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Software-update: Drupal 8.0.0 bčta 3

Drupal logoDe derde bètarelease van Drupal versie 8.0.0 uitgebracht. Drupal is een in php geschreven, gebruiksvriendelijk en krachtig contentmanagementplatform, waarmee bijvoorbeeld websites kunnen worden gemaakt. In versie 8 staan responsive templates standaard aan, waardoor een website er altijd goed uitziet, onafhankelijk van het apparaat dat wordt gebruikt om hem te bekijken. De in Drupal 7 veel gebruikte xhtml is in Drupal 8 grotendeels door html5 vervangen, wat onder meer web-apps mogelijk maakt. Verder is de in php geschreven broncode flink opgeschoond en gemoderniseerd, en zouden door slimmere caching de prestaties zijn verbeterd. De changelog voor bèta 3 ziet er als volgt uit:

Known issues
There are still over 100 critical issues with this beta release that need to be resolved before we will create a release candidate. Search the issue queue for known issues.

Obvious user facing bugs
If you are testing the beta, be aware that there are obvious site visitor and site builder-facing bugs, please consult the list below to see if they already have an issue open:
[meta] Fix double-escaping due to Twig autoescape

Changes since 8.0.0-beta2:
  • #2359161 Fixed Feed icons missing in views blocks and pages.
  • #2267453 Fixed Views plugins do not store additional dependencies.
  • #2236855 Use CSS for file icons in file fields.
  • Revert "Issue"
  • #2346287 Fixed Installer requirements errors escaped HTML in variables.
  • #2322509 Replace all instances of node_load(), node_load_multiple(), entity_load('node') and entity_load_multiple('node') with static method calls.
  • #2178703 Migrate D6 menu links.
  • #2361761 Remove mime_header_encode and mime_header_decode.
  • #2372201 Fixed FakeDelete is missing.
  • #2359703 Remove public visibility from pager variables on the ViewExecutable.
  • #2227401 Apply the seven style guide to the status report.
  • #2358657 Fixed Wrong @covers definitions in Drupal project.
  • #2340785 Create proper test method for determining if text has been escaped properly.
  • #2325517 Add methods for adding/removing attributes (not classes) on Attribute objects.
  • #2371875 Fixed session_manager can't be reasonably overridden.
  • #2354491 Fixed Edit new user list view throws exception on saving.
  • #2293875 Fixed Texts are not vertically aligned in Views list.
  • #2367745 Remove drupal_var_export().
  • #2371457 Replace inappropriate translatatable string in core/modules/contextual/contextual.module.
  • #2361845 Remove drupal_substr.
  • #2361727 Remove drupal_convert_to_utf8.
  • #2371759 The docblock for user_help() should read "Implements hook_help().".
  • #2371479 Replace inelegant string in core/lib/Drupal/Core/Database/Install/Tasks.php.
  • #2353013 Remove taxonomy_term_load_parents_all from taxonomy/taxonomy.module.
  • #2371841 Fixed FullPageVariant::$mainContent must always be an array.
  • #2358685 Remove edit and configure icons from misc.
  • #2278415 Fixed Bartik dropbutton styling looks bad.
  • #2371499 Fixed Misprint in State API example.
  • #920056 Fixed [comment:name] duplicates [comment:author], and the latter should use format_username().
  • #2347787 Fixed Content Type edit form always displays "Don't display post information".
  • #2368975 Fixed ElementInfoManager::buildInfo() processes info data on every request.
  • #2367579 Fixed Move retrieval of visible blocks to a standalone service.
  • #2105693 Fixed ContainerInjectionInterface docs need update.
  • #2370733 Fixed Contrib can not provide config storage.
  • #2350507 Fixed \Drupal\Core\Url has no __toString() magic method.
  • #2370801 Fixed Deleting nothing from K-V DB is broken.
  • #2347511 Add method to test if class attribute has class on Attribute object.
  • #2370005 Fixed Remove link in views ui grouped filter and rearrange fields/sorts does not work.
  • #2354597 Remove usage of form_set_value().
  • #2369733 Fixed No End of "addtogroup hooks" in search.api.php.
  • #2369933 Fixed Remove references to an exception class that doesn't exist (\Drupal\entity_reference\Exception\MissingDefaultValueException).
  • #2321701 Replace all instances of contact_form_load(), entity_load('contact_form') and entity_load_multiple('contact_form') with static method calls.
  • #2362205 Fixed admin/theme/install|update should point to admin/appearance/update|install.
  • #2215507 Fixed Downloads broken for translated private files.
