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Software-update: DisplayFusion 3.4.0

Door , 5 reacties, submitter: Zxworld, bron: Binary Fortress Software Linkedin Google+

DisplayFusion logo (60 pix)Binary Fortress Software heeft een nieuwe versie van DisplayFusion uitgebracht. Met behulp van dit programma is het mogelijk een multimonitor-set-up te beheren. Zo kan per beeldscherm een aparte achtergrond of screensaver worden ingesteld en kunnen programma's op een door de gebruiker bepaald beeldscherm worden geopend. Een licentie kost 13,50 euro, of 19 euro voor alle computers in een huishouden. Er is ook een gratis versie, maar die heeft uiteraard minder mogelijkheden. Meer informatie over DisplayFusion kan op deze pagina worden gevonden. Het changelog van deze release laat de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen zien:

  • Taskbars now support progress overlays in Windows 7
  • Added Monitor Profiles for saving different monitor layouts for different locations
  • Taskbars now support status icon overlays in Windows 7
  • Taskbar with "auto-hide, show with Windows" enabled is now much more responsive
  • Windows 7-style taskbar previews now show the window icon and text
  • Taskbar colour is improved
  • Aero Peek is now enabled for the Win7-style taskbar thumbnail previews
  • Windows 7 taskbar thumbnail previews now look better, match the native colour more closely
  • Minimize window animations now go to the DisplayFusion Taskbar when needed
  • The "Icons and Text" Taskbar button style is now a per-Taskbar setting and can be configured by right-clicking on each Taskbar
  • Grouped Taskbar items now have a "Close All Windows" right-click context menu
  • You can now middle-click a Windows 7-style taskbar preview to close the window
  • HotKey editor window is now more intuitive
  • Added TitleBar Buttons separators for grouping your TitleBar Buttons
  • Added a new HotKey / TitleBar Button: "Send Window to Back"
  • Added a new HotKey / TitleBar Button: "Move All Windows to Current Monitor"
  • Added a new HotKey / TitleBar Button: "Minimize Window"
  • Added a new HotKey / TitleBar Button: "Maximize Window"
  • Added a new HotKey / TitleBar Button: "Restore Window"
  • Added a new HotKey / TitleBar Button: "Load Monitor Profile X"
  • Added a new HotKey / TitleBar Button: "Load Wallpaper Profile X"
  • Early Windows 8 support
  • The Wallpaper Settings window now has a button to open the Desktop Wallpaper window
  • Clicking the "Settings" button in the Windows Screen Saver properties box now opens the DisplayFusion Settings window (if needed)
  • Added an option to force applications opened through the Start Menu to open on the monitor they were launched on
  • Compatibility settings can now be used to not load DisplayFusion Hooks per-application
  • Added a new feature called "Application Definitions". When the Auto-Update checker is enabled, DisplayFusion will check (in the background) every 24 hours for new definitions and update itself (without a UAC prompt) if new definitions are found. These definitions allow us to provide better application compatibility for TitleBar Buttons and Taskbars, without having to release a new version.
  • Added an Advanced Setting to hide the system tray icon
  • Added 4 new Advanced Settings to control the Mouse Locking boundaries
  • Added an Advanced Setting to force DisplayFusion to run as a Low Priority process
  • Text is no longer blurry in Windows 7 on the DisplayFusion taskbar when using a custom theme
  • Start Menu window location improvements
  • DisplayFusion should no longer lockup when trying to exit in rare situations
  • Windows that are snapped using Aero Snap are now compensated for when moving between monitors
  • Items launched from Jump Lists no longer incorrectly change monitors
  • DisplayFusion Taskbars now respect the MaxThumbSizePx and MinThumbSizePx registry values
  • Monitor ID detection improvements
  • Opening/closing the Settings window after an install won't show a UAC prompt every time (unless it's required to configure a feature)
  • When dragging over the DF Taskbar, if Win7 preview mode is selected the preview thumbnails will be shown
  • Desktop context menu items are now localized when changing the language from the system tray menu
  • Monitor Selector now updates correctly if the monitor configuration changes
  • Screen Savers installed in the SysWOW64 folder are now listed
  • Desktop context DisplayFusion menu items now open on the monitor they were selected on
  • Window Location "run hotkey" option now works as expected in Windows 8 and on slower computers
  • Non-rectangular windows look correct in the Win7-style Taskbar previews
  • DisplayFusion's features now work as expected when monitors are in cloned mode
  • Taskbars now detect touch screens and adjust accordingly
  • Items on the Wallpaper > Info tab are now disabled correctly when unselected
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the Taskbar shortcut URLs from loading icons correctly on some machines
  • You can now middle-click a Taskbar preview to close the window
  • You can now right-click a Taskbar preview to show the window's context menu
  • Closing a window from the Taskbar preview no longer closes the preview
  • Fixed a taskbar issue that prevented windows from being detected properly with high a DPI setting
  • Taskbars are no longer reloaded when switching between Aero/Basic modes in Windows 7
  • Default web browser detection has been improved for Taskbar shortcut icons
  • Taskbar buttons now show a tooltip when thumbnail previews are disabled
  • Improved proxy server compatibility (no more 407 errors)
  • Fixed an issue with the Flickr API and non-English languages
  • Start Menu items are no longer forced to the primary monitor when the DF Taskbars are disabled
  • Excel taskbar thumbnail previews no longer distorted
  • MDI child windows can now snap to each other
  • Windows 7 Logon background improvements
  • Windows 7 monitor name detection is improved
  • The desktop context menu entries now only appear when right-clicking the desktop, not folder backgrounds as well
  • Hooking stability improvements
  • Window Location items now allow moving to a selected monitor and running a custom HotKey together
  • Taskbar now stays visible when auto-hide is enabled the Start Menu is visible
  • Start Menu is now positioned correctly when auto-hide is enabled and the Windows Key is used to open the Start Menu
  • TitleBar Buttons no longer lag behind sometimes (choppy updates)
  • Taskbar progress updates are now throttled and handle "odd" applications much better
  • Taskbar thumbnail previews no longer pop-up in-front of the Start Menu
  • Taskbar button icons are no longer too large when using a custom sized, smaller taskbar height
  • Context menus are now contained to the monitor they were opened on and won't cross monitor borders
  • Start Menu no longer opens behind the DisplayFusion Taskbar the first time it's opened by the Windows key
  • MMC console windows that run under WOW64 no longer have redraw issues
  • Taskbar clock text formatting in non-English now works as expected
  • Taskbar Aero Peek no longer shows the "peeked" window in-front of the DisplayFusion Taskbar
  • Start Menu is now more responsive on the DisplayFusion Taskbars
  • DisplayFusion can now correctly load Taskbar resources when the display is set to 16bit colour
  • TitleBar Buttons are no longer added to windows that are not visible when Windows says they are (affects a few service windows)
  • TitleBar Buttons now shrink and crop if the window is too small (you can disable this behaviour in the Advanced Settings)
  • Win7 Taskbar now shows the correct number of clock lines when small icons are set
  • Taskbar button flag no longer appears in Windows XP when using a custom theme
  • The "Toggle HotKeys" TitleBar Button now works as expected
  • In Windows 7, the taskbar thumbnail preview is no longer triggered when DF is launched on some computers
  • In Windows 7, the DF taskbar no longer shows taskbar button overlays when small icons are in use
  • Taskbar now looks correct in Win7 when grouping/hide labels is enabled (lighter colour in the middle)
  • Taskbar Aero Peek no longer flickers when moving from window to window
  • Taskbar preview thumbnails now work as expected in Windows XP
  • Taskbar now loads more quickly, icons refresh and update more quickly
  • TitleBar Buttons are now positioned correctly on custom-drawn windows (Chrome, Skype... etc)
  • Numerous taskbar performance improvements
  • An issue that allowed multiple screen savers to start has been fixed
  • Many font scaling issues have been fixed
  • Many other taskbar improvements (cosmetic and performance)
  • -wallpaperloadprofile command line option now works correctly when DisplayFusion isn't running
  • Windows Logon image colour mode is now selected correctly when first enabling the Windows Logon setting
  • 'Show Desktop' tray menu item is now hidden as expected on Windows 2000 machines
  • 'Sticky Snapping' setting is now greyed out in Windows 2000 (requires full window dragging)
  • Custom taskbar icons that are loaded from .ICO files are now sized correctly (will need to be reloaded)
  • Taskbar with "auto-hide, show with Windows" enabled now works when the Windows taskbar is not on the bottom side
  • Taskbars no longer appear doubled on some monitors in rare situations

