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Software-update: Inno Setup 5.6.0

Inno Setup logo (75 pix) Jordan Russell Software heeft versie 5.6.0 van Inno Setup uitgebracht. Met dit programma kunnen op eenvoudige wijze installatiepakketten voor Windows worden gecreëerd. Het programma biedt de mogelijkheid om informatie toe te voegen aan het register, biedt ini-bestanden om snelkoppelingen te maken en heeft de mogelijkheid om de installatiebestanden te comprimeren. Verder kan natuurlijk een uninstaller worden toegevoegd en kan bij de installatie uit verschillende talen worden gekozen. Sinds versie 5.5.8 zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

Changes in version 5.6.0
  • /LOG: Now logs registry entries.
  • Compiler IDE change: Syntax highlighting and syntax error underlining support for #include and ISPP has been significantly improved (with ISPP installed: before and after, without ISPP installed: before and after
  • Change in default behavior: If [Setup] section directive DisableWelcomePage is set to yes (which it is by default), then the title of the wizard now includes AppVerName instead of AppName, in other words: it now includes the version number of the application. If WindowVisible is set to yes this applies to the background window instead.
  • Regardless of the version of Windows, if the installation is administrative then you should be careful about making any per-user area changes: such changes may not achieve what you are intending. The compiler will now warn you about this, which can be disabled using new [Setup] section directive UsedUserAreasWarning.
  • Improved support for high DPI systems:
    • The WizardImageFile and WizardSmallImageFile [Setup] section directives now may list multiple files. This support wildcards. When multiple files are specified, Setup will automatically select the one which best matches the system's DPI setting. See the help file for a list of recommended sizes. Note: when you test this be sure to first log out and back in after any DPI change.
    • If the WizardImageStretch [Setup] section directive is set to yes (which it is by default) then the quality of the stretching that occurs if the best matching wizard image is still larger or smaller than required has been improved (before and after). Also applies to any TBitmapImage which uses stretching.
  • Digital signing changes:
    • Added new [Setup] section directive: SignToolRetryDelay, which defaults to 500. Specifies the number of milliseconds the Setup Compiler should wait before any automatic digital signing retries specified by SignToolRetryCount.
    • Added new [Setup] section directive: SignToolMinimumTimeBetween, which defaults to 0. If not set to 0, specifies the minimum number of milliseconds that should have elapsed between consecutive digital signing actions by the Setup Compiler. For example, if set to 5000 then the Setup Compiler will perform 1 digital signing per 5 seconds at most. Can be used to avoid being rejected by rate limiting timestamp services.
  • Added new [Setup] section directive ArchitecturesAllowed value: arm64. This can be used to not allow Setup to run on Windows 10 on ARM64. Note that Windows 10 on ARM64 only supports 32-bit (x86) binaries and therefore Setup (even older versions) will never install in 64-bit mode on Windows 10 on ARM64.
  • Pascal Scripting changes:
    • Unicode Inno Setup: Unicode is now supported for the input source. For example, where before you had to write S := #$0100 + #$0101 + 'Aa'; you can now write S := 'AaAa'; directly. Also see the new UnicodeExample1.iss example script.
    • Added new IsX86, IsX64, IsIA64 and IsARM64 support functions.
    • Added new IsWildcard and WildcardMatch support functions.
    • /LOG: Now logs DLL function imports.
  • Any [Files] entries with the deleteafterinstall flag or with DestDir set to {tmp} or a subdirectory of {tmp} are no longer included in the EstimatedSize value in the Uninstall registry key.
  • Fix: In 5.5.9 it was no longer possible to include a drive colon in [Setup] section directive OutputManifestFile.
  • Unicode [Code] based on RemObjects Pascal Script Git commit 76e377efa5fddc55b3a6a3a3d944317bdfde4a12.
  • Minor tweaks.
Changes in version 5.5.9
  • To further help protect installers against potential DLL preloading attacks, Setup/Uninstall now calls SetDefaultDllDirectories if available to remove the application directory from the DLL search order. If SetDefaultDllDirectories is not available or cannot be called, it now additionally preloads a set of system DLLs known to be loaded unsafely by older or unpatched versions of Windows.
  • Change in default behavior: the OutputBaseFileName [Setup] section directive now defaults to mysetup instead of setup. Setting it back to setup is not recommended: all executables named "setup.exe" are shimmed by Windows application compatibility to load additional DLLs, such as version.dll. These DLLs are loaded unsafely by Windows and can be hijacked. If you do so anyway, the compiler will issue a warning.
  • Added new [Files] section flags: sign and signonce. Instructs the compiler to digitally sign the original source files before storing them. Ignored if [Setup] section directive SignTool is not set. Inno Setup's own compiler files are now also signed.
  • [Setup] section directive LZMADictionarySize now allows the LZMA dictionary size to be increased up to 1 GB from the previous maximum of 256 MB. Review the memory requirements listed in the Compression topic before using!
  • Improved the "auto-retry" feature of the [Files] section: it now also retries if MoveFile failed even if the preceding DeleteFile succeeded. Additionally, if MoveFile keeps failing it will now register the file to be replaced on restart if the restartreplace [Files] section flag is used instead of displaying an error message.
  • The value of the AppVersion directive is now not only used to set the MajorVersion and MinorVersion values in the Uninstall registry key when possible but also used to set the VersionMajor and VersionMinor values as required by newer versions of the Windows App Certification Kit.
  • Inno Setup Preprocessor (ISPP) changes:
    • Added new function RemoveFileExt.
    • Documented predefined variable ISPPCC_INVOKED.
    • Console-mode compiler (ISCC) change: Added new command line parameter /J. Can be used to #include additional files.
  • Unicode Inno Setup: Added official Armenian translation.
  • Minor tweaks.

De volgende downloads zijn beschikbaar:
*Inno Setup 5.6.0 (setup)
*Inno Setup 5.6.0 (unicode)

Versienummer 5.6.0
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Jordan Russell Software
Bestandsgrootte 2,28MB
Licentietype GPL

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

08-06-2018 • 14:58

0 Linkedin

Bron: Jordan Russell Software



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