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Software-update: OpenTTD 0.7.0 bèta 1

OpenTTD logo (60 pix)

Maandag is de eerste bètarelease van versie 0.7.0 van OpenTTD verschenen, de opensource-clone van het Microprose spel Transport Tycoon Deluxe. In dat spel is het de bedoeling dat er een transportimperium wordt opgebouwd over de weg, het spoor, over het water en door de lucht. OpenTTD is beschikbaar voor Windows, Linux en Mac OS X en kan meer dan alleen het spel nabootsen. Zo kunnen er tot wel 64 keer grotere maps worden gebruikt dan in het origineel, is de ai zijn naam waardig en kunnen er tot acht spelers meedoen in een multiplayer-spel. Let wel op dat OpenTTD nog steeds databestanden van het originele spel nodig heeft. Deze zijn auteursrechtelijk beschermd en worden daarom niet meegeleverd. Hieronder is te vinden wat er allemaal in deze release veranderd is:

New features:
  • Make it possible to have multiple windows with edit box open simultaniously
  • Add ability to select which base graphics set is used from the Game Options window. The change takes effect when the window is closed. This option can only be used from the intro menu, as reloading graphics during a game may cause issues
  • Do not draw superfluous catenary wires
  • Add option to group and subtotal expenses list in the company finance window
  • Allow moving clients between companies/spectators by the server and the clients themselves
  • Native support for Transport Tycoon (Original) savegames
  • Allow terraforming of the tiles at the edges of the map
  • [NewGRF] Allow a grf to customize house name via callback 0x14D, during Tile Inquiry process
  • Downloading content from a central server ( where authors can upload their NewGRFS/AI etc. This should make joining servers that use only NewGRFs that are distributed via this system easier as the players can download the NewGRFs from within the game. It should also make it easier to see whether there are updates for NewGRFs and make the necessary updates
  • Add support for IP range bans using CIDR notation
  • An AI framework so people can write their own AIs. This also removes the old cheating and heavily broken AI
  • [NewGRF] Support var 0x45 (curvature info) also for road vehicles
  • [NewGRF] Automatically set last engine ageing year to the last 'introduction year plus half model life', to allow engines later than 2050 to appear
  • Distant joining of stations
  • Advanced setting to keep various building tools active, which are usually closed after placing an object
  • Remove the window limit, but leave a configurable limit on the number of non-sticky non-vital windows
  • Allow road vehicles to move multiple steps in a tick (code based on train movement code) and add support for RV prop 15. This gives RVs a maximum speed of 318mph instead 79mph. This only implements higher speeds, not 'realistic acceleration'
  • Automatic reversing in front of block signals can now be disabled by setting pf.wait_oneway_signal respectively pf.wait_twoway_signal to 255
  • Few (optional) optimisations to making (initial) orders; like keeping goto selected
  • Make the road grids of town match, when all are using the same road layout ofcourse
  • Pressing CTRL while dragging to build a bridge builds the last built bridge type if possible
  • Make the date format for default savegame/screenshot names configurable
  • Allow scrolling with the left mouse button pressed (if enabled). Primarily useful for systems with touch screen
  • Allow up to 15 companies
  • Allow up to 255 clients in multiplayer games
  • When the chosen language is not supported by the current font, try to find a font that does and use that instead
  • [NewGRF] Action0Industries property 24 (industry supplies default name for nearby station)
  • Non-destructive autofill with option to keep waiting times
  • Stop-in-depot order; after this order you have to manually start the vehicle again (or sell it)
  • Arrow key scrolling in the server list
  • Initial support for handling bidirectional scripts and connecting Arabic characters
  • Allow sorting vehicles by remaining life time
  • Ability to reset name to default/automatic value (for vehicles, engines, towns, groups, stations, waypoints, managers and companies)
  • [NewGRF] Add Variational Action 2 Variable 0x47 for houses, Coordinates of the house tile
  • Allow overriding the palette of the base GRFs. This way you can play with NewGRFs made for the Windows palette with the DOS palettes base GRFs (and vice versa). Note that for this to work correctly ALL NewGRFs must use the same palette; mix and match is not yet supported
  • Double click to join selected server/company
  • Allow both the German as well as non-German toyland graphics as "correct" and official graphics
  • Allow people to create their own base graphics easily and without requiring code changes
  • [NewGRF]: Add support for property 0x13 for Bridges. In other words, one can now specifies a 16 bits cost multiplier
  • Make it possible to choose between the DOS and Windows graphics packs while retaining the possibility to override the palette
