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Software-update: World of Warships 0.6.11

World of Warships komt af van Wargaming, dezelfde maker achter World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, Master of Orion en Total War: Arena. World of Warships heeft onlangs haar tweede verjaardag gevierd en is ook voorzien van een update naar versie 0.6.11 waarmee onder andere clan-functionaliteit wordt toegevoegd. Voor meer informatie en spelerservaringen verwijzen we jullie door naar dit topic op ons forum. De aankondiging van deze uitgave ziet er als volgt uit:

Dasha Presents Update 0.6.11: Naval Bases

In Update 0.6.11, players will be able to log into the game using their Twitch account. After pressing “Log in With a Twitch ID” on the authentication screen, players will be redirected to the Twitch authentication web-page. When players have finished the authentication and provided access to their Twitch account, the game client will maximise, and players will be automatically logged in. If the password is saved, only the server, username and the Log In button will be displayed in the future. To change the linked account, you need to press Change Account.

In Update 0.6.11, several new major features will be available for clan players:
  • New resource—Oil
  • Naval Bases
  • Clan Battles
You can find more information on Oil and Naval Bases in the dedicated article.

New Resource: Oil
Oil is a new resource in World of Warships that can be obtained only by clan members. This resource is needed to develop a clan's Naval Base, which will provide clan members with permanent bonuses. In Update 0.6.11, oil can be earned in two ways: with daily containers issued or added to a player's account, and for passing challenges and combat missions. Note that players obtain oil only when a container is granted and not upon opening it or earning enough XP to receive it. Information about adding oil to the clan's account will be displayed as a system message. Each clan will have its own 'Clan level'. The more oil obtained, the higher the clan's level is. In the current iteration, levels will only affect access to buildings, and will serve as a general indicator of how active a clan is. The whole amount of oil obtained by a player is added to their clan's account.

The Naval Base
Every clan will have a Naval Base comprising of the Headquarters, Shipyard, Research Center and Dock. Their specific locations within the base will be marked by flags and images. These structures will be available by default, although they don't provide any bonuses in their 'default state'. For oil, you can upgrade the buildings to begin receiving bonuses. Only the Commander and Deputy Commander can spend oil on building and upgrading. To receive bonuses, players must be members of the clan and obtain a minimum amount of oil for this clan, which is required to gain access to the facilities built ('access'). All clan members, including its Commander, need facility access, the value of which will depend on the level of the clan. To get bonuses from all facilities available in Update 0.6.11, you need to get access only once. The access is granted to the facilities of one clan only. If the player leaves the clan and joins another one, they will need to get access to the facilities of a new clan again.

  • Tier V Boathouse: cost of researched ships (of Tier V) is reduced by 10%; oil required: 50.
  • Tier VI Boathouse: cost of researched ships (of Tier VI) is reduced by 10%; oil required: 200.
  • Tier VII Boathouse: cost of researched ships (of Tier VII) is reduced by 10%; oil required: 1,000.
  • Tier VIII Boathouse: cost of researched ships (of Tier VIII) is reduced by 10%; oil required: 5,000.
  • Slip (destroyers): cost of servicing destroyers is reduced by 10%; oil required: 4,000.
  • Small Dock (cruisers): cost of servicing cruisers is reduced by 10%; oil required: 4,000.
  • Large Dock (battleships): cost of servicing battleships is reduced by 10%; oil required: 5,000.
  • Medium Dock (aircraft carriers): cost of servicing aircraft carriers is reduced by 10%; oil required: 5,000.
Research Center:
  • Service Technique des Constructions Navales (France): 3% XP boost in battles played with French ships; price: 2,000 Oil.
  • Directorate of Naval Construction (the U.K.): 3% XP boost in battles played with British ships; price: 2,000 Oil.
  • Shipbuilding and Armament Bureau (the U.S.S.R.): 3% XP boost in battles played with Soviet ships; price: 2,000 Oil.
  • Amt Kriegsschiffsbau (Germany): 3% XP boost in battles played with German ships; price: 2,000 Oil.
  • Bureau of Engineering (the U.S.A.): 3% XP boost in battles played with U.S.A. ships; price: 2,000 Oil.
  • Kansei Honbu (Navy Technical Department) (Japan): 3% XP boost in battles played with Japanese ships; price: 2,000 Oil.
  • Naval Construction Staff Group (Pan-Asia): 3% XP boost in battles played with Pan-Asian ships; price: 2,000 Oil.
Headquarters (determinese the maximum size of a clan):
  • Squadron Staff: increases maximum clan size by 10 members; oil required: 20,000.
  • Task Force Staff: increases maximum clan size by 10 members; oil required: 100,000.
The Rostral Column doesn't provide any bonuses currently and has an oil price of 9,999,999 barrels.

