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Software-update: PHP 4.3.5 RC4

Het Quality Assurance Team van PHP heeft sinds kort versie 4.3.5 RC4 uitgegeven wat de laatst geplande release candidate voor versie 4.3.5 zal zijn. Men vraagt of iedereen deze release zo veel mogelijk kan testen waardoor men de laatste bugs kan opsporen. De release notes en het changelog zie er als volgt uit:

PHP 4.3.5RC4 has been released for testing. This will be the last release candidate prior to the final release, so please test it as much as possible.

Version 4.3.5RC4
  • Fixed possible crash using an invalid color index with a palette image in imagecolortransparent (Pierre)
  • Fixed php-cgi to not ignore command-line switches when run in a web context. This fixes our test cases allowing INI with GET sections to work (Rasmus)
  • Fixed getopt() so it works without $_SERVER (Rasmus, bfrance)
  • Fixed crash in php_ini_scanned_files() when no additional INI files were actually parsed. (Jon)
  • Fixed possible crashes inside socket extension, due to missing check inside allocation functions. (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #27633 (Incorrect EOL translation by ftp_get() in ASCII mode). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #27600 (GCC 3.0.4 does not like __attribute__ directive). (Sascha)
  • Fixed bug #27590 (crash during shutdown when freeing persistent resources in ZTS mode). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #27582 (possible crashes in imagefilltoborder()). (Pierre)
  • Fixed bug #27580 (pre-initialization errors in ap2 handler are not being written to vhost error log). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #27559 (Corrected open_basedir resolving logic). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #27530 (broken http auth when safe_mode is on and PCRE is disabled). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #27509 (broken getaddrinfo() causes fsockopen() error). (Sara)
  • Fixed bug #27505 (htmlentities() does not handle BIG5 correctly). (Ilia, ywliu at hotmail dot com)
  • Fixed bug #27498 (bogus safe_mode error on nonexistent directories for chdir() and opendir() functions). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #27460 (base64_decode() does not handle extra padding). (Ilia, naish at klanen dot net)
  • Fixed bug #27443 (defined() returns wrong type). (Derick)
  • Fixed bug #27437 (wrong freetype include inside GD library). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #27424 (headers missing on flush() in apache 2 SAPIs). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #27421 (mbstring.func_overload should be system ini setting). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #27384 (unpack() misbehaves with 1 char string). (GeorgeS)
  • Fixed bug #27383 (Potential crash inside fopen_wrapper, while parsing response code). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #27341 (HEAD requests fail to return data). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #27337 (missing sapi_shutdown() in sapi/isapi causes memory leak). (Jani, msisolak at yahoo dot com)
  • Fixed bug #27328 (ftp extension relies on 32-bit longs). (Sara)
  • Fixed bug #27300 (Improved regex for pg_convert()). (benjcarson at digitaljunkies dot ca, Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #27295 (memory leak inside sscanf()). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #27293 (two crashes inside image2wbmp()). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #27291 (get_browser matches browscap.ini patterns incorrectly). (Jay)
  • Fixed bug #27278 (*printf() functions treat arguments as if passed by reference). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #27238 (iptcparse() function misses some fields). (Pierre)
  • Fixed bug #26753 (zend_fetch_list_dtor_id() doesn't check NULL strings). (Jani, Markus dot Lidel at shadowconnect dot com)
  • Fixed bug #26005 (Random "cannot change the session ini settings" errors). (Jani, jsnajdr at kerio dot com)
  • Fixed bug #24582 (extensions can't be loaded dynamically in Solaris/iPlanet). (Jani)
  • Fixed bug #22127 (Invalid response code when force-cgi-redirect safety mechanism is triggered). (Ilia, scottmacvicar at ntlworld dot com)
  • Fixed bug #21760 (Use of uninitialized pointer inside php_read()). (Ilia, uce at ftc dot gov)
  • Fixed bug #21070 (ftp_genlist/ANSI-tmpfile() fail w/ some platform). (Sara)
[break]De volgende drie downloads zijn beschikbaar:
* php-4.3.5RC4.tar.bz2
* php-4.3.5RC4.tar.gz
Versienummer 4.3.5 RC4
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website PHP
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)



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Submitter: Gert-Paul

Bron: PHP


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