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Software-update: Drupal 8.0.0 bčta 4

Drupal logoDe vierde bètarelease van Drupal versie 8.0.0 uitgebracht. Drupal is een in php geschreven, gebruiksvriendelijk en krachtig contentmanagementplatform, waarmee bijvoorbeeld websites kunnen worden gemaakt. In versie 8 staan responsive templates standaard aan, waardoor een website er altijd goed uitziet, onafhankelijk van het apparaat dat wordt gebruikt om hem te bekijken. De in Drupal 7 veel gebruikte xhtml is in Drupal 8 grotendeels door html5 vervangen, wat onder meer web-apps mogelijk maakt. Verder is de in php geschreven broncode flink opgeschoond en gemoderniseerd, en zouden door slimmere caching de prestaties zijn verbeterd. De changelog voor bèta 4 ziet er als volgt uit:

Known issues
There are still over 85 critical issues with this beta release that need to be resolved before we will create a release candidate. Search the issue queue for known issues.

Obvious user facing bugs
If you are testing the beta, be aware that there are obvious site visitor and site builder-facing bugs, please consult the list below to see if they already have an issue open:
[meta] Fix double-escaping due to Twig autoescape

Changes since 8.0.0-beta3:
  • Revert "Issue #2196977 Drupal/filter/Annotation/Filter uses public $module instead of $provider"
  • #2196977 Drupal/filter/Annotation/Filter uses public $module instead of $provider
  • #2392235 ChainedFastBackend shouldn't write cache tags to the fast cache back-end
  • #2394327 throwing stream wrapper warnings
  • #2372855 Add content & config entity dependencies to views
  • #2068655 Entity fields do not support case sensitive queries
  • #2338873 Modules providing non-configurable field storage definitions can be uninstalled, leaving orphaned unpurged data
  • #2392883 Update JS lib: domready to 1.0.7
  • #2354469 Can't create node, if preview is required
  • #2392433 Stream wrappers are registered before page cache
  • #2382199 Encode COPYRIGHT.TXT with UTF-8
  • #2393391 JS clean-up for re-worked Field UI
  • #2387627 Changing access plugins in views leaves invalid settings around
  • #2116327 Creating DrupalDateTime object, with a 'date' array as input will always fail with exception
  • #2389275 Views render element #embed not working
  • #2353357 hook_stream_wrappers_alter() is broken since modules are not loaded on demand, also change to an event since it's the last hook that forces this during bootstrap
  • #1963340 Change field UI so that adding a field is a separate task
  • #2350309 Forum index links head to taxonomy/term/{term} instead of forum/{term}
  • Revert "git commit -m 'Issue #2350309 Forum index links head to taxonomy/term/{term} instead of forum/{term}'"
  • git commit -m 'Issue #2350309 Forum index links head to taxonomy/term/{term} instead of forum/{term}'
  • #2386559 ERItem::setValue(array('entity' => $entity) produces broken Items
  • #2393061 Adjust phpdoc for callback_allowed_values_function()
  • #2238085 [regression] options_allowed_values() signature doesn't allow for Views filter configuration
  • #2170235 file_private_path should be in $settings, like file_public_path
  • #2349553 Store entity field information in the views data
  • #2368323 Replace _l() in PathController::adminOverview()
  • #2137309 Typed data does not handle set() and onChange() consistently
  • #2389381 Impossible to add images in WYSIWYG including in-place editing due to fatal error
  • Revert "Issue #2273923 Remove html => TRUE option from l() and link generator"
  • #2382931 Drupal\field\Plugin\views\field\Field::access returns an object instead of the expected boolean
  • #2273923 Remove html => TRUE option from l() and link generator
  • #2204363 [sechole] Returning TRUE from hook_entity_access()/hook_ENTITYTYPE_access() must not bypass EntityAccessController::checkAccess()
  • #2392209 DefaultTableMapping::getFieldColumName is broken for base tables
  • #2391295 Use @return $this instead of @return static in EntityInterface
  • #2391317 NodeTypeListBuilder typo
  • #2386161 ChainedFastBackend doesn't set 'expires' and 'tags' when writing to fastBackend
  • #2278017 When a content entity type providing module is uninstalled, the entities are not fully deleted, leaving broken reference
  • #2379811 Views tries to render contextual links when Contextual Links module is disabled
  • #2387019 String field formatters cannot link to their parent entity
  • #2342543 Applying entity schema updates fail when both entity type and base field definitions change at the same time
  • #2354685 Fatal Error on re-saving required EntityReference field setting
  • #2392281 system.module is included in our PHPUnit tests
