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Software-update: KeePass Password Safe 2.09

KeePass Password Safe logo (60 pix) Zaterdag is versie 2.09 van KeePass Password Safe verschenen. Met deze opensource-passwordmanager kunnen accounts worden opgeslagen inclusief de bijbehorende gegevens, zoals gebruikersnaam, wachtwoord en url. Alle gegevens worden veilig in een met het Rijndael-algoritme versleutelde database opgeslagen. Verder kan het programma ook automatisch wachtwoorden genereren en lijsten importeren en exporteren.

In versie 2 is het programma volledig op de schop gegaan; zo maakt het nu intern gebruik van xml. Verder heeft het programma om zijn werk te kunnen doen minimaal versie 2.0 van het .NET Framework nodig, of versie 2.2 van Mono wanneer het programma onder Linux, Mac OS X of FreeBSD wordt gebruikt. Een volledig overzicht van de verschillen tussen versie 1 en 2 is op deze pagina te vinden. Hieronder zijn alle veranderingen te vinden die sinds versie 2.08 zijn aangebracht:

New Features:

  • Added option to use file transactions when writing databases (enabled by default; writing to a temporary file and replacing the actual file afterwards avoids data loss when KeePass is prevented from saving the database completely).
  • Added PLGX plugin file format.
  • Enhanced database synchronization by structure merging (relocation/moving and reordering groups and entries).
  • Added synchronization 'Recent Files' list (in 'File' menu).
  • Synchronization / import: added merging of entry histories.
  • Synchronization / import: backups of current entries are created automatically, if their data would be lost in the merging process.
  • Database name, description, default user name, entry templates group and the recycle bin settings are now synchronized.
  • Added {NEWPASSWORD} placeholder, which generates a new password for the current entry, based on the "Automatically generated passwords for new entries" generator profile; this placeholder is replaced once in an auto-type process, i.e. for a typical 'Old Password'-'New Password'-'Repeat New Password' dialog you can use {PASSWORD}{TAB}{NEWPASSWORD}{TAB}{NEWPASSWORD}{ENTER}.
  • Added scheme-specific URL overrides (this way you can for example tell KeePass to open all http- and https-URLs with Firefox or Opera instead of the system default browser; PuTTY is set as handler for ssh-URLs by default; see Options -> Integration).
  • Added option to drop to the background when copying data to the clipboard.
  • Added option to use alternating item background colors in the main entry list (option enabled by default).
  • The Ctrl+E shortcut key now jumps to the quick search box.
  • Added auto-type sequence conversion routine to convert key codes between 1.x and 2.x format.
  • Added workaround for internal queue issue in SendKeys.Flush.
  • Added more simple clipboard backup routine to workaround clipboard issues when special formats are present.
  • Added native clipboard clearing method to avoid empty data objects being left in the clipboard.
  • Added import support for custom icons.
  • Added {GOOGLECHROME} placeholder, which is replaced by the executable path of Google Chrome, if installed.
  • Added {URL:RMVSCM} placeholder, which inserts the URL of the current entry without the scheme specifier.
  • Added ability to search for UUIDs and group names.
  • Toolbar searches now also search in UUIDs and group names.
  • Added {DELAY=X} placeholder to specify a default delay of X milliseconds between standard keypresses in this sequence.
  • Added option to disable verifying written database files.
  • Attachment names in the entry view are now clickable (to open the attachments in the internal editor or viewer).
  • Added Unicode support in entry details view.
  • Added option to render menus and toolbars with gradient backgrounds (enabled by default).
  • MRU lists now have numeric access keys.
  • Added '--entry-url-open' command line option (specify the UUID of the entry as '--uuid:' command line parameter).
  • Added 'Application initialized' trigger event.
  • Added 'User interface state updated' trigger event.
  • Added host reachability trigger condition.
  • Added 'Active database has unsaved changes' trigger condition.
  • Added 'Save active database' trigger action.
  • Added database file synchronization trigger action.
  • Added database file export trigger action.
  • KeePass now restores the last view when opening databases.
  • Added system-wide hot key to execute auto-type for the currently selected entry (configurable in the options).
  • Added option to disable auto-type entry matching based on title (by default an entry matches if its title is contained in the target window title).
  • Added option to disable marking TAN entries as expired when using them.
  • Added option to focus the quick search box when restoring from tray (disabled by default).
  • Added entry context menu commands to sort by UUID and file attachments.
  • Custom string fields are now appended to the notes when exporting to KeePass 1.x KDB files.
  • Enforced configuration files are now item-based (items not defined in the enforced configuration file are now loaded from the global/local configuration files instead of being set to defaults).
  • File transactions are used when writing configuration files.
  • KPScript: added 'ChangeMasterKey' command.
  • ShInstUtil: added check for the presence of .NET.
  • TrlUtil: added command under 'Import' that loads 2.x LNGX files without checking base hashes.
  • TrlUtil: added control docking support.
  • Plugin developers: added static window addition and removal events to the GlobalWindowManager class.
  • Plugin developers: added ability to write custom dialog banner generators (CustomGenerator of BannerFactory).
  • Plugin developers: the IOConnectionInfo of the database is now accessible through the key provider query context.
  • Plugin developers: added static auto-type filter events (plugins can provide own placeholders, do sequence customizations like inserting delays, and provide alternative key sending methods).
  • Plugin developers: added UIStateUpdated main window event.

