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Software-update: MDaemon 17.0.1

MDaemon logo (75 pix)Alt-N Technologies heeft versie 17 van MDaemon uitgebracht. MDaemon is een mailserver voor het Windows-platform, met ingebouwde antivirus- en antispammogelijkheden. Daarnaast kunnen onder andere agenda's, en adres- en taaklijsten worden gedeeld, en kunnen afzenders door middel van DomainKeys of Sender ID worden gevalideerd. Een overzicht van alle mogelijkheden is op deze pagina te vinden. Het exacte versienummer is aangekomen bij 17.0.1 en voorzien van de volgende veranderingen:

MDaemon 17.0.1

  • [4378] Added the Delete Selector button to Remote Administration's DKIM Signing page
  • [15397] Added the edit box to Account Editor | Settings in Remote Administration to specify a list of email addresses for automatic processing of meeting requests
  • [18245] Added Central Management of OC Local Cache and Attachment Folder to Remote Administration
  • [18476] Added text to the Remote Administration logon page to indicate when a new version of MDaemon is available. To disable the text, change UpdateCheck=Yes to UpdateCheck=No in the [Special] section of \MDaemon\WebAdmin\Webadmin.ini
  • [16608] Added Mail Archive access to the Queue/Stats Manager
  • [18398] Added WorldClient logging information to help identify which message was deleted
  • [18559] Added instruction on how to add accounts immediately after creating a domain in Domain Manager
  • [18563] WorldClient - browser native alert, confirm, and prompt dialogs have been replaced with non-native dialogs in most cases. If the browser has an issue supporting the new dialogs, the browser dialogs will be displayed.
  • [18475] Added text to the WorldClient logon page to indicate when a new version of MDaemon is available. To disable the text, change UpdateCheck=Yes to UpdateCheck=No in MDaemon\WorldClient\Domains.ini
  • [18558] Worked around WorldClient being unable to authenticate SMTP connections to MDaemon when both "Enable APOP & CRAM-MD5" and "Allow plain text passwords" are disabled by making an exception for local machine SMTP connections. This can be disabled by setting MDaemon.ini [Special] AllowPlainTextOnLocalhost=No (default is Yes).
  • [18506] Renamed the HealthCheck log folder and file from SecurityAnalyzer to MDHealthCheck and changed from GMT to local time.
  • [18515] Health Check - Set Recommended now triggers MDaemon to reload settings after the operation is completed.
  • [18519] Health Check - No longer displays errors for settings that are not found.
  • [18640] Health Check - User is now warned to back up settings prior to setting recommended settings when the Set To Recommended button is clicked.
  • [18584] Health Check - Added a warning when IP shield is enabled, but no Domain/IP pairs are listed
  • [18580] WorldClient theme - darkened the plus button/icon in the folders view to heighten its contrast with the background
  • [18675] WorldClient - Added HTTP log for OAuth setup when there is an authorization failure caused by an HTTP error
  • [18510] LookOut and WorldClient themes - Dropbox - changed the Dropbox link in the Compose view to the direct download instead of the Dropbox preview
  • [18564] Remote Administration - browser native alert, confirm, and prompt dialogs have been replaced with non-native dialogs in most cases.
  • [16996] fix to Spam Filter Updates page not always allowing a "Save" in Remote Administration
  • [18429] fix to various problems with saving a List Description in Remote Administration
  • [18511] fix to LookOut and WorldClient themes - Adding or removing folders to or from the favorites does not reload the folder list
  • [14126] fix to Outlook .msg files attached in WorldClient may be corrupted
  • [18434] fix to message is not archived when it is re-queued from the quarantine after setting up an AV exclusion
  • [18502] fix to WorldClient theme - the left pane and bottom preview pane sizes change between logins
  • [18513] fix to WorldClient - When switching to the LookOut theme from Options | Personalize, the folder list is blank
  • [18518] fix to LookOut and WorldClient themes - search term is removed when switching between folders of the same type
  • [18463] fix to WorldClient theme - In Side by Side view, calendar looks corrupt when enabling additional calendars in Week view
  • [18523] fix to MDHealthCheck crash when analyzing if there are many domains
  • [17862] fix to IMAP server incorrectly parsing messages with header lines that are too long
  • [17151] fix to WorldClient - email address autocomplete - hitting tab twice too quickly results in the address being added twice
  • [18466] fix to WorldClient - When downloading files named with Japanese characters they are corrupt when saved using MS Edge
  • [18527] fix to WCIM XMPP Client Non-ASCII characters are not encoded correctly
  • [18536] fix to WorldClient - some languages that use apostrophes (') - Unable to choose or enter any addresses when sharing a folder
  • [18493] fix to garbage characters on MD UI's Browse for Folder dialog
  • [18267] fix to attachments may be corrupted in the archive copy of a message
  • [18038] fix to bad archive folders are created when incoming emails do not have an address in the From header
