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Bron: Blender Foundation, submitter: ESTANNY

Blender logo (75 pix) De Blender Foundation heeft donderdag de tweede update uitgebracht voor de eind mei verschenen versie 2.49 van het opensource en crossplatform 3d-programma Blender uitgebracht. Dit programma is bedoeld voor 3d-modeling, animatie, rendering, post-production, interactive creation en playback. Meer informatie over de uitgebreide mogelijkheden van Blender kunnen op deze pagina worden gevonden. Met dit programma zijn onder meer de opensource animatiefilms 'Elephants Dream' en 'Big Buck Bunny' gemaakt. Het changelog laat voornamelijk bugfixes zien, maar er zijn ook een handvol nieuwe mogelijkheden aan het programma toegevoegd en diverse ondersteunende programma's zijn bijgewerkt naar nieuwere versies. Hieronder is het changelog voor versie 2.49b te vinden:


Various Bugs:

  • SoftBody, vertex groups were not notified on deletion & fixes for Mass and Spring Painting
  • Softbody, non mesh objects missing initializers [bug #18982]
  • Self Shadow Vertex Colors, improved blur method to give more even results.
  • Converting nurbs to a mesh ignored smoothing for Alt+C and from python.
  • Object Active to Other, Fix python error when running in local view.
  • Ancient resource leak where checkPackedFile would open a file and never close it.
  • Fix for uninitialized memory use with X11 keyboard and tablet events.
  • Fix for building with CLang (LLVM)

Render Bugs:

  • Using LightGroups override for material doesn't work for preview renders.
  • Render Stamp, error in setting the alpha value when drawing text into a char buffer.
  • Lumma Matte, Fix in low value setting.
    Originally checked against the wrong channel (chroma) instead of the luminence channel. Changed default value for high value to 1.0 from 0.0
  • Baking selected to active with nearby dupliframes objects crashes blender [bug #19029]
  • Fix for high energy sunlamps, turning specular black [bug #18837]

Game Engine Bugs:

  • Saving runtime on Windows didn't work with python2.6
  • Let IPO's animate the ref value for KX_BlenderMaterial's

Game Engine Python Bugs:

  • Converting a mesh from a python argument was broken but happened to work in some cases.
  • Memory leak fix for action.channelNames.
  • Was writing to freed memory when freeing a python object in some cases.
  • Removing GameLogic.EvalExpression(), was unstable.
  • Crash fix when casting a ray to the same location as the object.
  • Fixed KX_PolyProxy returning improper VertexIndex with mixed triangles and quads with using .getVertexIndex() and .v1, .v2, etc. [bug #19254]
  • Fixed obj.sendMessage() with 4 arguments crashing blender [bug #18963]

Game Engine Bullet Bugs:

  • Crash fix when a parent compound object didn't have a physics controller.
  • Fix for the torque actuator x -& y-axis not working.

Sequencer Bugs

  • IPO curve-deletion resulted in non-working effect
  • easy retiming only allowed enlarging of strips, now shrinking is also possible (easy retiming: use the right display handle of input strip and shrink or enlarge, will make the speed of the strip exactly fit the effect strip's length)
  • frames after end-of-display of input strips can now be accessed.
  • frame blending can now be done on more than two frames, enabling really fine grained motion blur if you speed up a sequence with high factors (bigger than two).
  • Scene-Strip rendering with compositor scenes failed, if they had no camera attached.
  • Fixed hdd-audio for sample formats other than 16 bit (8 bit eg).

Import/Export Bugs

  • FBX Export, Incorrect formatting that broke some converters.
  • BVH Motion Capture Import, Did not support single rigid body objects. [bug #18949]
  • OBJ Import, fix for importing of transparent faces from .mtl files - ZTrans now is set for them as well. (improves import from SketchUp)
  • Collada export, Empty material slot would raise a python error.
  • Collada import, fixes for increased Sketchup interoperability and more.
  • Quake MAP Export, empty nodes were not exported, also noticed files were invalid if there were no meshes or surfaces.
  • Quake MAP Export, had support for single triangular brush unnecessarily disabled.
  • Quake MD2 Export, Fix for vertex normals [patch #19206]

Python API

  • Mathutils (quat_a*quat_b) was broken, returned (quat_a*quat_a) instead.
  • Support for editing properties IpoCurve.driverBone and IpoCurve.driverBone2 and modifies IpoCurve.driverChannel to allow OB_ROT_DIFF.
  • Documentation corrections.
  • Support for rendering background scenes different from the active scene.
  • scene.render.render() now behaves the same in interactive and background mode
  • scene.render.saveRenderedImage() now works correctly in background mode
  • Armature active bone can be set.


Blender 2.49 splashscreen (481 pix)
Besturingssystemen:Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Solaris, UNIX, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Linux AMD64, Linux IA-64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64
Website:Blender Foundation
Bestandsgroottes:12,80MB t/m 25,50MB
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Reacties (5)

Kan dit programma als alternatief voor rhinoceros 3d gebruikt worden? Rhino draait niet (native) onder Linux, vandaar...
Er is een Linux versie van blender dus probeer het eens. De reacties over dit programma zijn voornamelijk positief.
Blender erkt inderdaad onder Linux. Het werkt, zeker in het begin, wat spartaans. De opzet is echt totaal anders dan vergelijkbare programma's De GUI is geschreven in OpenGL en volledig aan te passen.

Wil je beginnen met Blender, dan raad ik je aan om wat video tutorials op te zoeken.

Bijvoorbeeld: hier en hier
Blender, blijft een geweldig alternatief. Geloof dat 't van oorsprong uit nld komt? en later door financiele (publieke) steun os gemaakt?
Blender was developed as an in-house application by the Dutch animation studio NeoGeo and Not a Number Technologies (NaN). It was primarily authored by Ton Roosendaal, who had previously written a ray tracer called Traces for Amiga in 1989.
volgens Wikipedia.

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