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Software-update: CockroachDB 1.1.3

Het team achter CockroachDB heeft versie 1.1.3 uitgebracht. Dit is een opensourcedatabase die uitermate geschikt is voor cloudomgevingen en biedt verschillende opties voor het opvangen van problemen dankzij de verspreide opzet. Voor meer informatie verwijzen we naar deze pagina, waar de meest gestelde vragen worden beantwoord. De bijbehorende lijst met veranderingen ziet er als volgt uit:

What's New in v1.1.3

SQL Language changes
  • SHOW TRACE FOR SELECT now supports AS OF SYSTEM TIME. #20187
Bug Fixes
  • Decommissioned nodes are now excluded from the staggered version warning. #19626
  • When an enterprise RESTORE fails or is canceled, partially restored data is now properly cleaned up. #19653
  • Correctly resume RESTORE jobs that skip foreign keys. #20168
  • Improved memory usage for certain queries that use LIMIT at multiple levels. #19688
  • Fixed a rare panic in SET. #19750
  • Fixed a panic in distributed SQL. #19828
  • Fixed a panic in some DELETE statements. #19830
  • Fixed grouping of ANY/SOME/ALL. #19831
  • Fixed a panic in SHOW KV TRACE with COUNT(*). #19868
  • Fixed a panic involving the use of the IN operator and improperly typed subqueries. #19878
  • Fixed a bug leading to incorrect results for some queries with IN constraints. #20040
  • Fixed the encoding of indexes that use STORING columns. #20074
  • Fixed a panic when updating COLLATE and DECIMAL columns. #20074
  • Avoid overloading the system during cleanup of large transactions. #20083
  • Fixed PARTITION BY multiple columns with WINDOW functions. #20156
  • Fixed a possible crash due to statements finishing execution after the client connection has been closed. #20183
  • Write prometheus vars outside the metrics lock. #20209
Doc Updates
  • Improved Kubernetes guidance:
    • Added a tutorial on orchestrating a secure CockroachDB cluster with Kubernetes, improved the tutorial for insecure orchstrations, and added a local cluster tutorial using minikube. #2147
    • Updated the StatefulSet configurations to support rolling upgrades, and added initial documentation. #19995
  • Added a tutorial on CockroachDB's follow-the-workload capability. #2194
  • Documented how to increase the system-wide file descriptors limit on Linux. #2139
  • Clarified that multiple transaction options in a single SET TRANSACTION statement can be space-seperated as well as comma-separated. #2139
  • Added e'\\x to the list of supported hexadecimal-encoded byte array literals formats. #2134
  • Clarified the FAQ on auto-generating unique row IDs. #2128
  • Corrected the aliases and allowed widths of various INT types. #2116
  • Corrected the description of the --host flag in our insecure cloud deployment tutorials. #2117
What's New in v1.1.2

SQL Language Changes
  • The new gen_random_uuid() function generates and returns a random UUID value. #19585
Bug Fixes
  • Reverted the default behavior of DROP DATABASE to CASCADE for compatibility with PostgreSQL, some schema migration tools, and CockroachDB v1.0. #19209
  • Fixed a bug preventing crash reports from being submitted with anonymous diagnostics details. #19563
  • Important errors such as "writes: no space left on device" are now included in crash reports. #19314
  • The cockroach dump command now properly supports ARRAY values and primary keys named other than "primary". #19526 #19400
  • It is now possible to use AWS S3 buckets in any region for IMPORT and enterprise BACKUP and RESTORE. #19473
  • Reduced unnecessary log messages when a cluster becomes temporarily unbalanced, for example, when a new node joins. #19494
  • Fixed a bug causing redundant log messages when running SHOW TRACE FOR. #19469
  • ARRAY values containing strings with multiple consecutive escapes are now parsed properly. #19452
  • Fixed a bug causing certain queries with ORDER BY to return incorrectly ordered results when the ordering columns contain NULL values. #19419
  • Fixed NATURAL JOIN operations (where the join clause is implicit based on the common columns in the tables being joined) when one side of the join is a subquery. #19544
  • Improved the handling of errors during range splits. #19448
  • Fixed a bug causing correctness problems when nodes run out of disk. #19447
  • Fixed a bug causing the decommissioning process to hang when the target node is already decommissioned. #19279
  • Fixed a bug preventing aborted transactions from seeing their own writes. #19093
  • Improved performance for some transaction conflicts. #19093
Doc Updates
  • Added a known limitation about downgrading to v1.1.0 from a later v1.1.x patch release. #2095
  • Corrected the aliases and allowed widths of various INT types. #2116
  • Corrected the description of the --host flag in our insecure cloud deployment tutorials. #2117
  • Minor improvements to the CockroachDB Architecture Overview page. #2103 #2104 #2105
Versienummer 1.1.3
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Cockroach Labs
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

Door Japke Rosink


07-12-2017 • 19:51

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Bron: Cockroach Labs


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