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Software-update: Drupal 8.0.0 bèta 2

Drupal logoDe tweede bètarelease van Drupal versie 8.0.0 uitgebracht. Drupal is een in php geschreven, gebruiksvriendelijk en krachtig contentmanagementplatform, waarmee bijvoorbeeld websites kunnen worden gemaakt. In versie 8 staan responsive templates standaard aan, waardoor een website er altijd goed uitziet, onafhankelijk van het apparaat dat wordt gebruikt om hem te bekijken. De in Drupal 7 veel gebruikte xhtml is in Drupal 8 grotendeels door html5 vervangen, wat onder meer web-apps mogelijk maakt. Verder is de in php geschreven broncode flink opgeschoond en gemoderniseerd, en zouden door slimmere caching de prestaties zijn verbeterd. De changelog voor bèta 2, waarin in ieder geval de sql-injectie-bug verholpen is, ziet er als volgt uit:

Known issues

There are still 116 critical issues with this beta release that need to be resolved before we will create a release candidate.

Changes since 8.0.0-beta1:
  • #2357249 Fixed SA-CORE-2014-005 (SQL injection).
  • #2356845 Remove the assetic library.
  • #569362 Document attributes template variables
  • #2356509 Fixed Remove extra param doc from QueueDatabaseFactory.
  • #2238981 Change controllers to receive route parameters in their signature rather than via $request->attributes.
  • #2304969 Fixed Port private files access bypass from SA-CORE-2014-003.
  • #1003788 Fixed PostgreSQL: PDOException:Invalid text representation when attempting to load an entity with a string or non-scalar ID.
  • #2234331 Fixed Change the body classes to follow Drupal 8 CSS standards.
  • #2234277 Composer update (includes security fixes).
  • #2063373 Fixed Cannot save image created from scratch.
  • #2323939 Fixed Views user language field/filter is for original language code, no translation language field/filter.
  • #2355573 Use English or in some LanguageInterface copy and paste docs.
  • #2340701 Use array_diff_key() more in core.
  • #2354657 Separate access manager from loading checks.
  • #2355001 Remove form_builder().
  • #2267545 Standardize to RFC 5424 log levels.
  • #2028109 Convert hook_stream_wrappers() to tagged services.
  • #2205527"> Fixed Move configuration import lock to lock.persistent service since a lock can not exist beyond a single request.
  • #2232425 Fixed Database Schema field/column default value is not properly quoted via PDO::quote().
  • #2346129 Introduce a TraversableTypedDataInterface and use that for typehinting instead of ArrayElement.
  • #2267545 Standardize to RFC 5424 log levels.
  • #2296115 Fixed Several entity loadRevision() methods do not obey the interface contract.
  • #2352857 Fixed Improve the display of trigger icon (pencil).
  • #2152521 Fixed User login page looks cramped on mobile.
  • #2355179 Remove usage of form_get_cache() and form_set_cache().
  • #2353729 D6->D8 Migration missing variable: user_mail_status_blocked_notify.
  • #2349637 Remove border from region header in Bartik.
  • #2346931 Fixed Dropbutton AJAX throbber looks awful.
  • #2355545 UserInstallTest testUserInstall() custom assert message not more helpful than the default.
  • #2355523 Fixed InstallerTestBase tests should not require sqlite to be installed.
  • #2333747 Fixed ignores phpunit tests when using the --module flag.
  • #2235363 Document config dependencies.
  • #2353347 follow-up by dawehner, alexpott: Fixed Random failure in DisplayPathTest.
  • #2354107 Fixed field_ui_help() should check for the existence of modules before linking to their routes.
  • #2350437 Mark functions as deprecated.
  • #2302799 Fixed InstallerTestBase tests can not be run locally.
  • #2354301 Fixed Composer require.php : invalid version constraint.
  • #2354699 Fixed Watchdog entries caused by toolbar module.
  • #2340667 Protect Drupal\Core\Language\Language::id, and use getId().
  • #2354177 Shortcut::getRouteParams() should be named getRouteParameters() for consistency.
  • #2352385 Standardize book & forum entity route names.
  • #2353823 D6->D8 Migration missing variable: cache.
  • #1434670 Add test for verticle_tabs default.
