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Nog meer Mozilla & Opensource heeft een eigen reactie gepost over het gebeuren rond de overname van Netscape door AOL. Hier ff het belangrijkste:

Some people have the impression that the Mozilla agenda is set by Netscape, and to some extent that is true: because Netscape is paying more than a hundred people full-time salaries to work on the Mozilla code base -- and to give their code away.

In addition, Netscape is funding, those of us providing management and infrastructure and tools to this large, distributed software project.

So, with Netscape being acquired, what does that mean to Hopefully, it will mean nothing: hopefully, AOL didn't buy Netscape with the intention of turning Netscape into something that it is not; it's hard to imagine that they would spend $4 billion dollars on Netscape just to throw away the client.

So, assuming that they still want to have a Netscape Navigator, it is not unreasonable to assume that they will adopt the same attitude that Netscape has: that open source works, and that the best way to have a top-of-the-line web browser is to keep it open.

But let's think about some worst-case scenarios. Let's think about the nightmares. What if AOL hates ``open source''? What if they want to undo everything we've done, and make Mozilla be evil and proprietary again? What if they just think that browsers are a waste of time, and that they should just use MSIE forevermore?

Well, they simply cannot undo what has been done. The Mozilla code is out there, and it cannot be recalled. It has been distributed under an open source license, and nobody can ever take that away from you. Ever.

If AOL hated open source, or didn't want to build their own browser, what they could do is fail to contribute to Mozilla in the future. They could stop paying those hundred-plus full-time salaries, and they could stop funding those of us who are's full-time employees.

But be clear on this: the agenda of Mozilla is set by those who contribute to it. If you believe that is just a smokescreen, that the organization exists only to swindle you out of your hard work for the benefit of some shambling inhuman beast of a corporation, then don't contribute to it. Take the source code, and build your own browser based on it. Fork the tree. Do what's right.



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