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Software-update: AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey wordt ontwikkeld in C++ en stelt je in staat om vaak gebruikte toetsaanslagen, handelingen en/of knoppencombo's met het toetsenbord, muis en gamepad achter een sneltoets te zetten, zodat de betreffende handeling in één keer wordt uitgevoerd. Daarbij is het mogelijk om eerder gescripte toetscombinaties van AutoIt2 te converteren naar de scripttaal van AutoHotkey. De ontwikkelaar is druk bezig geweest en heeft versie uitgebracht met de volgende veranderingen sinds de vorige vermelding in de meuktracker:

  • Fixed inability to pass the result of an assignment (:=) to a ByRef parameter. [thanks Titan]
  • Fixed ListView's floating point sorting to produce the correct ordering. [thanks oldbrother/Goyyah/Laszlo]
  • Fixed environment variables to work properly as input variables in various commands such as StringLen and StringReplace (broken by [thanks Camarade_Tux]
  • NOTE: Although this release has been extensively tested, several low-level enhancements were made. If you have any mission-critical scripts, it is recommended that you retest them and/or wait a few weeks for any bugs to get fixed.
  • Fixed comma-separated declaration initializers such as "local x = 1, y = 2" to work even when immediately below an if/else/loop statement.
  • Fixed comma-separated expressions so when the leftmost item is an assignment, it will occur before the others rather than after. [thanks Laszlo]
  • Changed and fixed function-calls so that any changes they make to dynamic variable names, environment variables, and built-in variables (such as Clipboard) are always visible to subsequent parts of the expression that called them.
  • Changed: When a multi-statement comma is followed immediately by a variable and an equal sign, that equal sign is automatically treated as a := assignment. For example, all of the following are assignments: x:=1, y=2, a=b=c
  • Changed comma-separated expressions to produce the following effects: 1) the leftmost /= operator becomes true divide rather than EnvDiv; 2) blank values are not treated as zero in math expressions (thus they yield blank results).
  • Improved the performance of expressions by 5 to 20% (depending on type).
  • Improved the new assignment operators such as .= to support the Clipboard variable (even in comma-separated expressions).
  • Improved the .= operator so that it doesn't require a space to its left.
  • Improved GUI controls to accept static variables as their associated variables (formerly only globals were allowed).
  • Added option HwndOutputVar to "Gui Add", which stores a control's HWND in OutputVar. [thanks Corrupt & Toralf]
Version 1.0.46:
  • NOTE: Although this release has been extensively tested and is not expected to break any existing scripts, several low-level enhancements were made. If you have any mission-critical scripts, it is recommended that you retest them and/or wait a few weeks for any bugs to get fixed.
  • Added function SubStr(), which retrieves the specified number of characters at the specified position in a string.
  • Added assignment operators //=, .=, |=, &=, ^=, >>=, and <<=, which can be used anywhere in expressions. For example, Var .= "abc" appends the string "abc" to Var's current contents.
  • Added full support in expressions for the operators :=, ++, --, +=, -=, *=, and /= (formerly, they could be used only as the leftmost operator on a line). All assignment operators (especially ++ and --) behave in a C-like way when their result is used by some other operator.
  • Added the ternary operator (?:), which is a shorthand replacement for the if-else statement. For example, var := x>y ? 2 : 3 assigns the value 2 if x is greater than y; otherwise it assigns 3.
  • Added support for comma-separated expressions, which allow a single line to contain multiple assignments, function calls, and other expressions. [thanks PhiLho & Titan]
  • Improved variable declarations to support initialization on the same line. Note: A static variable's initialization occurs only once, before the script begins executing.
  • Improved line continuation to support all expression operators. For example, a line that starts with "?" or "+" is automatically appended to the line above it.
  • Improved performance of operators "." and ".=" to be as fast as the percent-sign method of appending a string.
  • Improved expressions to allow more types of consecutive unary operators such as !!Var. [thanks Laszlo]
  • Changed Critical to check messages less often (20 vs. 10ms), which improves the reliability of frequently-called OnMessage functions. [thanks Majkinetor]
  • Changed: A variable named simply "?" is no longer valid in expressions due to the new ternary operator.
  • Fixed hotkeys to support ":::" (colon as a hotkey) and ": & x" (colon as a hotkey prefix).
  • Fixed the installer to remove psapi.dll from the AutoHotkey folder (except on Windows NT4). This avoids a conflict with Internet Explorer 7. [thanks to all who reported it]
  • Fixed crash on Windows 9x when a script doesn't actually run (e.g. due to syntax error) (broken by v1.0.45). [thanks rogerg]
  • Changed "Control Style|ExStyle" to report ErrorLevel 0 vs. 1 when the requested style change wasn't necessary because it was already in effect.
  • Improved #Include to support %A_AppData% and %A_AppDataCommon%. [thanks Tekl]
  • Fixed file-pattern loops not to crash when recursing into paths longer than 259 characters. In addition, such paths and files are now ignored (skipped over) by file-pattern loops, FileSetAttrib, and FileSetTime. [thanks PhilR]
  • Fixed functions that call themselves and assign the result to one of their own locals (broken by v1.0.45). [thanks bjennings]
  • Fixed crash of scripts containing regular expressions that have compile errors. [thanks PhiLho]