  • Increase the size of the console backlog. Now it'll only remove backlog items when there are more than a threshold and when they are there longer than (another) threshold
  • Make it possible to filter list_patches output like it's done for other list_* console commands
  • Path based signalling
  • Show [total-]cargo info in depot when [ctrl-]right-clicking on vehicle
  • NewGRF presets, selected by a drop down list in the NewGRF window. Presets are saved in the config file
  • Add a few extra columns with information to the server list
  • [NewGRF] Add var 65 in Variational Action 2 Variables for Houses
  • [NewGRF] Implement var 63, variational action2 variable for Houses. Or, in more simple terms, the check for the animation frame of nearby house
  • Aqueducts
  • [NewGRF] Add var 0x69 for industries, long format construction date
  • [NewGRF] Add long format introduction and maximum construction year for house
  • [NewGRF] Add access to current long year and date from Action 7/9/D and VarAction2 (23/24 or A3/A4), and add access to (long format) building year, in Variational Action2 Variable 49 for Vehicles
  • Splitting of the main toolbar when the resolution becomes very low so the buttons are still visible and useable
  • Make news messages use a linked list instead of a moving circular buffer. This makes it possible to store more news messages in the history
  • The number of news messages is reduced by removing every news message that is a configurable amount older than when it would not be shown in the newspaper popup/ticker, which is e.g. a month for industry production changes and half a year for subsidy offers. As a result the more important messages will stay longer in the message history (if longer than 30 messages)
  • Allow to have more than only two airports per town. The number of airports is now controlled by the noise each of them generates, the distance from town's center and how tolerant the town is (13226)
  • Introducing the so called 'engine pool' which primarily removes the fixed engine type limits and also happens to allow (with the patch option 'dynamic_engines') multiple NewGRF vehicle sets to coexist
  • [NewGRF] The ability to play NewGRF sounds for industries and stations
  • [NewGRF] Add some support for NewGRF station animation
  • Sorting vehicle lists by road vehicle/train length
  • Conditional 'skip/jump' orders
  • Ability to send a vehicle (using default orders) to the nearest depot
  • Ability to force a vehicle to not load or to not unload at a station
  • Four different non-stop types, individually selectable per order. Replaces "TTDP compatible order" setting
  • Three different load type in a single game instead of two. One can choose full load all and full load any instead of full load being governed by the "full load any" patch setting
  • Financial and Player Selection Face windows are now remembering their position when toggling sizes
  • Show what cargos a station could be supplied with
  • [NewGRF] Add random action 2 type 84. For vehicles only
  • [NewGRF] Add support for var A2/22 for action 7/9/D: Difficulty level
  • Add +/- toggle buttons to station cargo waiting list to show/hide the detailed transferred cargo information
  • Open the time table when pressing the order button while pressing the CTRL key
  • On Screen Keyboard for input fields so someone without a keyboard can enter text too
  • When checking for unique names, compare only with manually set names
  • Apply the 'warn if train's income is negative' setting to other vehicle types, too
  • When loading games in "network" mode use the start date of the save game for the server and all clients when loading the NewGRFs instead of the current date. Prevents desyncs caused by action 7/9s skipping parts of the GRF based on the date or some other variables that can differ at NewGRF load time
  • Only say a engine/vehicle is refittable when it can be refitted to at least two cargo type or when it has subcargos
  • [NewGRF] Since our NewGRF handling is better than it used to be, disable a NewGRF if unexpected sprites are reached
  • A town could build a statue under a bridge
  • Multiple vehicles could be filling the timetable and only the data from one vehicle would be taken. Now only allow one to be filling at a time
  • When testing for parallel road two tiles away, do not move more than one tile along the road
  • [NewGRF] The subcargo returned by vehicle variable 0x42 should be the most-common-subcargo of the most-common-cargo. If nothing is transported 0x..FFFF00 should be returned
  • A tram circling around in a depot did never actually 'enter' the depot
  • Changing town road layout in-game caused ugly road networks
  • Company could never have auto-assigned colour 0 (dark blue)
  • Deadlock (with wide fonts) or desync when generating manager name
  • Close all windows *before* starting a new game/loading a game instead of doing that as one of the latest steps of loading the game. This caused, in some cases, the NewGRF settings to be reset when the game was already loaded resulting in instant desyncs when joining a network game
  • Aircraft could be 'loading in the air' or have zero speed while in air after converting old savegames
