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Bron: Media Portal, submitter: gprins

Media Portal is een HTPC-applicatie waarmee het mogelijk is om je personal computer om te toveren tot een volwaardig muziek-, film- en televisie-systeem. Daarnaast kan je een slide show met afbeeldingen maken en verschillende weersvoorspellingen opvragen. De versieaanduiding is aangekomen bij 20072004 en heeft het volgende changelog gekregen:

  • added : support for USBUIRT (input)
  • fixed : #currentmodule was not reset when dialog was shown
  • fixed : keep focus on buttons after pressing them (view as)
  • fixed : after alt+enter you return in home
  • fixed : fadelabel didnt worwrap correctly
  • fixed : alt+enter while something is playing is crashing
  • fixed : multiple errors when starting MP and another version is already running
  • fixed : Create playlist and play it,Minimize MP,Wait for the song to end, the next song will not start until you restore MP again
  • fixed : the #thumb tag was not working in OSD
  • fixed : crash if alt+enter when playing a movie
  • fixed : keyboard shortcut to enter the plugin setup form with ctrl+f2 doesnīt work in fullscreen
  • fixed : The date on the home screen does not follow the setting in the Plugins->Home window
  • fixed : home showed no background graphics if language was not english
  • fixed : cannot access the top menu anymore with my remote control
  • fixed : The list of "My" items is not "round". With only the default plugins loaded I get (while repeatedly pressing down):
    Radio->TV->Videos->Weather->Settings->Music->Pictures->Radio (again)->TV (again)->Music (again)->Pictures (again)
My Music:
  • fixed : crash when playing a movie (vmr9) and opening the music/playlists window
  • fixed : F3 artist info due to changed of layout.
    Any info gathering from will take some time since the site is slow and information has to be gather from multiple http requests.
  • fixed : allowoverlay tag is not respected in artist & album info dialogs
  • fixed : press Y to add folder to playlist, id3 tags will be loaded even if id3tags are turned off
  • fixed : View by artists->select artist->takes 13 mins (musicdatabase line 669 takes sooo long)
  • fixed : When you now enter the Album view there will be 2 (or more) times the album 'unknown'.
  • fixed : Long names show when sorting by file for music cds in my music instead of Track01.cda, Track02.cda, etc...
My Pics:
  • fixed : show pic->zoom in->0=delete photo->dialog yes/no doesnt have yes/no->esc->dialogs pops up again
My TV:
  • added : tvguide:press X to view current tv channel
  • added : tvguide:use 0-9 to select a tv channel
  • fixed : reset timeshift buffer after changing tv channels and recording
  • fixed : MCE cards with HW mpeg2 encoder didnt work
  • fixed : unable to play reference recordings directly after recording
  • fixed : with > 1 capture card both cards tried creating file
  • fixed : failed to play .sbe files
  • fixed : press B when fullscreen TV & osd visible->hangup? (mrmario64)
  • fixed : duration
  • fixed : initial state of tv on/off button was wrong
  • fixed : fullscreen channel selection with 0-9 was 1 off
  • fixed : when starting a movie you shortly see a blue line with XBOXMEDIACENTER
  • fixed : buttons like rw and ff keep down state when OSD is exitted by ending the movie.
My Videos:
  • added : when stacking is enabled, the -cd1 etc. are removed from the filename
  • fixed : Exception when playing DVD for a second time
  • fixed : allowoverlay tag is not respected in dialogvideoinfo
  • fixed : DVD player->blue bars when switching to GUI and back
  • fixed : DVD player->video stayed onscreen after stopping DVD
  • fixed : buttons like rw and ff keep down state when OSD is exitted by ending the movie.
  • fixed : my radio->cannot change radio type to stream in setup
  • added : for tvprogressbar
  • fixed : textboxscrollup didnt clip correctly in video OSD
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