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Software-update: Lansweeper

Om je apparaten in het netwerk in kaart te brengen kun je gebruikmaken van Lansweeper. Dit programma installeert zich op een Windows-server met IIS en een SQL-database, en is in staat om de aanwezige software en hardware te inventariseren in het netwerk zonder daarvoor op elke computer een clientprogramma te installeren. Alle informatie is vervolgens via een webinterface te raadplegen, zoals op deze pagina met verschillende screenshots te zien is. Lansweeper is beschikbaar in een freeware- en in verschillende paywaresmaken, die op deze pagina naast elkaar zijn gezet. De ontwikkelaar heeft versie uitgebracht en voorzien van de volgende aanpassingen:

Version, Lspush, SQL 151
  • Added: #499044 Added a setting under Knowledgebase\Knowledge Options to be able to configure how knowledge base articles are sorted
  • Added: #504594 Added an "Automatically add ticket links" option under Configuration\General Settings to automatically turn ticket IDs ("#" followed by a number) mentioned in notes into clickable links for the corresponding tickets. These links are only visible in the web console, not in emails.
  • Added: #498945 Additional fields are now scanned from the Win32_PhysicalMemory WMI class on Windows computers and stored in the tblPhysicalMemory table of the Lansweeper database
  • Added: #506937 Changed the layout of ticket filter pages to a grid-like view that allows for more info like assets and note counts to be displayed and for more customization of displayed columns
  • Added: #527466 For HIPAA compliance purposes, added a "Don't send note e-mails" option under Configuration\E-mail Settings that prevents ticket notes from being sent via email to related users
  • Added: #557502 Lansweeper can now detect whether an asset is an iOS (i.e. iPhone or iPad) device by performing a check on TCP port 62078 and UDP port 5353
  • Added: #556240 Lansweeper, testconnection.exe and Devicetester.exe now perform an additional check, on SMB port 445, to identify a Windows computer's domain and computer name
  • Added: #519452 Several ticket API additions, including SearchTickets and SearchUsers functions, as well as additional options for the EditTicket function
  • Changed: #496406 A link to the Lansweeper database documentation is now visible in the Reports menu for users whose role includes the Edit Reports permission
  • Changed: #564125 A ticket's History tab now shows which ticket dispatching rules set up under Configuration\E-mail Settings were applied to the ticket, if any
  • Changed: #543792 Added HP-UX OIDs to Configuration\Asset Mapping to ensure correct asset type identification of HP-UX computers where only the SNMP protocol is accessible
  • Changed: #504477 Added a field to the htblusers table of the Lansweeper database to keep track of when help desk users were added to the database
  • Changed: #516410 Added an info bullet under Configuration\Your Lansweeper License to explain which assets count towards your licensed asset limit
  • Changed: #526264 Added McAfee Endpoint Security and Trend Micro Deep Security Agent to the list of known anti-virus software under Software\Anti-Virus Settings
  • Changed: #533933 Added non-unique MAC addresses 00:DE:AD:2B:0A:00 and 9A:64:2F:98:DD:38 to the tsysMacBlacklist database table to prevent assets with these MAC addresses from overwriting each other
  • Changed: #498946 Added table borders, cellpadding, cellspacing and definition/description lists to the HTML code that is allowed for use in the help desk, e.g. in ticket notes and knowledge base articles
  • Changed: #569230 Added TTL information to the output of the Devicetester.exe tool in cases where the asset is successfully pinged
  • Changed: #554653 Changed the default colors configured for ticket priorities under Configuration\Ticket Content in new Lansweeper installations
  • Changed: #546037 Counts of the number of tickets displayed in ticket filters are now stored in the Lansweeper database, to improve performance when users log into the web console and the counts need to be reloaded in the tab headers of the filters
  • Changed: #561578 If a "cannot open shared memory" error is returned when trying to connect to a Lansweeper database hosted in the SQL Compact database server, the web console now gives information on how to resolve the issue
  • Changed: #537995 If InstalledOn values of scanned Windows updates are stored as hexadecimals in the Win32_QuickFixEngineering WMI class on a Windows computer, they are now automatically converted to readable dates by Lansweeper itself