Clan Battles
In Update 0.6.11, the new battle mode, 'Clan Battles', will appear in the list of battle modes. This mode will replace ‘Team Battles’ in the Service Record and will be available from Level 15. Clan Battles will not be available immediately when Update 0.6.11 goes live, but will become available when a clan season starts, with the release of one of the upcoming updates. All teams created in the Team Battles mode will be removed from the game client. Players will get compensation in the same currency and amount that they spent to create, and carry out operations with, their teams.

Other Improvements and Fixes
  • To increase the value of the Inertia Fuse for HE Shells skill for ships with small calibre guns, we changed the way this skill operates as follows: -1% to chance of causing fire for shells with a calibre up to and including 139 mm, and -3% (as it used to be) for shells with a calibre exceeding 139 mm.
  • In response to requests from our players, we set a limit on the tier of ships eligible to take part in Operations, to Tier VI ships only.
  • We reduced the purchase cost of Commanders with one skill point from 10,000 to 7,500 Credits.
  • Increased short range shooting accuracy for the Cruisers Erie, Black Swan, Bougainville, similar to other Tier I ships.
  • Fix for the Defensive Fire bug: aircraft attack cone now expands properly when the range of Defensive Fire is close to the range of the attack squadrons launching an attack.
  • Reduced the initial loading time for the clan and inventory browser.
  • Players from the same Division are not able to report or compliment each other (unless playing in Dynamic Divisions).
  • Implemented an option to add players to your contact list or blacklist from the context menu.
  • Removed the context menu for AI-controlled ships.
  • Improved water quality near the surface and in the medium or high binocular view.
  • Fixed incorrect location of cruiser Makarov in the Naval Base port.
  • Fixed indicator display for unread news in the port.
  • Fixed a bug with retraining commanders that caused Doubloons icon to display instead of Elite XP.
  • Fixed a bug that caused 'detected by aircraft' indicator to display when the ship has been detected by a ship.
  • Fixed some issues that caused client to freeze when exiting the game.
  • Fixed an issue that caused squadrons to take off from aircraft carriers without animations.
  • Fixed a bug with fourth main caliber guns turret for battleship Bellerophon, where her guns intersected the ship hull. Sight angles have been corrected due to this, rotating and shooting sector has been decreased by 3 degrees from all sides.
  • Benson: icons on the armament scheme no longer intersect when Hull B and Mk15 mod.3 torpedoes are installed.
  • Hero achievements earned in 'Operations' game mode are not calculated towards Battle Hero, Legend of the Seas, and Bane of the Oceans cumulative achievements progress.
  • Nelson, Podvoisky - fixed bugs with some Main Calibre towers. Now, when turning in prohibited areas for shooting, the guns began to circle the ship's elements.
  • While correcting this error, the minimum angles of horizontal guidance of the towers for some ships were revised. This will increase the angles of aiming at close distances - up to 1.6 km. List of ships: Kolberg, Karlsruhe, Yorck, Roon, Hindenburg, Ishizuchi, Atago, ARP Takao, Novik, Bogatyr, Kirov, Dmitry Donskoy, Izyaslav, Kiev, Khabarovsk, New York, Colorado
  • Harekaze: when the High School Fleet content is off, the version of the ship now uses the Japanese flag.
  • Shokaku: Fixed a bug with a double layer of armour of the aft traverse.
Ship Appearance Changes
We improved the appearance of Tier III ships using a special technology for high-quality rendering of thin elements (mostly the ships' rigging). This improvement will not affect the performance of the following ships:
  • Wickes
  • Wakatake
  • Derzki
  • St. Louis
  • Kolberg
  • Tenryu
  • Bogatyr
  • South Carolina
  • Nassau
  • Kawachi
Maps and Locations
  • Added onshore towns on the Haven map.
  • Removed all 'Easter eggs' related to the World of Warships anniversary from maps.
  • Fixed certain bugs that did not affect gameplay on the following maps and in ports: Archipelago, Strait, The Atlantic, North, Two Brothers, Islands, Northern Lights, Riposte, the Naval Base (clans), and the Hawaii Port.
New Content