  • #2350941 Simplify $language max weight code using max().
  • #2349605 Fixed EntityReferenceItem is fragile about entity save order.
  • #2226323 Fixed CompositeFormElementTrait causes identical HTML ids for element and its wrapper.
  • #2342551 Implement ThirdPartySettingsInterface in contact module for contact form config entity.
  • #2349263 Fixed Add support for semantic version numbers in installer.
  • #2354005 Fix sample function body for hook_field_formatter_info_alter()
  • #2072043 Add link to examples project in README.txt
  • #2242749 Fixed Port Form API security fix SA-CORE-2014-002 to Drupal 8.
  • #2352641 Break router.builder dependency.
  • #998898 follow-up by kpv: Fix grammar/spelling/spacing in code comment.
  • #2310093 Fixed Config install and import should map from storage record not set properties directly.
  • #2348783 Fixed drupal_set_message inherits previous style if set to 'status'.
  • #2352361 MigrateFieldTest @file docblock is wrong.
  • #2346027 Fixed Unpublished content background overlaps tabs.
  • #998898 Fixed Make sure that the identifiers are not more the 63 characters on PostgreSQL.
  • Revert "Issue #2352857 Fixed Improve the display of trigger icon (pencil)."
  • #2298821 Move generic layout styling into system.admin.css.
  • #2330899 Allow image effects to change the MIME type + extension, add a convert image effect.
  • #1972300 Write a more scalable dispatcher.
  • #2341385 Fixed No alter hooks are invoked for views handler plugin definitions.
  • #2350877 Deprecate/rename drupal_add_feed(), drupal_add_html_head(), drupal_add_html_head_link(), drupal_add_http_header(), and allow to be set declaratively in #attached.
  • #2331113 Fixed Node access rebuilds are completely broken when being rebuilt through a batch process?.
  • #2350997 Fixed Help module install error when Taxonomy is disabled because of Field UI.
  • #2353347 Fixed Random failure in DisplayPathTest.
  • #2246675 Remove all unnecessary 'template' lines in hook_theme() declarations.
  • #2352857 Fixed Improve the display of trigger icon (pencil).
  • #2353005 Remove deprecated function views_get_enabled_display_extenders.
  • #2353393 Use LanguageInterface::DIRECTION_LTR instead of 'ltr' directly.
  • #1802128 Fixed Replace "user name" with "username" in UI text.
  • #2350571 Replace extend of deprecated DrupalUnitTestBase with KernelTestBase in Field.
  • #2313883 Fixed Minor code flow improvements to SessionHandler::write().
  • #2353011 Remove deprecated function views_get_all_views.
  • #2320277 Fixed Views comment language field/filter is for original language code, no translation language field/filter.
  • #2184907 Remove uses of drupal_add_http_header and related functions.
  • #2070737 Change values of LanguageInterface::DIRECTION_(LTR/RTL) to ('ltr'/'rtl').
  • #2273825 Fixed UserStorageInterface should extend EntityStorageInterface.
  • #1849822 Convert (HTML) view rendering to a render array.
  • #2352073 Fixed Undefined property in UrlCacheContext.
  • #2293899 Fixed hook_views_preview_info passes an instance of ViewsUI instead of ViewExecutable.
  • #2158571 Fixed Followup: Routes added in RouteSubscribers cannot be altered.
  • #2336199 Added Allow to specify the database target for a specific migration.
  • #2348547 Fixed CommentViewBuilder should use static where possible, subclassing is currently too painful.
  • #2342683 Fixed NodeViewBuilder should use static where possible, subclassing is currently too painful.
  • #2319667 Fixed Simpletest Module Double escaped HTML in hook_requirements.
  • #74562 Added Show keywords in title of search results page.
  • Revert "Issue #2349651 Fixed Default contact form does not send email as email recipient is not set during the installation."
  • #2349651 Fixed Default contact form does not send email as email recipient is not set during the installation.
  • #2322037 Replace all instances of responsive_image_mapping_load(), entity_load('responsive_image_mapping') and entity_load_multiple('responsive_image_mapping') with static method calls.