  • Changed: #536333 If the Lansweeper database is installed under the SQL Compact database server and is corrupt for some reason, the Lansweeper Server service now automatically tries to repair the database when the service is started
  • Changed: #515214 If the Lansweeper scanning service is not connecting to the database and hence marked as unavailable in the Scanning Status widget, a link to a knowledge base article on how to resolve this issue is now included in the widget
  • Changed: #508602 Made it impossible to check the Hyperlink box for actions that contain spaces under Configuration\Asset Pages, as such actions cannot be hyperlinks and hence should never have the Hyperlink box checked
  • Changed: #516178 Removed the "Agent is available" setting from the Events section of the Configuration\General Settings menu, as this refers to functionality that has not been implemented in Lansweeper yet
  • Changed: #497412 Rephrased "Delete login logs" under Configuration\Server Options to "Delete Lansweeper login logs" to clarify what this setting does
  • Changed: #507773 Split the View License Keys and Edit Licences permissions under Configuration\User Access & Roles into two independent sets of permissions, one for viewing license keys and editing license key settings, one for viewing and editing licenses
  • Changed: #564405 The list of MAC addresses and corresponding manufacturers that was previously pulled from the tsysMacVendor database table has been embedded into the Lansweeper scanning service
  • Changed: #548638 The Save Pinged IP option is now checked by default for newly created IP ranges under Scanning\Scanning Targets, to ensure assets are generated for all successfully pinged IP addresses
  • Changed: #523640 To avoid clutter, notifications are no longer generated in the upper right corner of the web console when users are unsubscribed from tickets
  • Changed: #464692 Updated the built-in list of MAC addresses and corresponding asset manufacturers, to improve asset recognition
  • Changed: #527180 Updated the internal MAC address, manufacturer, model, serial number and system SKU blacklists to exclude from scanning several generic, non-unique values that may be returned by scanned assets
  • Changed: #566062 Updated the list of MAC addresses and corresponding manufacturers that Lansweeper uses to identify assets whose protocols are not accessible
  • Changed: #570193 UTF-8 character encoding is now used for the configuration file of the IIS Express web server (iisexpress.config), to be uniform with the rest of the Lansweeper installer
  • Changed: #572903 Various changes to help desk search to return more relevant tickets and to improve highlighting within results
  • Changed: #536248 When clicking on a high resolution image attached to an asset, knowledge base article or ticket, the image is now appropriately resized for viewing
  • Changed: #434948 When deploying to a Windows computer, registry keys related to previous deployments are now deleted, if they are older than 30 days
  • Changed: #428690 When duplicating a ticket, the new ticket is now opened in a separate browser tab for convenience sake
  • Fixed: #568900 "Value cannot be null" and other website errors sometimes occur when switching between help desk tabs
  • Fixed: #507284 + signs are stripped from file names of documents uploaded in the license compliance modules, resulting in errors when opening the files afterwards
  • Fixed: #555688 A ticket filter that lists absolutely all tickets in the help desk cannot be saved, instead throwing a "No filters selected!" warning
  • Fixed: #527253 Adding a local user to the user list under Configuration\User Access & Roles generates a "no row at position 0" error
  • Fixed: #517014 After making changes to a deployment package, the Last Execution date of the related deployment schedule under Deployment\Scheduled Deployments no longer updates
  • Fixed: #557726 Changes made to ticket custom fields using the ticket API are not recorded in the ticket's History tab
  • Fixed: #583458 Changes to a ticket's assigned or subscribed agents are sometimes reverted if multiple people are editing the same ticket at the same time
  • Fixed: #594037 Character encoding issue in the Actions\Users and Actions\Set Personal menus in tickets
  • Fixed: #564406 Character encoding issue in the Configurations section of Deployment\Scheduled Deployments
