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Bron: Real World Technologies

Dean Kent van Real World Technologies heeft zijn nieuwste industry update klaar. Zoals altijd geeft Kent weer een duidelijk overzicht en laat hij nieuwe dingen horen. Over de release date van de KX266 chipset van VIA heeft hij het volgende te melden:

One of my sources indicated that the KX266 chipset, which will support DDR, should be in volume production by July or August. This is a bit earlier than I was being told even as recently as March. Officially, AMD and VIA are saying that DDR chipsets will be available in "the 2nd half", but there are hints that the problems with DRDRAM have caused some of the manufacturers to accelerate plans, so a mid-Q3 launch does not appear to be out of the question.[break]Van chipset-ontwerper SiS hoeven we voorlopig niets te verwachten, ook al waren er berichten over een comeback:[/break]It was expected that SiS would also enter the race very soon, however they made one very serious tactical mistake. Though they have been using TSM to manufacture their chipsets, they decided that they would need their own Fab to ensure product availability. This apparently pissed off TSM, who promptly voided their contract with SiS. It seems that TSM prefers customers that are completely fabless, and decided to give the capacity to someone else (possibly VIA). SiS is now moving forward with their plans to build the new fab, but in the meantime most of their plans have been pushed back as they struggle to find a way to fulfill their commitments and move forward with their plans. It is likely that we won't see anything of significance from SiS until late in the year, or possibly even later.[break]Nog een ander interessant bericht: Dell zou gezegd hebben contacten te hebben met een Duron-moederbord maker. De wonderen zijn de wereld nog niet uit...[/break]A very well connected source has informed me that Dell has confirmed commitments to a contractor for a motherboard that supports the Duron processor. The numbers spoken of previously were 200,000 units for Q3. If this is true, it would be quite a blow for Intel and quite a shot in the arm for AMD. Unfortunately for most of us, it will likely be at least several weeks before there can be any confirmation of this rumor.
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Reacties (1)

is er al ddr geheugen te koop?

straks zitten we hier met ddr mobo's en geen ddr geheugen
zou wel flauw zijn :+

en past er in de bankjes van ddr geheugen ook sdram geheugen?


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