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Software-update: KDE 3.3.1

De ontwikkelaars achter het KDE-project hebben een zogenaamde maintenance-release uitgebracht voor versie 3.3 van KDE, de desktop omgeving voor GNU/Linux en andere Unix-systemen. De software is in verschillende smaken te downloaden en via deze pagina kan een lokatie in de buurt worden gevonden waarvan het is te downloaden. De volledige release notes staan op deze pagina en hieronder zijn de veranderingen ten opzichte van de 3.3-release opgesomd:

  • KHTML: fixed spurious deletion of textarea contents (#49828, #48879, #86916)
  • KHTML: fixed innerHTML getter to not behave like outerHTML (#88242)
  • KHTML: fix crash in caret mode
  • KHTML: added missing < marquee > ECMAScript bindings
  • KHTML: fixed missing Javascript-support for HTMLDocument.compatMode
  • KHTML: fixed off-by-one error which caused decorations to exceed the selection-end by one pixel
  • KHTML: fixed wrong positioning of text-decorations in selections
  • KHTML: small paint optimization for render texts
  • KHTML: fixed spurious scrollbars on the canvas when overflow of clipped children exceeds the viewport boundaries (#57080)
  • KHTML: fixed unreachable relatively positioned content on viewport
  • KHTML: fixed unreachable positioned content in clipped blocks
  • KHTML: fixed selection not being redrawn in overflow-area
  • KHTML: jump-to-anchor fixes (#57360)
  • KHTML: Don't warn that a form was not submitted after pressing back button (#88073)
  • KHTML: fix crash on illegal CSS (#86192)
  • KHTML: On popular demand, double-click between two words selects both again as in KDE 3.2.
  • kfile: Added "New Folder..." in context menu within KDirSelectDialog (#74614)
  • kfile: Enabled dragging of directories within KDirSelectDialog
  • kfile: KURLRequester now popups KDirSelectDialog when a directory is requested (#85074)
  • kfile: Toggling hidden files didn't refresh the file selection list (#80103)
  • kio: Separate general from meta info in filetips (#85252)
  • don't crash when right clicking on a toolbar in some applications that are using KParts
  • sidebar newsticker: Better error handling in case no connection to the DCOP service is possible (#87920)
  • sidebar newsticker: Remove newsticker from the default sidebar configuraton (usability fix)
  • sidebar mediaplayer: Remove mediaplayer from the default sidebar configuration (usability fix)
  • Plastik: Performance optimizations
  • Plastik: Honor QButtonGroup::setLineWidth( 0 ) (#89342)
  • Plastik/dotNet: Fix flicker in scrollbar (#76107)
  • kinfocenter: fixed crash in USB viewer (#87807)
  • konqueror: "Advanced Add Bookmark" didn't affect right-click bookmarking (#86025)
  • konqueror: "Duplicate Tab" now respects "After Current Tab" setting (#89245)
  • konqueror: Only let linked views in same tab follow changes (#86748)
  • konsole: Added AppScreen support to keytab (#76976)
  • konsole: Cycling trough tabs with keyboard caused terminal size to be printed (#87274)
  • konsole: Don't crash when showing tabbar with centered background (#89629)
  • kbruch: Fix color settings (apply them to all widgets)
  • kbruch: fix bug 87858
  • khangman: fix bug 87853 (level bug)
  • kmplot: Avoid an endless loop when a calculation doesn't return a value
  • kmplot: Fix areaUnderGraph-drawing: an invald y-value led to y>10e10 or y<-10e10
  • kstars: bug 89095
  • kstars: LX200 GPS fixes
  • kstars: Fixes compilation on gcc-2.95
  • kstars: Fixes to the Solar Sysytem tab of the options dialog
  • kstars: Disable stars-related widgets in the options dialog (Catalogs tab) if the "Hipparcos Star Catalog" box is unchecked
  • kstars: Make it impossible to set the "zoomed out" mag limit to a fainter value than the "zoomed in" limit
  • kstars: Fix horribly blocky images in printed image
  • kstars: Printing fix: When original color scheme is restored, restore the original star color intensity as well
  • kstars: Fix bug 88100
  • ktouch: Typos fixes in german2.ktouch
  • ktouch: utf8 fixes for bugs 86080 and 88704
  • ktouch: Fix for bug 86477
  • kturtle: Fix crash in Settings
  • kturtle: Fix the endless loop bug that occurs when drawing extremely long lines
  • libkdeedu: 2 Fixes to ExtDateTime and the test program 'test_extdate'
  • atlantik: Don't show warning dialog when exiting a game that ended. (#88617)
  • kpoker: Fixed misevaluation of poker hands (#30272, #70903, #71693)
  • kpoker: Fixed unnecessary saves (#88548)
  • kreversi: Fix for bug where the color of the players are not saved (#89829)
  • kreversi: Fix for bug in undo handling after side switch (#90190)
  • kreversi: Fix against possible cheat (#90195)
  • kpdf: Use xpdf 3.0 rendering engine
  • kpdf: Fixed crash on pdf with 0 pages #83590
  • kpdf: Fixed crash when using various kpdf parts #81442
  • kpdf: Fixed crash when using zoom values with . on a locale with , as decimal separator #82877