  • Fixed: #601368 Character encoding issue in the popup for editing news items under Configuration\News Page
  • Fixed: #553423 Character encoding issue in the popups you see when hovering over users
  • Fixed: #551009 Condition steps in deployment packages are not evaluated correctly if they perform a check for a Windows Server OS
  • Fixed: #583525 Connection timeout errors when running the LsPush scanning agent with a direct connection to the Lansweeper server
  • Fixed: #563031 Due to the information being stored incorrectly in WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) on the Windows computer itself, the service pack of SQL Server 2016 installations is incorrectly reported
  • Fixed: #508688 Error in the IP location update query used by the Import From AD button under Configuration\Asset Groups, when hosting the Lansweeper database in the SQL Compact database server
  • Fixed: #506875 Faulty "email already assigned" errors when importing tickets, e.g. when specifying CC users in the import file
  • Fixed: #601363 Faulty user input when adding an event filter under Configuration\Email Alerts can cause the popup to throw errors instead of a descriptive warning message
  • Fixed: #602651 Faulty user input when configuring deployment schedules under Deployment\Scheduled Deployments can cause the popup to throw errors instead of a descriptive warning message
  • Fixed: #507369 If "User may add CC users" is ticked for a ticket type under Configuration\Ticket Content, but "Extra new ticket options" isn't set to "Visible", non-agents still cannot add CC users to tickets of the specified type
  • Fixed: #584140 If a CC user is added to a ticket through an email reply, the addition is not logged in the ticket's History tab
  • Fixed: #507470 If an agent with limited help desk permissions hits the Edit button in a ticket, he cannot see all of the ticket's nested custom fields
  • Fixed: #533966 If anti-virus software is detected on a Windows computer, but not through WMI, that anti-virus software is not listed in the computer's Summary tab
  • Fixed: #562332 If clicking Send in a ticket note generates a popup, e.g. for submitting values of required custom fields, choosing Cancel makes the Send button unavailable for further use
  • Fixed: #497461 If processor history tracking is enabled under Scanning\Scanned Item Interval, processor changes of Windows computers are scanned, but they are not listed in the History tab of computer webpages or under Reports\Configuration History
  • Fixed: #503078 If the scanning service version number is empty in the tsysASServers.Version field of the Lansweeper database and the built-in admin logs into the web console, the following error is generated: "Unable to cast object of type System.DBNull to type System.String"
  • Fixed: #595285 If there are custom outgoing email templates under Configuration\E-mail Settings with a reply type that was retired in a previous Lansweeper release, the page generates object reference errors
  • Fixed: #553475 If you add a report alert under Configuration\Email Alerts, do not configure email groups and immediately change the Alert Type of the alert to Directory, without refreshing the page, the Alert Type change isn't saved
  • Fixed: #512568 If you edit a calendar event, close and reopen the edit popup and then try to add a ticket to the event, the popup gets stuck on a spinning icon
  • Fixed: #566924 Images whose file names include special characters are not properly added when dragged and dropped into the note editor of a help desk ticket and then submitted
  • Fixed: #575822 In rare cases, deployments can get stuck performing preliminary checks
  • Fixed: #575601 Including special characters in the help desk email account name under Configuration\E-mail Settings results in parsing errors when accessing tickets with notes in them
  • Fixed: #507931 Incomplete help desk search results due to unwanted stripping of ticket notes' newline characters while searching
  • Fixed: #572921 Incorrect model detection and failed serial number detection for Synology assets, e.g. Synology DS216+II
  • Fixed: #570285 Incorrect serial number scanned via SNMP for Konica Minolta bizhub 4700P printers
  • Fixed: #576374 Issue submitting custom field values with certain special characters through the ticket API
  • Fixed: #518664 It is possible to add the exact same action multiple times to a ticket dispatching rule under Configuration\E-mail Settings and certain actions are not available for creation when editing an existing rule
