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Software-update: FlashFXP 5.1.0 build 3839

FlashFXP logo (75 pix) OpenSight Software heeft een nieuwe versie van FlashFXP uitgebracht. Deze ftp-client kan niet alleen bestanden van en naar een ftp-server verplaatsen, maar ook direct bestanden tussen twee servers uitwisselen, zonder dat de data eerst langs de client hoeft te gaan. Lang niet alle ftp-programma's ondersteunen dit zogeheten file-exchange-protocol.

De software is in een groot aantal talen te gebruiken, waaronder Nederlands. Een levenslange licentie gaat voor 30 dollar van de hand. Downloads zijn beschikbaar voor Windows, U3 en een 'gewone' usb-drive. Sinds de vorige vermelding in de Downloads zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

Changes in FlashFXP version
  • Changed: Reworked the Site Manager dialog, site profile settings have been Reworked so that they are now consistent across all connection types, FTP, SFTP, FTPS. Each connection type now has its own tab for connection specific settings.
  • Added: The ability to set a custom Sftp Server via the Site Manager > SFTP Tab.
  • Fixed: Corrected issue in an internal UNCPath function that could incorrectly handle \server\path\ paths.
  • Fixed: Custom Commands > Using the /busybox command followed by the /confirm command could cause FlashFXP to freeze up.
  • Changed: Custom Commands > The /busybox dialog now hides while another dialog window is being shown.
  • Fixed: SFTP > When the SSH client is unable to automatically launch the SftpServer several alternatives locations are tried automatically, the method for starting these alternatives was flawed and in some cases resulted in a failure to start the SftpServer.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue with an internal function that was used to determine if multiple items were selected, this caused some basic functionality failure under some conditions.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue with the queue list right-click menu and right-click menu shortcuts not always working as intended.
  • Changed: A previous fix for resolving an issue with incorrect file icons introduced some undesired lag when scrolling the file listing, the fix has been reworked to eliminate this lag.
  • Changed: By default FlashFXP uses the Windows operating system defined fonts, this change was saved even if the user did not change the font, as a result when the system font changed FlashFXP continued to use the old font.
  • Changed: The OpenSSL dlls are now statically linked to the FlashFXP.exe, as a result they are now required to use FlashFXP. This was done to resolve issues where in some rare situations FlashFXP was using OpenSSL dlls from another application, which in some cases was an older version of OpenSSL.
  • Changed: Custom Commands > @var@ variables can now be used within token modifiers.
  • Fixed: Using QueueAs/TransferAs did not use the new filename in some situations.
Changes in FlashFXP version
  • Fixed: Text selection in the status console window failed to copy the text to the clipboard in some specific situations.
  • Fixed: Loading a queue file that referenced sites that no longer existed in the site manager / quick connect could result in a crash.
  • Changed: On the remote folder select dialog the path input control was changed from a edit to a drop-down box and is now populated with previously selected paths during the current site session.
  • Changed: The remote folder select dialog now remembers its size/position.
  • Changed: The site select/add site dialog now remembers its size/position.
  • Fixed: In some cases a remote move operation would fail when performing the operation via the right-click "Move" command.
Changes in FlashFXP version
  • Fixed: Loading and executing a saved queue that references sites by ID (i.e Auto saved queues) that no longer exist in the Site Manager could under some conditions cause FlashFXP to get stuck in an infinite loop and lock up.
  • Fixed: Under a rare condition the Queue List window might cache the wrong site name and the remark column would display the wrong site name. This did not effect functionality and was only a visual issue.
  • Fixed: Local browser drag operations incorrectly passed a UTF-8 encoded path-name when calling a windows API when it should of used Unicode path-name, this caused some drag/drop operations to fail.
  • Fixed: After the desktop color depth changes sometimes FlashFXP would incorrectly render the toolbar buttons with an opaque background.
  • Fixed: If FlashFXP is left minimized while the local browser is displaying the content of a network drive/location and this location becomes unavailable it could cause FlashFXP to freeze for an unusually long time or lockup when restoring the window.
  • Fixed: Synchronized browsing issue where the remote synchronized root path was not correctly defined under some conditions.
  • Fixed: Scheduled tasks > If the task failed as a result of being unable to resolve the server host name this reason was not clearly indicated.
  • Fixed: Internal file read-only check on data files was incorrectly passing Unicode file-names to ANSI version of APIs.
  • Changed: Clipboard monitor now uses a more reliable monitoring method on Windows Vista and up.
  • Fixed: Eliminated multiple RedrawWindow() API calls after unlocking the window canvas for drawing due to erroneous DrawLockLevel evaluation.
  • Fixed: Indirect site to site transfers were experiencing a problem that caused the UI to appear frozen between the download and upload operations while waiting for the file to become ready.
  • Fixed: In some cases FlashFXP was unnecessary reloading the FlashFXP data files from disk.
  • Fixed: Remote editing, auto uploading on save could in some specific cases try to upload even when another operation is in progress resulting in a failed upload.
  • Fixed: After a download transfer failure attempting to re-transfer the file could incorrectly result in the file being skipped.
Changes in FlashFXP version
  • During the build process of the previous release something went wrong when linking the units and the wrong units were linked. The linked units had the wrong compiler flags and as a result some basic features malfunctioned.
Changes in FlashFXP version
  • Fixed: Editing queue items with the queue in progress could lead to unexpected and incorrect results, the wrong items were updated in the queue list.
  • Fixed: The background dir size scanner didn't stop scanning if the folder being scanned was removed from the queue. (this should resolve the short freeze/delay that some users have reported when uploading folders)
  • Fixed: Under some conditions the disconnect button for a site in the offline mode may be switched to disabled when disconnecting or aborting a site on the opposite browser.
  • Fixed: Raw Command Pasting commands into the multi-line raw command input box.
  • Fixed: Raw Command dialog The option "Display results in Edit Window" was defaulting to a value of a completely unrelated setting.
  • Fixed: Small memory leak during shell drah/drop operation when dragging and then canceling the drop.
  • Fixed: Improved mutex handling to avoid issues with concurrent downloads via multiple instances of FlashFXP.
  • Fixed: Queue info dialog; custom commands were counted as folders, now there's a new column for commands. Along with some DPI and translation scaling issues.
  • Added support for digest authentication via HTTP Proxy.

Versienummer 5.1.0 build 3839
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website OpenSight Software
Bestandsgrootte 5,31MB
Licentietype Shareware

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Een zeer goede en duidelijke FTP-Client. Doet wat je verwacht van een FTP-Client :)

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