  • kpdf: Show "Show menubar" option on RMB menu when menubar is hidden #89673
  • kpdf: Generate thumbnails in a thread so the GUI is not blocked #88661
  • kolourpaint: Fix multiple selection bugs
  • kolourpaint: Speed up renderer (esp. drag-scrolling at high zoom)
  • kolourpaint: Fix remaining untranslatable strings #85785
  • akodelib: Fixed decoding of Ogg/Vorbis on big-endian machines (#88992)
  • akode-artsplugin: Fixed artsd-crash when playing in Konqueror (#89265)
  • juk: Fixed a bug where JuK sometimes crashes on KDE logout. (#87244)
  • juk: Fixed the removeTrack() DCOP call, which caused an infinite memory-leaking loop. (#89785)
  • juk: JuK now automatically saves your playlists every 10 minutes. (#67392)
  • juk: The tree view mode uses a case-insensitive search to fill its dynamic playlist now, matching the internal method of operation. (#89339)
  • juk: The tag editor no longer loses changes when you hide the tag editor. (#86892)
  • juk: Added checks for the return value of opendir(), which could fail if you don't have read permission for the directory. (#87491)
  • juk: Update status bar after changing the tags on the currently playing item. (#87332)
  • juk: Fixed a bug where a tree view mode playlist could be deleted out from under an item that needed to access it.
  • juk: Fixed the GUI layout to also work in right-to-left languages.
  • juk: Update the status bar when a different playlist is selected.
  • juk: Always show the playing playlist in the status bar, fixing a regression from KDE 3.2.
  • kscd: Fix saving of cd-information (#88165)
  • ksirc: fixed duplicated channel into the list (#80912)
  • kmail: switch to html mode when using bullets in composer (#88255)
  • kmail: clicking bold/italic in composer sometimes doesn't do anything
  • kmail: fixed the mailing list address importing (#78626)
  • kalarm: Prevent crash if kalarmui.rc is missing (#89610)
  • kalarm: Prevent Quit option from becoming useless if "Don't ask again" is selected along with Cancel in confirmation dialog
  • kalarm: Fix scheduling of weekly/monthly/yearly recurrences from the command line
  • kalarm: Fix errors when altering or cancelling deferrals of expired recurrences
  • kalarm: Fix message window size not fitting message
  • kalarm: Prevent blind copy to self of email alarms via KMail when bcc is deselected
  • umbrello: Remove need for flex library (#89582)
  • umbrello: Fix various crashes (e.g. #77645)
  • umbrello: Fix deletion of message in sequence diagram (#87995)
  • umbrello: Fix deletion of association name label (#89579)
  • umbrello: Fix C++ import of code with comments (#86958)
  • umbrello: Improve quality of export to EPS (#89553)
  • umbrello: Allow deletion of enum literals
  • umbrello: Improve perl code generation (POD)
  • Try to make KFloppy usable again.
  • Quanta Plus
    • VPL: enable VPL on KDE 3.3.x
    • show (again) the full filename in a tooltip
    • don't crash if the preview widget is closed with a JavaScript command from the code itself (#87533)
    • possible crash on startup fixed
    • don't try to autofill a closing tag for non-xml tags (#89212)
    • when opening a Quanta 3.2 project set the upload status of the files to "When Modified" not to "Never" (#88232)
    • when adding files to a project, use the upload status of the parent directory for the newly added file
    • fix the Save As.. behavior (it defaulted to some strange directories, depending on the active treeview, selected directory, etc.)
    • update the modified status text/icon when using Save All (#87196)
    • always find the right action to edit, even if there are more actions with the same user visible name
    • don't change the template description if writing to the .dirinfo file fails (usually for global templates)
    • fix creation of new template directories (template type was stored incorrectly)
    • display the user-readable template type in every dialog
    • fix the Konqueror launch in meinproc.kmdr
    • fix open dialog in checkxml.kmdr: use the the folder selection dialog to select folders
    • improvement: don't show the project toolbar when no project is loaded
    • improvement: support loading of more than one toolbar at a time
    • improvement: don't ask for toolbar saving if the toolbar names was modified by Quanta to add (1), (2), etc. at the end
    • improvement: disable the Quanta Template page in properties if you don't have writing rights to the directory
    • improvement: show the user-readable template description for every template file, not just the directories.
    • improvement: don't allow to change the template type in the properties of a file as it's valid per-directory.
  • Kommander
    • output from ExecButton wasn't sent to standard output
  • KLinkStatus
    • enable the hide toolbar menu item in the toolbar context menu (and don't crash with KDE 3.3.0 when you right click on the toolbar)
KDE logo
Versienummer 3.3.1
Besturingssystemen Linux
Website KDE
Licentietype GPL

