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Software-update: Gnome 3.36

Gnome logo (75 pix)Versie 3.36 van Gnome is uitgekomen. Deze uitgebreide, gebruiksvriendelijke opensource-desktopomgeving is verkrijgbaar voor besturingssystemen die tot de Unix-familie behoren, zoals Linux en de diverse BSD-varianten. De naam is een afkorting voor GNU Network Object Model Environment. Gnome bestaat uit een desktopomgeving en een ontwikkelplatform voor het maken van andere applicaties, die in de desktopomgeving kunnen worden geïntegreerd. Het is in dat opzicht vergelijkbaar met de KDE. De belangrijkste verbeteringen die in versie 3.30 zijn aangebracht, zijn hieronder voor je op een rijtje gezet.

Introducing GNOME 3.36: “Gresik”

GNOME 3.36 is the latest version of GNOME 3, and is the result of 6 months’ hard work by the GNOME community. It contains major new features, as well as many smaller improvements and bug fixes. In total, the release incorporates 24434 changes, made by approximately 780 contributors.

3.36 has been named “Gresik” in recognition of the team behind GNOME.Asia 2019. GNOME.Asia is GNOME’s official annual summit in Asia, which is only possible thanks to the hard work of local volunteers. This year’s event was held in Gresik, Indonesia, and we’d like to thank everyone who contributed to its success. Thank you, Team Gresik!


GNOME shell extensions are now managed using a new Extensions app, rather than Software. The Extensions app handles updating extensions, configuring extension preferences and removing or disabling unwanted extensions.

Do Not Disturb

A Do Not Disturb button was added to the notifications popover. When enabled, notifications are hidden until the button is toggled off.

Lock Screen

A lot of design went into improving the login and unlock experience in GNOME this release. The resulting lock screen is more functional, easier to use, and looks elegant in its simplicity.


The GNOME Shell received a lot of visual and functional improvements this release.

  • The power off / log out options have been reorganized. There is now a visible suspend option, making suspending a computer much easier!
  • System dialogs requiring a password now have an option to reveal the password text by clicking the “eye” icon.
  • Most, if not all, system dialogs have been redesigned, making them more consistent and easier to read.
  • App folders in the application overview can now be renamed.
  • The entire interface has been improved even more, with special focus on the calendar popover and overview search.

Settings received a number of improvements this release.

  • The sections have been rearranged, making them easier and faster to navigate.
  • The privacy section now lists applications that have been granted permission to access location services, camera and microphone. Access can be revoked on a per-app basis.
  • The user and about sections both received an interface redesign. Both are more explicit in their presentation of information, and make changing settings easier.

Software now automatically detects metered networks such as mobile data networks. When a metered network is detected, Software pauses updates in order to reduce data usage.

Parental Controls

The Initial Setup assistant gained the ability to set up the initial user with parental controls. This adds a page in the setup that permits or denies access to applications and software.


Boxes now includes a welcome tutorial, introducing users to the various features offered. It also now has a new creation assistant when creating virtual machines, allows setting the number of CPUs per virtual machine, and now supports UEFI booting.


Web can now load and view PDFs directly in the browser window. The interface has been further improved, making it even more usable on smaller screens. And Web now supports a dark mode for use with dark desktop themes.

And That’s Not All…

As usual, there are also many other smaller improvements in this GNOME release. Here are some of them!

  • GNOME’s initial setup assistant was refreshed with a cleaner and more efficient look and feel.
  • It is now possible to log into a or ListenBrainz account and use the account with GNOME Music.
  • Music has improved support when downloading missing cover art for albums.
  • User documentation for numerous applications was grossly out of date and has now been updated.
  • Contacts has a refreshed interface when editing a contact.
  • Users of NVIDIA’s proprietary drivers will be able to launch applications using the discrete GPU from within GNOME Shell now, via the “Launch on Discrete GPU” menu item.
  • Clocks was completely redesigned. It features a responsive design, making it easier to use on small screens.
  • Polari now previews links in the chat view.
  • Hidden files can be used as new document templates in Files.
  • Passwords and Keys, GNOME’s password and keychain manager app, was enhanced to show public SSH keys. The interface is more adaptive on smaller screens too.
  • Fractal, a GNOME Matrix client, can now play videos directly inside the chat window.

Versienummer 3.36
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Linux, BSD
Website Gnome
Licentietype GPL

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

13-03-2020 • 05:55

5 Linkedin

Submitter: LEDfan

Bron: Gnome


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Wijzig sortering
deze versie van GNOME zal ook meekomen met de aanstaande LTS release van Ubuntu 20.04
Inderdaad, hier een linkje met features waaronder dus Gnome 3.36
En Fedora 32 rond diezelfde tijd! :)

Arch Linux zou hem al moeten hebben.
De vorige versie, 3.34, heeft helaas de spotlight gemist, maar hier is het filmpje van de vorige versie:
Introducing GNOME 3.34: “Thessaloniki”
Ziet er uit als een mooie update. Met elke release wordt Gnome nog opgeruimder en uniformer.

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