  • #2352081 Prevent installation over an already installed database
  • #2382543 Remove usage of drupal_html_class() and drupal_clean_css_identifier()
  • #2390013 Follow-up comment widget should properly detect default value input
  • #1985406 #states not supported for elements in formatter settings being displayed on Views field handler form
  • #2390707 Remove hook_library_alter() implementations
  • #2183983 Find hidden configuration schema issues
  • #2391245 Resolve remaining misc issues with configuration schema fails
  • #2388863 Entity type is definition
  • #2167379 db_select docblock should list optional parameters as (optional)
  • #2391381 $include_computed parameter from Map::getValue() is broken and unused
  • #2358991 Remove usage of drupal_mail()
  • #2388925 British again invade config sync
  • #2384527 Make the class variables protected for ShortcutSet
  • #2384665 Follow-up: FieldConfigBase::calculateDependencies() fatal error is unhelpful
  • #2381299 Clean-up block module test members - ensure property definition and use of camelCase naming convention
  • #2389411 wrong backend_overrideable in book
  • #2387857 Have consistent names for bulk operations at admin/content
  • #2388009 Clean-up shortcut module test members - ensure property definition and use of camelCase naming convention
  • #2388905 menu link storage override requires too much copy-paste
  • #2388467 Remove \Drupal\entity_test\EntityTestViewsData and update the annotation
  • #1892006 Include a print styling for Seven
  • #2387981 Clean-up statistics module test members - ensure property definition and use of camelCase naming convention
  • #2381921 Clean-up RDF module test members - ensure property definition and use of camelCase naming convention
  • #2389407 System Manager Service is not database dependent
  • #2391021 Config schema issues in config tests themselves
  • #2384167 Clean-up DateTime module test members — ensure property definition and use of camelCase naming convention
  • #2226863 Update stale references to theme functions that have been converted to Twig
  • #2272001 Views display plugin's list of handlers is not filtered by access
  • #2387157 Cloning display into another display also stores options that are not supported by the new display type
  • #2363155 content_translation.settings config is not scalable
  • #2359509 Incorrect type safe check in Entity::onUpdateBundleEntity() results too many cache clears
  • #2358269 Migration bugs in block visibility, field overrides, cron, maintenance settings and form modes found by configuration schema checking
  • #2248977 Complete support for multi-value base fields in ContentEntitySchemaHandler and use it for the user.roles field
  • #2390445 System module tests don't pass config schema check
  • #2389697 Editor settings altering not needed (and not compatible with config schema assumptions)
  • #2387149 Display extenders are not possible to describe with config schema
  • #2390749 should allow single test methods to be run
  • #2390615 Add method to determine config dependency key depending on entity type
  • #2355245 ER's label formatter needs to take into account that $entity->urlInfo() might throw an exception
  • #2387141 Missing field configuration schemas across core tests
  • #2385111 Bartik's CKEditor iframe stylesheet is not being loaded, hence image captions look broken
  • Revert "Issue #2354705 Mark a couple of asset services as non public"
  • #2386247 install.php should pass the class loader down into install_begin_request()
  • #2388593 Remove drupal_truncate_bytes()
  • #2388765 Improve performance of SqlContentEntityStorage::countFieldData() for large datasets when getting the result as a boolean
  • #2335879 Change SqlContentEntityStorageSchema::requiresEntityDataMigration() to ask the old storage handler if it has data rather than assuming yes unless NULL storage
  • #2382533 Attach assets only via the asset library system
  • #2369225 Add $options['base_url'] to UrlGenerator::generateFromRoute()
  • #2389287 Missing PhpExecutableFinder
  • #2387669 ConfigInstallWebTest is broken
  • #2388631 Remove drupal_match_path()
  • #2388707 UserAccessControlHandler has wrong $explicit_check_fields name for the password field when checking field access
  • #2355909 language.settings config is not scalable
  • #2263359 hook_help(): Top of page help sections can't link to help pages without a fatal error or checking for help module
  • #2084987 Remove usage of field_ui_default_value and recommend proper replacement
  • #2388043 Remove DrupalUnitTestBase
  • #2380607 Do not call ConfigBase::validateKeys() for data loaded from storage
  • #2387443 BinaryFileResponse can fail because the core MIME guessing is not added to the MimeType singleton
