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Software-update: MusicBrainz Picard 1.4

MusicBrainz Picard logo (75 pix)MusicBrainz is een open content-muziekdatabase, die kan worden aangesproken om muzieknummers van de juiste tags te voorzien. Picard is het officiële programma om tags op te vragen, te bewerken en in te sturen. MusicBrainz Picard is opensource en wordt ontwikkeld voor Linux, macOS en Windows. Het programma heeft ondersteuning voor de meest gebruikte muziekformaten, Acoust ID's en Unicode. Versie 1.4 van MusicBrainz Picard is uitgekomen en de changelog van die release ziet er als volgt uit:

New Feature:
  • AIF support (ID3) (PICARD-42)
  • Test and integrate support for "local" cover art into Picard (PICARD-137)
  • Display infos (album, artist, tracklist) for clusters without release match (PICARD-680)
  • Add download plugin functionality to existing UI (PICARD-691)
  • Fallback on album artist's tags if no tags are found for album (PICARD-738)
  • Add m2a as a supported extension (PICARD-743)
  • MusicBrainz/AcoustID entities should be hyperlinked in Picard (PICARD-756)
  • Support key tag (PICARD-769)
  • Export / import settings (PICARD-901)
  • Search releases from within a Picard dialog (PICARD-927)
  • Searching tracks and displaying similar tracks in a dialog box (PICARD-928)
  • Search for artists from dialog (PICARD-929)
  • Picard default name files script refinement (PICARD-717)
  • Update Picard logo/icons (PICARD-760)
  • Link to the Scripting documentation on the Scripting options page (PICARD-779)
  • Remove contrib/plugins from the repository (PICARD-835)
  • Raise the required mutagen version to 1.22 (PICARD-841)
  • Renaming save_only_front_images_to_tags option to something more appropriate (PICARD-861)
  • Allow translators to finalize translations before releasing Picard 1.4 (PICARD-895)
  • Raise the required Python version to 2.7. (PICARD-904)
  • Bump Picard’s copyright date (PICARD-912)
  • Add Norwegian to UI languages (PICARD-982)
  • Provide ~video variable for video tracks (PICARD-652)
  • Improve error logging on AcoustId submission (PICARD-708)
  • Link to Picard Scripting page under 'File Naming' (PICARD-22)
  • Restore default settings button/s (PICARD-116)
  • Speed of Ogg tag writing/updating (PICARD-133)
  • Allow adding/removing tags to be preserved from context menu in the tag diff pane (PICARD-207)
  • Make it easier to remove everything currently loaded in Picard (PICARD-210)
  • Bring back keyboard shortcuts for editing tags (PICARD-222)
  • Case sensitivity for "Move additional files" option (PICARD-229)
  • Metadata comparison box shows that it intends to write (and has written) tags unsupported by underlyingfile format (PICARD-253)
  • Add more descriptive tooltips to buttons (PICARD-267)
  • Allow musicip_puid and acoustid_id to be cleared from tags (PICARD-268)
  • Make it possible to remove existing tags without clearing all tags (PICARD-287)
  • Disable recurse subdirectories should be added (PICARD-291)
  • display how many "pending files" left on lookup (PICARD-305)
  • Handle MP3 TSST/TIT3 (subtitle) tags better with ID3v2.3 (PICARD-307)
  • Customisable toolbars (PICARD-353)
  • Ignore file extension and try to read anyway (PICARD-359)
  • Make it possible to unset all performer (etc) tags (PICARD-384)
  • Progress tracking (PICARD-388)
  • Add ability to handle multiple tagger scripts (PICARD-404)
  • the option "select all" to save (PICARD-476)
  • Option to load only audio tracks, i.e. not DVD-Video, CD-ROM tracks (PICARD-514)
  • Picard should use OAuth for authentication (PICARD-615)
  • Improvements to WMA tags (PICARD-648)
  • Only ask to "log in now" once per session (PICARD-678)
  • Show codec info for MP4 files (PICARD-683)
  • "Play File" button should be renamed to "Open in Player" (PICARD-692)
  • ID3 padding not reduced can result in large files (PICARD-695)
  • Set option 'caa_approved_only' disabled by default (PICARD-705)
  • Validate fpcalc executable in options (PICARD-707)
  • Improve File Naming options (PICARD-733)
  • Add --long-version/-V option, outputting third parties libs versions as well as Picard version PICARD-734)
  • missing info in the help file (PICARD-740)
  • Pass command-line arguments to QtApplication (PICARD-773)
  • Use the more detailed icons in more places on windows (PICARD-777)
  • Use .ini configuration file on all platforms (PICARD-794)
  • Use python2 shebang as of PEP 0394 (PICARD-806)
  • Display existing covers in File Info dialog (PICARD-808)
  • Use HTTPS for external links (PICARD-818)
  • Install a scalable icon (PICARD-838)
  • Use HTTPS for requests to the plugins API on (PICARD-852)
  • Use magic numbers to determine the audio file types instead of relying on extensions (PICARD-864)
  • Multi-scripting UI is very basic (PICARD-883)
  • Allow scripting functions to have arbitrary number of arguments (PICARD-887)
  • The "Restore defaults" confirmation buttons should follow the quit confirmation dialog in style PICARD-890)
  • Replace submit icon with AcoustID logo (PICARD-896)
  • Rename "Submit" button to "Submit AcoustIDs" (PICARD-897)
  • Use UTF-8 for ID3v2.4 by default instead of UTF-16 (PICARD-898)
  • Restore defaults is slightly broken for tags option page (PICARD-902)
  • Rearrange the action toolbar icons from left to right according to the expected user-flow (PICARD-908)
  • Add tooltips to “Restore all Defaults” and “Restore Defaults” (PICARD-913)
  • Make PICARD-883 UI have adjustable widths for list of scripts and script content (PICARD-918)
  • Move Options/Advanced/Scripting to Options/Scripting (PICARD-919)
  • Move UI options page up the options tree (PICARD-921)