  • #2347465 Convert all instances of #type link/links to convert to use routes.
  • #2322067 Replace all instances of taxonomy_term_load(), entity_load('taxonomy_term') and entity_load_multiple('taxonomy_term') with static method calls.
  • #2150443 Do not tell site builders what to name their node types.
  • #2352387 Fixed Broken URL links in Core.
  • #2318377 Determine whether a view is cacheable and its required contexts, store this i/t config entity.
  • #2346369 Support special '#attached' variable for attaching assets in preprocess functions.
  • #2028053 Add typographic styles, components, and utility classes.
  • #2350301 Replace extend of deprecated DrupalUnitTestBase with KernelTestBase in Contextual.
  • #2226207 Make 'template' the default output option for hook_theme().
  • #2329901 Move form classes from preprocess to templates.
  • #2343677 Fixed Stack middleware suffers from incomplete service construction.
  • Revert "Issue #2343677 Fixed Stack middleware suffers from incomplete service construction."
  • #2346791 Remove id selectors from page template of Seven .
  • #1874528 Remove "disable JS for Views UI" checkbox.
  • #1946240 Remove the hardcoded 0 index in status-messages.html.twig.
  • #2343677 Fixed Stack middleware suffers from incomplete service construction.
  • #2350915 Don't require bundle option to be passed in when creating a MenuLinkContent entity.
  • #2337379 Rename 'branding' to 'content-header'.
  • #2267551 PHP 5.4.5 needed to avoid zend failure when using autoloaded traits.
  • #2350835 Mark EntityInterface::getSystemPath() as deprecated.
  • #2346315 Fixed Translated entity references not rendered in the entity display language.
  • #2270251 Unwanted box around CKEditor, i.e. our CSS overrides no longer work (presumably since CKEditor 4.4 upgrade).
  • #2349789 Fixed Responsive Image Mappings are not listed with sqlite.
  • #2345879 Added Enhance ThirdPartySettingsTrait with a get-all-settings method.
  • #1922966 Remove 'bool' and 'translatable' key from option definitions.
  • #2337825 Update comment references to the interface for ConfigurableLanguage class due to the ConfigurableLanguageInterface (followup).
  • #2249995 Clean up hover/focus - In Seven.
  • #2225349 Responsive styles for Modal dialog.
  • #2350461 Fixed issues with UpdateComplexTest in PostgreSQL driver.
  • #2347711 Fixed FieldItemlListInterface::processDefaultValue($default_value) is expected to massage polymorphic data.
  • #2350999 Fix typo in CommentTitleTest
  • #2349365 Fix typos in core.api.php
  • #2175637 Touch support for the toolbar: greatly improves the UX of Toolbar on mobile devices.
  • #2350505 Fixed Remove stray 'new' class on comments.
  • #2347111 StackKernelIntegrationTest is not testing a successful request.
  • #2349879 Fixed Remove unnecessary call to serializer > normalize in XmlEncoder::encode.
  • #2229435 Clean up the way attributes are printed in field.html.twig.
  • #2350499 Fixed Double message after content translations saved.
  • #2304403 Convert language:weight into a protected property.
  • #2248297 Fixed Ensure routes are rebuilt when install modules.
  • Revert "Issue #1842140 Remove title and wrapper div from theme_item_list."
  • #2350981 Remove Mark Carver from MAINTAINERS.txt.
  • #2230091 Fixed Route rebuilding is not guaranteed to finish in time for the next request.
  • #2300131 Fixed EntityResolverManager instantiates objects unnecessarily.
  • #2350917 Update Symfony YAML library to support whole number floats.
  • #2350779 Update Migrate maintainers in MAINTAINERS.txt.
  • #2201789 Don't print '_theme()' in twig_debug output.
  • #2294313 Email is asked before user name in SiteConfigureForm.
  • Revert "Issue #2267551 PHP 5.4.5 needed to avoid zend failure when using autoloaded traits."
  • #2123867 Simplify/cleanup language handling in EntityFormController.
  • #2215543 Replace strong tag with CSS in template_preprocess_authorize_report and remove id..
  • #2329851 Move miscellaneous system classes from preprocess to templates.
  • #2308549 Added Document accessibility features in Image.