Improvements / Changes:

  • Simple text boxes now convert rich text immediately.
  • Improved entry change detection (avoid unnecessary backups when closing the entry dialog with [OK] but without any changes; detect by content instead of change events).
  • Header in entry selection dialog is now non-clickable.
  • Entry list header now uses native sorting icons.
  • Key providers are now remembered separately from key files.
  • The main window is now the owner of the import method dialog.
  • The global URL override is now also applied for main entry URLs in the entry details view.
  • Improved grouping behavior when disabling entry sorting.
  • Improved field mapping in RoboForm import.
  • Root groups now support custom icons.
  • In the entry dialog, string values are now copied to the clipboard instead of asterisks.
  • Improved import/synchronization status dialog.
  • Improved import/synchronization error message dialogs.
  • Entry history items are now identified by the last modification time instead of last access time.
  • The trigger system can now be accessed directly through 'Tools' -> 'Triggers...', not the options anymore.
  • Changed order of commands in the 'Tools' menu.
  • Improved auto-type target window validity checking.
  • Ctrl-V does not make the main window lose the focus anymore if auto-type is disabled for the currently selected entry.
  • When restoring from tray, the main window is now brought to the foreground.
  • Double-clicking an icon in the icon picker dialog now chooses the icon and closes the dialog.
  • When adding a custom icon to the database, the new icon is selected automatically.
  • When opening a database by running KeePass.exe with the database file path as parameter (and single instance option enabled), the existing KeePass instance will not prompt for keys of previously locked databases anymore when restoring (they are just left in locked state).
  • Unlocking routine doesn't display multiple dialogs anymore.
  • Improved shortcut key handling in main window.
  • Master key change success message now has a distinguishable window title.
  • Improved start position and focus of the URL dialog.
  • Improved layout in options dialog.
  • Improved UUID and UI updates when removing custom icons.
  • Improved window deconstruction when closing with [X].
  • Improved user activity detection.
  • Improved state updating of sorting context menu commands.
  • Improved sorting by UUIDs.
  • Improved naming of options to clarify their meaning.
  • Converted ShInstUtil to a native application (in order to be able to show a warning in case .NET is not installed).
  • Plugins: improved IOConnection to allow using registered custom WebRequest descendants (WebRequest.RegisterPrefix).
  • TrlUtil: improved XML comments generation.
  • Various code optimizations.
  • Minor other improvements.


  • Password profile derivation function doesn't incorrectly always add standard character ranges anymore.
  • In-memory protection for the title field of new entries can be enabled now.
KeePass Password Safe 2.0 screenshot (481 pix)
Versienummer 2.09
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website KeePass Password Safe
Bestandsgrootte 1,80MB
Licentietype GPL

Reacties (16)

Wijzig sortering
KeePass Password Safe 2.09 installer, met extra opties en inclusief de Nederlandse taalmodule:
Wat zijn de extra opties? Deze download is niet middels een hash te verifieren lijkt het. Een dergelijke bron voor een beveiligingstool als deze zou ik als onbetrouwbaar aanmerken.
Even goed kijken

MD5 : 549B5107 DDEE4541 8697A511 4C27B5A8
SHA1 : 1EF42641 4FB6AE24 17CAB04A 1B487996 00C8CF01
Size64 : 00000000 001AC85E

MD5 : 9FC81681 C521C14C 0C982B17 D93213B9
SHA1 : 8E602DFD 9110EC65 84BE3765 5A0C24ED 60A6F693
Size64 : 00000000 001CF39E

MD5 : BF662DB0 6C18CD19 A99972A1 0A5D0C04
SHA1 : 5FAB1FD0 0EB5FC83 A9C1A001 3C5530E3 D8B886C5
Size64 : 00000000 00203200
Waar ik op doel is dat het aangepaste files zijn op deze mirror.

[Reactie gewijzigd door Bor op 13 september 2009 19:33]

De MD5-hash van de installers en taalmodules kun je op vinden en de MD5-hash van KeePass zelf kun je vinden op
De bestanden zijn niet aangepast: vergelijk wat het installatieprogramma installeert met de losse bestanden uit bijvoorbeeld en de losse taalmodule en je zult zien dat ze allemaal 100% overeenkomen, en dus even betrouwbaar zijn.
Ben ik het volledig mee eens. Je weet immers nooit wat je daarvandaan binnen haalt.
Ik neem wel de officiŽle installer en zet zelf de language files erbij.
Is dit ook te draaien vanaf USB-stick?
Ja :)
Kijk maar even bij PortableApps

[Reactie gewijzigd door 2playgames op 13 september 2009 16:58]

De portable versie staat er gewoon bij.

Die van portableapps is niks. Traag met opstarten en onthoud niet waar je database is opgeslagen.
Voor de Mac & Linux gebruikers onder ons; KeepassX.

[Reactie gewijzigd door foxgamer2019 op 13 september 2009 16:23]

Of je download Mono voor Linux/Mac/BSD:

Dan kun je versie 2 van Keepass gebruiken. Mono 2 is een officieel ondersteund platform voor Keepass 2.

KeepassX ondersteund het nieuwe XML database formaat van Keepass 2 niet!
Bestaat er nog een versie voor de iPhone? Er was een Duitse website voor maar deze is momenteel uit de lucht.
En wanneer komt die iPhone versie nu eens!? :'(
Als er genoeg mensen zeuren :)
Ik gebruik zelf, maar het irritante is wanneer de pagina weer eens uit z'n cache is. En het direct login werkt ook nog niet goed.
Kan dit programma bestaande paswoorden uit firefox \ outlook ed. automatisch in zich opnemen of moet ik alles er met de hand inzetten..?
Check Keepass plugins.
Ik zelf heb ze allemaal handmatig toegevoegd en gelijk een betere wachtwoord gemaakt.
Hoeft natuurlijk niet allemaal in 1 keer.

[Reactie gewijzigd door Jurgen1982 op 14 september 2009 20:50]

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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