New ships were added for testing by developers, supertesters, and collectors:
  • Italian Tier V battleship Giulio Cesare
  • Pan-Asian Tier VI cruiser Huang He
Camouflages and Containers
  • Added a special container and a unique permanent camouflage for the Soviet Tier V battleship Oktyabrskaya Revoluciya
Deep-water Torpedoes
Deep-water torpedoes were added for the Pan-Asian ships and the Graf Zeppelin carrier for testing. These torpedoes can travel at greater depths than standard torpedoes, and can pass beneath a ship without hitting her, depending on the draft. Torpedoes that will pass beneath a player's ship will be displayed as circle icons for that player. In this case, the sound notification and indicator of approaching torpedoes will not go off. Torpedoes that pose a threat to a player's ship are still indicated with triangle icons with a horizontal stripe above. When acquiring a target that cannot be hit with deep-water torpedoes, an 'unable to hit target' indication will appear. Underwater torpedoes are detected in the same way as standard torpedoes.

Action Stations!
Versienummer 0.6.11
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Wargaming
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

Door Japke Rosink


26-09-2017 • 12:44

14 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: Neko Koneko

Bron: Wargaming

Reacties (14)

Wijzig sortering
Let op: de nieuwe smoke mechanics die in 6.11 zouden komen zijn uitgesteld.
Heb je nog nooit een software update bericht voorbij zien komen? Doen ze al heel lang voor allerlei software.

[Reactie gewijzigd door gjmi op 26 september 2017 13:02]

Nou, het valt wel een beetje uit de toon hoor, dit is eigenlijk een update/patch voor een game.
Normaal worden programma's, utilities en drivers e.d. hier weer gegeven.
Het is afhankelijk van de gebruikers. Als jij een game hebt waarvan je met de rest van de community wilt delen dat er updates zijn kun je dat zelf aanmelden.
Ik moest ook even nadenken.. "huh wat een rare naam voor een programma" :+
Mwa, meestal wel. Maar er zijn, zoals hier boven genoemd, uitzonderingen. Welke dat zijn, vind je hier: categorie: Games
Updates voor games wordt hier ook weer gegeven, al een stuk of wat jaartjes. Wat dacht je van OpenTTD, CorsixTH of Warsow.
Er komen regelmatig van dit type games voorbij. Remakes van Red Alert en Dune, Roller Coaster Tycoon.

Als het je niet boeit klik je toch niet erop :)

[Reactie gewijzigd door kr4t0s op 26 september 2017 13:18]

Het gaat er helemaal niet om of het mij boeit of niet, het punt was dat het niet veel voorkomt dat hier berichten over games staan. Het staat mij overigens volledig vrij te klikken waar ik wil, boeiend of niet.
Verbaasd mij ook, maar ik denk dat spelletjes de nieuwe doelgroep een beetje is op Tweakers. Veel interessanter dan al die serieuze programma's waarmee je echt dingen uit je vingers kan laten komen.
Zal me vast een -1 opleveren, het zij zo, maar het is wel de trend aan het worden op Tweakers. Steeds minder diepgaande kennis over zaken waar Tweakers uit ontstaan is en waar het voor bedoeld is.

Vroeger kon 80% van de Tweakers zelf een PC in elkaar zetten. Tegenwoordig durft 80% niet eens een schroevendraaier vast te houden...

Dag gezegd hebbende, snel weer terug in mijn hoek :>

[Reactie gewijzigd door Fairy op 26 september 2017 14:46]

Belangrijk: niet te snel ergeren...
Games heeft ook al een aantal jaren niet meer zo mijn aandacht, blader meestal snel door de updates, nieuwtjes.
Wat mij nog meer verbaast dat het uitkomen van een aantal vage screenshots over een mob. telef. die over een jaar uitkomt zoveel nieuwswaarde heeft; ik heb er helemaal niets mee, maar dat zal voor velen wellicht geheel anders liggen... denk dan maar zo... ;-)
Zie mijn andere reacties wat betreft updates.
Als andere software en firmware hier geplaatst kan worden, waarom is het dan vreemd om games te plaatsen? Tweakers gamen ook.

Dan zou het ook vreemd om een forum over games te hebben zoals hier in de lijst:

Is er ook al jaren.

[Reactie gewijzigd door gjmi op 26 september 2017 19:05]

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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