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

13-10-2004 • 10:20

10 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: Genghis Khan

Bron: KDE

Reacties (10)

Wijzig sortering
ik vraag me af hoeveel dingen er niet in het changelog staan die wel zijn aangepast (zoals kopete die vanaf nu geen ctrl+enter als default send-toets heeft, maar gewoon enter).

Tevens kun je met xcompmgr en een kwin patch al aardig uit te voeten wat transparantie en sjit betreft. Voor gentoo kun je uitleg en een ebuild in deze thread vinden ;O
Alle wijzigingen kan je wel terugvinden in de CVS, meer bepaald via
Ziet er allemaal goed uit! Nu maar hopen dat m'n favoriet Mandrake EINDELIJK eens met KDE 3.3 (nu dus 3.3.1) gaat werken. De 3.3 is al vanaf medio augustus uit en nog steeds geen RPMs te vinden...
Beetje jammer idd, ik wacht ook al even op KDE 3.3. Zelfs de 10.1 community draait nog op 3.2....

Offtopic: Zelfde verhaal trouwens voor Gnome, waar ook nog steeds wordt vastgehouden aan 2.6

Maargoed, het is ook begrijpelijk dat Mandrake dit doet, hun visie is namelijk een stabiel en gebruiksvriendelijke distro te leveren. Alle tweakerts die weer pre sé het nieuwste van het nieuwste willen hebben gebruiken over het algemeen toch een andere distro (zoals debian of gentoo). De nieuwe KDE (en Gnome) zullen dus ook pas in Mandrake geintegreerd worden als deze voldoende zijn getest en zichzelf "bewezen" hebben lijkt me :)

@hcderaad hieronder:
zover ik weet bestaat de download editie van 10.1 community uit 3 cd's?
In ieder geval wel een handige tip om geen kde te installeren en dan vanuit b.v. IceWM ergens anders gedownloadde KDE3.3 pakketten te installeren.
Ter info, KDE 3.3 is bij 10.1 Community bijgeleverd op cd4, alleen het installeren vereist enige handigheid.
Of installeer 10.1 Com zonder KDE (bijv met IceWM) om dan later vanaf cd 4 3.3 te installen.
Of installeer 3.3 geforceerd met het risico dat kdepim problemen geeft.

Dus ook Mandrake gaat nogsteeds met de tijd mee! ;)
En als je cd 4 niet hebt? Voor zover ik weet is de download edition slechts 3 cd's. Kun je kde 3.3 die door mandrake geleverd wordt op cd4 ook op de 1 of andere manier via URPMI binnenhalen?
Dat ze gnome 2.6 vasthouden is tamelijk logisch hoor. De veranderingen in gnome 2.8 zijn dermate groot, dat het nèt even iets meer is dan alleen een nieuwe versie nautilus erop knallen.

Met name de introductie van gnome-volume-manager (de deps daarvan op hal en d-bus, en indirect op udev) hebben nogal wat voeten in de aarde.
je kan het toch ook zelf compileren?
er is een tooltje voor Konstruct of zo iets
(ik gebruik zelf gentoo en heb daar ebuilds voor :))
mijn pc staat al te Compileren ik ben benieuwd :)
Ik wil support voor de composite extensie :+

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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