  • Add $startswith and $endswith string functions (PICARD-923)
  • Make list of scripts smaller than script text by default (PICARD-924)
  • Wait for save thread pool to be finished before exit (PICARD-944)
  • New guess format functionality should use explicit buffer size (PICARD-970)
  • AcoustID submission fails with code 299 (PICARD-82)
  • Ignoring "hip hop rap" folksonomy tags also ignores "rap", "hip hop", etc. (PICARD-335)
  • Picard downloads multiple 'front' images instead of just first one. (PICARD-350)
  • Saving hidden file with only an extension drops the extension (PICARD-357)
  • Add directory opens in "wrong" dir (PICARD-366)
  • Picard should de-duplicate work lists (PICARD-375)
  • Tree selector in Options window is partially obscured, pane too narrow (PICARD-408)
  • tag acoustid_id can not be removed or deleted in script, renaming or plugin (PICARD-419)
  • Can't remove value from field (PICARD-546)
  • Can't open Options (PICARD-592)
  • "Tags from filenames" action stays enabled even if it is unavailable. (PICARD-688)
  • Using the first image type as filename changes the name of front images (PICARD-701)
  • Fingerprint Submission Failes if AcoustID tags are present and/or invalid (PICARD-706)
  • Picard moves into the selected folder (PICARD-726)
  • Picard does not support (recording) relationship credits (PICARD-730)
  • Picard repeats/duplicates field data (PICARD-748)
  • Number of pending web requests is not decremented on exceptions in the handler (PICARD-751)
  • Divide by zero error in _convert_folksonomy_tags_to_genre when no tag at the release/release group level ( PICARD-753)
  • Directory tree (file browser) not sorted for non-system drives under Windows (PICARD-754)
  • Crash when loading release with only zero count tags (PICARD-759)
  • No name and no window grouping in gnome-shell Alt-Tab app switcher (PICARD-761)
  • Lookup in Browser does not and can not load HTTPS version of (PICARD-764)
  • Unable to login using oauth via Picard options with Server Port set to 443 (PICARD-766)
  • "AttributeError: 'MetadataBox' object has no attribute 'resize_columns'" when enabling the cover art box ( PICARD-775)
  • Pre-gap tracks are not counted in absolutetracknumber (PICARD-778)
  • CAA cover art provider runs even if cover art has already been loaded (PICARD-780)
  • Toggling Embed Cover Art in Tags and restarting doesn't have the expected behavior (PICARD-782)
  • XMLWS redirects incorrectly (PICARD-788)
  • Handle empty collection-list in web server response (PICARD-798)
  • Amazon Cover Art provider does not work (and does not have a lot of debug logging enabled) (PICARD-799)
  • Cover Art from CAA release group is skipped even though it exists (PICARD-801)
  • Multiple instances of history and log dialogs (PICARD-804)
  • Empty string lookup (PICARD-805)
  • Will not load album information on any albums (PICARD-811)
  • Redirect URL is not encoded which leads to http 400 error. (PICARD-814)
  • Not compatible with latest Mutagen (PICARD-833)
  • Can't save any files. Get: "error: invalid literal for int() with base 10" (PICARD-834)
  • Picard 1.3.2 shows cleartext username & password on status line when errors occur (PICARD-839)
  • Cannot fetch cover art from amazon link contains https scheme. (PICARD-848)
  • media-optical-modified.png icon still displayed after release save when two files match one track (PICARD-851)
  • Release that Picard will not load (due to disc with just data track?) (PICARD-853)
  • ValueError in (PICARD-855)
  • Improper detection of Gnome as a desktop environment and no support for gnome 3 (PICARD-857)
  • Apparent non-functional tagger button (PICARD-858)
  • Picard does not read Ogg/Opus files with an ".ogg" file exension (PICARD-859)
  • Setting a large value in in $num function as length causes picard to become unresponsive (PICARD-865)
  • id3 deletion needs to be improved (PICARD-867)
  • id3v2.3 does not properly handle TMOO ( mood tag) (PICARD-868)
  • Coverart providers duplicates on reset (PICARD-870)
  • Restore defaults broken for plugins page and tagger scripts page (PICARD-873)
  • Coverart providers erroneous save (PICARD-874)
  • The metadatabox doesn't correctly show the tag selected (PICARD-876)
  • Length tag for ID3 is no longer displayed in the metadata box (PICARD-881)
  • Removed tags are not removed from the metadatabox after saving the file (PICARD-882)
  • File Browser pane doesn't check for path type( file or folder) when setting home path/move files here ( PICARD-884)
  • mov files return a +ve score for mp4 container leading to errors (PICARD-885)
  • "Restore defaults" doesn't log out the user (PICARD-888)
  • Broken 'Restore Defaults' (PICARD-907)
  • Messagebox wraps and displays title inappropriately (PICARD-911)
  • An “empty” track shouldn’t get an “excellent match” tooltip. (PICARD-914)
  • In plugins list, some plugins don't show description (PICARD-915)
  • Plugin restore defaults broken (PICARD-916)
  • Does not use UI language but locale on Windows (PICARD-917)
  • Preserve scripting splitter position (PICARD-925)
  • Having trouble submitting AcoustIDs (PICARD-926)
  • Cluster double-click opens the Info… panel (PICARD-931)
  • Status bar not cleared when selection changed (PICARD-937)
  • Open containing folder not working for shared files over network (PICARD-942)
  • Warning: Plugin directory '…/python2.7/site-packages/contrib/plugins' doesn't exist (PICARD-945)
  • Additionnal files aren't moved anymore (PICARD-946)
  • Search window error message does not appear translated (PICARD-947)
  • Open Containing Folder duplicates (PICARD-950)
  • Errors when directory / file names contain unicode characters (PICARD-958)

