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Software-update: ConvertXtoDVD

Door , 1 reactie, bron: VSO Software

05-02-2013 • 20:30

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Bron: VSO Software

ConvertXtoDVD 3 logo (60 pix)VSO Software heeft een nieuwe stabiele versie van ConvertXtoDVD uitgebracht. Met dit programma kunnen standaard-dvd-schijfjes worden gemaakt van uiteenlopende videobestanden, zodat ze bijvoorbeeld op de stand-alone-dvd-speler in de huiskamer kunnen worden afgespeeld. ConvertXtoDVD heeft ondersteuning voor een groot aantal audio- en videoformaten, kan ondertiteling invoegen en uitgebreide menu's maken, en heeft zelfs een eenvoudige video-editor aan boord. Verder is het programma te gebruiken in een groot aantal talen, waaronder het Nederlands. Sinds versie zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen doorgevoerd:

Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • [Bug fix] chapter file name for menu missing for merged items
  • [Bug fix] the starting times inside the chapter Menu thumbnails have 00:00 instead of correct time
  • [Bug fix] Batcher - Disable sleep/hibernate ... while Batching
  • [Bug fix] log window not scrolling during conversion
  • [Bug fix] add hint for use of { in menu text
  • [Feature Request] Batcher - Progress feedback issue
  • [Bug fix] batcher - english typo
  • [Bug fix] New merge function
  • [Bug fix] Chapter List on Chapter Button always display - - : - - now, not displaying the chapter time.
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • [Bug fix] DVD over sizing appear when merging files that have different audio stream properties (different bitrate)
  • [Bug fix] estimated finishing time is far from actual time while using 2 pass encoding
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • [Crash] Exception [Access violation] when using the attached subtitles
  • [Bug fix] thumbnails not moving in chapter menu
  • [Bug fix] resize problems
  • [Bug fix] Pad/crop user values always rounded up to the next multiple of 8
  • [Feature Request] make cxd 5 load faster (when launched)
  • [Suggestion] 2 pass encoding seems to give same video quality as one pass encoding
  • [Bug fix] Sounds Events do not play when I hit the Play Button in the settings.
  • [Bug fix] Some ASS subtitle files (containing multiple styles) are not displayed/encoded
  • [Information] pulldown in log when none used?
  • [Feature Request] Log doesn't auto-scroll
  • [Bug fix] srt subs work in v4 but not v5
  • [Bug fix] sound events do not play - path file not complete for sound events xp sp2
  • [Bug fix] subtitles do not display on output ass subtitles ( they do show in cxd preview)
  • [Feature Request] add back "apply to all titlesets" as was in version 4
  • [Bug fix] interface problems if user is in font view 125% medium
  • [Feature Request] link vso batcher in action menu of cxd
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • [Bug fix] stops at chapter menu creation during conversion
  • [Bug fix] preview stops responding and tab editing function also after requesting display of chapter menu in preview
  • [Bug fix] change working folder (so burn iso to a different location) new path not used
  • [Bug fix] size on To disk is not accurately detected
  • [Bug fix] in toolbar icon merge is active if DVD and menu options is active in treeview (merge icon should be greyed)
  • [Bug fix] When Pass 1 is done (two passes) % will display 100% and slider will show to the end of the screen, then reset on pass 2
  • [Feature Request] It would be nice if all the text would align in the Tree (Thumbs) so it looks better.
  • [Bug fix] "Piece of advice" tooltip appears in wrong location
  • [Bug fix] subtitle order is not correct on 2nd line of subtitles
  • [Feature Request] have hints display longer
  • [Information] v4 vs v5 subtitle difference
  • [Bug fix] conversion never finishes with audio compression 89% and merged files
  • [Bug fix] using audio compression conversion does not complete but hangs at 100%
  • [Bug fix] Treeview does not change thumbnail when changing menu template, and I now have .vsomsl files in my source folder.
  • [Bug fix] av when importing general settings
  • [Bug fix] cant load photodvd slideshows with subtitles
  • [Information] Typo in the logs...
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • [Bug fix] VSO make their own batcher
  • [Bug fix] burning iso crashes
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • [Bug fix] treeview not refreshed for menu items when merging files
  • [Bug fix] treeview doubles and displays over preview window when clicking on a different titleset
  • [Bug fix] file preview not working while conversion worked, but without audio
  • [Bug fix] no load of files when coming from folder or drive with a blank space in front of it
  • [Information] translation cropped + missing something in minimal view
  • [Bug fix] srt file not supported: "failed to re-open. Can't continue"
  • [Unsupported file/stream format] Regression: audio not playing in preview + hangs at end of conversion
  • [Bug fix] No pull down avi's where the log says it did
  • [Feature Request] show busy sign after conversion button has been pressed
  • [Bug fix] v4 and V5 are not separate
  • [Bug fix] Having display issues, buttons are too small for the text, missing letters on the commands. (c-line) - resolved.
  • [Bug fix] preview jumps a few seconds at each merged file mark
  • [Bug fix] access violation when editing items in treeview
  • [Bug fix] Menu Rendering Preview window is all black, NO PREVIEW of the menus being generated.
  • [Bug fix] detection of key window is too short - crops text
  • [Bug fix] conversion priority settings not active in "action"
  • [Information] sound events not activated as setting for default installation
  • [Bug fix] Invalid pointer operation when loading Video_TS
  • [Feature Request] no hint displays on video resize method in general settings on default opening of cxd
  • [Feature Request] progress of conversion for xp
  • [Bug fix] m2ts no load
  • [Bug fix] File duration falsely detected , marks conversion impossible with short files
  • [Bug fix] ts files do not convert like in version 4
  • [Bug fix] Invalid video length
  • [Bug fix] files do not load in CXD 5 when loaded from SD card

Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website VSO Software
Bestandsgrootte 26,48MB
Licentietype Shareware

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Heerlijk programma ik zet bijna niks meer om maar als ik het doe is het hiermee, genoeg opties ook voor menu enzo en simpel in gebruik.

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