  • #2385787 Remove form_state_values_clean() from
  • #2364381 Exception thrown in drupal_render() causes an exception during the rendering of exceptions
  • #2386585 Upgrade to Symfony 2.6.1
  • #2388215 Drag and drop is broken.
  • #2383573 Clean-up Contact module Test members - ensure property definition and use of camelCase naming convention
  • #2331793 Changing pager settings for this display only also changes pager settings for other display
  • #2017433 The documentation for hook_ranking() is wrong
  • #2387781 Fix camel case for method in EntityStorageInterface
  • #2347999 DrupalUnitTestBase is deprecated, replace with KernelTestBase
  • #2384487 Make the class variables protected for FilterFormat
  • #2364267 Clarify the logic in TypedDataManager::getPropertyInstance()
  • #2385225 Clean-up editor module test members - ensure property definition and use of camelCase naming convention
  • #2381303 Clean-up CKEditor module test members — ensure property definition and use of camelCase naming convention
  • #1055150 Time zone description is confusing on user register form
  • #2365319 Entity normalization should check field access to avoid leaking data
  • #2386255 Remove explicit sha1() call in drupal_page_cache_get_cid()
  • #2385805 Views tests don't pass strict schema checking
  • #2290261 Revert php_fileinfo requirement
  • #2379595 node_help() broken for node add/edit form
  • #2385545 Installer can generate unthemed pages
  • #2386325 Recurring config schema problems with datetime and link field values in migrate tests
  • #2386005 Views UI tour needs better label
  • #2385227 Clean-up entity_reference module test members - ensure property definition and use of camelCase naming convention
  • #2384531 Make the class variables protected for RdfMapping
  • #2384357 Simplify Field UI testing
  • #2186113 Avoid key value expire garbage collection on actual requests
  • #2384539 Make the class variables protected for Action
  • #2385391 DistributionProfileTest does not need to create an empty .profile
  • #2384541 Make the class variables protected for ConfigurableLanguage
  • #2384537 Make the class variables protected for SearchPage entity
  • #2384535 Make the class variables protected for ImageStyle
  • #2384853 Both configuration directories have to be specified in settings.php
  • #2349805 Rest classes should use StringTranslationTrait instead of t() function when possible
  • #2382557 Change JS settings into a separate asset type
  • #2380411 Clean-up Text module test members - ensure property definition and use of camelCase naming convention
  • #2363077 Max and min resolution not working
  • #2384545 $element['#ajax']['callback'] is broken, hence breaking e.g. inserting images in CKEditor
  • #2384689 Clean-up dblog module test members - ensure property definition and use of camelCase naming convention
  • #1074108 Profile selection form not skipped if there is only one visible profile
  • #1942178 Make User module active config save format match the default yml file
  • #2275463 Path field does not respect settings in form display
  • #2385803 Remove form_execute_handlers() from
  • #2385063 Remove drupal_process_form()
  • #2382239 InstallerKernel is undocumented and hardwires bootstrap config storage
  • #2250165 Replace fake mocks with actual OpenDialogCommand stubs in AjaxCommandsTest
  • #2335673 Remove usage of drupal_process_form()
  • Revert "Issue #2382239 InstallerKernel is undocumented and hardwires bootstrap config storage"
  • #2354705 Mark a couple of asset services as non public
  • #2318755 Block Module: Fix documentation that refers to enabling/disabling of modules
  • #2382011 Expand unit testing for Drupal\Component\Utility\UserAgent
  • #2325269 Test and fix views in test_views directories against their configuration schema
  • #2381751 Clean-up Book module test members - ensure property definition and use of camelCase naming convention
  • #2379863 Clean-up color module test members - ensure property definition and use of camelCase naming convention
  • #2345867 Remove node_row_node_view_preprocess_node() and dead code in the comment views wizard
  • #2359369 Render cache is not cleared when module is uninstalled
  • #2380377 Fix BatchStorageInterface::delete
  • #2345343 view TITLE appears all the time
  • #1938920 Convert node_search_admin theme tables to table #type
  • #2377281 followup by dawehner: Upgrade to Symfony 2.6 stable
  • #2144505 Views does not use the text format type for formatted text
  • #2357145 Views can not be saved with a numeric (grouped) filter
  • #2381909 Basic block type provided by standard is missing a body field
