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Software-update: SciTE 3.7.5

SciTE logo (75 pix) Versie 3.7.5 van SciTE is uitgekomen. Scintilla Text Editor is een opensource en cross-platform teksteditor. Het maakt gebruik van de opensource Scintilla Text Editor-bibliotheek, wat van dezelfde makers is. Deze bibliotheek wordt ook door andere programma's gebruikt, waaronder Notepad++. Downloads zijn beschikbaar voor Windows en Linux, en in Apple's app store kan een commerciële versie voor macOS worden gevonden. Daarnaast is er een stand-alone executable die handig op een usb-stick meegenomen kan worden. Sinds versie 3.7.3 zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

Release 3.7.5
  • Support dropped for Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 due to increased use of C++11 features.
  • Added a caret line frame as an alternative visual for highlighting the caret line.
  • Added "Reverse Selected Lines" feature.
  • SciTE adds "Select All Bookmarks" command.
  • SciTE adds a save.path.suggestion setting to suggest a file name when saving an unnamed buffer.
  • Updated case conversion and character categories to Unicode 9.
  • The Baan lexer recognizes numeric literals in a more compliant manner including hexadecimal numbers and exponentials.
  • The Bash lexer recognizes strings in lists in more cases. Bug #1944.
  • The Fortran lexer recognizes a preprocessor line after a line continuation &. Bug #1935.
  • The Fortran folder can fold comments. Bug #1936.
  • The PowerShell lexer recognizes escaped quotes in strings. Bug #1929.
  • The Python lexer recognizes identifiers more accurately when they include non-ASCII characters.
  • The Python folder treats comments at the end of the file as separate from the preceding structure.
  • The YAML lexer recognizes comments in more situations and styles a "..." line like a "---" line. Bug #1931.
  • Update scroll bar when annotations added, removed, or visibility changed. Feature #1187.
  • Canceling modes with the Esc key preserves a rectangular selection. Bug #1940.
  • Builds are made with a sorted list of lexers to be more reproducible. Bug #1946.
  • On Cocoa, a leak of mouse tracking areas was fixed.
  • On Cocoa, the autocompletion is 4 pixels wider to avoid text truncation.
  • On Windows, stop drawing a focus rectangle on the autocompletion list and raise the default list length to 9 items.
  • SciTE examines at most 1 MB of a file to automatically determine indentation for to avoid a lengthy pause when loading very large files.
  • SciTE user interface uses lighter colours and fewer 3D elements to match current desktop environments.
  • SciTE sets buffer dirty and shows message when file deleted if load.on.activate on.
  • SciTE on Windows Find strip Find button works in incremental no-close mode. Bug #1926.
Release 3.7.4
  • Requires a C++11 compiler. GCC 4.8 and MSVC 2015 are supported.
  • Support dropped for Windows NT 4.
  • Accessibility support may be queried with SCI_GETACCESSIBILITY. On GTK+, accessibility may be disabled by calling SCI_SETACCESSIBILITY.
  • Lexer added for "indent" language which is styled as plain text but folded by indentation level.
  • The Progress ABL lexer handles nested comments where comment starts or ends are adjacent like "/*/*" or "*/*/".
  • In the Python lexer, improve f-string support. Add support for multiline expressions in triple quoted f-strings. Handle nested "()", "[]", and "{}" in f-string expressions and terminate expression colouring at ":" or "!". End f-string if ending quote is seen in a "{}" expression. Fix terminating single quoted f-string at EOL. Bug #1918.
  • The VHDL folder folds an "entity" on the first line of the file.
  • For IMEs, do not clear selected text when there is no composition text to show.
  • Fix to crash with fold tags where line inserted at start.
  • Fix to stream selection mode when moving caret up or down. Bug #1905.
  • Drawing fixes for fold tags include fully drawing lines and not overlapping some drawing and ensuring edges and mark underlines are visible.
  • Fix Cocoa failure to display accented character chooser for European languages by partially reverting a change made to prevent a crash with Chinese input by special-casing the Cangjie input source. Bug #1881.
  • Fix potential problems with IME on Cocoa when document contains invalid UTF-8.
  • Fix crash on Cocoa with OS X 10.9 due to accessibility API not available. Bug #1915.
  • Improved speed of accessibility code on GTK+ by using additional memory as a cache. Bug #1910.
  • Fix crash in accessibility code on GTK+ < 3.3.6 caused by previous bug fix. Bug #1907.
  • Fix to prevent double scrolling on GTK+ with X11. Bug #1901.
  • SciTE on GTK+ adds an "accessibility" property to allow disabling accessibility on GTK+ as an optimization.
  • SciTE on GTK+ has changed file chooser behaviour for some actions: overwriting an existing file shows a warning; the default session file name "SciTE.session" is shown and a "*.session" filter is applied; appropriate filters are applied when exporting; the current file name is displayed in "Save As" even when that file no longer exists.
  • SciTE fixed a bug where, on GTK+, when the output pane had focus, menu commands performed by mouse were sent instead to the edit pane.
  • SciTE on Windows 8+ further restricts the paths searched for DLLs to the application and system directories which may prevent some binary planting attacks.
  • Fix failure to load Direct2D on Windows when used on old versions of Windows. Bug #1653.

Versienummer 3.7.5
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Linux, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website SciTE
Bestandsgrootte 1,56MB
Licentietype GPL

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

26-05-2017 • 18:08

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Bron: SciTE


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