  • #2241727 Remove button name override and update tests for that rename of Save to Save configuration in .
  • #2342633 Fixed CKEditor context menu broken due to an error in the drupalimage plugin.
  • #2350315 Replace extend of deprecated DrupalUnitTestBase with KernelTestBase in Editor.
  • #2350289 Replace extend of deprecated DrupalUnitTestBase with KernelTestBase in CKEditor.
  • #2350065 Fixed \t in element IDs for CKEditor config UI.
  • #2345969 Fixed Keep English during installation.
  • #2346001 Fixed Menu link title not prepopulated from node title, and menu isn't created.
  • #2302021 Move options.module widgets in Core.
  • #2346101 Fixed Alternate text should be called Alternative text.
  • #2292035 Fixed CKEditor uses the automatically generated ID attribute for the body field in the ARIA label.
  • #2324791 Remove watchdog().
  • #2195957 Fixed Only install profile configuration when installing that profile, not when enabling associated modules.
  • Revert "Issue #2195957 Fixed Only install profile configuration when installing that profile, not when enabling associated modules."
  • #2195957 Fixed Only install profile configuration when installing that profile, not when enabling associated modules.
  • #2350297 Replace extend of deprecated DrupalUnitTestBase with KernelTestBase in Contact.
  • #2346515 Fix contextual links on new primary links/secondary links blocks.
  • #1842140 Remove title and wrapper div from theme_item_list.
  • #2347533 Added Display module machine names on the extend page.
  • #2091379 Update hook_help for Toolbar module.
  • #2347893 Fixed ViewUnitTestBase extends DrupalUnitTestBase, which has been deprecated.
  • #2335003 Rename task-list.html.twig to maintenance-task-list.html.twig.
  • #2348547 Fixed CommentViewBuilder should use static where possible, subclassing is currently too painful.
  • #217676 Fixed taxonomy_term_load_parents_all() doesn't work correctly with multiple hierarchy terms.
  • #2264041 Fixed Add a test to ensure title callbacks are not vulnerable to XSS.
  • #2350543 Fixed #2343943 introduced gethostname(), which breaks on new testbot .
  • #2160965 Fixed Content entities are not upcast in the page language, inconsistent with config entities.
  • #2350021 Fixed After entering Quick Edit and then closing (no save), image align is lost from image.
  • #2326409 Annotate render element plugins.
  • #2029855 Fixed Missing access control for user base fields.
  • #2322233 Replace all instances of user_role_load(), entity_load('user_role') and entity_load_multiple('user_role') with static method calls.
  • #2349839 Fixed Code comment change for delete() in EntityStorageBase.
  • #1160764 Fixed URL alias load is inconsistent if there are more then one aliases.
  • #2282133 Fixed fieldsets are broken in Stark theme.
  • #2281451 Fixed Search form enabled in header region does not show the typed text.
  • #2202565 Fixed Taxonomy default argument no longer works.
  • #2328573 'site_default' needs to be a language constant.
  • #2338759 Fixed core/update.php is now just update.php.
  • #1845104 Fixed drupal_set_message('0') results in no output rather than outputting "0".
  • #2349469 Remove dot behind the hint on cmi export page.
  • #2321501 Replace calls to aggregator_feed_load(), entity_load('aggregator_feed') and entity_load_multiple() with static method calls.
  • #2346629 Fixed When on report translations page, wrong update messages displayed.
  • #2268467 Document foreseeable changes to conditions and action APIs.
  • #2346783 Fixed Code block in FilterAlign and FilterCaption not closed properly.
  • #1332068 ENGINE_render_template() and ENGINE_extension() are undocumented.
  • #2020081 Fixed H4 element not distinguishable from rest of text (P element).
  • #2226193 Discuss increasing the contrast of the Seven modal header.
  • #1440662 Fixed UX regression: Prevent links in node preview from being clicked.
  • #2318787 Basic_auth Module: Fix documentation that refers to enabling/disabling of modules.
  • #2343281 Fixed RTL issues in content listing page, aka /admin/content.
  • #2350431 Fixed Set proper langcode in shipped config files.