  • #2384165 Clean-up Contextual module test members — ensure property definition and use of camelCase naming convention
  • #2300817 Remove path_is_admin() as it is deprecated
  • #2383307 Remove weird getInfo methods from fake database classes
  • #2383727 Remove form_options_flatten() as it is deprecated
  • #2377685 Fix outdated CSS rules in Views UI
  • #2342593 Remove mixed SSL support from core
  • #2369781 Ensure twig_debug output has needed sanitization
  • #2384581 Security: Update CKEditor library to 4.4.6
  • #2384009 Remove deprecated function _update_create_fetch_task and its usage
  • #2383079 EntityDisplayBase::calculateDependencies() fatal error is unhelpful
  • #2382493 Population of default field values in entity translation is incorrect
  • #2383153 Unwanted list style position in Available updates page listing
  • #2380349 Fix one-line documentation for RouteProcessorCsrf
  • #2384163 Entity render cache is needlessly cleared when an Entity*Fom*Display is modified
  • #2368251 No border around image upload widget when creating content in Bartik
  • #2383667 pathField and pathFieldsSupplemental is not used in Views wizards
  • #2382497 The first parameter of the hook function hook_page_bottom is wrong in the documentation
  • #2379697 Fix configuration schema issues in block content (indirectly link and field test) modules
  • #2365585 FieldItemList::filterEmptyItems() renumbers deltas but does not update the Items
  • #2383633 Clean up in-line colon code style in config schemas
  • #2383277 StringLongItem should not extend StringItem
  • #2381491 Change "and" to && in CKEditorPluginManager
  • #2377281 Upgrade to Symfony 2.6 stable
  • #2378095 Convert all remaining attached individual CSS/JS assets to attached asset libraries
  • #1759090 Remove redundant CSS from theme settings form
  • #2374035 Block module spelling corrections
  • #2294503 Component Utilities unit test cleanups
  • #2382667 #post_render_callback's that result from other #post_render_calback are not processed
  • #2368275 EntityRouteEnhancer and ContentFormControllerSubscriber implicitly depend on too many services
  • #2362227 Replace all instances of current_path()
  • #2382503 Not possible to render self-contained render array while a render stack is active
  • #1938916 Convert locale theme tables to table #type
  • #2159347 Aggregation not working simple test case
  • #2099259 Missing default access for all taxonomy term fields
  • #2381973 View wizard creates 'invalid' views out of the box, missing plugin_ids, insecure permissions
  • #2342023 documentation references hook_disable and hook_modules_disabled, but they've been removed
  • #2318813 Comment module: Fix documentation that refers to enabling/disabling of modules
  • #2358037 Add search form block Twig template file
  • #2309051 Duplicate assertion text in LocaleUpdateTest
  • #2365965 Various tests still have getInfo method
  • #2355543 TokenTest Language mock is not accurate
  • #2349859 Responsive Image Mappings :: throws a fatal exception if no image style is set
  • #2348459 Fields of type 'Text (formatted)' do NOT save values
  • #2365653 CSS definition for one sidebar and 560 to 850 px not correct
  • #2381079 Adjust storage_settings schema for string_long field type
  • git commit -m 'Issue #2369035 Config entities should not always be untranslated in admin routes'
  • #2235901 Remove custom theme settings from *.info.yml
  • #2212335 Separate out NodeSearch::execute() into finding vs. processing results
  • #2358603 ViewsAjaxController results in fatal error for empty optional arguments
  • git commit -m 'Issue #2377397 Themes should use libraries, not individual stylesheets'
  • #2359453 Remove drupal_mail_system()
  • #1833932 Convert theme_system_compact_link() into a #type link
  • #2157541 Views sets access to ANY on routes - could result in information disclosure
  • #2352207 Database cache backend does not treat cid as case sensitive
  • #2381509 Fix docs for _content being _controller in routing.yml files
  • #1002164 The Book module can be uninstalled with nodes with a book node type still existing
  • #2349801 The local tab 'Blocks' should be first on the Custom block library
  • #2358529 Right-aligned images in CKEditor appear to the right of other fields
  • #2350723 State toggles for Enable alt/title and Require alt/title not functioning
  • #1224892 Duplicate code in mysql/ (createKeySql = createKeysSqlHelper)
  • #2030661 Expand Tour with methods
  • #2380573 Add @return $this to ConfigInstallerInterface::setSynching
  • #2379683 Fix configuration schema issues in contact (indirectly user and system) modules
  • #2348925 Uninstalling a filter plugin removes text formats
  • #2350327 editor.module should use the same data- attributes as entity_embed.module uses