  • Tile error location not reset when leveling land causing a tile to be highlighted when there was nothing to flatten
  • Signs with sign 'Sign' were lost when converting from TTD savegames
  • [NewGRF] Add support for 8 byte action7/9 data, used as a mask for GRFID checks
  • [NewGRF] Keep industry variables 8E and 8F in sync with 93, when changing production using results 0D, 0E or 0F of callback 29 or 35
  • [NewGRF] Disable a NewGRF from loading if it contains multiple Action 8s
  • Wrong defaults for service interval when switching between service interval in days and service interval in percentages
  • [NewGRF] Building new station parts did not allocate a new station spec effectively breaking variable 41. This was due to the limited number of station specs that we can have per station. This fix makes newly build station parts create a new spec until one cannot allocate new station specs anymore and it'll revert to the old behaviour (sharing station specs)
  • [NewGRF] Station specs did not get deallocated when building a new station part over them
  • Sharing/cloning/inserting of orders that the/a vehicle (in the shared list) cannot go to (wrong station type etc)
  • The "animation state" of the bubbles was stored in a variable that was not stored in the savegame. Using a variable that gets saved in the savegame solves the desync and makes it a bit clearer
  • Abort dragging of vehicles in the group window when they are deleted
  • Do not unnecessarily reset the cursor, when a different vehicle is dragged
  • [NewGRF] First create all articulated parts of roadvehicles, then call callback 36 capacity, also call it for all articulated parts
  • Overflow of number of orders per vehicle
  • Off-by-one causing possible out-of-bounds reads
  • In an MP game in SP mode no company would go bankrupt. Furthermore companies that passed the "bankrupt" period (4 quarters) would not go bankrupt when loading the game back in MP. Now any company that is in MP or not "currently controlled by the player" in SP will bankrupt
  • Do not let any disaster vehicle (Helicopter or Airplane) target invalid industry
  • Memory leak in Action 0x0F (new town names)
  • Writing a single char to the config file caused reading outside a buffer
  • First transfer the whole load of a vehicle chain to industries before triggering any processing. This reduces callback usage and resolves critical rounding errors when using input-cargo-multipliers instead of production callbacks
  • Zeppeliner (disaster) should target st->airport_tile, not st->xy
  • [NewGRF] Gradual filling graphics were not chosen according to the NewGRF spec
  • [NewGRF] Check sprite size when executing action 6
  • [NewGRF] Property 7 and callback 12 were broken for aircraft. Now callback 12 is properly called also for 'mail'. If the callback is not used, 'mail' uses 1/4 of property 7
  • Possible stack corruption when reading corrupted sprites
  • [NewGRF] Return the current year as construction year for unfinished houses
  • [NewGRF] When callback 1E fails, use the standard random colour
  • The company ID is off-by-one with respect to the rest of the GUI in the cheat window
  • The range for kicking/banning clients is based on the maximum number of clients, not the maximum number of companies
  • Allow capacity callbacks (15, 36) to return zero capacity
  • Crashes when a NewGRF sends an invalid string
  • Order pool seemed to look full when it was not as it only checked whether it was possible to allocate a new block of pool items instead of checking for free pool items
  • Do not deliver cargo to industries not inside station catchment area
  • Allocate stub (empty) sound entries when loading an empty/corrupt/incorrectly sized instead of making valid NewGRFs fail to load
  • Make sure trains stop at the end of a station; a 3/8th length train did stop 2/8th of it's length too early causing a 63/8th long train not to fit in a 4 tile station
  • Small possible chance of desync due to sorting on pointer instead of by (station) index
  • When a road stop gets moved make sure to update the destination of RVs going to that road stop
  • Support for spaces in directories passed to ./configure
  • Trains would sometimes move one time too often/little when moving from diagonal<->non-diagonal tracks
  • Balance the monthly random industry changes, by introducing a daily random industry change
  • Save the palette of the loaded NewGRFs in the savegame, so joining with a server using Windows palette will make a client with the DOS palette do palette conversion and (thus) not cause a desync
  • Glitches (alignment issues/inconsistent vehicle graphics) in original graphics
  • One could not get a list of vehicles sharing an order when the number of orders was 0; you could see that the vehicles had a shared order though
  • Various assorted autoreplace issues/malbehaviours
  • The autoreplace gui showed vehicle types for replacement which CmdSetAutoReplace() did not accept
  • Automatically recalculate inflation if NewGRFs are changed and cargo types are added, so that cargo payment rates are correct