  • Fixed: #565515 Layout issue within tickets if a custom field has multiple lines of text
  • Fixed: #511674 Lines in asset import files where only OScode, Assettype and State are filled in are not ignored during import
  • Fixed: #494939 Linux OID is incorrectly mapped as a firewall under Configuration\Asset Mapping, when it should simply be hard coded as Linux
  • Fixed: #560199 Memory leak when the Lansweeper Server service queries non-operational Active Directory domain controllers during scanning, due to the LDAP connections not being closed
  • Fixed: #533930 Monitor serial number scanning issue for the following Acer monitor models: AL2051W, S220HQL, V193
  • Fixed: #572595 Non-agents can see custom fields of a hidden ticket type if this type is configured as the default ticket type under Configuration\Ticket Content
  • Fixed: #513544 Output returned by the ticket API sometimes contains JavaScript encoded text when plain text should be used
  • Fixed: #567708 Performance issue related to unnecessarily frequent refreshing of data in ticket filters
  • Fixed: #527611 Potential clickjacking issue in the web console and security issue in the web console cookies
  • Fixed: #574884 Printer specific information like toner is not scanned for certain Officejet printers even though the SNMP protocol is accessible and the info does show up in the Devicetester.exe tool
  • Fixed: #566264 Processor and serial number of Solaris assets are not or incorrectly scanned
  • Fixed: #499252 Several inconsistencies in the display of license information under Configuration\Your Lansweeper License, e.g. the help desk agent trial sometimes not being listed when it is in fact in progress
  • Fixed: #511464 Several issues related to notifications when hitting the Make Me Creator button in a calendar event, e.g. notifications of previous changes to the event being displayed even though they are no longer relevant
  • Fixed: #577120 Several issues with the DatabaseMaintenance tool when the database connection string is faulty, e.g. freezes, unclear error messages and ability to click irrelevant buttons
  • Fixed: #557151 Software that is only installed for specific users on a Windows computer is not always marked as user specific in the Software tab of Windows computer pages
  • Fixed: #562074 SSH scanning failure due to new Rebex .dll files used by Lansweeper disabling legacy SSH algorithms by default
  • Fixed: #511668 The Actions menu in an ignored ticket still includes an Ignore option, when it should include an Undo Ignore option
  • Fixed: #535580 The built-in shortcuts under Configuration\General Settings for switching between help desk tabs are incorrect
  • Fixed: #494681 The drop-down menu for selecting the default agent of a ticket type under Configuration\Ticket Content opens to the top instead of the bottom
  • Fixed: #562914 The first Windows user that logs into the web console is not automatically assigned the Administrator + Agent user role
  • Fixed: #499615 The icon next to the Last Updated field in individual tickets does not reflect the status of the last change made to the ticket
  • Fixed: #556842 The IP range of the Lansweeper server's loopback adapter is automatically added in the First Run Wizard as the range to be scanned, if the adapter is the first one in the list of adapters
  • Fixed: #574631 The Lansweeper installer creates TCP and UDP rules in Windows Firewall for port 9525 instead of port 9524, which is the default port of the LsPush scanning agent
  • Fixed: #503667 The last user reply date of a ticket does not stay empty for agent initiated tickets without a user reply and the Last User Reply sort option of ticket filters has an unclear title
  • Fixed: #507252 The main email address of a help desk email account set up under Configuration\E-mail Settings can also be assigned to a user or agent within the help desk, which can cause unexpected behavior like email loops
  • Fixed: #512045 The tooltip when hovering over the Clear Logs button under Deployment\Installer Logs is incorrect
  • Fixed: #531668 Three problems related to location maps: Ok button is not always clickable when adding assets to a location, custom location images are not always saved correctly and assets sometimes shift location when editing and saving a map
  • Fixed: #519196 Titles of some demo tickets whose last note is by a non-agent are not displayed in bold
  • Fixed: #570720 Users can in help desk search results see text of internal notes that they don't have permission to view