Versienummer 1.4
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website MusicBrainz
Bestandsgroottes 9,53MB - 16,75MB
Licentietype GPL

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

15-02-2017 • 18:11

9 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: debroervanhenk

Bron: MusicBrainz

Reacties (9)

Wijzig sortering
Nu ik dat screenshot zie, bedenk ik me dat ik mijn Prodigy-cd's nog eens van onder het stof moet halen :D

Hoe moet ik dit programma zien? Een MP3 tag editor?
Ja, maar een die heel erg leunt op de informatie uit MusicBrainz. Deze bevat vaak veel meer informatie dan alleen artiest - nummer. Zo staan bij mijn tags oa de uitgave datum van de release, maar ook de originele uitgave datum van het album.

Ik wacht echter al een tijd op media players die ook dit onderscheid kunnen maken.
Ho, klinkt erg interessant, zeker voor compilaties. Bedankt!
Dit programma kan je muziek profileren á la Soundhound/Shazam en daar de juiste tags bij zoeken. Moet wel zeggen dat dit nog best wat handmatige input vereist. Ik durf hem niet aan om hem in één keer over m'n hele collectie heen te jagen.
Moet je sowieso niet doen. Maak een backup, jaag hem er overheen en kijk of het wat is...
Picard heeft een redelijk steile learning-curve, en zal (zeker bij grote aantallen) niet heel snel zijn.
Anderzijds kan Picard ook heel veel met muziek-bestanden die geen of gebrekkige informatie bevatten.
Zoals Fairy ook al zegt: maak een back-up... een paar albums en kijk wat er uit komt. Tweak de instellingen. En ga door tot het bevalt. Mijn ervaring is dat je de resultaten (zeker in het begin) nog een keer wilt controleren.

Picard is perfect bruikbaar zonder Musicbrainz-account. Aan de andere kant: ik heb ook heel veel aangedragen aan de database zelf. En dat is met een klik te importeren in Picard. Handig bij dat CD'tje van de band van een vriend ;)
Het beste kun je per CD/Album een map aanmaken, die openen in Picard, die als 'Cluster" markeren, en vervolgens kijken of de goede release wordt gevonden. Zo niet moet je die in het rechter scherm veranderen (rechter muisknop op titel van de release).
Mijn favoriete editor.
En de laatste in de 1x reeks (bugfixes daargelaten). Ze zijn begonnen aan versie 2
eerder een propgramma waarmee je je muziekcollectie van de juiste tags en informatie kan voorzien.
Daarnaast ook mogelijk om bij het weg te schrijven als \\jaar\artiest\album (of welke combo je wilt)


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