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Software-update: ConvertXtoDVD

ConvertXtoDVD 3 logo (60 pix)VSO Software heeft een nieuwe stabiele versie van ConvertXtoDVD uitgebracht. Met dit programma kunnen dvd-schijfjes van uiteenlopende videobestanden worden gemaakt, zodat ze bijvoorbeeld op de 'ouderwetse' dvd-speler in de huiskamer kunnen worden afgespeeld. ConvertXtoDVD heeft ondersteuning voor een groot aantal audio- en videoformaten, kan ondertiteling invoegen en uitgebreide menu's maken, en heeft zelfs een eenvoudige video-editor aan boord. Verder is het programma te gebruiken in een groot aantal talen, waaronder het Nederlands. Hieronder is te vinden wat er sinds versie is veranderd.

Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0010853: [Crash] import of a .swf file type hangs app. (crash)
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0010771: [Bugfix] chapter number cropped when double digit in chapter tab under preview window
  • 0010828: [Bugfix] DVD resolution when changed in default settings is not imported to currently loaded video in treeview
  • 0010833: [Bugfix] Show/Hide window process flickers unlike smooth action in version 5
  • 0010832: [Bugfix] some subtitle text missing
  • 0010411: [Bugfix] how/hide preview windows option doesn't get remembered by the software upon reopening the software
  • 0010779: [Feature Request] change default size of app opening so that no navigation shows near tabs under preview window
  • 0010793: [Bugfix] with structure "movie" adding any post processing thumbnail used in menu has problem, app also will give AV error
  • 0010803: [Bugfix] Missing string translations
  • 0010788: [Suggestion] background of preview, make nice no matter what size
  • 0010795: [Bugfix] editing tabs dont always open when clicking on titleset (and mouse is moved off)
  • 0010801: [Bugfix] Use of rotate function in titleset give bad thumbnails in preview
  • 0010702: [Bugfix] conversion fails with the option framerate 24 p
  • 0010725: [Bugfix] Cannot assign a nil to a TVsoGraphic
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0010444: [Bugfix] bad preview and conversion of pcm audio file
  • 0010650: [Bugfix] Low video quality in preview after maximizing the main window
  • 0010612: [Bugfix] regression setting "merge subtitle into video if only one present" does not work
  • 0010645: [Suggestion] Use RGB colorspace for menu rendering (avoid artifacts & give better quality)
  • 0006059: [Bugfix] artifacts with 720x405 still image menu background
  • 0010366: [Bugfix] use custom image for menu background and sometimes get odd lines across image
  • 0010616: [Bugfix] snap_mm_cluster_tag in treeview
  • 0010625: [Bugfix] when trying to select in treeview a customized menu template get "division by zero" error
  • 0010634: [Bugfix] AV when trying to play chapter menu of a particular blu-ray in treeview
  • 0010632: [Suggestion] Use panscan fit method for menu thumbnail rendering (instead of letterbox)
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0010572: [Bugfix] problem with background image of "default, simple menu"
  • 0010580: [Bugfix] changing font color to custom value causes font color to show as black
  • 0010577: [Bugfix] menu background has black borders
  • 0010574: [Bugfix] the borders of the title icon images are incorrectly positioned.
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0010566: [Bugfix] app minimizes to taskbar alone and doesn't open again, must close through task manage
  • 0010562: [Suggestion] update interface to show that background video starts at 2 min rather than 00:00
  • 0010561: [Bugfix] root menu background video always starts at 2min rather than manually entered time
  • 0010560: [Information] can edit time of first chapter thumbnail
  • 0010559: [Bugfix] can't edit the first chapter thumbnail in tabs under preview window
  • 0010549: [Bugfix] Bad aspect ratio of videos/pictures in menu thumbnails/background
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0010542: [Bugfix] Burning process doesn't start
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0010527: [Bugfix] when you click on 'disable subtitle playback in preview' text disappears but subtitle does stop playing in preview
  • 0010528: [Bugfix] display of chapter numbers there is an odd overlap of "text" until change made
  • 0010531: [Bugfix] shouldn't get "you have loaded a DVD-type file" when load AVI type file even though "dvd " files are in same location
  • 0010481: [Feature Request] Allow merge by dragging and dropping on titleset (without pressing shift)
  • 0010530: [Bugfix] 1 titleset with menu "Classic, simple but elegant" generates a title menu even when "do not create title menu for single video"
  • 0010529: [Bugfix] when clicking on "add subtitle" in titleset in treeview 'editing' subtitle tab does not always remain open
  • 0010103: [Bugfix] display color selection for subtitles in editing tab under preview window as previous versions did
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0010479: [Bugfix] Getting rc buffer underflow errors in log