  • #2248505 Improve property definition labels.
  • #2349569 Fixed 'Back to site' link does not work as expected.
  • #2343943 Fixed Language domain may not be left blank for default language.
  • #2347493 Fixed Writing test results leads to FATAL because of memory_limit.
  • #2263975 Fixed Check for proper use of CSS Outline in Bartik.
  • #2293589 Fixed Texts are not vertically aligned in listing views.
  • #2346313 Fixed Fatal error when submitting the book admin form with an empty book.
  • #2267551 PHP 5.4.5 needed to avoid zend failure when using autoloaded traits.
  • #2271327 Fixed Tips link border bottom not looking great.
  • #2307533 Fixed Insufficient space at page bottom.
  • #2344103 Fixed DBLog sort by user is broken.
  • #2347663 Fix minor issues on User topic page
  • #2344491 Move ControllerBase::redirect() to UrlGeneratorTrait.
  • #2272853 Fixed CckFieldValues source plugin loses similar field values.
  • #2347167 Fix space in comment in TourTestBasic
  • #2329769 Move forum classes from preprocess to templates.
  • #2183421 In InOperator Rename Views properties to core standards.
  • #2346245 Update file documentation.
  • #1847932 Added Make the UUID pattern a constant.
  • #2179903 Fixed testDeleteLink() in ViewEditTest with use correct use (not Drupal\views\Plugin\Core\Entity\View) and assertTrue before assertFalse.
  • #2332751 Added Allow to limit the nodes to migrate by node type.
  • #2345753 Remove url(current_path()) and url(NULL) with and .
  • #1842226 Fixed Search OR statements don't work if same keyword is used.
  • #2249303 Implement fallback plugin for Block plugins.
  • #2320743 Taxonomy views needs filter/field on original language.
  • #2251019 Fixed User wildcard search doesn't work.
  • #2278613 Fixed Body text display is blank for migrated content types.
  • #2329771 Move image classes from preprocess to templates.
  • #2348413 Fixed Fatal error at /admin/structure/book.
  • #2329501 Add to core, set Classy as base theme for Bartik and Seven.
  • #2348397 Fixed HEAD BROKEN: accidental "fixed_dependencies" key in commit 2c11d0.
  • #2343841 Fixed Remove broken link to
  • #2347659 Fixed CONSTANT needs updating.
  • #2268467 Document foreseeable changes to conditions and action APIs.
  • #2239227 Fixed Views GroupwiseMax class calls protected properties.
  • #2306049 Fixed D6->D8 node migration - Handle nodes with format = 0 ?.
  • #2275659 Separate FieldableEntityInterface out of ContentEntityInterface.
  • #2347987 Fixed Broken l() in reportPlugin.
  • #2346421 Improve documentation of getTargetBundle()
  • #2346035 Fixed ModuleHandler::install() should re-register stream wrappers.
  • #2345371 Remove unused update_parse_xml().
  • #2313135 Fixed setting page_cache_without_database in settings.php prevents the container from being dumped.
  • #2346283 Add route name parameter to OutboundRouteProcessorInterface.
  • #2278353 Update to Symfony 2.5.
  • #2304987 Fixed Don't invalidate cache tags of referenced entities, use entity list cache tags correctly, add test coverage for entity list cache tags.
  • #2346969 Fixed Shortcut overview page is sad.
  • #2181291 Fixed Prevent a query from aborting the entire transaction in pgsql.
  • #2343389 Fixed Drupal core testing fails to write results because of SQLITE limitation .

Versienummer 8.0.0 bèta 2
Releasestatus Beta
Besturingssystemen Scripttaal
Website Drupal
Bestandsgroottes 9,04MB - 15,99MB
Licentietype GPL

Door Bart van Klaveren

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17-10-2014 • 12:14

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Submitter: seba

Bron: Drupal

Reacties (1)

Wijzig sortering
Ik heb eventjes met beta 1 gespeeld maar het thema is nog steeds hetzelfde. Een veel moderner standaard thema, wat je in de webinterface licht kan aanpassen zou wel mooi zijn. Het mobile responsive werk idd goed, op mijn mobiel lijkt een website met een standaard thema als meer op een app met grote knoppen voor dikke vingers en alle content in 1 kolom.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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