  • #2317913 Early error handling can result in fatal error (Call to a member function get() on a non-object)
  • #2374125 Create a persistent block_content body field storage
  • #2370305 Refactor field type configuration schemas for DX, easier to find errors
  • #2316909 Revisit all built-in test/default views configuration in core
  • #2378703 Port denial of service fixes from SA-CORE-2014-006 to Drupal 8
  • #2377967 Remove bc layer for _content _controller change
  • #2346039 Add missing migrations to MigrateDrupal6Test and fix the result
  • #2030613 Expand EntityViewMode (really EntityDisplayModeBase) with methods
  • #2211241 Refactor search_reindex() into separate functions
  • #2363647 Cannot programatically update books
  • #2144413 Config translation does not support text elements with a format
  • #2349871 Vertical toolbar menu is broken in narrow viewports
  • #2371987 Use e.g. instead of i.e. in Date field hover text
  • #2341461 Remove usage of form_options_flatten()
  • #2232881 pdo used to require comment escaping - doesn'\''t on supported versions
  • #2372255 ckeditor.js variable name typo
  • #2380605 Bartik layout broken
  • #2350823 Use the Classy theme in the Testing profile
  • #2380391 Fix storage settings for TextLongItem and StringLongItem
  • #2324055 Split up the module manager into runtime information and extension information
  • #2353335 module install cannot save FTP settings
  • #2374339 FieldConfigBase::calculateDependencies() fatal error is unhelpful
  • #1663166 Clean up system admin css
  • #2377115 Replace all instances of entity_load('field_config') and entity_load_multiple('field_config') with static method calls
  • #2378055 Reorganise config schema for entity_form_display / entity_view_display
  • #1201452 Potential Vulnerability In DatabaseConnection_mysql
  • #2368019 Expand unit testing for Drupal\Core\Plugin\Context\ContextDefinition
  • #2378789 Views output cache is broken
  • #2350821 Sort views displays by display name
  • #977440 Clean-up comment links title attributes
  • #2376013 Drupal 8 installer initially fails if settings.php and services.yml are correct, but config directories are absent
  • #2372909 Comments to check '$comment->getOwner->isAnonymous()' instead of assuming anonymous is ID 0
  • #2379459 Add a test for forum action links for anon users
  • #2099341 Align view name with other fields in views admin list
  • #2027959 Remove dependency on datetime from comment
  • #1433796 Link to images styles from image field display settings
  • #2376689 IntegerItem 'size' setting should be a storage setting
  • #2371853 Add more helper methods around temporary FAPI storage
  • #2378583 Core ContextAware Plugins have inconsistent ContextDefinition return docs
  • #2377449 Seven maintenance page theming incorrect
  • #1855066 In the "menu" toolbar tray, clicking/tapping white space should show the child level
  • #2379083 Regression (again): Menu contextual links no longer visible in menu blocks, when block caching is enabled
  • #2378263 hook_library_alter() must be manually invoked by users of LibraryDiscovery, and has no test coverage
  • #2346937 Implement a Renderer service; reduces drupal_render / _theme service container calls
  • #2378699 Port session hijacking fixes from SA-CORE-2014-006 to Drupal 8
  • #2304949 Port HTTP Host header DoS fix from SA-CORE-2014-003
  • #2174589 Split up ckeditor.admin.js
  • #2378585 Multiple context requirements cannot be satisfied by a single value
  • #2374201 Docs and quote coding standard follow-up from: Incorrect logic in creating url to fetch information about project updates
  • #2378329 Update AccountProxyInterface::setAccount() documentation to point people to the account_switcher service
  • #2376899 ImageFieldTestBase::createImageField() takes a description in field settings errorneously
  • #2358993 Remove usage of drupal_mail_system()
  • #2343181 RTL issues on front page
  • #2375879 Don't filter languages in case it is not needed
  • #2375245 Remove form_set_value()
  • #2141417 Trays without headings throw a JavaScript error when the non-existent heading text is accessed
  • #2328919 Remove () from a bunch of @covers definitions in PHPUnit
  • #2376791 Move all _content routing definitions to _controller
  • #2373735 Simplify/clean up BareHtmlPageRenderer
  • #2349633 Copy book templates to Classy
  • #2318779 [Meta] Aggregator Module: Fix documentation that refers to enabling/disabling of modules
  • #2376039 Undefined property ContainerAwareEventDispatcherTest::results in
  • Revert "Issue #2189345 should exit with a failure code if any tests failed"
  • Revert "Issue #2376039 Undefined property ContainerAwareEventDispatcherTest::results in"