  • Fixed: #534793 Using an incorrect decimal symbol in a currency value submitted in one of the license compliance modules results in errors
  • Fixed: #566923 Using special characters in a quoted help desk search sometimes generates errors
  • Fixed: #519274 Validation for IP location and IP range imports does not catch all invalid input, e.g. incomplete IP addresses or IP addresses with invalid characters
  • Fixed: #507325 When adding a note to a ticket through the ticket API, the API does not verify whether the user is already a CC user in the ticket, which can result in the same user being added multiple times
  • Fixed: #514841 When adding assets to a group from the Assets page and creating a new group with a name of more than 150 characters in the popup window, which is not allowed, the group creation fails without a clear warning regarding the character limit
  • Fixed: #577108 When all of the following conditions are met, any images included in the global signature are broken when sent: a personal email is sent through the ticket API, the agent has no personal signature configured and a fallback occurs to the global signature
  • Fixed: #518910 When changing the order of reports under Configuration\Dashboard Reports by left-clicking and dragging the reports, these changes are not saved
  • Fixed: #508513 When changing the state of a ticket using the Edit button, the New State in the editor for submitting a new ticket note is not automatically updated
  • Fixed: #517796 When changing values of comboboxes in tickets, the drop-down menu is sometimes blank or too small
  • Fixed: #512582 When closing a ticket with the Edit button or by clicking Close and then filling in required custom fields, a "Ticket closed" note is not added to the ticket
  • Fixed: #574637 When configuring a dispatching rule under Configuration\E-mail Settings that adds multiple events to a ticket, the rule is not applied correctly to tickets that meet its conditions
  • Fixed: #544159 When configuring a scheduled deployment that includes a Wake-on-LAN and hence estimated boot time, the boot time is not always respected and the deployment sometimes starts before the target computer has finished its boot
  • Fixed: #498499 When creating a ticket filter with a Users filter, tickets where the user is a CC user are not returned
  • Fixed: #516908 When creating a ticket filter, opening a specific ticket and then closing the ticket tab, the filter options of the previously created filter are sometimes changed
  • Fixed: #511694 When creating two asset actions with the same description under Configuration\Asset Pages, editing one action changes the other action as well
  • Fixed: #570726 When directly accessing the scanning queue URL in a web browser and logging in, an invalid session is opened and a redirect occurs to a faulty webpage
  • Fixed: #513595 When editing a user, the user image displayed in the edit screen does not always match the actual user image
  • Fixed: #551274 When editing existing Condition steps in deployment packages, the edit popup lists incorrect current values for the steps
  • Fixed: #519416 When editing the name of a user that doesn't have a specific user image assigned, the user's letter icon doesn't update in all relevant web console pages
  • Fixed: #506292 When enabling the use of shortcuts under Configuration\General Settings, the Ctrl+Enter shortcut for sending a note only works when posting to an existing ticket and not when creating a new ticket
  • Fixed: #517221 When importing tickets with users that are not yet known, it is possible to fill in user domain but not username and vice versa, which can cause errors for these users in the web console
  • Fixed: #509494 When importing users under Configuration\User Access & Roles, it is possible to leave required fields username and email address blank
  • Fixed: #485916 When nesting a ticket type's custom fields many levels deep under Configuration\Ticket Content, there is no horizontal scroll bar and the fields in the lowest level are no longer fully visible in the Alter Custom Fields popup
  • Fixed: #577655 When performing a ticket search that contains quotes and then attempting to save the search as a filter, the following error is generated: "After parsing a value an unexpected character was encountered"
  • Fixed: #505169 When posting a ticket note with an attachment, the ticket's History tab count and list of attached files do not automatically update