  • 0010515: [Bugfix] when canceling a conversion top tool bar background is white
  • 0010170: [Bugfix] crashing after a successful burn
  • 0010513: [Bugfix] Output video not fluid when 23.98Fps->25Fps (PAL) pulldown is applied
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0010482: [Feature Request] when no subtitles and user clicks on item in titleset "add external subtitle track" open file browser also
  • 0010502: [Bugfix] Option "Always display a subtitle track on playback" not applied when closing settings window
  • 0010113: [Bugfix] user defined cropping and padding values are not saved in projects
  • 0010489: [Suggestion] logic with settings window
  • 0010485: [Bugfix] decoder setting "allow only 1 instance" not respected
  • 0010487: [Feature Request] link hardware optimizations in default settings drop down menu
  • 0010483: [Bugfix] display bug when adding external subtitle track in subtitle tab . . . . there is a blue line with text that should not exist
  • 0010480: [Bugfix] converted video quality is not as good as the source, the output has blur and rumple effect
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0010470: [Information] When automatic project mode used, use new encoder settings
  • 0010467: [Bugfix] on some computers application is "on top" or in "foreground"
  • 0010447: [Bugfix] sound events problems with theme
  • 0010453: [Bugfix] after closing app when previously screen size maximized opens too big
  • 0010410: [Bugfix] part of interface is black with theme aluminium in output tab under preview window
  • 0010439: [Bugfix] scroll bars odd behaivor
  • 0010442: [Bugfix] conversion priority cannot be changed on the fly (conversion must be canceled and started again to get actual priority set)
  • 0010438: [Bugfix] After conversion top menu items disappear -moving mouse over them makes them appear again
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0010441: [Information] overall quality improved for all lengths of conversions (sp, mp, lp)
  • 0010436: [Suggestion] Use tree display mode for settings window
  • 0010428: [Suggestion] grey out file menu during conversion
  • 0010431: [Bugfix] impossible to cut certain ts files - results in access violation
  • 0010419: [Bugfix] DVD structure never finishes loading in interface- 0010417: [Information] per bug 0010406 reverted to previous switch point between sp and mp, but keep new change for mp lp switch
  • 0010414: [Bugfix] a subtitle stream is always displayed on output result regardless if "default" setting is applied or not in software
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0010406: [Feature Request] sp, mp, lp switch points changed
  • 0010400: [Bugfix] IFO does not specifiy audio language identifier if audio is remuxed
  • 0010398: [Bugfix] Audio and video out of sync in ROOT menus
  • 0010118: [Bugfix] preview and output only show 10 seconds of video and whole duration is 3 min +
  • 0010392: [Bugfix] Source SAR not taken in account when applying rotate filter (bad aspect ratio on output)
  • 0010389: [Information] "use best video quality" too slow
  • 0010374: [Bugfix] themes cause problem in treeview, parts of interface are black when editing
  • 0007462: [Bugfix] chapter thumbnails cannot be changed independently as modification also changes chapter point
  • 0010365: [Bugfix] Unable to edit the timing after adding chapters
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0010380: [Bugfix] DVD menu building is taking too long
  • 0010376: [Suggestion] Make video seek more responsive for DVD, Blu-ray & AVCHD inputs
  • 0010369: [Feature Request] try to guess subtitle file language using filename
  • 0010373: [Bugfix] preview not show in real time padding and cropping values as modified
  • 0010342: [Bugfix] conversions with no menu, behave as if "loop playback" is checked even though it is not
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0010358: [Bugfix] DVD menus not recognized by PowerDVD/VLC (and some DVD home players)

Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website VSO Software
Bestandsgrootte 34,14MB
Licentietype Shareware

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

24-12-2015 • 14:00

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Bron: VSO Software

Reacties (3)

Wijzig sortering
Gebruiken er nog veel mensen dvd, zie ze bij steeds meer mensen verdwijnen. Men streamt of download. DVD en zelfs bluray zie je maar weinig.

Ik gebruik alleen nog dvd's om VHS banden te rippen. De kwaliteit is stuk beter dan met zo een USB stick van 20 euro. En die convert ik dan weer naar een mkv bestand.

Tjah mn ouders hebben nu eenmaal veel gefilmd tussen 1985 en 1993 met een camcorder haha.
Bijzonder dat deze post als ongewenst wordt gemaakt. Ik ben het met eens. DVD is verleden tijd en bluray is volgens mij nooit echt aangeslagen.

Programma gebruikte ik vroeger vaak, was goed!
wat voor zin heeft het om voor de afgelopen 14 versies de changelog neer te zetten?

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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