  • #2339151 Conditions / context system does not allow for multiple configurable contexts, eg. language types
  • #2377393 Seven seven_preprocess_html adds unused classes
  • #2372323 Static loaders on entity types don't return a properly typed object
  • #2376581 Cleanup CommentManager::addDefaultField().
  • #2322439 Titles in a user's activity tab displays as just text and not a link
  • #2376147 Installer is missing all of the global Seven theme stylesheets
  • #2368349 Entity view and form display configuration schemas are too verbose / key ones missing
  • #1853072 Remove forum_menu_local_tasks_alter() hack and instead add links in ForumController::build
  • #2348007 Taxonomy term view needs status filter
  • #2362987 Remove hook_page_build() and hook_page_alter()
  • #2288911 Use route name instead of system path in user maintenance mode subscriber
  • #2354275 There are functions in AliasStorage that are not in AliasStorageInterface
  • #2318753 REST Module: Fix documentation that refers to enabling/disabling of modules
  • #2318789 Book Module: Fix documentation that refers to enabling/disabling of modules
  • #2318783 Ban Module: Fix documentation that refers to enabling/disabling of modules
  • #2318761 Action Module: Fix documentation that refers to enabling/disabling of modules
  • #2318807 Color Module: Fix documentation that refers to enabling/disabling of modules
  • #2345725 Query parameters are not decoded the same as the path portion of a URL
  • #2359071 Remove drupal_wrap_mail
  • #2371229 Exceptions when adding and deleting shortcut are regular messages, should be error messages
  • #2376403 Some full name space paths wrong in comments in WizardPluginBase
  • #1077578 [Followup] Convert bartiks page.tpl.php to HTML5
  • #1850164 Default state of toolbar should show menu tray in non-narrow viewports
  • #2333053 JavaScript for #type => 'machine_name' registers key presses on 'source' slowly later, when label has spaces, special or international characters in it
  • #2375107 Unable to allow multiple roles access views page
  • #2189345 should exit with a failure code if any tests failed
  • #2237625 Step 4: Remove amateescu from the maintainers of menu links
  • #2374815 Update file comment on TextWithsummaryItemTest to show correct name
  • #2373549 PHPUnit test testGetDoesntHitConsistentBackend failing when run with coverage reporting
  • #2277739 Remove core/scripts/
  • #2364555 Add @covers annotation, fix some --strict for PHPUnit
  • #2349773 Twig Double escaping on modules' available updates page
  • #1847174 Path alias validation should test for relative path, no trailing slash requirements
  • #2103247 Fixed Clicking menu links in the administration menu tray should close the admin menu tray, while in a narrow viewport where the toolbar is positioned on top of the content.
  • #2358995 Remove usage of drupal_wrap_mail().
  • #2366043 Upgrade to Symfony 2.6
  • #2374087 Fixed Create a persistent comment body field storage.
  • #2375225 Add emma.maria as Bartik maintainer.
  • #2370147 Move is_front variable to template_preprocess_page()
  • #287292 Add functionality to impersonate a user
  • #2375923 Fixed favicon missing.
  • #2303777 Fixed Allow drupal components to depend on other components outside Drupal.
  • #2321385 Fixed Creation of node body field in postSave() incompatible with default config and overrides.
  • #1885788 Fixed An AJAX HTTP error occurred during module installation via UI.
  • #2328111 Replace most instances of the DRUPAL_ROOT constant with the app.root container parameter.
  • #2370703 Fixed ER's "autocreate" feature is mostly broken (and untested).
  • #1877482 Fixed Toolbar tabs should have ID attributes based on hook_toolbar() array keys rather than sequentially numbering.
  • Revert "Issue #2232477 Fixed Fatal when adding new fields with NOT NULL constraints in a base table that contains existing entities."
  • #2352155 Remove HtmlFragment/HtmlPage.
  • #2342377 Fixed Non database agnostic expression in SQLContentEntityStorage.
  • #2364647 Fixed [sechole] Remove blacklist mode from Filter:XSS.
  • #2371141 Fixed XSS vulnerability when displaying exception backtrace.
  • #2371671 Fixed drupal_set_message repeat parameter does not work.
  • #2371725 Fixed Don't use theme negotiation all over the place.
  • #2232477 Fixed Fatal when adding new fields with NOT NULL constraints in a base table that contains existing entities.
  • #2372477 Fixed Lots of tests still enable entity.module.
  • #2031901 Remove node tokens from
  • #1426804 Fixed Allow field storages to be persisted when they have no fields.
  • #2371843 Add event listener to check schema on config save.