  • #365615 followup by attiks, YesCT, Gábor Hojtsy, mgifford, Albert Volkman, plach, webwarrior, David_Rothstein, penyaskito, smokris | yang_yi_cn: Fixed Followups: Language detection not working correctly for most Chinese readers (and add a user interface for all browser language mappings).
  • #2369107 Update Guzzle to 5.0.3.
  • #2366877 Fixed Entity Reference field schema incorrect.
  • #2267551 followup by jfhovinne: [meta] Deal with PHP requirement vs. Debian PHP version numbering.
  • #2369639 EntityFieldTest helper methods makes debugging tests impossible .
  • #2206571 Add PHPUnit tests for Config class.
  • #2369197 Fixed Remove obsolete PIFR-specific markup after installation.
  • #2359069 Remove drupal_html_to_text().
  • #2361799 Remove drupal_strlen.
  • #2364171 Fixed Enabling and configuring content language negotiation does not work at once.
  • #2368443 Use the new FallbackPluginManagerInterface in ER's selection plugin manager.
  • #2268753 Fixed Cleanup EntityReferenceController's create() method.
  • #2361797 Remove usage of drupal_strlen().
  • #2358999 Remove usage of drupal_html_to_text().
  • #2361795 Remove decode_entities.
  • #2364343 Fixed robots.txt to allow Google access to CSS and JavaScript files.
  • #2363537 Update CMF routing to 1.3 and remove old code.
  • Revert "Issue #2369107 Update Guzzle to 5.0.3."
  • #2368739 Fixed user_page_attachments() unnecessarily adds an individual CSS file on every page.
  • #2368957 Fixed Set class on MoreLink as array instead as string.
  • #1938918 Convert menu theme tables to table #type.
  • #2368081 Fixed Remove outdated @todo in hook_user_install().
  • #2367285 Fixed Function doc typo for hook_page_attachments_alter() in theme.api.php.
  • #2368185 Fixed Content views shipped by node module have non-functional timestamp field.
  • #2361825 Remove drupal_strtolower.
  • #2069619 Remove the module handler dependency from BlockContentBlock.
  • #2364161 Replace nearly all existing _l calls.
  • #2367557 Fixed Update TestKernel to match class loader changes in Drupal Kernel.
  • #2361811 Remove drupal_strtoupper.
  • #2361837 Remove drupal_ucfirst.
  • #2361747 Remove truncate_utf8.
  • #2367835 Fixed FormBuilderTest namespace.
  • #2361823 Remove usage of drupal_strtolower().
  • #1879930 Fixed Language selectors are not showing localized to the page language.
  • Revert "Issue #2358685 Remove edit and configure icons from misc."
  • #2282673 Add a PHPunit test for not using Drupal\Core code in Drupal\Component.
  • #2361809 Remove usage of drupal_strtoupper().
  • #2361745 Remove usage of truncate_utf8().
  • #1833076 Expand translation settings when editing outdated translation so remember to uncheck "needs updating".
  • #2367661 Fixed Follow up: ThirdPartySettingsTraitInterface missing getThirdPartySettings() method.
  • #2367665 Add primary actions on the 'Field storage settings' and 'Field settings' forms.
  • #2349373 Fixed Menu label overlaps with the dropdown trigger on narrow screens on RTL.
  • #2346763 Improve views field rendering performance by caching entity display objects.
  • #2361833 Remove usage of drupal_ucfirst().
  • #2361789 Remove usage of decode_entities().
  • #2230121 Fixed Remove exit() from FormBuilder.
  • #2358685 Remove edit and configure icons from misc.
  • #2358683 Move forum icons into the forum module.
  • #2278403 Remove uses of form_execute_handlers().
  • #2366645 Drupal\Tests\Core\Controller\AjaxControllerTest has wrong @covers.
  • #2329783 Move comment classes from preprocess to templates.
  • #2363643 Fixed Nodes with format 0 are skipped.
  • #2305869 Search migration - search logging (new setting).
  • #2355977 Fixed Code references RelationLinkManagerInterface::getRelationInternalIds but no such method.
  • #2318341 Views mini pager markup.
  • #2135101 Fixed Expand test coverage on configuration translation tabs.
  • #2271419 Fixed Allow field types, widgets, formatters to specify config dependencies.
  • #2299215 Fixed 'extra' join conditions leaking arguments.
  • #2355187 Remove form_get_cache().
  • #2307853 Move file-related hooks to new file.api.php file
  • #2366589 Move form-related hooks to form.api.php
  • #2361615 Fixed Field type config schemas are not in the base schema.
  • #2366583 Move hooks from system.api.php to new module.api.php file
  • #1953770 Move the field-specific settings form elements at the top of the form.
  • #2365705 Add end addtogroup hooks to entity.api.php
  • #2351411 Fixed [perf] Shortcut reruns routing.
  • #2356297 Fixed Double escaping in views ui grouped filters.
  • #2364173 Fixed Remove dead code for session-test/set-not-started.
  • #2365897 Fixed Move taxonomy-term.html.twig to templates folder in Classy.
  • #2365891 Fixed Incorrect schema label.
