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Software-update: Lansweeper

Om de apparaten in je netwerk in kaart te brengen, kun je gebruikmaken van Lansweeper. Dit programma installeert zich op een Windows-server met IIS en een sql-database, en is in staat om de aanwezige software en hardware te inventariseren in het netwerk zonder dat je daarvoor op elke computer een clientprogramma moet installeren. Alle informatie is vervolgens via een webinterface te raadplegen. Lansweeper is beschikbaar als freeware voor kleine omgevingen en voor grotere omgevingen zal betaald moeten worden. De ontwikkelaar heeft versie uitgebracht en voorzien van de volgende aanpassingen:

Our ’19 Spring Release is here

The Lansweeper 2019 Spring release significantly expands the number of devices Lansweeper can scan, and expands the depth of data retrieved for assets we already discover. It is our response to an increasingly hybrid work environment.

Track PC Performance
Performance Counter Scanning add a new dimension to IT asset management, providing an overview of the performance of assets in your network. By scanning Windows CPU, memory, disk and network utilization, you can find and avoid hardware bottlenecks, control hardware spending, and know precisely how many resources you require when moving to a cloud environment.

Get a Grip on Plug & Play Devices
Another vast addition to the scanning scope is Plug and Play devices. This includes media devices, smart TV's, game consoles, video players and much more. Most of these devices can be scanned without any extra configuration, as Lansweeper has added new protocols to its arsenal, that don't require any credentials to work their magic.

Discover Your Cloud-Based Assets
Cloud scanning concludes the scanning trifecta of Lansweeper 7.1. More and more IT infrastructure is moving to the cloud, and Lansweeper follows. We now scan assets hosted on the Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services platforms. Even with these additions to the scanning scope, we still found new ways to get extra information on the assets Lansweeper already discovers.

Unify AD User Information with Office 365 Data
Not just infrastructure is increasingly moving to the cloud but so are users and software. Lansweeper now unifies your AD user information with Office 365 information to expand on its centralized overview of all your user data. Besides user pages, Lansweeper now provides an organization tab, with your organization's mailing groups, active licenses, departments, mailboxes, and contacts.

Scan Mobile Devices
For a start, you can now use Lansweeper to keep track of Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices. Mobile device management can be a headache for IT teams, due to the volume, variety and isolated nature of phones and tablets. But with Lansweeper connected to the Intune mobile device management platform, these devices are no longer the dark matter of your network.

The Lansweeper Deepscan Engine
To top things off, we have improved the Lansweeper Deepscan Engine. The engine is now less CPU-intensive, and the new scanning algorithms will help you find additional Exchange and SQL server information.

The '19 Spring release is our response to an increasingly hybrid network environment. With powerful features and tons of improvements, now's a great time to update your Lansweeper installation and unlock all new features.

Version, LsPush, LsAgent, SQL 167
  • Fixed: LAN-2860 Exchange servers can get stuck in the scanning queue and cause high memory usage on the Lansweeper scanning server
  • Fixed: LAN-2949 The Add New Credential popup under Scanning\Scanning Credentials can fail to load when using multiple scanning servers
Version, LsPush, LsAgent, SQL 167
  • Changed: LAN-2782 One must now tick a checkbox in the Lansweeper installer to agree to the terms of use, instead of clicking a button
  • Changed: LAN-2833 Updated putty.exe in Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Actions to version 0.71
  • Fixed: LAN-2597 Blank column and sorting issues in the Assets\LsAgent Assets menu
  • Fixed: LAN-2878 Broken icons in the Active Directory User Departments dashboard widget
  • Fixed: LAN-2592 Broken icons in the IP range screen of the First Run Wizard when there is no Internet connection
  • Fixed: LAN-2584 Editing an existing Azure scanning target without changing anything results in the target being disabled
  • Fixed: LAN-2545 Errors sometimes occur when manually changing an asset’s type or deleting an asset whose type was changed
  • Fixed: LAN-2463 If an AWS, Azure, Intune or Office 365 scan fails due to requirements not being met, the Scanning\Scanning Targets page sometimes displays no or an unclear error message
  • Fixed: LAN-2770 LsAgent fails to scan 32-bit computers that meet the LsAgent requirements
  • Fixed: LAN-2777 Object reference errors sometimes occur when attempting to scan Microsoft Azure subscriptions
  • Fixed: LAN-2710 Object reference errors when opening the Lansweeper webpages of some scanned users
  • Fixed: LAN-2860 Scanning a large number of IP addresses using IP Range scanning targets can cause high memory usage on the Lansweeper scanning server
  • Fixed: LAN-2355 Scanning Windows computers based on IP address sometimes fails, with the following error occurring in the background: “DNS redirected to but expected computer”
  • Fixed: LAN-2473 Some users fail to be picked up by Exchange or Office 365 scanning, due to some of their properties being in an unexpected format
  • Fixed: LAN-2783 Spelling error and other minor language issues on asset pages of AWS VPCs and instances
  • Fixed: LAN-2346 The asset cleanup options under Configuration\Server Options sometimes fail to delete assets due to a conflict with reference constraint FK_tblLsAgentAsset_tblAssets in the database
  • Fixed: LAN-2765 The asset pages of certain ESXi and vCenter servers fail to open with the following web server error: “An item with the same key has already been added”
  • Fixed: LAN-2497 The following dashboard widgets throw a web server error or never finish loading in case of an Internet connectivity or TLS issue, instead of producing a readable error message: Lansweeper News, Microsoft Security Advisory, RSS Reader
  • Fixed: LAN-2566 The web console allows you to edit some built-in asset types under Configuration\Asset Mapping that should not be editable
  • Fixed: LAN-2849 Unclear error message in the Lansweeper installer when an Internet connectivity issue prevents the download and install of .NET Framework 4.6, which is required for Lansweeper 7.1 and higher
  • Fixed: LAN-2773 When attempting to rescan an Azure subscription, an error related to database reference constraint FK_tblAzureNetworkInterface_tblAzureVirtualMachine occurs
  • Fixed: LAN-2587 When submitting a Lansweeper license key at the end of the First Run Wizard, a Skip button is still displayed instead of a Next button
  • Fixed: LAN-2839 When submitting a new SNMPv3 credential with an encryption key, the encryption key isn’t saved, resulting in SNMP scanning failures
  • Fixed: LAN-2680 When there are more results than can be displayed on a single page, Previous and Next buttons to switch between pages are missing from reports
  • Fixed: LAN-2806 When using Chrome or Firefox and hitting Map Credential under Scanning\Scanning Credentials, the Mapping Type drop-down menu doesn’t always properly open
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016
Website Lansweeper
Licentietype Freeware/Betaald

Door Japke Rosink


19-04-2019 • 08:41

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Submitter: declercq.wouter

Bron: Lansweeper


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