  • Fixed: #503769 When removing a calendar event from a ticket, the event is sometimes still displayed in the ticket's Events tab and print preview
  • Fixed: #499279 When replacing an uploaded asset image with another one and saving, the original image is still shown when clicking on the thumbnail
  • Fixed: #521435 When running a deployment whose Final Action is Reboot, the Windows computer being deployed on is rebooted multiple times instead of just once
  • Fixed: #511769 When running multiple deployments on a selection of assets, the deployment window can get stuck on the Select Assets screen and generate a "DataTables warning" browser error
  • Fixed: #512070 When sending a ticket note with a large file attachment, the Send button is not disabled while the file is being processed, making it possible to click the button multiple times and submit multiple notes
  • Fixed: #546194 When setting up multiple help desk email accounts under Configuration\E-mail Settings and one account generates a login or other error, no emails are imported from the accounts without errors either
  • Fixed: #572932 When Show On Ticket Hover is configured as Last Internal Note under Configuration\General Settings, users without the necessary permission can see the last internal note of a ticket when hovering over the subject in ticket filters
  • Fixed: #502684 When submitting an OU under Scanning\Scanning Targets that contains unnecessary spaces, an error is generated upon trying to scan the OU, instead of the extra spaces automatically being stripped from the path
  • Fixed: #516205 When tickets are duplicated, no notifications are generated in the upper right corner of the web console
  • Fixed: #570045 When turning a ticket into an article through the Make Knowledgebase Article menu, images in the article are only visible to those with access to the original ticket
  • Fixed: #494102 When Windows rename detection sees a change in a Windows computer's name or domain, sometimes two comments are added to the computer's Comments tab instead of just one
  • Fixed: #503708 A newly created user role cannot be assigned to a user under Configuration\User Access & Roles until the webpage is refreshed
  • Fixed: #519750 Cosmetic issues related to dashboard widgets: inconsistent name of the Ticket Info Meter widget, unclear name of the State Summary widget and inconsistent title of the State Summary widget when placed on the dashboard and changing the selected report
  • Fixed: #511993 File names of ticket attachments are always displayed in full in the ticket, resulting in broken layout if the names are extremely long
  • Fixed: #535829 For agents without asset management rights, closing ticket filter tabs leaves remnants of the tabs visible and hitting New Tab changes the background color of the ticket filter bar
  • Fixed: #552317 If a ticket template submitted under Configuration\Ticket Content has a long name, the layout of the edit and other buttons next to the template is incorrect
  • Fixed: #510443 If the Lansweeper web console throws an error due to a database related issue and a knowledge base article on the issue is available, a link to the article is not always included in the error
  • Fixed: #497411 Inconsistencies and minor text alignment issues in popups for adding and editing IP Range scanning targets under Scanning\Scanning Targets
  • Fixed: #508950 Inconsistent capitalization of letters in snooze settings of calendar event notifications
  • Fixed: #587472 Inconsistent visual layout and unclear error message on the web console login screen when logging in fails due to a network connectivity issue
  • Fixed: #552898 Layout issue and unclear browser tab name when using the Go To Ticket button and submitting a ticket number that doesn't exist
  • Fixed: #494991 Layout issue when hovering over calendar event notifications in the upper right corner of the web console to view the event details
  • Fixed: #570824 Recurring calendar events are not always accompanied by a symbol indicating that they're recurring
  • Fixed: #534295 Some items in the Actions menu of tickets are not visually aligned
  • Fixed: #509013 Spelling error in one of the lines included in help desk translation files
  • Fixed: #539668 The count of the number of days left in an agent license submitted under Configuration\Your Lansweeper License is sometimes incorrect
  • Fixed: #559112 The Default option is not automatically enabled for one of the calendar event types under Configuration\General Settings