  • Revert "Issue #2208811 Fixed Views with arguments stopped working on front-end."
  • #2340123 followup by Mile23: Setting cache tags can be tricky: use strings instead of nested arrays to improve DX.
  • #2312385 Fixed Move schemas for migrate_drupal sources to migrate_drupal module.
  • #2302253 Fixed User profile "selection" type field type does not migrate from D6 if any of the available options contain a dot.
  • #2052751 Fixed WidgetFactory is not used anywhere so it should be removed.
  • #2030645 Fixed Expand Menu with methods.
  • #2276203 Fixed CSS Aggregation breaks URLs with Query String.
  • #2261465 Fixed Missing visibility keywords on DrupalKernelTest.
  • #2349765 Copy taxonomy templates to Classy.
  • #197641 followup by herom, good_man, yhager: Fixed Drag and drop is not RTL aware.
  • #2208811 Fixed Views with arguments stopped working on front-end.
  • #2361599 Fixed menu_ui css file is not loaded.
  • #2357925 Fixed Duplicate view copies the old view name and ignores the new one.
  • #184010 followup by stefank, seanr: Add #anchors to modules administration page.
  • #2315849 Update status does not have tests with (semantic) Drupal 8 versions.
  • #2364127 Merge AjaxResponseRenderer into AjaxController.
  • #2360683 Fix docs for WebTestBase::loggedInUser member variable
  • #2307859 Move theme-render hooks from system.api.php to theme.api.php
  • #2363025 Push usage of drupal_set_page_content() higher: out of blocks and page display variants.
  • #2364337 Fixed $typedConfigManager dinamically defined in FieldConfigEntityUnitTest.
  • #2039709 Fixed Forward slash in filter aliases in url alias overview doesn't work.
  • #2363741 Upgrade Twig to 1.16.* from 1.15.*.
  • #2359879 Fixed Session negotiation settings cannot actually be changed on the UI.
  • #2221577 Fix assumption that field settings is not a nested array.
  • #2363139 _content controllers may only return render arrays, not strings.
  • #2349675 Copy file templates to Classy.
  • #2355239 Let AggregatorItemViewsData and AggregatorFeedViewsData use EntityViewsData.
  • #2349727 Copy rdf templates to Classy.
  • #2349731 Copy search templates to Classy.
  • #2349771 Copy user templates to Classy.
  • #2349615 Copy aggregator templates to Classy.
  • #2362517 Improve default 403/404 exception HTML subscriber: don't duplicate the page render pipeline, use the routing system — add system.403 and system.404 routes.
  • #2363589 Fixed Wrong Contains specification in \Drupal\contact\MessageInterface.
  • #2353667 D6->D8 Migration missing variable: forum_nav_vocabulary.
  • #2353699 D6->D8 Migration missing variable: default_nodes_main.
  • #2324371 Fix common HTML escaped render #key values due to Twig autoescape.
  • #2351589 Fixed Exception when a source has no destId.
  • #1948418 Fixed Address SA-CONTRIB-2013-035 for views in D8.
  • #2361711 Remove usage of drupal_convert_to_utf8().
  • #2361757 Remove usage of mime_header_encode().
  • #2350583 Replace extend of deprecated DrupalUnitTestBase with KernelTestBase in Filter.
  • #2360069 Fixed Add missing RTL rules to Seven tabs.css.
  • #2361843 Remove usage of drupal_substr().
  • #2239003 Remove the '_http_statuscode' request attribute.
  • Revert "git commit -m Issue"
  • #2343715 Fixed RTL issues in shortcut module.
  • #2183075 Tidy up css.gzip and js.gzip configuration.
  • #2361681 drupal_render(): invert second argument ($is_recursive_call -> $is_root_call) => more strict, better DX/TX.
  • #2294571 Redirect anonymous users to login page from an exception listener instead of in MaintenanceModeSubscriber and restrict access to the my-account link to authenticated users.
  • #2357937 Remove {{ feed_icons }} from page template (page.html.twig).
  • #2220905 Fixed Misaligned messages status.
  • #2359931 Ensure that empty title support does not break.
  • #2227731 Fixed Normalize configuration data during config writes.
  • #2362519 Fixed Remove dead code from contact.install.
  • #2282519 Fixed Add content dependency information to configuration entities.
  • git commit -m Issue
  • #1956698 Prevent access to YAML files using .htaccess and web.config.
  • #2349651 Fixed Default contact form does not send email as email recipient is not set during the installation.
  • #2361383 Fixed Drupal modal dialog should use ui-front class.
  • #2316561 Type hint hooks with interface: ConfigurableLanguageInterface instead of LanguageEntity/ConfigurableLanguage.
  • #1186582 Fixed rollback and and pushTransaction is not consistent.
  • #2359607 Fixed Minor problems on Theme topic .