Versienummer 0.7.0 bèta 1
Releasestatus Beta
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista
Website OpenTTD
Bestandsgrootte 3,24MB
Licentietype GPL

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

17-02-2009 • 13:28

17 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: dobbytc

Bron: OpenTTD


Meer historie

Reacties (17)

Wijzig sortering
Wordt toch eens tijd dat ze toestemming krijgen van de makers/uitgevers om alle bestanden erbij te leveren... toen ik de uitgever had gevraagd om een kopie te kopen zeiden ze simpelweg dat die niet beschikbaar of leverbaar zijn.

Dan is er toch maar 1 alternatief lijkt me, en dat is (illegaal) downloaden. Kunnen ze net zo goed het spel freeware maken, zoals GTA ook gedaan heeft.
Het enige juiste alternatief is natuurlijk em netjes kopen, maar in de praktijk zal inderdaad 99% em gewoon "ergens downloaden". ;)
En jij vindt die prijzen niet bizar voor een game die zo oud is als Methusalem, en waarvan je slechts een paar bestandjes gebruikt om vervolgens de rest van het origineel geheel links te laten liggen? OTTD is een héél stuk verder dan het origineel, het enige wat je van het origineel nodig hebt zijn die paar bestandjes.

Ik heb jaren geleden toen het origineel uitkwam de game gekocht, die disk is alleen inmiddels te veel beschadigd. (Ja vroeger speelde ik m'n games nog vanaf de originele disk. Iets waar ik nu enorm veel spijt van heb, en dus inmiddels ook niet meer doe.)

Niemand wil gewoon het risico nemen die bestandjes vrij te geven. Want niemand weet precies waar de rechten over die bestandjes precies verdeeld zijn. Ik zie geen reden diegene te steunen die nu de rechten heeft over de verkoop van TTD, ze hebben de game immers lang al lang geleden laten vallen. Ze zouden profiteren van het harde werk van de community die de game nieuw leven gegeven heeft zonder er zelf ook maar iets voor terug te doen..
Laat ze maar uitzoeken waar de rechten over die bestandjes precies liggen, dan is de community achter OTTD zelfs bereid die rechten over te nemen voor een schappelijke prijs mochten ze niet bereid zijn die gratis van de hand te doen. Maar zelfs dat is ze teveel moeite.

Dat mensen die bestandjes downloaden is imho in dit geval niet meer dan terecht.
Ach, als je een beetje handig bent met google kun je prima de benodigde bestanden vinden hoor :)
Dat is z'n hele punt helemaal niet. Maar OTTD is nu een half product en men moet nu inderdaad moeilijk doen, bovendien is het nog illegaal.
Zoals het project nu is, is het niet illegaal
het zou illegaal zijn als OpenTTD of TTDPatch de complete Transport Tycoon Deluxe mee zou leveren
Het grote probleem is dat niemand precies weet wie alle rechten heeft. Niemand wil het risico lopen om iets te verkopen waar ze de rechten niet toe hebben.
Dat illegaal downloaden gebeurt dan ook erg veel, ook door mensen die hun cd kwijt zijn er zijn dan ook zat mensen die om die reden de bestanden op internet hebben gezet.

Daarnaast kan je ook hier een nieuwe set basegraphics downloaden die gemaakt zijn onder GPL en die gebruiken

[Reactie gewijzigd door dobbytc op 17 februari 2009 13:50]

Kijk anders naar Simutrans, dit is (als ik het goed heb) ook gebaseerd op de OpenTTD code, maar er zijn diverse graphics pakketten, waarvan sommige met groter grid (32x32 tot 128x128), kortom grotere plaatjes, wat best fijn is op een vga+ scherm!
Het is nog wat gehannes om het werkend te krijgen (bij mij althans met OSX krijg ik alleen de pak32 aan de praat, dus de kleinste huisjes), maar ja... Nog niet geprobeerd op Win of *nix. Oh, en het speelt ook iets anders dan OpenTTD, ze hebben wat regels en principes aangepast.
Ook voor OpenTTD komen er betere graphics aan..
Simutrans is inmiddels wel opensource, maar niet gebaseerd op OpenTTD. De twee spellen lijken op het eerste gezicht op elkaar, maar er zitten behoorlijk grote verschillen tussen.
prima initiatief om deze game door te zetten!

nou allemaal helpen om de bugs eruit te krijgen :)

[Reactie gewijzigd door Mr. P op 17 februari 2009 16:50]

Ik moet zeggen dat het heel leuk speelt. En ondanks dat het een 0.x en een Beta is, zijn de releases eigenlijk altijd stable en playable.

Zelfs de nightlies kun je eigenlijk altijd zonder gevaar gebruiken.
An AI framework so people can write their own AIs. This also removes the old cheating and heavily broken AI
Die is wel lachen, hebben we vorige periode voor een schoolproject (AI) gebruikt, alleen toen was het nog in beta. De API die erbij zit is nogal vaag en er valt ook wel het een en ander op de scripttaal aan te merken, maar met een beetje werk zou je hele leuke dingen kunnen maken.

Het is alleen jammer dat de AI's hoofdzakelijk geprogrammeerd worden om zoveel mogelijk winst te maken, dwz dat ze zo goed mogelijk zijn, in plaats van dat er AI's gemaakt worden die ook leuk zijn in combinatie met menselijke spelers.

Maar ik geloof zo dat die er uiteindelijk ook wel zullen komen.
je zou dan naar pathzilla moeten kijken, als ik het goed begrepen heb is het de bedoeling dat die AI vooral mooie/leuke gameplay opleverd, dit in tegenstelling to idd de meeste andere AI's die er nu zijn.
Geweldig :D op deze versie heb ik enorm lang zitten wachten ;) :Y

De nightly's zijn het toch net niet ;) nu maar hopen dat hij snel gereleased wordt als final :)

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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