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Software-update: ConvertXtoDVD

ConvertXtoDVD 3 logo (60 pix)VSO Software heeft een nieuwe stabiele versie van ConvertXtoDVD uitgebracht. Met dit programma kunnen dvd-schijfjes worden gemaakt van uiteenlopende videobestanden, zodat ze bijvoorbeeld op de stand-alone-dvd-speler in de huiskamer kunnen worden afgespeeld. ConvertXtoDVD heeft ondersteuning voor een groot aantal audio- en videoformaten, kan ondertiteling invoegen en uitgebreide menu's maken, en heeft zelfs een eenvoudige video-editor aan boord. Verder is het programma te gebruiken in een groot aantal talen, waaronder het Nederlands. Hieronder is te vinden wat er sinds versie allemaal veranderd is:

Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0008936: [Bug] blu-ray subtitles should not be editable in subtitle tab under preview window
  • 0008895: [Bug] in some cases if you save a project and close app you are asked again if you want to save
  • 0008930: [Feature Request] wording change Delete Cut to Cancel Cut
  • 0008857: [Bug] burning engine - a couple users with message "Wrong disk. Use one of these: double Layer DVD+R,......"
  • 0008934: [Bug] cancel is not obeyed in dialogue "update settings to project"
  • 0008933: [Bug] video background distortion
  • 0008896: [Bug] apply only setting changed, applies other default settings to currently open project
  • 0008932: [Bug] odd menu behaivor in preview- items do not appear for several seconds
  • 0008929: [Bug] items under DVD & Menus disappear if language of app is changed and mouse moves over items
  • 0008931: [Bug] menu text blurry when opening a saved project
  • 0007452: [Bug] cuts across automatic chapter points cause playback problems
  • 0006166: [Bug] 16/9 menu labels not center on image buttons
  • 0003773: [Feature Request] Request to update the extra templates (Xmas, Film, Champetre etc...) to support the new v4.1
  • 0005975: [Bug] videos that do display in any template or convert to proper result
  • 0008071: [Bug] preview window pops out after burning
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0008919: [Bug] changing menu text colour in default settings not applied to current project
  • 0008918: [Bug] Lock menu template fonts editor when selected template doesn't use text (like no menu)
  • 0008626: [Bug] finalizing increases but then goes back to an earlier lower percentage and increases again serveral times before completing
  • 0008905: [Feature Request] improve time in status bar
  • 0008914: [Bug] orphaned icon in system tray after exit on XP
  • 0008915: [Bug] menu encoding fails in some cases - software makes it appear conversion completed with success and ready to burn
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0008907: [Feature Request] Extend usable RAM to 3GB in x32 and 4GB in x64 systems
  • 0007071: [Bug] access violation when clicking on the cut tab with
  • 0008903: [Information] menu text, return to the line is used too early - too soon before the end of the line as there is still room for more text
  • 0008906: [Bug] tiny subtitles, subtiitle settings not taken into account
  • 0008893: [Bug] Thumbnail not same in menu as in conversion
  • 0008897: [Bug] changing something in default audio or subtitle tab can delete all chapters from a project
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0008898: [Bug] TITLE menu rendering never finish when I use my home made menu template
  • 0008894: [Bug] Menu options not all refreshed when clicking on "Don't create title menu for single video" option
  • 0008504: [Bug] interface items sometimes disappear
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0008892: [Bug] after adding files to cxd if another window is open, focus is on that window rather than CXD after file loads
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0008854: [Bug] background audio is off
  • 0008762: [Bug] still some disks not finalizing, in particular DL disks
  • 0008890: [Bug] bad detection of aspect ratio
  • 0008822: [Bug] button action in the "Default Simple Menu" becomes very distorted in a conversion
  • 0008888: [Bug] error converting file .m2v
  • 0008886: [Feature Request] display item in bold of where you are in treeview (like previous versions)
  • 0008879: [Bug] subtitle settings changed in default settings not applied to current project
  • 0008878: [Bug] after editing current template fonts, customizing text color in treeview is not taken into account
  • 0008540: [Feature Request] grey out "start cut" when already clicked like in VC
  • 0008875: [Crash] Access violation if selecting moved chapter
  • 0008874: [Bug] In section bar hint is shown outside of main form
  • 0008872: [Bug] Chapter start time reset to 0 if edited
  • 0008851: [Bug] do not change anything in default settings, but I see pop up window asking if I want to import changes?
  • 0007441: [Feature Request] add in log file info if trial version
  • 0008853: [Bug] change text in "update settings to project" dialogue
  • 0008852: [Bug] in window "import settings" make buttons 'apply all', 'cancel', 'import only changes made' stay in same spot each time