  • Fixed: #531660 The Note Editing History button in the top right corner of ticket notes is improperly aligned if the ticket has multiple pages
  • Fixed: #542653 The OS install date in the Report tab of Windows computer webpages isn't parsed, resulting in the date sometimes not being displayed in the date format configured within Lansweeper
  • Fixed: #510912 Unclear instructions in the popup window for merging several tickets into one
  • Fixed: #566317 Unclear warning message under Configuration\E-mail Settings when attempting to submit an email account with an email address already assigned to a help desk user
  • Fixed: #568091 Unnecessary double quote in the title of the month of April in the calendar
  • Fixed: #506547 Validation errors generated when importing assets do not fit on smaller screens and there is no horizontal scroll bar
  • Fixed: #504237 When browsing to Deployment\Scheduled Deployments, the name of the menu is displayed as Schedules instead of Scheduled Deployments on the left
  • Fixed: #508022 When clicking the Assets link at the top of the web console and editing field values, column headers can become misaligned
  • Fixed: #561794 When clicking the Assets link at the top of the web console and pinging assets, the Name column header becomes misaligned
  • Fixed: #512799 When configuring Show Different Type To Users for a ticket type under Configuration\Ticket Content, users sometimes still see the icon of the original ticket type in ticket tabs
  • Fixed: #494034 When configuring ticket custom field values under Configuration\Ticket Content and submitting duplicate values or values with too many characters, incorrect error messages are sometimes given
  • Fixed: #582013 When linking a ticket to a calendar event or merging two tickets, some recent tickets remain visible in the popup while searching for the appropriate ticket to be linked or merged
  • Fixed: #503402 When no connected assets are found for a router or switch, the Last Seen column that lists the date of the asset connection is still displayed, even though this column is empty under these circumstances
  • Fixed: #497379 When opening a ticket's History tab and then making ticket changes like posting a note, it takes several seconds for the changes to show up in the History tab
  • Fixed: #510209 When performing a search in the knowledge base, the article titles in the search results are misaligned with the icons accompanying them
  • Fixed: #505541 When using Google Chrome and dragging help desk tabs to a new position, the right side of the tab header is displayed below the left side
  • Fixed: #528059 When using Lansweeper in freeware mode, the Valid Until date under Configuration\Your Lansweeper License is incorrectly listed as 01/01/2000
  • Fixed: #510139 When using the Reset Password action on user pages, the Cancel button confirms the operation instead of canceling it
  • Fixed: #573332 Word wrap issue in event descriptions when hovering over events in the calendar
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Lansweeper
Licentietype Freeware/Betaald

Door Japke Rosink


23-01-2018 • 09:42

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Bron: Lansweeper

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Super fijne tool, met het grote serverpark dat mijn werkgevert heeft geeft dit heel snel inzicht waar je anders vaak informatie bij elkaar moet puzzelen.
Je werkgever is wel akkoord gegaan met het draaien van een network scanner / sniffer?
Yep, zoals gezegd geeft het inzicht in zaken die niet goed gedicumenteerd zijn. Ik ben het met je eens dat het een security risk is, reden om ervoor te zorgen dat de lansweepert server en database als kroonjuwelen worden behandeld qua afschermen voor onbevoegden.
soort fing maar dan op pc/laptop
Met fing kan je een heel netwerk plat brengen, levensgevaarlijk device. (fingbox)
Met fing kan je een heel netwerk plat brengen, levensgevaarlijk device. (fingbox)
Als je niet weet wat je doet, sure. Maar levensgevaarlijk, een thuisnetwerkje dat plat gaat? :?
Prik hem even in een bedrijfnetwerk en kijk hoeveel vrienden je gaat maken.
Ja, en terecht. Maar daar is de fingbox ook niet op gericht natuurlijk.
de fingbox ken ik niet uit ervaring maar de app werkt ideaal
en hoe werkt dat in praktijk, plat brengen? Ik heb fing op m'n iPhone en scan af en toe m'n thuisnetwerkje.
Dat is nog eens een flinke changelog! 👍
24 januari weer een flinke changelog voor versie Inmiddels zitten we op versie
Forse activiteit na een maand radiostilte.

