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Software-update: Samba 3.0.21 RC1

De ontwikkelaars van Samba zijn druk bezig en de eerste release candidate van versie 3.0.21 staat al weer op de planken. Samba draait op onder andere Linux-servers en is in staat om file- en/of printer-services aan Windows-clients te bieden. Voor de documentatie over het hoe en wat van Samba kan je een kijkje nemen op deze pagina. De release notes zien er als volgt uit:

Samba 3.0.21rc1 Available for Download. This is a release candidate of the 3.0.21 code base and is provided for testing purposes only. While close to the final stable release, this snapshot is not intended for production servers.

Changes since 3.0.21pre1:
  • BUG 3192: Adds a "dfree cache time" parameter.
  • Fix acl evaluation bug found by Marc Cousin. Only evaluate the S_IWGRP mask in the absence of a POSIX ACL.
  • Remove use of 'long long' in libsmbclient code.
  • Ensure the new canonicalize_servicename() in name/snum hash is multi-byte safe.
  • BUG 2922: Integration of FreeBSD AIO patches from Timur Bakeyev.
  • BUG 3216: Put directory opens into the share mode db so we can treat them similarly to file opens (delete on close, share mode violations etc.).
  • Fix bug in name mangling code when case sensitivity is enabled.
  • Remove external dependencies from the sharemodes library.
  • BUG 3212: Ignore bogus OS/2 set EA values on trans2 calls.
  • Don't misinterpret wild card characters in file names on disk as they are actually valid characters.
  • BUG 3223: Fix bug in account policy management when account_pol.tdb settings have been migrating to an LDAP backend.
  • Allow the hash size of the tdb open (locking) database to be set in local.h.
  • Fix error code returns on client spoolss code.
  • Remove unneeded strncpy use.
  • Fix uninitialized variables warnings.
  • Cleanup smbcacls security descriptor parsing and error codes.
  • BUG 3224: Correctly use machine_account_name and client_name when doing netlogon credential setup. Fixes winbindd running on a Samba PDC.
  • Backport Samba 4 time zone handling.
  • Fix core dump if setmntent() returns NULL.
  • Replace old crc32 code with one from the FreeBSD tree.
  • Remove another ancient NTLMSSP implementation.
  • Allow machine account logons work if the client gives the appropriate flags.
  • Add POSIX statvfs() to VFS api.
  • Fix linking problem on Solaris when including ACL support.
  • Give root a free pass to open the eventlog tdb files.
  • Fix segfault in addprinter due to mixing talloc() and malloc()'d memory.
  • fix invalid read reported by valgrind in the spoolss backchannel connection.
  • Remove use of 'long long' in perfcounter registry code.
  • BUG 3201: make sure request structure is cleared prior to sending the request to winbindd.
  • Don't count open pipes in the num_files_open on a connection (regression from Samba 2.2).
  • Ensure servername hashing code normalizes the name.
  • Fix checks for connect() in -lnsl[_s].
  • Convert eventlog API to use NTSTATUS return codes rather than WERROR.
  • Fix segv in winbindd caused by an uninitialized variable in winbindd_dual_getsidaliases().
  • Allow winbindd to select the appropriate backend methods based on the DC attributes and not the security parameter.
  • Re-add the netsamlogon_cache tdb and ensure that user entries are updated from the PAC data during kerberos ticket validation.
  • Fix lockup when running 'wbinfo -t' on a Samba PDC caused by mangling machine names in sub_set_smb_name().
  • Add small helper function to return a PAC_LOGON_INFO.
  • Use LDAP bitwise matching rule when searching for groups in ADS.
  • Update to the latest config.guess and config.sub files.
  • Fix an annoying timeout in winbindd when nmbd is not running.
  • Speed up loading smb.conf for large numbers of share definitions by adding an internal hashing of names to snums. Thanks to Michael Adam.
  • Fix potential segv in rpcclient's lsarpc calls.
  • Fix bugs in winbindd's use of rpccli_netlogon_getdcname().
  • Fix alignment in getdc response.
  • Allow pdbedit to set the domain for a user account.
  • Fix fallback logic in rpc binds.
  • Fix memleak in message handling code.
  • Fix connection bug to port 445 and 139 after a successful getdcname response.
  • Add additional calls to initialize_krb5_error_table() for kerberos client code.
  • Implement the possibility to have AFS users as SIDs in pts.
  • Cleanup libmsrpc version numbers.
  • BUG 3218: Fix XATTR calls on *BSD systems.
  • Speed up string_to_sid by removing next_token calls and unneeded strncmp() calls.
  • Implement user rename for smbpasswd and LDAP backends.
  • Use lp_socket_address() when binding to port 138/udp in nmbd.
  • Fix typo when creating Eventlog source DLL registry paths.
  • Add simple script to tail syslog and write records to eventlog tdb.
  • Only install smbsh manpage if smbwrapper has been successfully built.
  • Updates for the mklogon perl scripts.
  • Fix libmsrpc build of on the Sun compiler by removing empty structure declarations.
  • Added basic Performance Counter daemon which can feed data for the Windows perfmon.exe tool.
  • Update Debian packaging.
Versienummer 3.0.21 RC1
Besturingssystemen Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris
Website Samba
Bestandsgrootte 16,71MB
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

Door Japke Rosink


13-11-2005 • 12:14

0 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Samba



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