  • #2359449 Fixed TypedData calls onChange() parent's method that is not part of the interface.
  • #2361415 Fixed locale_translation_clear_cache_projects() does not work.
  • #2278583 Fixed field_has_data looks at current data instead of revisioning data: this can lead to data loss.
  • #2362123 Drupal_page_header() and drupal_send_headers() are dead code: already deprecated, zero uses remain: remove.
  • #1419298 Remove all trailing whitespace from Drupal core files.
  • #2361693 Fixed AjaxEnhancer is dead code, remove it.
  • #2360841 Fixed Overriding the translation path in the installer does not work.
  • #2349829 Fixed #2293589 breaks table row buttons.
  • #2360241 Fixed MenuLinkManager uses PluginNotFoundException incorrectly.
  • #2288793 Add missing and fix some types in core docblocks and add some typehinting for locale module.
  • #2224581 Delete forum data on uninstall.
  • #2326875 Convert file_element_info() to Element classes.
  • #2353695 D6->D8 Migration missing variable: feed_item_length.
  • #2348793 Fixed I can not uninstall Classy theme .
  • #1813488 Add descriptions to clarify "administer users" and "administer user settings" permissions.
  • #2065485 Document that PluginFormInterface should use #process to solve nesting issues.
  • #2329763 Move links classes from preprocess to templates.
  • #2329767 Move table classes from preprocess to templates.
  • #2358333 Fixed ConfigManager should use interface for translation manager type hint.
  • #2359005 Fixed LocalTaskManagerTest only works because we mock a non existing method.
  • #2226533 Changes to the Language class due to the LanguageInterface (followup).
  • #1825466 [docs follow-up, then backport to D7] Allow NestedArray::mergeDeepArray() to preserve integer keys.
  • #2351847 Fixed Rename getCacheTag() to getCacheTags().
  • #1856262 Raise MySQL requirement to 5.1.21 to support caching of prepared statements.
  • #2267551 follow-up by jfhovinne: [meta] Deal with PHP requirement vs. Debian PHP version numbering.
  • #1623574 Fixed Remove trailing space from form element labels and field labels (HTML nbsp).
  • #2359561 Make #attached more prevalent in render api docs.
  • #1971208 Replace "utilize" with a proper verb.
  • #2359035 Add info to Routing topic about magic placeholder transformation to parameters in method
  • #2356609 Remove support for "reference a specific revision".
  • #2353691 D6->D8 Migration missing variable: page_compression.
  • #2356183 Use array of type X in views.
  • #2332935 followup by plach: Allow code to respond to entity/field schema changes.
  • #2353683 D6->D8 Migration missing variable: allow_insecure_uploads.
  • #2353711 D6->D8 Migration missing variable: update_check_frequency.
  • #2358147 Fixed Code improvement in install.
  • #2329919 Move views_ui classes from preprocess to templates.
  • #2215345 Fixed docs for MenuLinkTreeInterface unclear.
  • #2357185 Remove unnecessary setup in NodeCacheTagsTest.
  • #2332935 Allow code to respond to entity/field schema changes.
  • #2246647 Rename PluginBag to LazyPluginCollection.
  • #2358911 Fix docs for ViewsArgumentValidator annotation class
  • #2349851 Remove uses of the deprecated drupalGetSettings.
  • #2341341 Change public 'name' property access on languages to getName() and add back setName().
  • #2350949 Add hook_page_attachments(_alter)() and deprecate hook_page_build/alter().
  • #2351777 Do not depend on event subscribers for security: Replace AccessRouteSubscriber with build-in checks.
  • #2348365 Update to Guzzle 5.
  • #2357311 Fixed Follow-up to SA-CORE-2014-005 (tests don't work correctly on non-MySQL databases).

Versienummer 8.0.0 bčta 3
Releasestatus Beta
Besturingssystemen Scripttaal
Website Drupal
Bestandsgrootte 9,01MB
Licentietype GPL


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Bron: Drupal


Reacties (2)

Wijzig sortering
Ik twijfel nog steeds of ik mijn website (thema) ga omzetten naar WordPress of dat ik overstap naar Drupal 8. Voordeel van WP is dat er meer plugins zijn, zoals een download center e.d. Daarnaast is daar ook wat meer over te vinden op code-gebied.

Drupal is misschien toch een beetje te geavanceerd voor een relatief simpele website.
Drupal 8 gaat echt een enorme stap vooruit zijn, maar is nu gewoon nog niet productieklaar en op volle kracht. Als je nu ziet hoeveel modules er voor Drupal 7 er perfect werken, zal het nog een poos duren voordat je alle functionaliteit krijgt die je nu voor D7 hebt. Destijds was dat voor D6 ook een enorm probleem dat met tijd vanzelf opgelost raakt.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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