Versienummer 8.0.0 bčta 4
Releasestatus Beta
Besturingssystemen Scripttaal
Website Drupal
Bestandsgrootte 9,11MB
Licentietype GPL

Door Bart van Klaveren

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19-12-2014 • 09:33

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Bron: Drupal


Reacties (5)

Wijzig sortering
Drupal 8 is nog steeds niet prudoctie klaar (daarom ook BETA) en inderdaad upgrade tussen develepmont versies is (nog) niet mogenlijk.

en standaard thema moet vooral snel en simpel zijn (zoals bartik) andere theme's kun je zelf bouwen of vinden op (zoals ook de bedoeling is)

Ik had gehoord dat de bootstrap theme's voor drupal 8 al redelijk solide waren. en die zien er toch binnen no time goed uit voor prive gebruik.

Verder... Yaaay, Betya 4 is uit... WOOT... now, back to coding for Drupal 7.... :p
Ik weet het nu, ik dacht, de kleine foutjes krijg ik er wel uit... maar nee, de hele database layout zou zomaar anders kunnen zijn volgens mij na een update.
de gehele niet, maar de structuur kan inderdaad anders zijn. het zijn vooral de "settings" die niet willen / kunnen upgraden (voor als nog)

thats the risk of using unfinished products.
Het is een mooi pakket, vooral de standaard mobile responsiveness. Helaas is update tussen betas niet ondersteund kom ik net achter dus alvast wat opzetten met in het achterhoofd dat het wel gaat werken is er niet bij.

Ik zou wel heel graag een wat moderner standaard thema zien, of een paar moderne standaard thema's, nu ziet het er precies uit als Drupal7. Dat is misschien prima voor de doelgroep die toch zelf iets maakt maar voor prive zou het wel fijn zijn als je echt niet meer de html/css in hoeft voor een mooie site.
Ik kijk er heel hard naar uit om een eerste website met Drupal 8 op te zetten. Er zitten heel veel goede nieuwigheden in: beter caching, minder CSS/JS overhead, betere front-end theming (met Twig), nettere markup met HTML5, een ingebouwde WYSIWYG editor met inline editing mogelijkheden, Views in core,...

Alleen duurt het wel ontzettend lang. Ik vrees dat ik nog tot de zomer volgend jaar zal moeten wachten vooraleer ik mijn eerste website met Drupal 8 zal kunnen lanceren. Maar goed, het resultaat zal dan ook zeker de moeite zijn.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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