  • Fixed GuiControl not to convert checkboxes into 3-state unless requested. [thanks JBensimon]
  • Changed UrlDownloadToFile to announce a user-agent of "AutoHotkey" to the server rather than a blank string. [thanks jaco0646]
  • Improved continuation sections to support semicolon comments inside the section via the option-word Comments.
  • Fixed StringUpper and StringLower to work when OutputVar is the clipboard (broken by v1.0.45). [thanks songsoverruins]
  • Fixed the hotkeys ~Alt, ~Control, and ~Shift to fire upon press-down rather than release (broken by v1.0.44).
  • Background: Without the tilde, Alt/Control/Shift fire upon release to avoid taking over both the left and right key. But a specific left/right hotkey like LAlt or RShift fires upon press-down.
  • Fixed FileReadLine and FileSelectFile not to crash or misbehave when other threads interrupt them (broken by v1.0.45). [thanks toralf]
  • Fixed RegExMatch() so that when there's no match, named subpatterns are properly set to "" in the output array. [thanks PhiLho]
  • Fixed RegExMatch()'s "J" option to properly write duplicate named subpatterns to the output array. [thanks PhiLho]
  • Changed SetWorkingDir and #Include DirName to succeed even for a root directory such as C: that lacks a backslash.
  • Improved DllCall() to display a warning dialog if the called function writes to a variable of zero capacity.
Version 1.0.45:
  • NOTE: Although this release has been extensively tested and is not expected to break any existing scripts, several low-level performance enhancements were made. If you have any mission-critical scripts, it is recommended that you retest them and/or wait a few weeks for any bugs to get fixed.
  • Added support for regular expressions via RegExMatch(), RegExReplace(), and SetTitleMatchMode RegEx. [thanks Philip Hazel & PhiLho]
  • Improved performance and memory utilization of StringReplace.
  • Improved performance of the := operator for expressions and functions involving long strings.
  • Improved ControlClick with a new option "NA" that avoids activating the target window (this mode also improves reliability in some cases). In addition, it's been documented that SetControlDelay -1 can improve the reliability of ControlClick in some cases. [thanks nnesori]
  • Changed GUI buttons to default to "no word-wrap" when no width, height, or CR/LF characters were specified. This may solve button display issues under some desktop themes.
  • Fixed "Transform HTML" for the following characters: &`n><
  • Fixed misinterpretation of lines starting with "if not is" such as "if not IsDone".
  • Fixed inability of "Gui Show" to move a window vertically downward to where its bottommost row of pixels is now.
  • Fixed inability to use GroupActivate as the only line beneath an IF or ELSE.
  • Fixed inability of the Input command to differentiate between end-keys enclosed in braces and their (un)shifted counterparts; e.g. '{' vs. '['. [thanks Laszlo]
  • NOTE: Although this release has been extensively tested and is not expected to break any existing scripts, several low-level performance enhancements were made. If you have any mission-critical scripts, it is recommended that you retest them and/or wait a few weeks for any bugs to get fixed.
  • Fixed loop-variables like A_Index when accessed in more than one of a line's parameters. The inaccuracy occurred only when one of those parameters called a function that returned directly from the body of a loop. [thanks NumEric]
  • Changed ListVars to display ByRef parameters by their own name rather than the caller's.
  • Changed the Input command to do nothing on Windows 9x (not even setting ErrorLevel and OutputVar).
  • Raised the limit on the number of GUI fonts from 100 to 200. [thanks philou]
  • Changed StrLen()/StringLen and internal string-handling to avoid calculating a string's length when possible. Although this enhances performance (especially for large strings), scripts that use DllCall to pass a string via the address operator (&) rather than as a str parameter should call VarSetCapacity(Var, -1) to correct the internally-stored length (if it changed).
  • Improved performance slightly (above and beyond the StrLen improvement).
  • Fixed ControlGetPos and ControlMove to work with "ahk_id %ControlHWND%". [thanks Hardeep]
  • Fixed #CommentFlag to affect the line beneath it the same way as other lines. [thanks PhiLho]
  • Changed A_OSVersion to report Windows Vista as "WIN_VISTA" rather than "".
  • Added options to set min/max size of GUI windows; for example: Gui +MinSize320x240 +MaxSize640x480
  • Fixed timers interfering with double-clicks in FileSelectFile. [thanks DJAnonimo]
  • Fixed mouse hook causing a delay when pressing a GUI window's title bar buttons. [thanks Tekl]
  • Improved GUI windows to have CS_DBLCLKS so that OnMessage() can monitor double clicks via WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK, WM_RBUTTONDBLCLK, and WM_MBUTTONDBLCLK. [thanks Hardeep]
  • Improved ListViews to support logical sorting, which treats digits as numbers rather than mere characters. [thanks Tekl & Hacker]
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website AutoHotkey
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


03-01-2007 • 13:20

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Bron: AutoHotkey

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Wijzig sortering
Gewoon een geweldig programma. Er word vaak veel uitgelicht over de hotkey mogelijkheden, maar daar buiten is er zoveel meer mogelijk. GUI's, Macro's, automation, DLL calls, web interactie, you name it!

Toch is het erg low-level en tegelijkertijd doeltreffend. Dit had ik eigenlijk al veel eerder willen hebben :9~

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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