear unit orders when units are selected. (#40724)
  • Added option to split the lower chatline area in to two notebooks, with the message window appearing in the right notebook. (#40705)
  • Added option to disable the automatic caravan arrival popup. (#40730)
  • Added client shortcut b for buying production in selected cities. (#40704)
  • Added a list view in the network page showing current players on a server. (#40707)
  • Added client ability to center on an event tile by right-clicking on a row in the message window. (#40719)
  • Added client ability to reorder city report columns by dragging the column headers in the gtk2 client. (#40680)
  • Added worklist manipulation operations to the city report menus. (#40723, #40728, #40729)
  • Added multiplayer allies-only chat toggle button. (#40487)
  • Added more information to map popup info window. (#40488)
  • Added a toplevel menu item for the Governor menu in the city report. (#40677)
  • Added city production clipboard shortcuts Shift+right-click to copy and Ctrl+Shift+right-click to paste. (#40679)
  • Updated Finnish, Catalan, Estonian, Danish, Lithuanian, German, Korean, and Swedish translations.
Versienummer 2.1.10
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista
Website Freeciv
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


10-12-2009 • 19:16

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Bron: Freeciv



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