Versienummer 3.4.0
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Binary Fortress Software
Bestandsgroottes 2,14MB - 2,68MB
Licentietype Shareware
Moderatie-faq Wijzig weergave

Reacties (5)

Enorme lijst aan bugfixes voor een briljant stukje software.

Kost niet veel en met de gelicenseerde versie heb je ook recht op de Beta's tussen de versies. Ook de beta's zijn goed stabiel. Deze versie heeft +/- 20 beta's gehad, met elke beta nieuwe features.

[Reactie gewijzigd door ChessSpider op 5 oktober 2011 10:29]

Kan iemand een verschil geven met het programma wat ik nu gebruik ? (Utramon)

Tot nu toe voldoet ultramon wel maar als deze beter is ;)
Ik heb ze beide geprobeerd en ik vond deze beter dan ultramon omdat het meer standaard windows 7 acties ondersteund (zoals taskbar items herschikken) , echter werkt displayfusion niet goed wanneer je transparantie uit hebt staan (taskbar is verkeerde kleur) waardoor het er niet meer uitziet en ik daardoor toch nog steeds ultramon gebruik.
die pagina is nog niet up to date met deze versie maar verder geeft het een goed overzicht

2 dingen waarom ik deze software gekocht heb
goedkoper(6.3 euro via bitsdujour)
en hij wordt constant geupdate en dus wanneer er een probleem is deze snel uit je versie is :)

[Reactie gewijzigd door flashback1989 op 5 oktober 2011 13:47]

Wat is het verschil in tussen dit pakket en Ultramon? Is het nuttig om over te stappen naast het feit dat Ultramon niet meer lijkt te worden ontwikkeld?

EDIT: Thanks voor de link Flashback1989!

[Reactie gewijzigd door CH40S op 5 oktober 2011 13:53]

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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