  • [18532] fix to possible ActiveSync server crash
  • [18525] fix to ActiveSync GetAttachment command not being allowed
  • [18507] fix to times of messages received using ActiveSync may be off by 1 hour
  • [18546] fix to PROPFIND request for CalDAV or CardDAV using .well-known path fails if the path ends with a slash
  • [17965] fix to aliases that point to a subaddress folder for an account do not show up under account's aliases
  • [18337] fix to account export options including disabled accounts in the export operation
  • [18548] fix to AD monitoring creating welcome messages when importing disabled accounts
  • [18395] fix to AD monitoring not freezing disabled accounts when so configured (just disabling them)
  • [18282] fix to max msg sent per day & spambot detection not recognizing aliases properly
  • [18427] fix to list reminders not recognizing aliases properly
  • [18557] fix to all groups are unchecked on the MD UI's account templates Groups screen and Account Editor's Mail Folder & Groups screen
  • [18456] fix to Account Editor may not have the correct domain selected when opening it from the Domain Manager
  • [18561] fix to WorldClient theme - Searches in non-ASCII languages fail to return the expected results
  • [18078] fix to MD UI may suggest Dropbox Redirect URI that does not use HTTPS
  • [17797] fix to groups from the New Accounts template are not assigned to new accounts imported from a CSV file that does not have a Groups field
  • [18566] fix to WorldClient theme - When clicking a favorite folder, no messages are displayed when Collapse Nested Folders is enabled
  • [18579] fix to WCIM client not being able to connect when specifying a different XMPP port than the default
  • [17236] fix to corrupted Japanese characters in attachment linking filenames
  • [17591] fix to all recipients of a message may not be sent in the same outbound session to a smart host
  • [16063] fix to mailing list footer may be added to text file attachments
  • [15681] fix to WorldClient's Lite and Mobile themes do not display past the first page of contacts in folders whose name contains non-ASCII characters
  • [15445] fix to WCIM chat window may strip the character following an emoticon
  • [18037] fix to the Aliases screen on the MD UI's Account Editor is not updated after changing the account's email address
  • [16228] fix to $USERFIRSTINITIALLC$ macro is not translated when creating a new account in Remote Administration
  • [14731] fix to $USERFIRSTNAMELC$ and $USERLASTNAMELC$ macros are not translated when creating accounts using ImportNT
  • [18641] fix to the MDaemon service may take too long to stop, causing the service control manager to report an error
  • [18642] fix to restarting MDaemon from a Configuration Session UI restarts the MDaemon service but not the UI
  • [18587] fix to a variety of Health Check issues
  • [18458] fix to XMPP server and WCIM client not correctly handling when chat room nick name already exists
  • [18437] fix to "Enable instant messaging" does not work for XMPP
  • [18630] fix to LookOut and WorldClient themes - Message body removed when replying to email once alias is changed
  • [17956] fix to the dynamic screening "...but not when they use the same password every time" option does not work for SMTP sessions
  • [18578] fix to LookOut and WorldClient themes - When HTML Compose is disabled changes are not saved to the signature
  • [18671] fix to content filter "Match case" option for regex header and body search and replace does not work
  • [18674] fix to ActiveSync GAL search may not work for iOS devices
  • [18661] fix to "Authorize all accounts upon first access via ActiveSync protocol" option not working properly
  • [18628] fix to two acceptance notifications are generated when a meeting is accepted using an ActiveSync client
  • [18492] fix to ActiveSync client resyncs due to "Setting Status Collection 16 Retry"
  • [18684] fix to outdated country list on MD UI's Create SSL Certificate dialog
  • [18694] fix to MDPGP-Results header may contain non-ASCII characters
  • [18623] fix to changing the color of a CalDAV calendar in BusyCal prevents further synchronization
  • [18699] fix to WorldClient - HTML is not working in Login failure help text field
  • [18682] fix to unresolved macros in ActiveSync-generated read receipts
  • [18672] fix to ActiveSync Client Settings dialog does not correctly preview inherited Domain level settings when editing User or Client
  • [18711] fix to MDaemon does not set a subjectAltName value in self-signed certificates that it generates when given a single host name
Versienummer 17.0.1
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Alt-N Technologies
Licentietype Freeware/Betaald



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Bron: Alt-N Technologies


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Inmiddels is versie 17.0.2 al uit. Nog niet naar releasenotes gekeken. Overigens vind ik het geen freeware meer zoals het ooit was. Het is nu een 30 dagen trial waar het vroeger gratis was voor 5 users.
Mercury is nog steeds gratis... :)

Hoewel de ontwikkelingen niet snel gaan... :'(

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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