Added: #554028 Added new chassis types and chassis names to the database
Changed: #553160 Added an option to enable or disable fallback scanning under Configuration\Server options
Changed: #546184 Added paging functionality to Scanning\Scanning Credentials to make the load time of this page smaller in case of many Scanning Credentials
Changed: #507297 Adjusted the SQL script that creates the Lansweeper database to fix several possible issues with incorrect file locations.
Changed: #519761 Deleting a ticket filter also deletes the filter from the filter bar and if you choose a filter that's already opened in a tab, Lansweeper will jump to that specific filter tab
Changed: #552408 Password boxes no longer trigger a browser warning when using HTTP instead of HTTPS
Changed: #517343 The inital time that will be used in a custom datetime field is the current time instead of 00:00
Changed: #523655 The reports are refreshed every time they are accessed instead of using the 'Refresh report totals every X minutes' value in the Advanced Report settings
Changed: #558532 The scan server was overwritten once LSPush scanned a computer with attached monitor(s)
Fixed: #527955 After a webservice restart, event reminders disappeared from the event panel/view
Fixed: #585868 Attachments linked to internal notes visible to users without access to internal notes
Fixed: #522186 Due an encoding issue, the console could freeze when searching for a description containing a space in Scanning Targets
Fixed: #513601 Due to a rendering problem, the scan servers weren't displayed in the menu
Fixed: #564387 Dutch translation issue in helpdesk ticket history
Fixed: #523343 Each file extension that can be saved in a helpdesk ticket can also be saved in a KB now
Fixed: #581437 Encoding issue when using a special character in a search
Fixed: #521619 Event start date and end date are being displayed incorrectly on several pages
Fixed: #520181 For SQL compact installations, an error occurs when the HTML code of a note, containing inline images, is copy/pasted
Fixed: #560326 If a windows computer is replaced with another windows computer with the same name the MAC address is not updated after a new scan
Fixed: #522738 If there is a auto assignment defined in Configuration\General Settings the auto assign happened but by the system user instead of the user who created the ticket
Fixed: #527991 IP Range scanning target option has no default "Ping Time-out"
Fixed: #520222 It's wasn't possible to scroll down till the end of the "Change By Type" list under the "Deploy Package" button
Fixed: #573059 Non-agents were able to see events linked to a ticket, even if they had no permission to see these events
Fixed: #594609 Several unhandled errors in the MailTester tool are now patched
Fixed: #520957 The 'Service requires shared folder for attachments' info box popup in Configuration\General Settings was showing an incorrect folder path
Fixed: #520951 The error message when deleting a relation type that was still in use by one or more assets was empty
Fixed: #575138 The ticket print preview was showing the Ticket Creation Date instead of the Event Date for an existing Event
Fixed: #520947 There is a typo in the import tickets template for the helpdesk
Fixed: #520214 There wasn't a clear error message when inserting a comment to an asset that was too long
Fixed: #578695 Unable to get previews for your search results when using an underscore in your search terms, while using SQL Compact
Fixed: #604263 View only subscribed agent was able to add internal note
Fixed: #583116 Webserver Error when opening the Configuration/Helpdesk Settings/General Settings page on Windows 10 installations with non-English language packs installed
Fixed: #520145 When changing the default port when adding an e-mail account with standard configuration the dialog no longer shows a warning pop-up when cancelling the dialog
Fixed: #578343 When scanning a linux/macintosh asset with the "no ssh" option enabled in the ip range, the asset showed an incorrect ssh error message while the retrieved snmp info was correct
Fixed: #583705 When scanning an asset in another subnet using SNMPv3, lansweeper could not succesfully scan the asset. Adjustements were made in order for this connection to succeed
Fixed: #536199 When trying to remove an asset state from the asset state list while the state is still attached to an asset, you will receive an empty error
Fixed: #609543 Windows computer credential mappings were not deleted when its mapped credentials were deleted

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