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Software-update: RawTherapee 5.5

RawTherapee is een opensource-fotobewerkingsprogramma en richt zich op het bewerken van rawbestanden. Voor een overzicht van de mogelijkheden verwijzen we naar deze pagina op RawPedia. RawPedia is de naam van de wiki van dit programma. De ontwikkelaars hebben versie 5.5 uitgegeven met de volgende aankondiging:

New Features since 5.4:
  • Filter to remove striping artifacts caused by Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) as seen in Sony cameras, and to remove banding artifacts caused by Nikon's too-aggressive in-camera PDAF correction. These are available for any camera which has a PDAF entry in camconst.json, currently:
    • Nikon Z 6
    • Nikon Z 7
    • Sony DSC-RX1RM2
    • Sony ILCE-6000
    • Sony ILCE-6300
    • Sony ILCE-6500
    • Sony ILCE-7M3
    • Sony ILCE-7RM2
    • Sony ILCE-7RM3
    • Sony ILCE-9
  • Ability to specify custom working color spaces through the workingspaces.json file.
  • Unbounded processing - allows you to decide whether out-of-gamut colors should get clipped.
  • Improved support for Canon mRaw format variants.
  • New Shadows/Highlights tool (replaced previous one).
  • Contrast threshold mask which divides an image into areas of high and low detail, allowing the effect of certain tools to be focused where it matters most and to mitigate the effect on areas where it would be undesirable, for example having the Sharpening tool affect only the in-focus subject without affecting the out-of-focus background. Available for:
    • Sharpening
    • Post-Resize Sharpening
    • Microcontrast
    • Demosaicing
  • Dual-demosaic algorithms, making use of the new contrast threshold mask, allowing one to use a combination of demosaicing algorithms where one is best for details and the other best for plain areas.
  • New color toning methods:
    • Grid, allowing you to separately tone the shadows and highlights using two points on a simple color grid.
    • Regions, allowing you to tone based on any number of masks. Supports functions from the American Society of Cinematographers Color Decision List (ASC CDL).
  • Resizable main histogram with scaling modes:
    • Linear
    • Log
    • Log-Log
    The log scales can be adjusted by click-dragging the mouse sideways inside the histogram area.
  • Support for Blackmagic and Canon Magic Lantern lj92 encoded files.
  • Allows you to specify how many border rows/columns to discard during demosaicing - those who shoot raw video at a standard resolution such as 1920x1080 will appreciate being able to preserve the dimensions.
  • New Soft Light tool which enhances contrast and saturation by emulating the effect of blending an image with a copy of itself in "soft light" blending mode in GIMP.
  • New Haze Removal tool to reduce the effects of haze or fog.
  • The Resize tool allows you to specify whether you want it to upscale or only downscale.
  • New icon and cursor theme.
  • ICC profile creator.
  • The bundled ICC profiles have been re-generated, and now include ICC v2 and v4 variants.
  • If your screen's resolution is such that not all icons fit in a toolbar, you can now scroll the toolbar using the mouse scroll-wheel.
  • New "Flexible" tone curve type. A characteristic of the cubic spline curve (renamed from "Custom" to "Standard") is that editing one node could have a huge impact on what happens to the curve in relation to the other nodes. The new "Flexible" centripetal Catmull–Rom spline curve allows you to make adjustments to any part of the curve with little impact on the other parts.
  • Allow saving both floating-point and integer type files at both 16-bit and 32-bit precision from RawTherapee GUI and CLI.
  • Improved lensfun chromatic aberration correction.
  • The raw chromatic aberration correction tool can now run in several iterations, and gained a feature to avoid introducing a color shift which could result from correcting chromatic aberration before demosaicing.
  • Certain sliders now operate on a logarithmic scale, allowing for a meaningful response over large ranges.
  • Dedicated "Reset" button in Crop tool.
  • Support for new cameras, and new input color profiles.
  • Speed enhancements and bug fixes, for a total of over 1300 commits.
News Relevant to Package Maintainers - Changes since 5.4:
  • Requires libtiff >= 4.0.4.
  • Requires CMake >= 2.8.8.
  • Optional codesigning commands have been added to the CMakeLists.txt and scripts. If you wish to codesign the built packages (.app and .dmg), add your details to your CMake command flags:
    -DCODESIGNID:STRING="Developer ID Application: Firstname Lastname (xxx)"
Versienummer 5.5
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website RawTherapee
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


20-12-2018 • 15:09

3 Linkedin

Submitter: begintmeta

Bron: RawTherapee


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Reacties (3)

Wijzig sortering
@ehtweak 1300 bugfixes, zou leuk zijn als jouw bug er ook tussen zit ;)
'Mijn' bugfix zit er idd tussen. :(
Nog NIET opgelost. M.a.w. nog steeds aanwezig.

Zojuist getest; RT 5.5 sloopt metadata zoals GPS, IPTC en andere info wat in het RAW file zit, gewoon weg. Zelfs al heb je de optie Copy metadata unchanged aanstaan.
M.a.w. die optie doet niet wat 'ie moet doen.

De bug heb ik al aangekaart in maart 2018. En zou gefixed worden in de 5.5 release. Dat hebben ze inmiddels opgeschoven naar de 5.6 release (geen idee wanneer die uitkomt)
Er zou inmiddels een patch zijn; maar die is (nog) niet gecompileerd in de huidige release. :?

Here is a patch that tries to address at least some of the problems. It should allow to properly pass the original IPTC data (or at least, the IPTC data that is parsed by RT) when "Copy unchanged" is selected also for TIFF output.

En nee, 'ff' zelf compileren zit er, voor mij althans, niet in. ;)

[Reactie gewijzigd door ehtweak op 20 december 2018 16:41]

Mss ook interessant om weten is dat de localLab branch ook snel geupdate zal worden naar 5.5. Hopelijk komt de localLab tech snel in de basisversie..

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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