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Bron: FlashFXP, submitter: Robin

Op de homepage van het FTP-programma FlashFXP is een nieuwe release te downloaden, te weten versie 2.0 Build 906. Helaas is er geen changelog te vinden van de nieuwe versie, maar wel een algemene changelog met de vernieuwingen in versie 2.0 final:

  • Added SSL/TLS Support.
  • Added command line option to set the local path on startup, -local="".
  • Added new option "Stop sending keep alive after minutes."
  • Added new option "Auto Expand FTP Directory Tree".
  • Added new confirmation, "Delete queue items".
  • Changed sound configuration, the new design is more user friendly.
  • Added mouse 4 and mouse 5 buttons now act as 'go to parent' and 'enter selected folder'.
  • Changed the internal design and structure of how the quick connect operates.
  • Fixed compatiblity issue with Windows XP zip folders, which resulted in poor performance.
  • Changed Restore Queue now remembers it's width/height.
  • Added application password protection, allowing the user to password protect FlashFXP from unauthorized access. This adds a a new "security" menu under the "sites" menu.
  • Added new command line param -pass=.
  • Fixed problem where sometimes FlashFXP didn't flash on transfer complete, even though the option 'Flash window on transfer complete' was checked.
  • Fixed problem where sometimes FlashFXP incorrectly identified folders as files in the local view.
  • Fixed problem where FlashFXP would error when you moved the mouse over the taskbar button. This was caused by a design flaw in the Borland Delphi VCL. This problem was most noticable when using VNC.
  • Added new windows XP Style toolbar buttons. The images were created by Christof.
  • Changed into to maintain compatiblity for 640x480 we had to make the Compare Folder button optional and turned off by default. If you want this button back, simply right-click on the toolbar and select it from the popup menu.
  • Added 3 new custom buttons, View File, Edit File, and to the FTP only view, Transfer Mode.
  • Changed custom commands now supports commands larger than 250 characters.
  • Changed Custom Command dialog allows for unlimited levels of nesting.
  • Added several custom command scripting features.
  • Fixed several minor memory leaks.
  • Fixed bug that caused a malfunction when using a proxy with the "site uses ipmasq/nat.." option enabled.
  • Added View/Edit to the Find Files on FTP Server feature.
  • 100% Windows XP Compatible
  • Moderatie-faq Wijzig weergave

    Reacties (2)

    Wederom niets meer dan een Maintenance Release

    FlashFXP v2.0 (build 906) Maintenance Release

    Minor bug fixes
    When FlashFXP is locked tray hints are now hidden for security, an INI only setting has been added to re-activate them. Add "dthwl=1" under "[main]" (without quotes)

    en voor de owners die een licentie hebben, die zien dus de changelog :)
    ja idd...

    die enorme lijst hierboven is niet de changelog van FlashFXP v2.0 Build 905 naar Build 906!

    Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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