  • 0006315: [Bug] cut video file, but chapter menu displays thumbnails of cut section (when it should not)
  • 0008859: [Bug] after merging files with a glossy 6 titleset menus used apps stop responding
  • 0008820: [Bug] Access violation when closing app
  • 0008811: [Bug] Start time and Duration of Video thumbnail can not be changed for a titleset
  • 0008858: [Bug] background video for root menu, start time is not taken into account
  • 0006334: [Bug] preview not accurate when subtitle offset is applied
  • 0006335: [Bug] negative subtitle offset is applied only to end times
  • 0007421: [Bug] time of file displayed is not correct
  • 0006837: [Bug] canceling of fastforward stops the video
  • 0006175: [Bug] 16/9 menus AR not correct
  • 0005839: [Bug] Menu aspect problems
  • 0006404: [Bug] some intervals to seek does not work with merged files
  • 0006311: [Bug] make slider/scroll bar bigger in a couple of places
  • 0005366: [Bug] odd jumping behavior or seek bar in cut section
  • 0004848: [Bug] command line for menu not working
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0008844: [Bug] Length detection error on some DVDs
  • 0008841: [Bug] 2 pass encoding option not applied on all titlesets
  • 0008834: [Bug] Menu text fit does not work with line breaks
  • 0008839: [Bug] Bad formating in log: "Conversion to "Encoding session started at 13:40:32: 2 titre(s) à encoder" started à 13:40:34"
  • 0008838: [Suggestion] Move info about menu building in corresponding conversion session (not in root log)
  • 0008837: [Suggestion] Add log info about DVD menu type building/built (TITLE, ROOT, SETTINGS, CHAPTERS)
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0008812: [Bug] output video is not as smooth as previous versions when converting 23,98 to 29,97 fps - pulldown problem
  • 0008810: [Bug] Access violation changing menu template in treeview
  • 0008832: [Bug] conversions blocks during creation of SETTINGS menu in some cases
  • 0008831: [Suggestion] Make tree drawing non-blocking (and interface more responsive)
  • 0008830: [Suggestion] Make tree refresh rate (when converting) proportional to simultaneous conversion count
  • 0008829: [Suggestion] Show progress when applying settings to project
  • 0008816: [Bug] Exception when loading DVD iso
  • 0008813: [Bug] Issues while loading DVDs
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0008513: [Bug] optical drive not made available as long as ConvertXtoDVD is running/open
  • 0008793: [Bug] access violation or 'Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window' when app is minimized
  • 0008728: [Bug] improve hints in treeview for some menu items
  • 0008697: [Bug] font and color not saved in project
  • 0008791: [Bug] General settings not applied when loading a file, like always outputting to pal format and 4:3
  • 0008792: [Bug] Can't convert when using MPEG-2 stereo as audio output option
  • 0008787: [Bug] Confusing chapters settings
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0008677: [Bug] user settings and specific file causes conversion error
  • 0008790: [Bug] error path...mfx.types.pas, line 1424
  • 0006423: [Feature Request] apply only changes made in Settings to current project, not all settings
  • 0008789: [Feature Request] display network locations
  • 0008783: [Bug] flickering when minimized when converting
  • 0008785: [Information] see SNAP_MM_CLUSTER_TAG in log file
  • 0008698: [Bug] not asked to save project after changes made
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0008780: [Bug] 2 pass encoding setting not taken in account
  • 0008779: [Bug] Video thumbnails in TITLE menu are empty
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0008775: [Bug] Remove code page friom global typesettings
  • 0008765: [Bug] Getting access violation when unchecking "Don't create title menu for single video"
  • 0008764: [Bug] Conversion freeze when encoding TITLE menu
  • 0008761: [Bug] sometimes conversion freezes never finishes, stops in 90th percentile during creation of title menu
  • 0008749: [Bug] low bitrate used for menus
  • 0008732: [Bug] see SNAP_MM_CLUSTER_TAG in treeview
  • 0008729: [Bug] reduce text for menu function is not working text is being cropped instead and also being modified in treeview!
  • 0008734: [Suggestion] Translate DVD menu text rendering button
  • 0008733: [Feature Request] Remove unnecessary buttons in Menu text editor
Changes in ConvertXtoDVD version
  • 0008712: [Bug] loading and playing of menu in treeview is slower
  • 0008711: [Feature Request] faster loading of files in treeview
  • 0008707: [Bug] in title menu caption text says "using file" when it should not it should say "using text"
  • 0008674: [Bug] "use original chapter points" not working
  • 0008206: [Feature Request] added support for .SMI subtitles (Korean language)

Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website VSO Software
Bestandsgrootte 31,07MB
Licentietype Shareware

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

16-11-2014 • 14:20

1 Linkedin Google+

Bron: VSO Software

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